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MP3 Henry P. Middlebrook - Roberto And Wingmakers Board Questions To: “ The Team Captain.”

Mental entrainment, inducing hypnogogic trance, mind control, broadcasting thoughts and feelings, the Ant World, education via EM [LW] mental download, the "Feelies," revolution in spirituality, "enlightenment machine?" Scalar churches?

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Roberto, "Brace yourself." Open your eyes and take a look at: The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics.

Scalar Wars. The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

by Bill Morgan https://www.tradebit.com

5. Psychoenergetics

Mental entrainment, inducing hypnogogic trance, mind control, broadcasting thoughts and feelings, the Ant World, education via EM [LW] mental download, the "Feelies," revolution in spirituality, "enlightenment machine?" Scalar churches?

Psychoenergetics is simply using the scalar interferometers to manipulate and engineer the human psyche. To me it is the most mind-boggling and frightening aspect of longitudinal wave engineering.

The mind is electromagnetic in nature, and itself of the time-domain. It is not observable in 3-space. There is no thing you can point to that is the mind. As Bearden says, "The mind is time-like."

The longitudinal scalar EM waves are also of the time-domain. By overlaying certain infolded patterns (oscillations in time) on the longitudinal waves, a thought or feeling may be made to arise in a person or persons who are in the interference zone (where the wave beams cross).

The person will not notice anything, feeling that this thought or idea is his or her own idea. The longitudinal wave pattern might be a wave of panic or fear that spontaneously sweeps over you, perhaps inexplicably. It could even be in the form of a sudden intense patriotism. It could be explicit words and phrases, which everyone would think they had thought of by themselves. Or it could be rage and hatred, angry and violent. On the other hand It could also be a continuous sense of docility and placidity. This is the brave new world of psychoenergetics and the coming "Mind Wars."

Scalar Psychoenergetics in its most primitive form simply "entrains" all minds in the target area into a deep hypnogogic trance. In this state of mind people would be suddenly extremely suggestible, and would likely believe anything they are told, and would obey any orders given. Talk about winning the hearts and minds of the American People!

Tom Bearden makes me think of Paul Revere, who heroically conveyed important warnings for the sake of the new nation. But the words of the famous phrase have now strangely and curiously mutated into the once-inconceivable: "One if by land, Two if by mind."

Indeed one strategy in a Mind War would be to simply take over the minds of the "leaders" of the enemy nation. The targeted leader would not be aware that anything was amiss, although he might begin to make unexpected changes in policy.

And are, in fact, any of our "leaders" already having secret thoughts that are not their own? Who knows? Frighteningly, we can no longer be sure. The new sciences of scalar electromagnetics and psychoenergetics are even now plunging humanity into a sudden science-fiction-like world beyond anything in humanity''s previous imaginings.

"The Russians reached the point in the mid 1990s that they could take over control of a person''s mind, with modified longitudinal EM waves including some time-polarized EM waves, and with a team of specialists (estimate 25-30 per transmitter, and one transmitter and team per controlled person)." Bearden

In a slide Bearden illustrates how a Scalar War would involve a psychoenergetics attack on the operators of the enemy scalar installation, entraining their minds into hypnogogic trance and getting them to shut down their systems.

And ultimately psychoenergetic warfare goes to the very heart of human identity itself. For if my thoughts might no longer be "mine," then who and what am I? Can my very sense of being "me" be hijacked by some nefarious psychoenergetic scheme? Will the "secret government" eventually dictate directly into your mind how you feel about yourself? Or what you think you are? Or what you should do?

How Does Longitudinal EM Mind Control Work?

The physics of scalar psychoenergetics as expounded by Col. Bearden seems even more arcane and over-my-head than that of extracting energy from the vacuum. I can''t understand it, but I look through it anyway. Each time another tiny understanding might occur, or a term might fall into place. I know the mathematics is forever beyond me.

One paper to begin with is Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions This is such serious stuff that Bearden includes a strong warning about misuse of this knowledge. Psychoenergetics weapons can mentally maim and physically kill.


(From "Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions")

"This article refers to experimental research techniques which can be detrimental or lethal in the hands of any but highly skilled, qualified experimental scientists proceeding under proper laboratory safety procedures. The purpose of this article is strictly for information to properly qualified and authorized scientists in certified laboratories.

We do not propose or condone any use of these procedures for nonapproved practice of medicine without a license.

Neither the publisher nor the author are responsible for accidents or outcomes in the use of these experimental pro¬cedures and techniques. Any researcher who performs these procedures and experiments is acting on his or her own volition, and is solely responsible for insuring safety, qualifications, and legality of the acts and their results. We neither suggest nor condone unauthorized experimentation on human subjects. Such is a criminal violation of the constitutional rights of the subject under Federal and State laws, and is both illegal and immoral." Bearden.

Really now? That warning was to whom? The Rogue groups? That may very well bring in unethical, immoral tricks: assassination, bribery, entrapment, disinformation, plausible deniability, etc? A certain percentage of a highly secret rogue group will wind up using all these things and more. It''s a human characteristic, the old primate dominance game. Only now disguised and hidden under deep classification."

But on the other hand, Who said Any researcher who performs these procedures and experiments is acting on his or her own volition? And is solely responsible for insuring safety, qualifications, and legality of the acts and their results? . “Because we neither suggest nor condone unauthorized experimentation on human subjects. Such is a criminal violation of the constitutional rights of the subject under Federal and State laws, and is both illegal and immoral." Bearden.”

I am sure that part is wrong, some what. It''s a shame to say but, it is legal to test and perform such test on the citizens/Populations. Remember? We voted on that subject with Bill H.R. 2977? But the question is, Why would we do such a thing to our self''s?

After the serious warning comes the description of the paper. This is heady stuff for the layman.

"Calling full attention to the special note above, in this paper we present a high-level over view of the novel electromagnetic nature of mind operations, mind and body coupling, and intent - the induction of physical 3-space EM energy changes into the brain and nervous system, and into every cell of the body, from the mind''s time-like coherent operations. We summarize the time-polarized electrodynamics used to engineer and affect mind operations and the mind-body coupling loop. Transduction mechanisms whereby differing EM wave polarizations can be transformed one-into-the-other are presented." Bearden

I will leave it to the technically astute to try to understand the mechanisms of operation which are described in scientific language. But there are tidbits for the layman. Here he speaks of the difficulty Western scientists have in opening up to the "immaterial" (longitudinal wave) nature of the human mind.

Western Science Remains Largely Materialistic.

"Ironically, most Western scientists are materialists and consider "mind" as a mystical and nonscientific concept. They tend to consider mind operations and functions either to be simply "meat computer" operations and functions, or at best to be very weak ordinary transverse-wave EM operations and functions in the brain and nervous system. This serious self-limitation exists because in the body we measure only weak TW [transverse wave] EM operations and functions correlated to biological behavior and brain operations. We simply do not know how to measure "mind operations" directly.

"With no mind measurements possible and no instruments, it is understandable that Western science considers only the physical side of the mind-matter interface.

"Presently our scientists do not measure the longitudinally-polarized EM wave operations and functions in the body and around it in nature. Few of them are aware that a maelstrom of such LW [longitudinal wave] functions exist in the body and in all of nature in general." Bearden

Western methods of influencing the mind with EM waves have only used transverse waves, not the longitudinal waves of the vacuum. If only transverse waves are used one pretty well has to hit the target mind with a sledgehammer of waves.

Western Science knows only transverse EM waves

Brute Forcing Time Functions versus Fine Control Methods.

"Ironically, Western mind control researchers using transverse EM waves for mind control research, are using a brute force method of evoking and using vacuum engines (spacetime curvature engines) and a special form of general relativity, although they do not appear to realize it.

"While KGB scientists also use TW EM "brute force" TW waves when necessary, they do "imprint" or "activate" those waves with the desired internal LW and time-polarized EM wave and photon structures required to directly perform the mind engineering desired... Bearden

"These "fitted brute-force models" certainly can be very powerful, and certainly can produce the exact results shown in the experimental verifications of the fittings.

However, they do not of themselves allow sophisticated design for example of the necessary time-polarized wave assemblies for engineering the entire human collective unconscious simultaneously, or for engineering the entire collective unconscious of all species on Earth (i.e., Gaia''s collective unconscious), or even for precisely engineering the memory and knowledge base of an individual. Bearden

The seemingly magical operations of psychoenergetics, sometimes called "psychotronics," cannot be achieved with ordinary transverse EM wave energy. But they are possible with longitudinal scalar waves because the mind itself is scalar in nature.

"We note that all mind operations are time-like, i.e., they are comprised as scalar EM photon functions and scalar EM wave functions. Thus the mind is a very special kind of electromagnetic system, existing in the time domain..." Bearden

The engineering of the mind can only be accomplished with the waves of time.

The course of psychoenergetics development necessitates the building of a vast database of settings and patterns which bring about given mental and/or emotional states. A kind of "genome" of the psyche. Bearden describes the process of the decoding of this "genome."

"Now the scientists would perform many phenomenology experiments, making one little change at a time and profusely recording the data. Each time, they would establish the physical change(s) that occur in the body and/or the mental and emotional changes that occur in the mind for each spectral reinsertion back through the "ship''s portholes". They would simply but painstakingly (over some years) build up an extensive database of those individual correlates.

"In these experiments, the experimenters will eventually be able to provoke any body or mind change they wish. Strong emotion. Intense pain. Intense pleasure. Painful thoughts. Images. Memories. Perceptions. Dreams. Visions. Memory losses. Memory changes. Personality changes. Etc. The "delta" in the emission spectrum (the changes from zero reference spectrum) represent the precise totality of all mental, physical, organic, chemical, https://www.tradebit.comnges and interactions." Bearden

"A second stage in the research would be to test the correlates and porthole insertions upon a statistically significant cross section of ordinary people, and/or specialized populations (such as toughened soldiers). The program would evolve a highly complex, very effective, ever-improving science and technology of mind and behavior control and engineering mechanisms, complete with finished database and developed applications equipment." Bearden

Summing up his paper Bearden speculates on what the actual situation the science of psychoenergetics probably is. The intense secrecy with which this knowledge has been kept from the public has led to the current farce of the "government" pretending it all does not exist, and this secrecy may have now put us at great risk.

"The implication is that in the West one or more highly classified, sustained, heavily funded developments in advanced mind control programs, probably exists and probably has existed for some time. Due to loose formation of rogue groups inside such programs, they may have dual or triple purposes, may not operate under very much legitimate government control at all, and may operate specifically for the purposes of the rogue group or groups that have gained control.

"In a nutshell, that''s what may be going on in the clandestine mind control projects in several Western governments. The involvement of at least some rogue groups, some being "cowboys" who operate well outside all laws and ethics, could also result in such things as assassinations, clandestine testing on individuals without their consent, etc. In short, it could account for what seems to be actually occurring. As also is "usual" in such a mess, one or more of the rogue groups eventually may become very powerful because their secret weapons are very powerful. They may become confident, thinking they have the "best in the world." They may actually believe they are ahead of the Russians..."

"Remember that, in every large and powerful human organization, the basis for rogue groups is power and secrecy.

They are always seeking to increase their power, control, influence, prestige, etc. Nothing else. Patriotism and mission are?to rogue grooups?often just idle words. They have their own agendas. And being rogue groups, they may well bring in unethical, immoral tricks: assassination, bribery, entrapment, disinformation, plausible deniability, etc. A certain percentage of a highly secret rogue group will wind up using all these things and more. It''s a human characteristic, the old primate dominance game. Only now disguised and hidden under deep classification."

"The Russians, with their additional knowledge of the actual mechanisms in the transforms, will be much more advanced than the West, because their fundamental psychoenergetics science is far more advanced, so long as we continue to use the old U(l) electrodynamics. Further, the Russians have decades of use of longitudinal interferometry beams to reach right through the earth and ocean and produce stringent EM effects at a distance. So they will also be able to do the same things here in "mind control" with LW [longitudinal wave] interferometers, through intervening mass." Bearden Bearden cites two examples where he believes the Russian KGB tested the psychoenergetics capabilities of their scalar interferometers.

One was the case of Captain Button in his A-10 "Warthog" aircraft on April 2, 1997.

"Over Arizona, Captain Button was thrown into a hypnogogic state, and his perceptions instantly altered and controlled. In his instant "dream-waking" state, everything seemed perfectly normal. His sense of direction was altered a bit more than 90 degrees, so he simply corrected and turned and "flew toward the range", actually flying off course by more than 90 degrees and ignoring radio contacts. He flew right on out of Arizona."

"At one point he circled, probably thinking he was over the range, and he probably dropped his ordnance there. Then he "flew on back toward home," as he thought in his waking dream state, until his fuel ran out and he crashed and died in the explosion?dream-thinking until he died that everything wwas normal. All the while, his sense of the passage of time was altered. To him, in his dream-thinking, dream-acting state, everything was normal and nothing untoward had happened. So the distant KGB transmitters and associated psychoenergetics team controlled him for over an hour.

"Indeed, that was the exact purpose of the test: demonstrate control (at a great distance) of a skilled person performing highly skilled tasks."

The paper Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions ends with the most chilling and frightening possibility of all: the psychoenergetic engineering of the human species as a whole.

Interesting enough others, and the Team Members are working on the same project.

Assemblies enough information of truth for engineering the entire human collective unconscious simultaneously. Did the team Captain just say for the engineering the entire collective unconscious of all species on Earth? Some time called, The Born Again expierence, Being Saved. Sometimes called by others (i.e., Gaia''s collective unconscious)

The Ant World

The Final Race for Direct Mind Control of the Entire Human Species

"The KGB psychoenergetics weapons scientists?because of their ddirect measurements and detections (and use) of t-polarized waves and LWs [longitudinal waves] for decades?also understand that Jung''s collective unconsciouus mind (of the entire human species) also has its own time-like operations and correlates, which one measures also when using t-polarization measurements and sorting it all out. The collective unconscious mind operations are buried several levels deeper inside the recursive Whittaker structuring inside the EM fields, waves, and potentials.

"The KGB scientists also know that something very like Gaia — a collective unconscious mind for all species on earth ? also exists, and they are striving to be able to sort out and measure that one as well. The Gaia operations are buried even deeper in the recursive structuring inside the EM fields, waves, and potentials."

"Actually, from day one, the Russian mind control scientists have had their eventual goal set upon this "deeper area of mind and possible mind control" of the entire human species.

"I am convinced that the KGB psychoenergetics scientists understand this deeper area. If they can learn to directly engineer the collective human species unconscious, they can then convert the human species easily into a sort of "ant" society, modeled along ideal Communism lines, except of course with an excluded "hierarchy at the top" running everything. The "ant society" — communist style ? is still a variation of feudalism (all systems tennd to feudalism or some form thereof).

"The KGB psychoenergetics weapon scientists are seriously pressing on toward that very goal. In my opinion they are not very far from it right now...

"Some versions of Russian mind control devices were used on Russian soldiers in the Afghan War to condition them for performance of merciless acts." 13


More about "The Ant World"

Whether it is the Russians planning an "ant world" society or rogue U.S. black-ops groups withholding a great boon from human race, the secrecy on all sides around has allowed largely criminal elements to take over this technology while leaving the civilized elements in the dark. Openness and the spreading of this knowledge among good and decent people is essential, and for that we will have to overcome our frightened denial.

"Meanwhile, rogue groups amongst Western clandestine mind control researchers will probably arise if they have not already done so. They will likely seek to increase their personal control and further isolate the programs from orthodox government review and from government and legislative control. They may even divert the research into highly illegal and unethical means, because it furthers their own rogue agendas.

That is how clandestine U.S. government research can sometimes go sour, unless great care is exercised by the oversight committees in the House and the Senate.

"Sometimes when rogue groups do gain control and total secrecy of a given new technological area, then what appears to be "U.S. government operations" do start to encompass a criminal and unethical operations, hidden usually beneath the deep veil of high classification.

Also, if it''s "scientific," no one is ever brought to justice, even if the "evil science actions" are uncovered and publicly revealed." Bearden

Like the huge energy of the Tesla howitzers, the ability to engineer the mind with longitudinal waveforms is a seeming "magical" thing which can be used for good or ill. Bearden envisions that further developments will allow something like the "downloading" of knowledge via scalar interferometry. Everyone could be highly educated, and quickly and easily.

In the conclusion of the paper "Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions" Bearden makes a plea to the nations of the world regarding the use of psychoenergetic engineering.

"Let us hope this great new area, already off to a bad start, can be bridled and steered in the direction helping and healing people, rather than killing or abusing them. The excesses in its bad use are a potent threat to all nations on earth.

"Yet it can revolutionize medical science, education, communication, and psychology. We foresee the day -- perhaps 30 years hence -- when education will be accomplished by directly loading the software into the mind.

Then in three weeks one will "load" a doctorate, say, in physics. In three more weeks on will also load a doctorate in chemistry. Another three weeks, in electrical engineering. Another three weeks, an M.D. And so on. When that happens then truly everyone on earth can be educated. Freedom from ignorance may well be another great freedom that is legally recognized.

There will be no impoverished large groups lacking the education to find decent, productive jobs.

"We urge all nations to use the principles involved: not for human abuse, but for healing, educating, uplifting, and life-expanding of every person on earth. If we do, we shall all have a far brighter future.

Then we shall check what has started out to be the Sword of Damocles and turn it into the golden Millennium." Bearden

(Perhaps after so many frightening topics a slight break is in order here to consider the lighter side of psychoenergetics. For example, what will be the ultimate impact on the entertainment industry?)

The Feelies at Last!

Psychoenergetics will be able to bring about at last, for better or for worse, Aldous Huxley''s fanciful idea in his novel "Brave New World," an entertainment format which he called "The Feelies." Those were something you went to, like going to the movies, but you would experience all the actual feelings themselves, as if the depicted events were actually happening to you.

Although our "leaders" seem too dim to grasp what is going on in the world of scalar electromagnetics, it should not take some young Hollywood genius too long to understand that The Feelies are now possible, and that the immense megabucks of potential profit more than justify heavy investment in bringing it to market.

One can imagine that first "Feelie" theater, "The Huxley" perhaps, a large comfortable area surrounded by nine giant screens (not just one screen!), which become 3D if you put on your headset. And The Huxley is fitted with the finest sound, and oh, by the way, a modest sized scalar interferometer with computer. And there are one or more new tracks now recorded on the film next to the sound track.

These are the digital patterns of thoughts, feelings, and ideas to be fed into the theater''s interferometer. And these thoughts and feelings and ideas will be felt by the audience as if they were their own thoughts and ideas. It is an entirely new art form. Psychevision.

As important (and no doubt famous) as the actors would be the "feelers," those from whose minds the feelings were lifted in the original programming of the Feelie tracks. Because, for example, Brad Pitt might be a good and handsome actor, but can he really feel it? Like the dubbing of foreign language films, it might be necessary to dub the "emotional track" using a deeper and more profound person''s feelings, thoughts and ideas.

It might even be engineered so that if you sat on one side of the theater you would feel like the hero, and on the other side you would feel exactly like the bad guy! What would that lead to?

We have all cried at a movie some time, most people have, though they might not want to admit it. But this would be deep sobbing and a flood of tears, if the director so desired it. You would feel it at your core. Or, take a big chase scene, you would be terrified. They are breathing down your neck! You would be gripped by panic.

For that matter, the whole genre of Horror-Feelie would be too much for many people to take. Do I really want to feel that an actual vampire is tearing at my throat with his fangs?

A Religious Feelie would make you feel the exaltation of a saint at his prayers, or give you the definite feeling that you are Christ suffering on the cross. All the pain could be there too. The stickiness of the blood. The very feeling itself: "Why hast thou forsaken me?"

Who among us could come up that despair for scanning?

Had this been developed a bit earlier we might watch a documentary of, say, Mother Theresa, containing her own actual deep sense of compassion, which we would feel arising in us as our own.

Then again, a Psychedelic Feelie could induce an LSD-like state and simply blow the audience''s minds. Even in its simplest most primitive mode, the hypnogogic trance induction with its increased suggestibility, would completely alter the experience of even ordinary current movie going.

Team captain and members give and also take the time for the Openness and the spreading of this knowledge among good and decent people is essential, and for that we will have to overcome our frightened denial

The Feelies at Last, What is that, again?

The Feelies at Last, Roberto and board members here on the Wingmakers forms. Did he just say: The Feelies at Last. I am sure you will all have to admit, that’s going to be very interesting for the. “future.” Now for all you sharp people, think about that for moment......, anything come to mind?

“Is your Minds in a head game battle?.” About now?

That''s how the Mind Snapping works.

Think again...Still thinking, Nothing comes to mind, for you yet?

Go get a big Tub of pop corn, plenty of butter. No, lot''s of butter. Large Cold Soda. Got to have the Nacho''s, Cheese''s with the Jalapeno Peppers. Packages ( Box''s Now) of Sugar Babies and Milk Dud''s. To Pay for it, you present twenty dollars, smiling she gives you back about thirty cents for your change. But this time before you go back into the theater. "Change Seating." A Real life suggestion, from the Team Captain, But then again, that''s just the Team Captains Opinions, of Course.

Nothing comes to your mind for you, or the Board yet? Hum…..

Let’s go on then?.

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