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MP3 Darrell Hansen - Clips in Time

With his tenor voice and style, resembling that of Neil Young and Kenny Rogers, Darrell "wears his soul on his sleeve" as he tells of personal real life experiences dealing with handicapped people, war, death,teenagers,losing loved ones, life''s problems,s

13 MP3 Songs in this album (51:25) !
Related styles: EASY LISTENING: Soft Rock, SPIRITUAL: Praise & Worship

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Hello, my name is Darrell Hansen. I live in Vale Oregon. If you want to know me I will let you read my soul. I have poured it out onto the pages of musical composition for all to read and hear.

"Jeannette''s Song" was written in honor of my wife, whose name is obviously Jeannette. I watch as moment by moment, day by day, year after year, she keeps pushing on. Everything she does requires much more effort because she suffers from a rare genetic disorder known as Wilson''s Disease. Wilson''s Disease is also known as Hepatolenticular Degeneration. At the time she was diagnosed, very little was known about the disease, because it is such a rare disorder, effecting approximately 1 in a 100,000 people.

At that time, the standard treatment was to put the patient on a drug known as Penicillamine. Unfortunately, this drug took patients who were already experiencing neurological symptoms from bad to worse. It basically turned the patient into a vegetable. From that point, the patient had to learn how to walk and talk all over again, and there was much unnecessary brain damage. There are much better treatments today. Unfortunately, these new and better treatments didn''t come along until many years after Jeannette was first diagnosed.

It is also disturbing to realize that Wilson''s Disease is still being misdiagnosed today. I had been reading the story of Jeff Dirlam on the Internet. It is a tragic story of a father''s struggle with the medical system just to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for his son suffering from Wilson''s Disease. His son lost his life, and this may have been totally unnecessary. This is just one in many instances where Wilsons patients had to deal with permanent disabling damage and even death unnecessarily. Anyone who understands the nature of this disease knows that people will die from this disease, and accurate and timely diagnosis of this disease is critical.

What is Wilson''s Disease?

Wilson''s Disease is a inherited genetic disorder that causes too much copper to accumulate in the liver, brain, and other vital organs. Copper plays an important role in a healthy body. Copper is absorbed from our food, and then is excreted through bile, which is a substance produced by the liver. With people suffering from Wilson''s Disease, the copper is not processed normally, and it begins to accumulate in the body, which will be fatal unless detected and treated early.

What are the symptoms?

Rarely does Wilson''s Disease rear it''s ugly head and become symptomatic before ages 4 or 5 years of age, even though copper begins to accumulate immediately at birth. The disease becomes symptomatic by the age of thirty in most cases. In Jeannette''s case, she was 14 years old when she begin having acute anemia attacks and had to have blood transfusions. It was not determined that she had Wilson''s disease until she was 19 years old.

Because the problem begins in the liver, the symptoms would be similar to the symptoms from LIVER DISEASE. That could include abdominal pain, yellow skin and the whites of the eyes, or jaundice. Later in the disease the symptoms could be manifested in anemia and vomiting blood.

NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEMS: Approximately 30% of all Wilson''s Disease patients will manifest neurological symptoms. Problems such as difficulty speaking, drooling, unsteady walking, tremors, and muscle spasms become evident. There can be abrupt personality and behavioral problems in Wilson''s patients. Many times children are misdiagnosed as having behavioral problems.

KAYSER-FLEISCHER RINGS. Many people with Wilson''s Disease will develop a brownish, golden colored pigmentation around their corneas. This can be detected through a routine eye examination. These are some of the major symptoms, and there are others. Don''t be afraid to mention Wilson''s Disease to your doctor if you or a loved one suffer from any of these symptoms.

Jeannette''s Song was written with love and great admiration, after observing her for these many years, having to deal with the disease, and all of it''s related issues. She struggles along every day. "She makes things look so hard," and yet with determination of steel, she pushes on, even with all things seemingly against her. Most of the time, she manages to accomplish more in a day than most people, because of her selflessness and sheer determination. It'' never ceases to amaze me.

The second verse of the song speaks of some of the trials these "angels" (handicapped people) sometimes have to endure because of ignorant and just plain rude people. "Things you and I, take for granted, like the way we walk, like the way we talk. Don''t you think she knows, when some stare and others laugh? Don''t you think she knows, although it never shows."

I don''t know how many times people have laughed at Jeannette because of her cumbersome gait, or the way she talks. I just noticed the ones that I have observed out of the corner of my eye.

I think of the times when my children had others tell them their mother was a retard. I recall the times she would tell me about people on the phone who would hang up on her and say mean things to her. On one instance a rude person on the telephone made a mean remark something like "all I needed today, a G** D*** retard, while hanging the phone up in her ear.

They obviously do not realize who they are talking to. To some she is regarded as a G** D*** retard, but to us she is an angel. To us she is special. To her children, she is mom. To her children she is "my best friend." To her husband, she is a loyal, faithful friend, and mother of my children. To all of us, and all who know her, she is an angel.

Just by way of clarification, Wilson''s Disease affects the part of the brain known as the Basal Ganglia, or Basal Nuclei. This is the portion of the brain that affects motor movement, emotions, and cognitive function. A patient''s intelligence is not affected as a result of having Wilson''s Disease. In fact, Jeannette graduated high school with honors as salutatorian of her class.

I''m sure there are many "angels" out there today, who are misunderstood ,and yet they are angels indeed. I often think of Terri Schindler Schiavo when I sing or play Jeannette''s Song.

If you do not remember Terri Schindler Schiavo, she was the woman that died on March 31, 2005. Because of a cardio respiratory arrest ,which led to severe neurological damage by depriving her brain of oxygen, she was confined to a bed. Although she was breathing on her own, a judge gave the order to remove her feeding tube. After 13 days she finally died of dehydration and starvation. I hope our nation will not slide down this slippery slope. Jesus wants us to support the weak.

The third verse of Jeannette''s song goes like this: "Sometimes shunned by those she loves you think she knows. So alone she goes." Not always have family members been supportive of Jeannette. Sometimes we get shallow and perhaps become embarrassed when walking with someone who walks, or talks so much different than others. The truth is, Jeannette is not only smarter, and more highly educated than most of those who talk around her , or down to her, but the incredible quality of her character as a person makes it a privilege to walk by her side. Her magnetic personality, and her selflessness become rapidly evident by those who take the time to know her. You can walk by her side with your head up high because you know she has a heart bigger than the state of Texas.

The last verse of Jeannette''s song goes like this: "Often in this world, things don''t seem fair. But in the world to come, another angel will be there."

We don''t know why people are born the way they are, or why some people suffer from infirmities and debilitating diseases. God knows, and sometimes God allows these things to somehow show His honor and glory. I''m sure there are many out there who can attest to the fact that their handicapped "angel" holds a special place in their heart. Because we do not always know the mind of God, I pray that our society will always remain compassionate and sensitive to people with special needs. One day our "angels" will be in heaven. Then they will have their new and perfect body. Life is but a moment compared to eternity. If we can view things with eternity in mind, we can begin to view things as God views them.

The song "Where Are You Mamma" was written from actual events centered around a fictional character. It''s a "what if" story that would do us all well to contemplate.
Where are you mamma? I looked around at all of the people gathered in the house. I had just returned from another night of partying to find that a big change had taken place.

My mother was always there waiting for me. As soon as she''d hear the door open she''d come running. Sometimes she was already in bed, but she would get out of bed to make sure it was me coming home. I''d see her eyes. They were weary from worry, but always had that anxious look of relief when she''d see me. As many times as I had let her down, and had broken her heart, she was always thankful when I returned safe. She was always there to wake me for my appointments. She was always there to pray for me. She had always made sure I had a lunch packed or she would find a way to make sure I had money for lunch. In other words, she was tirelessly and selflessly doing all of these kind things for me while I was stepping all over her heart.

You see, I was born and raised in a Christian home with two loving parents. I was actually a member of the church until I got in with the wrong crowd. I begin to dabble in drugs. (I was like a lot of young people in the church. I was baptized at a young age, and I was on the membership rolls, but had never been "born again".)

Marijuana was the easiest drug to get, so I started with that. It helped me slip away from myself. I wasn''t really happy, but I didn''t know how to find that happiness. Then a "friend" offered me some meth. Methamphetamine is a very adictive drug and has many street names such as "meth", "crystal", "ice", "tina", "p", and "glass". Many hooked on crystal methamphetamine never come back.

I ended up hooked on meth, and using weed to come down so I could sleep. I was slipping away from the world. I stopped caring about everything. My family, my finances, and my own well-being were no longer important. I was forgotten, and my only concern was where I would get my next fix.

I later came back to my Christ, the church, and forgiveness and peace, but not before that fateful day.

Where are you mamma? Where is she? Everyone looked so solemn. And then the answer that shook my whole world to the very foundation. She''s gone.

Noooooooooooooooooo! I left, I ran, the door slamming behind me. I couldn''t take it. I felt so all alone, and I was. Mamma, oh mamma! I''m sorry for the way I treated you. Mamma, can you hear me? I''m sorry!

The Lord Jesus Christ has delivered me from drugs and now I am complete in Him. I know that there is rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner that repents. I know God has forgiven me.

Does mom know that I have become the Christian she had been praying for? Do you know the old hymn, "Tell Mother I''ll Be There"? Well, please Lord, tell mother I''ll be there! One day I will give her a big kiss and we will rejoice together for eternity.

Signed: I once was lost, but now am found

"Golden Hills"
There is a ''Golden Hills'', California and a ''Golden Hills'', Russia, and there may be other places that bare the ''Golden Hills'' name that I don''t know about. This song was not written about any one of them. The idea actually came to me while I was on an unproductive fishing trip at Bully Creek Reservoir here in Oregon. The geographical out lay of Eastern Oregon is fantastic and beautiful. The hills are always changing in color and in accordance with the sky. On sunny days the hills are golden in color.

While I was sitting on the bank of the lake, I was taking in all of the sights and sounds around me. Once in a while, you ''d hear the noisy flapping of wings and the honking of a flock of geese that were out on the water. There were seagulls in the sky hovering over as if they were waiting for me to catch them a fish.

I don''t think the gulls realized I couldn''t even catch a fish for myself!

There were little critters hiding in the weeds and bushes making all kinds of noises. A pleasant warm arid breeze was blowing lightly. Fish were jumping, leaving ripples and rings on the water. Dragonflies were flying around, hopefully eating the mosquitoes before they got a chance to suck my blood out. It was a very pleasant day and I wanted to put it into a song. When I got home that evening I wrote ''Golden Hills''. I hope it will be a blessing to you.

"It''s Just Fun To Be With You"
My wife and I went out for our 31st anniversary. I was trying to put my feelings into a song that would reflect my thoughts of the wonderful time we had that night.
I was thinking of some titles I could use. My first thought was "Better As The Years Go By". I didn''t give that title much thought as I liked "It''s Just Fun To Be With You" better. That was the song I developed.
The words and melody came fast and it was in the studio within a few days. Before long the song was complete.
Now it is here for your listening pleasure.

If you like the song, you may show your satisfaction by purchasing a copy of the "Please Don''t Kill Me Again" CD.

"I Don''t Mind Helping You"
I hope you enjoy "I Don''t Mind Helping You". The song was inspired when Darrell was getting impatient one day when helping his wife Jeannette. He thought "wait just a minute, I don''t mind pushing you, after all you have done for me! That''s a song!" And so it is. Darrell started writing the words that were coming to him in a little note book he carried in his shirt pocket. Although Darrell said he was "running around like a race horse" at the Salt Lake City Airport, pushing Jeannette in her wheel chair, he didn''t mind one bit. The Lord wants us to take care of the weak. Life is not about ourselves. It is about serving others. Amen!

"I''ll Be Home By Spring"
My son, who is in the US Air Force, told me a story about a young man who was being deployed to Iraq. He said he will never forget the look in the young man''s face. This man was holding his three year old son who didn''t want his daddy to leave, sensing the danger his father was entering into. The little boy kept crying, "Don''t go daddy! Don''t go!" The young man''s wife had to pull the little boy from his father''s arms. As the mother and her son walked away the son continued to cry, "Don''t go daddy! Don''t go!" As the father turned around, there were tears streaming down his face. The look in that man''s face was etched into my son''s permanent memory that day.

It inspired me to write this song. It is entitled, "I''ll Be Home By Spring." Hope you enjoy it.

Darrell is a Christian, and writes serious music about real life issues. Being a Christian enables Darrell to write music from a unique perspective.

"Please Don''t Kill Me Again" is a beautiful work, and for those guitar lovers, it''s a real winner!
Imagine, music that glorifies God and has some great guitar leads at the same time. This music is uplifting!
In a day when there is much to be down about, it is good to have music that keeps you focused, and reminds you that there is a God, and that He is in control.

Not just space fillers or empty words, Darrell''s music is doctrine, emotional, relative, and it''s real.
It''s written from a heart that loves the Lord. It''s also written from the real life experiences of Darrell Hansen.

Then there is "Empty Space". A song about the void one leaves when they pass on. It puts a value on all human life, and shows the uniqueness of every person. When one is gone, there is no one that can ever fill that void.

There is "I Don''t Want You To Go" This song was written while Darrell''s wife was in the hospital after having a stroke. Although Darrell knew his wife would be in heaven if she were to die, he wasn''t ready for her to go.
"We''ve been together all of these years, facing life''s battles side by side. Although peace is waiting for you over there, I can''t bare you leaving my side". Darrell picked up his guitar, and the song came right from the heart.

Your help is greatly appreciated. I want you to understand that buying a CD is more than just purchasing music. Your contribution helps support a ministry of wholesome music as well as the physical ministry of our mission work here in Vale.
Many homeless people have been helped. Many stranded people have been helped. Many young people from broken homes are getting a chance to hear about a God who loves them.
Your contribution helps with the upkeep and repairs of the building, and to keep things going here.

Another good reason to give, God will bless you for helping His work. God loves a cheerful giver.

"Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."
II Cor. 9:7.

God bless as He speaks to you through the music!

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