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MP3 Marcey Hamm - Celestial Dance

A composition that brings out the creativity within each of us, through expansive, soaring and dreamy new age music.

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NEW AGE: New Age, EASY LISTENING: Background Music

Marcey Hamm had her first Near Death Experience in 1985. Then her whole life changed from her diverse technical background of Nuclear Engineering, Software Engineering and Electronics to composing this music. However, Marcey is an unusual composer and some people call her "The Sleeping Composer". You see, Marcey doesn''t remember composing any of her music. Her experiences as she calls it is like going to sleep and dreaming. Her dreams show her what the music is for and then when she wakes up, the music is all composed. She remembers nothing about how the music was put together and she is the only one in the studio except her cat Sadie.

No other music has the phenomena as Marcey''s music and people from all over the world seek her out. That''s why Marcey has sold millions of her albums by just word of mouth; because her music changes lives and the phenomena keeps growing. Marcey''s music isn''t just music, it is a journey or you could call it an experience which changes lives.

You can read more about Marcey, her story, testimonials and more detail about the Celestial Dance composition as you scroll down this page.


* "There is no doubt in my mind that Celestial Dance is by far and away the most powerful creativity evoking music that I have ever used. I use it on myself nightly, and I have used it to help people compose compositions, to invent pieces of automobiles and so on. I think this is a great piece of work."
F.B., Creative Problem Solving Trainer

* "I tried and tried to get funding for a project, but I couldn''t find it anywhere. Then, I started listening to Celestial Dance and within two weeks people started calling me saying they had reconsidered. They wanted to know where to send their checks."
K.L., Dallas, TX

* "I was playing Celestial Dance when my eleven year old son came home from school. He brought his play clothes out to be able to sit in front of the boom box while he changed. He kept getting a look of delight. He started telling me all the things he saw in his mind with this music. He would edge toward the door and keep coming back. Finally, he turned off the music, ''There,'' he said, ''now I can go play.'' He told me not to start the music until he got out the door. I just thought this was a sweet compliment to your music."
C.C., Hiawatha, IA

* "I enjoy Celestial Dance during the day especially while creating something. This music helped me get started on a painting. It turned out very nicely. There''s so much variety in this music that I never seem tired of hearing it."
D.F.F., Conway, SC

* "I must admit that your compositions Z and Celestial Dance are my favorites. My experiences when listening to your music vary. All of the compositions definitely work on opening, healing and balancing the charkas. The first time I listened to Inward Harmony, my body felt almost etherealized and I had the sensation of going into a higher dimension. Since I started listening to Celestial Dance the ideas for a book came to me, which I am in the process of writing".
L.J., Tempe, AZ

* "After listening to Celestial Dance, I am so thrilled with your music. ...You have reassured me there definitely is a ''God,'' ''Higher Power'' or whatever one calls It. Thank you so much, I feel you are one He smiles on."
L.J., Richmond, VA

* "Celestial Dance is uplifting for me and seems to remind me of the importance of allowing my spiritual nature to have its true expression. Your music came into my life at a time of great change for me. It almost feels that just ordering them helped to kick in the process and then once I began listening to them it seems that things kept speeding ahead. The prevailing feeling that they have helped to support within me is one of a peaceful knowing that I am here for a very special purpose and that it will be fulfilled. This has helped me to trust on a much deeper lever."
P.U., Hana, HI


Celestial Dance is a composition that brings out the creativity within each of us. Everyone has inside of them some form of creativity. This music will definitely unveil that part of us. There is an old saying, "As Above, So Below". This statement applies with Celestial Dance. What happens is the music triggers unconscious memory cells of creativity. This inner part of us is referred to "As Above". When this energy is released, it has to manifest itself in our outer world. So it flows until it reaches our outer physical body. This body is referred to as "So Below". The creative energy comes from within and starts flowing outward. Therefore, the physical world of the person starts changing in relation to their creative energy. We all have a purpose for being here. There is a vast amount of creativity within all of us. It''s time to create and be like children.


Marcey Hamm was born in Oklahoma. Being raised in an environment of Native Americans and wild buffalo gave her a natural foundation for spiritual growth and creativity. Marcey''s diverse background as a Nuclear Engineer, Software Engineer and Electronics Engineer, along with robots and gadgets, were the foundation for her building her computerized music studio. Her near death experience from a car accident in 1985 opened her composing to the unexplained. The story goes like this...

It was an ordinary day, just like any other. As I sat in traffic on the freeway, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a truck speedily approaching my car. The next thing I knew I was out of my body, engulfed in a beautiful brilliant silver light, looking over my dead body. All of a sudden the voice of a man, whom I couldn''t see, said to me, "You can either come with us now, or you can go back and finish your work."

The feeling of love pouring through me was so strong and nourishing I didn''t want to leave. Yet, I had worked so hard for 10 years to build my computer studio that I had just finished 3 days before. Here I was dead and I had to make a destiny''s decision. I loved music too much to quit; I came back.

The physical pain from my car accident was almost unbearable. Over the next year I explored every healing possibility. This changed my life. After my healing, I went into my studio for the first time since my accident. All of a sudden I felt very tired. So I leaned back in my chair for a short nap. Suddenly, I was out of my body rushing through what seemed like a whirlwind of wind and motion. I was thrown out into this complete void of nothing - no sound, no light - just nothing. Soon these huge ocean waves of light and music came rushing all around me and through me. I was engulfed with this moment, which seemed like just a few minutes, but when I returned to my body, I looked at my clock - it was 8 hours later. Also, the lights on my display panel were flashing indicating something had been recorded. I put my computers into play mode, and this music came over my speakers. It was the same music I had just experienced out of my body. I sat in my chair for hours crying like a baby. I called this music Inward Harmony.

I went to a public fair in Dallas to sell Inward Harmony. My first customer was an older man. As he began listening to the music, he turned white as a sheet. I freaked out. I really thought my music was killing him. I was about to call for security, but he walked away. I sat down in shock, relieved that he didn''t die, but I wondered what had happened.

The man returned in 30 minutes. He looked straight into my eyes and said, "Young lady, 7 years ago I was on the operating table undergoing heart surgery. I was pronounced clinically dead for 16 minutes and this music is what I experienced while I was dead."

From that moment, Inward Harmony has reached millions of people all over the world. Thousands of healing testimonials have been received. Even though scientists have tried to figure out why this music is so healing, they have not been successful.

I don''t know why I was given this gift of music. But, from all the benefits others have received from it, I am glad I decided to come back and spend the rest of my life composing. Since her car accident, Marcey Hamm has had two more near death experiences.

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