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MP3 Mark Radice - Stay Tuned

Beatley Joel. Elton Hornsby. Steely Doors. Vaudeville Marx. Marshall Stax. Jackson Fogelberg. And a hard boiled egg.

17 MP3 Songs in this album (75:47) !
Related styles: POP: Beatles-pop, ROCK: Classic Rock

People who are interested in The Beatles Cheap Trick Bruce Hornsby should consider this download.

Well? It''s here. Took me 13 years to put it in some buyable form.

It''s probably my favorite batch of songs that I wrote all in one time period. And I had a ball recording it. A beer ball. Several of them.

This whole thing might not have enough bass on it, it sounds better here when I crank the bass a couple of tads. Tads?

This is my Orlando Florida 1994 collection. Originally called 19/94 because there were 19 songs, but two were covers (I covered Lisa Loeb''s "Stay" and the Beatles "Cry Baby Cry") so I yanked em for this. Easier than picking up the phone and asking permission.

HEY THESE ARE NUMBERED. LIKE IN PEN. The first 8 (1-8) have a completely different cover than the CD''s from #9-#1,000,000 (ok I made 100) SO BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK oops I left the caps on to get one of the very first and depending on how they sell very last of these, these, what was I talking about I forgot.

Oh, now I remember....like if you get the first one, inside it actually says "You Have Number 1" with my autograph next to it so like in about ten years? It''ll either be worth alot or I''ll buy it back from you on Ebay for $3 like I do all my older stuff now. Don''t believe me? Go look : --- >>>>


This is, for now, the bridge of music between IT SOUNDS LIKE US 1993 (also here on CD Baby) and GENERATION WHY 2004....sort of. I was so fired up from Sounds Like Us that I moved to Florida in 1994 and had another 25 song spillage right after and tried to capture them all by myself at my friend Chris Acker''s studio in Orlando Florida. Other than the guest appearance by Tiff, it''s basically 50 days of me overdubbing myself until I ran out of tracks.

I named Chris''s studio MIDI CLEVELAND after the place we kept getting in right before we got to MIDI HELL. We never did get the wooden plaque for the door to make it official.

I wanted to make my version of Sgt. Pepper in 50 days or less. This is as close as I could get without the other Beatles. Although listening back it seems like I did a pretty good job of rewriting "My Love" at least four times on this thing. I''ll walk you through.


This is actually two songs. Open Stehanie has the lyric "You know the one about the dogs eatin'' birthday cake at Uncle Bill''s mountain home"....apparently that was a family story, some dogs ate cake at my uncle''s house. See? The song means nothing at all. Alot.

ISLU stands for It Sounds Like Us. Except it isn''t. It sounds like me though, I noticed that. So for those of you who can''t take that much of me (and who can?) I suggest that you play, perhaps, 15 seconds a day of this. You know, then like tomorrow, just listen to 30 more seconds from anywhere else on the thing. After all nowadays who has the time?

Here''s the words:


Plaster my problems all over the city and notify CNN
Extra Extra Hail To The Chief it''s that ISLU thing again
You know the one about the dogs eatin'' birthday cake
At Uncle Bill''s mountain home
While we sang "Open Stephanie"
And played detective with a slide trombone.

Faster she cried all over the city
While I tried to find out when
Friday if I can get the car
I''ll be over but I don''t know when (I rhymed when with when? Somebody call the lyric police)

You know the one about the frog singing Sabbath songs
While Erica danced alone
And we sang "Open Stephanie"
And played "Some Good Things" on the xylophone.

Plaster my problems all over the city and notify Uncle Ben
Extra Extra what a relief it''s the dancing bears again
You know the one about the dogs eatin'' birthday cake
At Uncle Bill''s mountain home
And we sang "Open Stephanie"
And played detective with a slide trombone.

Special props go to Beethoven and who ever wrote "Happy Birthday To You" for the beginning and ending. Ok next.


Well, from Florida to New Jersey, well, yeah. I decided to record 8 guitars of me jamming with myself and pretending to be Led Zeppelin for a day. As the day wore on I just kept adding more and more guitars until it got so loud that Chris thought that I might have caught fire. Ok I have no idea what this song means either.


In the sun I am bright.
And I could be yours tonight
Living on asperation
Or anything that shows a light.

It''s a long way home.

I''m still lookin for a night witch
But you can''t tell her guise by day
Someone who makes the BIG switch
When everyone goes away.....

One more drink and I''m goin undercover
Some sweet lover doin one or the other
I''m ready for a shot at the blasting lights
Gonna make somebody''s year tonight....

It''s a long way home.

If you can''t write sleep and if you can''t sleep write
Gonna nix that 22 here tonight
Take it one day, give it the next
Till it all comes out in the present text.

It''s a long way home.

Copyright@ 2007 RADISONGS

I must have 35 ex landlords. I was the 8 year old kid in the yard with the giant refrigerator box with "windows" cut out moving it everywhere so I could live different places. This is for them. Sort of.


Missed the last train and I''m stuck here till dawn
While the dogs in the distance bark at the lawn
And if I was this bench guess I''d be here for life
Wouldn''t worry bout bills or my health or my Wife....

Mr. Ex Landlord you got your way
Cause the bottom line''s always at the end of your day
Now I''m gone....and the World goes on....

Missed the last train and I''m sure it was Great
If it matters or not is still up for debate
Now I''m gone

And who knows if tomorrow I''ll go for that ride
With the unsuspecting I''ll be thinking inside
"now I''m gone...."


I think I was trying to sound like a Prince record, which would have been great if he did it, but he never heard it, so how could he so I did it so there so here. That was a real siren out the window in the front when I was doing the vocals, I left it in cuz it was cool. This was a song to Tiffany who wouldn''t let me do her. I think she liked the song but so what that didn''t change anything.


I''m walkin down the street I see you there
You turn and look at me play with your hair
You smile a certain way that says yes yes
But where you''ll be tonight I can only guess baby

You should be gettin it better than you ever
Got it before so why don''t you want it?

Do you want it?

Come take a walk with me up to my room
We got some things to do
You''re lookin pretty good I think it''s time
I made a mess of you

You should be gettin it better than you ever
Got it before so why don''t you want it?

You got that certain something I can''t quite explain it
But I know that I have got to get me some and soon
Before I go out of my mind and hey it might as well be you
Because you look the same as I do

Are you gettin it?

If you run against the wind it''s gonna blow
Right up your attitude
You got nowhere to go you might as well
Stay and get in the mood

You could be gettin it.
Better than you.
Better than you ever.



Ah, yes. The famous Radice song almost nobody has ever heard. I wrote it one morning at 5am in Cancun on a rooftop trying to impress some girl what else is new. She never heard it. I think it''s one of my best, going along the line of thinking that if I write THOUSANDS of songs, at least ONE of them has to be good.



A woman''s heart is a fragile thing
Make a wise man wonder make a young man sing
When it beats real fast you can see it in her eyes
When she sees you coming and her sadness dies
It''s a woman''s heart

And it''s a woman''s heart that can chnage at will
Make a bad man Holy make a sane man kill
If you let her know she''s the only one
She''ll change your life forever and I tellya son

It''s a woman''s heart that''ll send you soarin''
Thankin'' the Lord up above
When no matter what happens she''s there by your side
That''s how you''ll know she''s in love

It''s a woman''s heart that''ll send you fallin''
Farther than down ever was
Gaspin'' for air when she''s no longer there
You''ll learn it''s only because
Of a woman''s heart.

A woman''s heart is a man''s desire
Make you run for cover make you walk the wire
You can fool around you can have your fun
But you''re only livin'' once you''ve won

A woman''s heart.



How many chords can I put in one song you say? Howzabout 154. This thing took 5 days to write, pretty much without sleep. It even says in the song "I can''t stop writing this song". I thought it was gonna kill me. Take THAT Jim Steinman.....If Jimmy Webb put this out right after "McArthur''s Park" it would have been hailed as either a masterpiece or a mass disaster.


You said it would be hard believe me you were right
We never can erase the way we left each other last night
I love you far too much I''m achin'' to the bone
I know I''m losing touch cause all that I am feeling
Is alone.

If I could only cry
Maybe then I could tell what it feels like to let you go
But as long as there''s a shred I''ll dream aloud instead
And take this poison slow
And wait for you to show
Why I''d be stranded in time when my heart and soul''s Convinced that I''m

Ready for you so ready for you
All the precious time I''ve spent regretting
Just to find out I was getting ready for you
I''m ready for you
Don''t you see it in my every glance
Searching for the slightest chance
You''ll let me be the one
Who''s ready for you

Changes are all that we can ever be sure of
I took your picture down then put it up again
While trying to pretend
There''s nothing else from you I''ll
Need more of.

Ready for you so ready for you
And you wonder why my being scatters
Watching while my whole world shatters
Ready for you I''m ready for you
Don''t you see it in my every move
You''re the love I just can''t lose
Girl my heart is true I''m ready for you.

A prisoner who hasn''t done anything wrong
A fifty fifty chance a pilot in a storm
I''ve lost alot of sleep cause I can''t stop
Writing this song.

Down here on my knees with my hands in the sky
And I''m begging you please though God only knows why
I will never be the same though you''ll never be to blame
For spreading your wings to fly
Then I''ll just wave goodbye but you''d never be sure
And you could have tried when I couldn''t have been more

Ready for you I''m so ready for you
If good things come to those who wait you will never
Be too late I''m ready for you I''m ready for you

And it''s bigger than I''ve ever known
And it''s too much for one man alone
Are you listening to what I''m saying?
I''ve been hopin'' I''ve been prayin''
When all is said and done you''ll me be the one
Who''s ready for you?



This one features Tiffany reciting some prose I wrote about she gets to kill me. When I asked her if she would do it she said "I get to kill you? Ooooo, I like that."


What are you waiting for?

I understood your pain because you made me carry it for you
You had no idea until now how many sleepless nights
I''ve spent in a cold sweat whispering your name did you
Having no answers I reluctantly joined the walking dead
I''m sure it''s only a matter of time.

Your silence was the loudest sound I ever heard
You didn''t care did you
You wouldn''t even have flinched if you heard
That I had stopped breathing
It was your life, your world, your body
And you were gonna do whatever you wanted with it
Even if it killed the people who really loved you
Ah, but don''t worry about me
I knew there was someone else already waiting in line
for your

What Are You Waiting For?

I''m sorry it had to be this way
But you really brought this on yourself
As I watch the life slip from your eyes
And the bedroom floor shines
Bright red in the morning light
Would I see even one small shred of an emotion
Even though you still don''t seem to care
How much you''ve hurt me

It''s still all for you

It''s always been that way
That''s all you''ve EVER Thought about even now

Finally your eyes close
And I''m feeling a giant sigh of relief that
I''ve done the World a Fantastic Favor

The world will now be a better place without your evil in it
Goodnight my sweet prince of pain
Let''s see how you like the silence for a while




I kept hearing this thing , this riff for days on end, aggrivating me to write it. The guitar riff. "Ah-ah-ahhh- dididuh".

Rutt was born. Yes that''s my bare foot at the end, I was playing the acoustic guitar in the shower. Miked. No water.


Settin at the same old table in that same old chair
Lookin at the same old woman with that same old hair
Smokin them same old cigarettes and drinkin that
Same old booze
Walkin that same old street under them same old shoes
Meetin them same old people in that same old cold
Sayin that same old same doin that same old old.

Watchin them same old channels lookin at the same old shows
With that same old woman blowin her same old nose
Havin that same old sex curlin them same old toes
Makin them same old sounds takin off the same old clothes

It''s the same old same it''s just the same old shame
Same old same old same old same.

Same old Rutt keep bringin me down
Right down to the ground
Somebody please better get me outta here
Gotta turn this thing around

I''m so sicka you lookin at me sicka me lookin at you
Somebody gonna make the headline soon if I don''t try
Somethin'' new but I''m lookin at the

Same old channels lookin at the same old shows
With that same old woman blowin her same old nose
Havin that same old sex curlin them same old toes
Makin them same old sounds takin off the same old clothes

It''s the same old same it''s just the same old shame
Same old same old same old same.



While in Florida I had a girfriend (Kristin) for three weeks. It was something out of a magic book. Very tricky. What with her being 19 and me being 36 I was probably bf #10 that year. Week? I remember how I was at 19. Pretty much I''d sit in a bar and think to myself "did her, did her, don''t wanna do her, I think I did her wait maybe that was her sister, did her twice, who''s that?"....so I guess this is another song about Kristin. Unless it''s about Tiffany. Ok it''s about Suzanne. I guess it depends on what line it is.


If I have to spend a million years without a word from you
Until you pay attention once well that''s what I will do
There are no excuses for the way I''m treated now
There are many ways to share yourself
You must know someway how

Anything is possible all you have to do is try
Was it something that you didn''t say
When you didn''t tell me why
Before I say goodbye for good I''ll ask for one thing more
This one''s very easy, one you''ve done before

Just Ignore Me I''ll go away
As painful as it''s obvious you have no more to say
I will take this love I''m feeling
And change this hurt to healing
Just ignore me
And I''ll go away....

Staring at this ceiling that we shared
How we laughed how we dared
Damn this loneliness that I go through
Missing me being with you

Anything''s still possible
That does nothing for me just ignore me.

Do I have to spend spend a million years
To make you understand
They were really just suggestions
What you thought were such demands
I needed someone close to me
Now I need to leave this town
I tried to bring you to my heart
But I just brought you down

And it''s sad to see you lose yourself time and time again
When they don''t really notice much
About the way you feel for them
And looking back at us as one I really should have guessed
Out of everything you haven''t done
There''s one thing you do best

Just Ignore me I''ll go away
It''s really not important now what I was gonna say
Only that I love you and that I always will
Just ignore more and I''ll go away

As painful as it''s obvious
You''re doin'' it again today

And everything''s still possible
But that does nothing for me just ignore me

And I''ll.....


OK it''s 11:15am Wednesday July 11th I have to stop here for now and go into NYC to put a choir on a couple of songs for Elmo''s Christmas Spectacular. Yes we do it in July. I''ll be back later.

UPDATE: OK I''m back. It''s 9:24am Friday the 13th. Of July. 2007. It''s my neice Jessica''s birthday. Happy Birthday! OK where was I. Oh, NYC but now I''m back ok "Let''s Do It Again But Different"

When I hang around my friend Chris Acker (see above) to me he''s a Walking Song Title Dispenser, or WSTD. This is something out of some sentence of his about some girl like it always is about something he should have said to some girl. The title. Then I just ran with it. It was obviously a country song to me right from the git go gitty up so hears a little ditty from my country alter ego Luke Warm.


We both been around the block a few
And what we got right here ain''t nothin new
Yeah we both had out hearts on trial
Been through hell and back a while
So why not just lay back and smile
I''m tellin ya what I think we should do

Let''s Do IT AGain But Different
Let''s do it like we swore we''d do before
LEt''s do it agAin.....but DIfferent
And if we get it wrong hell we''ll try it just once more.

Now this here night might get a little wild
When morning comes that might be putting it mild
So kick off your shoes and relaz your mind
Honey I ain''t the hurtin'' kind
Unless you really wanna get me riled...

Let''s Do IT AGain But Different
Let''s do it like we swore we''d do before
LEt''s do it agAin.....but DIfferent
And if we get it wrong hell we''ll try it just once more.

Copyright @ 2007 RADISONGS

OK this next one I wrote when me and Tozzi had IT SOUNDS LIKE US and a manager named Dave. I had to write him a song for when he went to record companies so he could have it played just before he walked into a meeting, then he could walk in. Also any time he walked into any show we were doing we immediately stopped whatever song we were doing and started this one. Alot of these songs literally wrote themselves and I had absolutely no choice but to sit and wait them out and let them take over my body and indulge their muse while I helplessly almost puppetlike sat there and endured the process. They say a writer doesn''t WANT to write, he HAS to.


When we need to get a legal problem solved
That''s Why We Have Dave
If there''s a meeting we don''t wanna be involved
That''s Why We Have Dave
Oh I could write you all a million songs forever hey
But when it comes to business I''m a moron
So when it''s time to sittin talkin turkey
He''ll be in your face and that you can be sure on

You wanna talk about an opening act for your tour well
That''s Why We Have Dave
You say you paid us but we say you owe us more well
That''s Why We Have Dave

He''s got the smile we''re in cahoots
He''s got the style he''s got the suits
And if we need to kick your ass
He''s even got the boots baby
That''s Why
We Have


Oh boy. Another Tiffany song. Even says right in the front, in a whisper, "This one''s for you, T". My alternate title for this was The Tiffany Waltzifier.


How far away am I from you
Do you wish that I would call?
Is there even part of you that thinks of me at all?

When all that I need is to hear your voice
Well it seems to me unfair
That you''re not aware how I hang on each word
With the hope I''ll find me somewhere in there...

How far away I must have been
When I first said your name
How far away I must have been
To think you''d feel the same...

There''s a sadness in the air
And my heart had best beware
You are here but I''m not there....how far away

How far away the nights have been
As I feel you slippin away
And do you know for what it''s worth
That I think of you each day

But the empty night returns
And a fool just never learns
That you''ll you''ll never want to say
Just how far away.....

How far away am I from you
Do you wish that I would call?
Is there even part of you that thinks of me at all?

As the fool just listens to
All the lies that get him through
You are gonna have to stay in his heart here anyway
Then you''ll never have to say
How far away.....


And now? Yet another Chris Acker title. One probably Sunday morning out popped our hero from his bedroom with a serious hangover and quite a new hair style stumbling valiantly towards the refrigerator for orange juice. I was sitting a foot away from the coffee pot, positive that if I stared at it and kept saying "come awwnn!" it would make the coffee faster. He takes an OJ swig, looks up at me and says "Dang. Who is that girl in my room? I had to chew my arm off to get out from under her". At this point I was like oh thanks alot you know what? If I don''t HEAR you say anything I won''t have to write all these songs. It was just one of those things. It''s like, if he TRIED for HOURS to THINK of ONE GOOD song title it would just never be the real ones. "Somebody Scream!!!!" was just taking off in the Orlando Club scene and so I made a reference to it...also the second song featuring the MIDI CLEVELAND bathroom.


Coffee please
If I could only find my other shoe
It''s awful clear I''m gonna have to chew
My arm off

Two or three...that''s when I went and made the big mistake
So now there''s no excuse and no clean break
My arm off.

It must have the lighting you acted like a rabbit
Was it that exciting or just plain force of habit?
The instinct I am fighting as once I go to rob it
At least it''s not an apple and I will not have to Bobbit

I''m feeling kinda manicI think it''s time to panic
I thought my ship was coming in but this one is titanic.

Doctor please if I could only find my other hand
It''s somewhere underneath her baby grand
My arm off.

Someone scream instead of cryin'' here in bed with you
I''m sure I''d rather close my eyes and chew
My arm off.

I figured out the harm is the calm before the promise
I can''t predict the future hey I ain''t no Nostrodumbass
I can''t turn the alarm off but I can turn the charm off
I got a spare so who will care
It''s time to chew my arm off.


"Gee" (this one) and "Chew" (the last one) are twins of a different mother. Same attitude, same loose guitar oriented tracks, unaware themselves or where they''re going. Full of beer. The expression I believe, when anyone ran out, was "beer me." When I was doing the vocal somebody was knocking on the door in the beginning so I left it in because that was the nature of this project. And I actually refer to "The Baha", the Orlando club I kept going to to check out, pick up and write about chicks. This one is fictional yet typical. All the references to calling collect are quite outta date now since this was written before cell phones. And yes the song is in G.


I met you at the Baha you had too much to drink
I guess I should have known
That out relationship would stink

You said I was the only one but you didn''t even care
And all my friends informed me of
How much you like to share....

Took off with all my money took off with my new car
You call collect you say
You don''t know where the hell you are
And in some drunken blur you slur how much you''re missin me
It really makes me wonder should I reply "well, gee."

Today I met yous sister she''s only 17
But when I saw the stretchmarks hey I knew she wasn''t green
She said I was the first one but I knew that wasn''t true
And when I saw her eating she reminded me of you

Took off with all my money took off with my new car
You call collect and say you''re in the bathroom at some bar
And in your drunken blur you slur how much you''re missin me
A masteress of blunder should I reply "well, gee."

And now you''re in my living room you say you want to die
I''m trying to talk you out of it, can you please tell me why?

Well, gee.....well, gee.


RUNNING FROM THE FIRE - Kristin. The quintessential I know she''s gone forever let me write her out of my system cleansing song that I go through from time to time.


Can I be sorry till the end
Will you try and understand I want what''s best for you
If my leavin'' is the key
Should I take what''s left of me and leave the rest with you?

Is there nothing I can share
Can''t pretend that I don''t care
How I wish you felt the same
And just pulled me from this flame

We''re just runnin from the fire
Cause we don''t know where to run
Look at us caught in illusions over before we''ve begun

Running from the fire
I just need for you to know
How that emptiness inside you hurts me so.

Will I think of you and sigh
Do you ever wonder why it didn''t work out right
If you gave us half a chance
Maybe take the time and dance around this firelight

Like our candle burning low there''s a shadow but no glow
Can''t this calm before the storm be a different kind of warm


Baby please stop running from the fire
So afraid of where it leads
Cause I know there''s really no danger
Bringin us to our needs
Let''s stop running from the fire
Now I don''t know where to turn
So I may just have to stay right here and burn

Yes I may just have to stay right here and burn.

Copyright @ 2007 RADISONGS


Kristin. Suzanne. Deep. Sad. I''m gonna go jump off a curb. This song was the second to last one I wrote down there in "Fluh", as I came to call Florida. I could feel the project wrapping up. I alluded (is that French?) back to the lyric line "your silence was the loudest sound I ever heard" from the "What Are You Waiting For" Tiff recital, I thought it made the whole thing a little cooler, almost
like a play. Well it is and was. Sort of. Ok I wasn''t over Kristin yet. She got another one.


You lifted up my spirit and held it to the light
You made me feel like someone, you made it seem alright
You know when you get that feelin''
Like God''s zoomin'' through your veins

Well I just stay here writing
Cause the instinct I am fighting
Is to run out in the street and call your name

Couldn''t we meet on common ground
Couldn''t we find some common ground
If you get the strength to tell me
That you''ll never be around
Couldn''t we meet on common ground

I wish I knew the answer why you never say a word
Your silence is the loudest sound I''ve ever heard
Have you noticed it''s been rainin
Every day we''ve been apart
Nothing else really matters when all I want to do
More than anything in the world is be with you.

So couldn''t we meet on common ground
Couldn''t we find some common ground
It''s hard enough to love someone
When they''re nowhere to be found
Couldn''t we meet on common ground

Can''t you hear me callin my voice is on the wind
Every time there''s nothing there I am again
Tell me that you hear me make this heartache end
Help me find a way to common ground

I still can see you smiling with the sunshine in your hair
You''re like a different person when you just let me care
Now you don''t have to love me just let me know you''re there

Maybe we''ll meet on common ground (say you remember)
Maybe we''ll find some common ground (say it was tender)
If you listen for me long enough you might just hear a sound

Like the day we met

On common ground.

Copyright @ 2007 Radisongs


A song to my parents. I was down in Florida, they were up in Pennsylvania. And now? I''m down in New Jersey and they are up in Heaven.


All through town the streets are white
Floating through the air tonight
But I can''t seem to change your point of view

Seasons move along I wonder what went wrong
And is this really winter without you

Winter time all around falling down without a sound
Winter time finding I''m
Not the one you had in mind

I''m not certain who will win
Quite a mess you''ve left me in
One more reason I can search the stars

Will you ever know how much love would show
If you just took what was mine and made it ours.

Winter will you always be making such a fool of me
Will I always have to run so far....so far.

I just had to go but I just have to know
Is it really winter where you are?

Copyright @2007 Radisongs

....and the last song, "Out In The Open" was recorded THIS year (little bonus track 2007), originally intended for a Sesame Street project, didn''t use it but I still like it. Very camp firey. And after 17 songs there''s finally somebody ELSE playing something on this record...my friend Jim LeMaire on a good ole seeya cowboy harmoniceye-yay.

As off into the sunset we go.......

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