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MP3 Johnny Lokke - Wrecking Ball

Powerful Euro-metal (from Kansas?)in the Iron Maiden/Judas Priest vein. Ripping vocals, twin guitars, stomping bass, and thunderous double-kick drums. CD also features a guest appearance by Stefan Leibing of Primal Fear on 2 songs.

12 MP3 Songs
METAL: Power Metal, METAL: Heavy Metal

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Rock on!

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Johnny Lökke wants to be clear on one thing. "When I say I play classic heavy metal, I mean it. I don''t rap, I don''t growl, I don''t do ''unplugged shows'' and I don''t plan on redoing my songs with an orchestra. I take two guitars, add in some pounding bass, throw down a vocal line that has melody and power, have actual guitar solos, and finally turn Scot (Goacher) loose to throw down a barrage of drums that will blow you away!"

Lökke began playing guitar at the age of 10, and was led to the alter of metal at age 14. "I remember it like it was yesterday...my first concert. It was KISS with all the original members. I was so excited! The concert starts and the lights go down, and a band I had never heard of takes the stage. The guitars are so loud I can''t believe it. The bass is crushing my chest, and the drums sound like they are in my head! But then...what do I hear...my god, is that a human scream? It was JUDAS PRIEST onstage, ripping me limb from limb, taking no prisoners. I was hooked. I loved KISS, but I knew that musically, Priest was where it was at for me."

He would play in cover band after cover band, always trying to talk the others into writing and recording originals. "Who wants to hear originals? We''ve got to play hits to get gigs," the bands would say. Lökke didn''t buy it. "In my mind, they (the audience) just wanted good songs," Lokke says. "They didn''t care who it was by, as long as it moved them. So I bought a recorder and decided to start writing and recording."

One person Lökke had played in several cover bands with was tired of the cover scene too...Scot Goacher. "Scot and I had been in several bands together, and had become good friends. So when I decided to start recording, I called him, and we did a lot of learning together."

Years passed and Lökke took time off to get married and raise a family. "The music life is a real circus, so I decided that I would lead a normal life for a while and enjoy my marraige and my son growing up. You can''t do that if you''re on the road trying to be a rock star all the time." Eventually the music bug bit again, though. "Music is something that is inside you," says Lökke. "You can''t just turn it off or put it away. It works it''s way out eventually."

Lökke first built a music studio in his basement, so he could still remain close to his family, even when working. He then decided to call Goacher and offer him the chance to join in on the recording process. "I wasn''t planning on doing a cd, but I did have some material I wanted to record just to see if I still had what it takes," Lökke laughs. "I couldn''t imagine anyone else that could make recording as easy as Scot can, so he accepted and I was thrilled. We recorded several songs that turned out so good, we decided to put together a full cd, and ''Early Warning'' was born!"

Lökke sent out a few press kits to see what the response would be, but expected the worst. "Real metal was dead. It was all nu-metal and rap-rock. Lo and behold, though, reviews started coming in and the people loved it. Then word started spreading in a real grass-roots way, and next thing you know I''m sending cd''s all over the world. It''s like it was meant to be!"

Eager to follow up on the heels of his debut success, Lökke and Goacher quickly re-entered the studio and started on cd number two. "''Wrecking Ball'' has been so gratifying for me," states Lökke. "''Early Warning'' was more like a demo...just an experiment really. ''Wrecking Ball'' was planned from start to finish, and we took a great deal of time recording, re-recording and mixing and I think it shows. Getting Stefan (Leibing, guitarist for Primal Fear) to make a guest appearance was icing on the cake. He is so talented and so cool, it made the whole thing perfect! The real test, though, was if the fans stayed with us to prove that all the success we had with ''Warning'' wasn''t a fluke. Well, they''ve expanded 10 fold, and things just keep getting better and better. I try and e-mail or meet every single fan, too. Everyone is so cool, every day I pinch myself to make sure it isn''t all a dream!"
Many thanks to EC at https://www.tradebit.com for including me in their column INDY METAL BANDS THAT NEED SIGNED. He wrote:

JOHNNY LÖKKE - Winter''s Bane came and went. War Machine doesn''t even look like it will ever happen. The beast-like machine that was Wade Black and Seven Witches is over. Agent Steel aren''t doing anything remotely interesting right now. We don''t even have new Steel Prophet, Destiny''s End, Crimson Glory, or Exciter material to cherish. Johnny Lökke is all that is left, and in my opinion, should be all that one needs to fill the void left when Priest and Maiden take their long vacations, or put out bad albums, whichever comes first so to speak. Johnny Lökke is a talented, mostly one man metal project that delivers the goods, speeding along like a bullet train aimed at the heart of 80s metal, Lökke bringing the noise like Rob Halford, Wade Black, and Tim Owens, hell-bent for leather in all its shining glory. Putting out two awe-inspiring records and a wonderful set of cover tunes that sees Lökke running the show, stepping up to the plate and belting out classic tunes from his vision of the "metal gods". Now, with a sort of absence right now for US/Canadian traditional metal, and all of the MTV/mainstream publicity focusing all efforts on the next In Flames/Morbid Angel clone, Johnny Lökke is pumping out fistfulls of good, hard working, blue collar metal, loud and proud & forever free. Now, with Johnny Lökke proving he can put two very good back to back records out, its time for label negotiations. I think Sanctuary is the place for this, with that group seeming to focus attention to the high screams and melodic riffs that go with it. Sanctuary/Noise have signed Seven Witches, Jack Frost, and Halford of all things, making Johnny Lökke a nice fit to the roster. If that doesn''t work, Nuclear Blast have had success with Helloween and Primal Fear, which may work to Lökke''s advantage. As a last resort, AFM (U.D.O, Annihilator, Masterplan) could work, or even Limb.

JOHNNY LOKKE is one of those rare musicians (guitarist / vocalist) that writes, records and performs top quality heavy metal music from the confines of his own home studio. Being that JOHNNY LOKKE is a major fan of classic old school heavy metal icons such as JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, DIO and up and coming acts PRIMAL FEAR, CAGE and SINNER, we know musically where he wants to belong and I will be damned if he does not deserve to be alongside all of the previously mentioned acts. On his new cd WRECKING BALL, JOHNNY LOKKE and his log time drummer Scot Goacher play 12 songs of European sounding heavy / power metal with a viciousness and ferocity, that is very rarely seen and to really blow your mind, it all is coming out of the state of Kansas in the USA. All of the songs on the cd feature JOHNNY LOKKE on lead vocals and guitars, so imagine Rob Halford on vocals and playing guitar at the same time as good as any of the European and American power guitar slingers currently on the scene. Every single track is full of killer singing, fret burning six string pyrotechnics, heavy as hell bass guitars and brain swelling drumming, which deserve to be played at 11. JOHNNY LOKKE was even able to get PRIMAL FEAR guitarist Stefan Leibing to lay down 2 very tasty and smokin guitar solos on the songs "Human Race and Down in London". It is independent artists like JOHNNY LOKKE that keep the spirit of heavy metal alive and extend a big fuck you and middle finger to all non-believers. JOHNNY LOKKE we salute you man...


Barbara Fara

I want to give Johnny Lokke a big complement. He has a voice that rocks the house. This man''s voice can be compared to all the major band''s lead singers. I love this album. Nothing sucks on it. It is a kick ass album. It is a true f***ing metal album. Lokke should be proud of his talents. This is one band I would go see. When we talk about Scot Goacher, what can I say? He is Tommy Lee on drums. Johnny and Scot are a powerful team. The two of them are like Batman and Robin. When is somebody going to let them out of the Bat cave and give them a f***ing break? This is the way metal should be played. I think it is great the Johnny added his wife and kid to Fuel. It was like a little Johnny Cash and the Carter family-metal style.

Track Listing:
1. Wrecking Ball: This track is like a Stone Sour and Ted Nugent combination. Johnny is telling us about his life, and his life is his music.

2. Human Race: Be grateful for you f***ing have. We all f***ing struggle and hurt, but it is a long f***ing path. Never look back, and pay attention to right f***ing now.

3. In The End: This song reminds me of OVERKILL automatically. His vocals on this song are Blitz, but it has the Lokke stamp on it. This f***ing song rocks. It should be the first release.

4. Down to London: The riffs on this song remind me of Zakk with Black Label Society. This song is Zakk and Ozzy. It even has some Deep Purple in it. The vocals on this track remind me of Axl Rose.

5. See You Around: Johnny sounds like Corey Taylor and Morrison combined on this song. The music again, Jesus Christ, we even have some Megadeth in there.

6. Lightning and Fire: We are back to Zakk on this track. It is all Zakk on this one, even the voice. Zakk are you listening? Wake the f**k up man. Johnny said in his interview that he wants to work with you.

7. Take The World: This should have been a Batman theme song. This song would have been great for Daredevil too. Johnny, take my advice; when I email you again, I will give you Zakk''s record label address.

8. Fuel: This one reminds me of Skid Row with Cathedral, and again with a twist of Zakk. When I listen to this, I would swear I was listening to Zakk Wylde''s little brother. This should be the second release. Johnny should submit his stuff to KNAC.

9. Eyes of the Gods: This song makes me think of the Blizzard of Oz. It has Zakk''s voice and Johnny''s visions. This one should be the third release. This one is a f***ing home run. I can see that ball flying out of Yankee Stadium.

10. War: This one reminds me of all fucking OVERKILL, top to bottom with a slight touch of Metallica. On this song, Johnny''s voice sounds like a combination of Hetfield and Blitz. It is like he is f***ing possessed. Which uncle is going to win the battle for Johnny''s soul? Uncle James or Uncle Bobby?

11. Burn: This one reminds me of early Metallica. The war for Johnny''s soul is still on with this one. The chorus on this song is all OVERKILL. This song is ass kicking.

12. Sins of the World: More heavy Metallica influence on this song. It is Metallica, Zakk, Overkill, and Cathedral all wrapped up into one. This song is like a glue stick-you can''t forget the music and the lyrics in it.

This is a great driving song.
Would I go see them live? F**k yeah, they should be on a national tour by now. I am shocked that the Devil Vai hasn''t heard them yet and offered them a deal for their souls. They belong on Favored Nations with Vai.

Are you tired of all the made-for-MTV nu-metal drivel? Do you crave the white-hot licks of European-style heavy metal in the vein of Judas Priest, Michael Schenker Group, and Saxon? Johnny Lökke''s Wrecking Ball may be the answer you''ve been searching for. Lökke proved on his first album, Early Warning, that he is a virtual one-man Euro metal machine. On Wrecking Ball, he has proven that he''s a one-man Euro metal... well... wrecking ball. Early Warning is a strong album through and through, but Lökke has hit his stride with Wrecking Ball. The song writing is catchier, the riffs and solos are hotter, and the vocal wails are absolutely ear splitting. Speaking of solos, Stefan Leibing of German power metal greats, Primal Fear, even lays down a few on two of the album''s strongest songs, the up-tempo ripper, "Down to London," and the slow burning "Human Race." Wrecking Ball may even be a bit heavier than Early Warning. Combining the added heaviness with memorable hooks makes for an explosive listening experience. Your ears will ring when you crank up a song like "In the End," but you also won''t be able to get the catchy chorus out of your head. The mix of mid-tempo and up-tempo tunes is just about perfect. Full-throttle rockers like "Fuel," "Burn," and "Wrecking Ball" fit right in with the plodding metal crunch of "See you Around." In fact, it''s some of the mid-tempo material that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Lökke''s use of multi-tracked guitar harmonies on several songs sound great, but feel even better. Although Lökke sings and plays all guitar and bass parts, Scot Goacher completes the picture with some quality drumming. There is a consistency of quality across these 12 tracks that makes Wrecking Ball a true "album," easily digested in one sitting. Johnny Lökke has a created a metallic gem with this one.

JOHNNY LOKKE has an affinity for the "big riff", thus the name of his record label. But it is clear upon the unveiling of the Wrecking Ball that we better duck or lose our heads. Injected with an uncanny ability to sound like Priest circa 82/84 (I think that averages out to circa ''83!), he balances aggressive power chords with gliding melodies and more than capable vocals, though not as husky as Halford or as effortless. Speaking of which, Lokke manages lead scream duties, guitars and bass. His buddy Scot Goacher gets to pound on things and to cap it off, we get a guest appearance by Stefan Leibing (Primal Fear), laying down a tasteful solo on "Human Race." Johnny''s vocals are also mixed a tad low on a couple tracks. However, the highlights are monsters. The title track''s infectious rhythm, chorus and all delivers the goods to a tee. "See You Around" sounds like a brooding outtake from Defenders of the Faith. "Lightning and Fire" furiously sprays off shards of steel, blistering through the sky and neutralizing flocks of birds and downing planes with maniacal energy. Nice, lush chorus as well. "Take the World" is almost Accept-like. Then again, wasn''t everything Accept did loosely based on Priest''s "Killing Machine"? Regardless, everything on this disc begs are guitar and righteousness is in full tilt so hold on tight. He obviously is one of the best riff writers today. --Brian Coles

We''ve heard alot about Rob Halford and Tim Owens of late. I think its time for someone to start talking about Johnny Lokke! This man has one incredible set of pipes, belting out classic metal ala Wade Black, James Rivera, https://www.tradebit.coml...Rob Halford.

Wrecking Ball is Lokke''s second album, and finds him doing vocals as well as all guitars on this release. What an amazing talent from this Kansas metal madman!

This album really comes at you in different angles and directions. These days metal fans seem to think its okay to rip-off "Painkiller" riffs and wail like the Metal God (Primal Fear, Seven Witches, etc), and I''m perfectly fine with that. That is if they can mix the album up with some mid-tempo stuff and melodic hooks and passages. Johnny Lokke does this, and indeed does it well.

Sure there is Priest barn-burners on here, like "Lightning And Fire", "War", and the impressive title track "Wrecking Ball". However this record has other great elements to go along with it, such as the Warrior like "Eyes Of The Gods", the bluesy number "Down To London", and the Winter''s Bane bite of "In The End".

"Human Race" has a Metal Gods feel, with an epic solo courtesy of guest guitarist Stefan Leibing, who helps out on "Down To London" as well. Check out the thrashy "Burn" and the memorable songwriting of "See You Around" to see the diversity and overall "stand alone" quality this album possesses. Really great stuff on here folks!

I haven''t heard the prior Lokke release, but from what "Wrecking Ball" has to offer I can imagine its nothing short of brilliant. Great American releases like this make me proud of the US metal scene. It seems like America''s heartland still has the metal passion (Iced Earth, Catch 22, Conquest, Skullview, Twelfth Gate, etc.). Now if we can just get the label execs to recognize it.

--EC 08.0503

West Side Dave''s Metal Site (July,2003):

Johnny Lokke-"Wrecking Ball"-2003
The ultimate Heartland Headbanger is BACK! Kansas` very own Johnny Lokke returns with "Wrecking Ball", the killer follow-up to last years excellent "Early Warning". As with that album, vocals, bass AND guitar are once again supplied by Mr. Lokke, and drums courtesy of Scot Goacher. And like before, much care went into ensuring that each of the 12 blistering tracks differed from one another, a downfall of many newer Metal albums these days. Things kick off with the monstrous title track, and things only get better from there! Of special note are cuts like "See You Around", "Take The World","Fuel" and the AWESOME "Eyes Of The Gods", which is my personal favorite track!. As an extra-special treat, Primal Fear`s axeman Stefan Leibing provides lead work on "Human Race" and "Down To London" [the latter dealing with Jack The Ripper]! Hard to believe Johnny topped his last release, but with "Wrecking Ball" he`s done just that! So quit starin` at the screen, go to Johnny`s website and climb on the "Wrecking Ball"! You`ll be SO glad you did!

"WRECKING BALL" Press Release 07/01/2003
Johnny Lokke is pleased to announce the release of his second cd entitled "Wrecking Ball" on the Big Riff Records label. Scot Goacher returns on drums, while Primal Fear guitarist Stefan Leibing makes a special guest appearance on the songs "Human Race" and "Down to London".

Lokke has appeared on websites, magazines and radio, most notably a 40 minute on-air interview show called "Force Fed" in Canada last month and in the magazine Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles earlier this year. This has led to a large grass-roots following, not just in the United States and Canada, but cd orders routinely come in from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and England.

When asked about the new cd, Lokke responds enthusiastically. "''Wrecking Ball'' was a blast to make, and I think it really comes through in the songs. We were much more comfortable in the recording process this time, and were able to relax and focus on the energy of the music. There was also a bit of pressure on us, though. Our first cd ''Early Warning'' was such a big success, both with the fans and the press, that we didn''t want to fall into the sophomore slump. When Stefan (Leibing of Primal Fear) agreed to play leads on a couple songs, I knew that was going to be what really kicked us in the tails and made sure everything would be strong. With Primal having 4 excellent cd''s on a major label, there wasn''t a chance I was going to give him any less than my best."

For those that aren''t familiar with Johnny Lokke, he describes his music as "...Euro-metal. It''s the standard formula: 2 guitars, a solid bass, double-kick drums that don''t let up and a vocal line that actually has melody and power. If you are a fan of classic Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, you are going to be a fan of Johnny Lokke. It''s that simple."

Lokke also does something rarely seen in the music business...he offers a 100% guarantee on his music. Lokke says, "I''ve always done that and I always will. I don''t want your money if you don''t like my product, because it''s about the music anyway. You should be satisfied with anything you buy, whether it happens to be a Johnny Lokke cd, a Metallica cd, or a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, it doesn''t work that way, and if you buy a cd you hate, sorry, you''re stuck with it. I don''t work that way, and if more artists did this, I don''t think we''d have had all the file-sharing battles that have been so ugly over the last few years."

You can find more information on Johnny Lokke, as well as news, pictures, music previews and downloads by visiting his website at https://www.tradebit.com.

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