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MP3 Lockbody - You've Had It

Righteous home-grown BOOGIECORE

13 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Progressive Rock, ROCK: Punk

PP Dance

Sinking too fast...
in a river of doubt.
each time I try to...
figure it out.
The people want money,
Uncle Sam wants blood.
We drink more toxic...
And he drinks bud

Life in a barrel, sight that''s true
All it takes is one turn of the screw
There ain''t make left else I can do
I say fuck this, fuck them and

Fucked up now...
Outta my head.
Want to drink whisky,
but I snort it instead.
blow a pig''s doors...
right off the hingge.
Drive my new pickup off a bridge.

Now I''m in trouble
under his gun
You call it crazy

I call it fun
He finds his handcuffs
round his cop-neck
they''ll pull his body
from a charred wreck


Blank before my eyes
blind accusation
Blank behind my eyes
dumb infiltration
Brain slumps, paralyzed
Rumination stalls -- I can''t
WRITE -- it won''t
READ -- unplanned
BLIGHT -- I don''t
BLEED -- I feel
tired... so unin-
spired... as if con-
spired against by my own
word endeavors. Under-
mined -- this wicked
bind; how it con-
fines! The lines are
blurred forever ---
writer''s block writer''s block writer''s block writer''s block
That''s where I- That''s where I- That''s where I- That''s where I
Let me go Let me out Let me down every
Days go by no chance of recompense
Thought escape requires violence
Forced to bear frustration tacitly
I won''t succumb to numbness placidly
Smash the lock without the blasted key
Concepts lead me on a paper chase
My mind is crippled up w/lame clich├ęs
Caught in conflict against the commonplace
Erato, I may never see thy face

fANE to BlaCkNE

A swirly brown hell awaits
(beneath the cold floor tile)
for victims of the master; bait
which lines up single file.
Demonic faces, locked in stasis,
lick the soles of crime.
The oath is sworn -- now the case is
in the hands of time
Echoes of the flaming chicken''s
mad laugh taunt from farthes cells...
The green death sees the beast defeated.
The lights bear down . The pulse rate quickens.
Hear the loud alarum sirens
as useless limits are exceeded

The oppressive ceiling crushes
meat of its will to fight
the Man, as him before we stand
and face the threat of his black sight

The system hungers -- meant to feed it --
swift sure punishment is meted.
How we have sinned! How have we pleaded?

Thus drained of sense, then sent away
on impotent incline
Yes, still alive to rue the day.
When driven to reply, we say:
"Just fine...."


Stare at me all the fucking time
like my lifestyle''s some kinda pervert crime
Why don''t you try to free your mind?
Why must you be so horrendously blind?

"Is there a problem?"
"This won''t do...."
That''s all I ever get out of you
"Is there a problem?"
"This won''t do...."
Piss off -- go and get screwed

Stick your nose into all my make
& condemn whatever you don''t deem fit
You''re such a fucking stupid twit
Get out of my face or yours''ll get hit

Don''t wanna be an asshole, man
I''m trying as hard as I fucking can
But all you give me is reprimand
& I''ve had abourt as much as I can stand

(mus: Compound Fracture / wds: Hendrix original wds: DAZ)

I slew a little pretty thing
Victoria Graves has felt Death''s sting
& now the cops are after me
Guilty On Delivery
I don''t know where I''m gonna go
the only thing I truly know
now I gotta hit the road
Got to run
Got to split
Cut her hide
Ain''t no make
I didn''t mean to make her dead
I only wanted her in bed
I shouldn''t have listened
to what you said
& never should''ve killed the bitch
& left her body in a ditch
& now I''ve gotta leave this town
it''s certain death to hang around
Got to run
Made her split
Cut her hide
Ain''t no make

I gotta make it somewhere safe
somewhere I won''t be bullet-strafed
The law''ll try to make me fry
but she, not I, deserved to die
I don''t know where I''m gonna go
the only thing I truly know
is now I''ve gotta leave this town
it''s certain death to hang around
Got to run
Made her split
Got to hide
Ain''t no make


Why is the weight so oppressive when there''s such an empty space in me, which once upon a time you occupied?
What a paradox, and how amusing it would be if I could find a way to keep myself from crying.

I tried to write you love songs.
They never came out right.
The sentiments were beautiful
but the words were so damn trite.
If I could take a photograph of the love I have for you
it''d be worth a thousand stupid songs.

I am completely devastated by the nearness of your leaving.
With you or without you I''m in pain.
I understand your reasons but it''s no easier for that
as we physicaly and emotionally abstain.

No on elese but you for either one of us
Your cigarettes leave ashes and my life is dust
I cannot rest in peace although I''m halfway gone
These dreams I have of you are all that help me to go on.


Hi, Come on in. Just go ahead and have I seat while I get ready.

I love my life. I love my career. The fit of my tidy white smock.
Bloody saliva, as it swirls down the spit sink!
Have some gassssss. Please, don''t try to talk.
But is it safe?

No need for Novacain, it only dulls the pain.
Although you don''t need fillings I must continue drilling.
You shouldn''t smoke those camels, they yellow tooth enamel.
Never fear, I am your pal! But this may mean a root canal.

You writhe and moan with so much verve,
I must have struck a healthy nerve!

The wisdom of Christ is truly incisive.
Here are some pamphlets to read.
I show the same copies to all of my patients,
so hold them arm''s length as you bleed.

Cause I know you''re gonna bleed!

Yes, I love my life!
I love my career!
The song of the suctioning hose...

Each good girl, or boy, gets a treasure chest toy.
Take one, you''ve earned it. Now go.


His culinary powers are known of & praised both near & far.
These he employs --
it''s what he most enjoys...

...then stuffs his puffy face with food
through yawning mouth; his guts imbued
with pre-fab flab:
"There''s more of me to grab."

In vain to whet such ample appetite
he gobbles down everything in sight --
all food, all drink,
all the empties clog his sink.

He squints from out of swinish eyes
at an appliance his same size --
aside from chins,
the fridge and he are twins!

No furniture can bear his bulk.
His kitchen sees him rage and sulk
from in the hall --
the doorway''s grown too small.


The restaurants and grocery
stores fear his awesome hunger sprees!
All the buffets
in town turn him away!

His shriveled dick knows no-one''s touch,
but sex does not concern him much.
means more than common dating."

Televised aerobic shows
and thigh reducing videos
break him a sweat --
though he''s not tried one yet.

Buckling knees rest flattened feet.
Sagging around the toilet seat
he sits. It cracks!
Overtaxed heart near attacks!!


One morning comes. He lifts his head,
it''s all that comes up off the bed.
"I can''t arise
inflated so in size -- "

Distended life comes to an end.
To reach his toes he could not bend --
he''d hired you --
someone had to remove his shoes....

They buried him in a piano crate;
naught else withstood the ponderous weight
he''d had to lug...
and now he''s food for bugs.


Audience gathers in its masses.
Some are armed with backstage passes.
Teenage kids in metal tee shirts
Bang your head until your brain hurts.
In the crowd the joints are burning
For a flashback fix they''re yearning.
But back when Sabbath first was formed
Most of them weren''t even born, oh lord no.

Ozzy Osbourne hides his tracks away
Tony Iommi''s e-string''s flat.
Geezer Butler is on Thorazine
Bill Ward wears glasses, and he''s fat, yeah.

Twenty-two fifty for the balcony!
As ageing limies take the stage.
Can''t see a thing without binoculars.
Reunion shows are all the rage, yeah.

Now in darkness concert''s ended.
Lights and sound and all were splendid.
No more chords of awesome power,
band has gone to take a shower.
Backstage wives and kids are waiting
but the noise is not abating.
Begging fans want autographs!
Ozzy counts his bread and laughs
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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