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MP3 Norma Gentile - Meditation Chants of Hildegard von Bingen

Accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls and a harmonic drone chorus, Norma Gentile sings an hour-long series of chants composed by 12th century abbess and healer, Hildegard of Bingen. These chants are meant to gently cleanse the chakras.

11 MP3 Songs in this album (59:33) !
Related styles: NEW AGE: Meditation, NEW AGE: Healing

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Accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls and a harmonic drone chorus, Norma Gentile sings an hour-long series of chants composed by 12th century abbess and healer, Hildegard of Bingen. These chants are meant to gently cleanse the chakras. This album also HELPS SMALL CHILDREN FALL ASLEEP.

The sequence of music on this CD is designed to be an aid to meditation. Sacred space is created during the first three chants. The succeeding pieces address the chakras and related endocrine glands, beginning at the top of the head, and moving downward through the body.

This recording may be used to assist individual or group meditation. It is also an invaluable healing tool when played in Yoga classes, or during Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Polarity Therapy, and similar therapeutic sessions, as listening to Norma''s renditions of these chants can facilitate emotional and physical releases.

The Chants work as follows:
Chants #1-#3 Create Sacred Space and General Relaxation
Chant #4 Crown or 7th chakra (Compassion)
Chant #5 Third Eye or 6th chakra (Truth)
Chant #6 Throat or 5th chakra (Communication, Family)
Chant #7 Thymus and Heart or 4th chakras (Clarification of Your Loving Expression)
Chant #8 Solar Plexus or 3rd chakra (Forgiveness)
Chant #9 Navel Chakra (Blessing and Receiving)
Chant #10 Belly or 2nd chakra (Comfort and Ease)
Chant #11 Root or 1st charka (Patience)

"The body is the garment of the soul and it is the soul which gives life to the voice. That''s why the body must raise its voice in harmony with the soul for the praise of God...The word stands for the body, but the symphony stands for the Spirit...All of Creation is a song of praise to God...All of Creation is a symphony...which is joy and jubilation." ~ Hildegard of Bingen

Norma Gentile holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in voice performance from the University of Michigan. She is also a channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and the Hathor Atamira. These presences support her writing and inform her singing.

Norma has always seen auras, the subtle energy field of life-energy that surrounds all living beings. She uses this sight and her music to explore healing as a process of balancing our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions.

Check out Norma’s three other musical CDs (Healing Chants of Hildegard, Songs of Spirit and Unfurling Love’s Creation; Chants of Hildegard. Norma also has a series of Meditation CDs which include both spoken meditations and information from Norma and the guides she channels, primarily Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. See Norma’s website https://www.tradebit.com.

Hildegard wrote her own texts for these chants. Because the chants were intended to be used in worship services, their texts are in Latin.

These are poetic translations made by Norma Gentile from the original Latin texts. Permission to use or reprint these translations can be obtained by emailing office@https://www.tradebit.com.

1. O virtus Sapientie
O true Wisdom,
that circled encircling,
encompassing All in the one way
where Life abides.
You have three wings,
of which one flies on high
and another sweats into the Earth
while the third flows through All.
Praise be to you,
as you are worthy,
O Sophia, Sapientie.

2. O viridissima virga
O greenest twig,
welcome to you who were born
from the windy blast of sacred inquiry.
When the time came,
your branches flowered
and grace was in you,
whose balsamic odor is exuded
in the heat of the sun.
For in you bloomed the beautiful flower,
whose scent was given up
to all other aromas, which were dry.
And they appeared in full verdure,
the Heavens distilled dew upon the grass,
and all the Earth rejoiced,
because grain was born of her womb,
and the birds made nests in her bounty.
Then a feast was spread for humanity,
and there was great rejoicing
among the banqueters.
Hence, O sweet virgin,
you do not lack any joy.
These things were all rejected by Eve.
But now, praise be to the Highest.

3. O coruscans lux stellarum
O glistening starlight,
O most brilliant singular figure
of the royal marriage,
O glowing gem:
You are arrayed as a person of high rank
who has no mark nor wrinkle;
You are also an angel''s companion
and a citizen of sacredness.
Run, flee from the ancient destroyer''s cave!
Come, enter into the palace of the King.

4. O rubor sanguinis
O ruby-red blood
which flowed from on high
where divinity touched.
You are a flower
that the winter
of the serpent''s breath
can never injure.

5. O viriditas digiti Dei
O Life-green finger of God,
in you God has placed a garden.
You reflect heaven''s eminent radiance
like a raised pillar.
You are glorious
as you perform God''s deeds.
O sublime mountains,
which can never be made low
by the discretion of God.
Yet still you stand at a distance,
as if in exile,
But there is no armed power
which can tear you away.
You are glorious
as you perform God''s deeds.
Glory to the One, the Body,
and to the Holy Spirit.
Glorious you are,
as you perform God''s deeds.

6. Kyrie
Creator of Life,
awaken love within us.
Christ of Love,
awaken love within us.
Creator of Life,
awaken love within us.

7. O Jerusalem
O Jerusalem, golden city,
robed in royal purple;
O edifice of highest excellence,
you are a light never darkened.
You are adorned in the dawn
and in the heat of the sun.
O blessed childhood
which gleams in the dawn,
and fair youth,
aflame in the sun.
For you, O noble Rupert,
glitter in these like a gem.
You cannot be hidden
by human foolishness,
Just as a mountain
cannot be hidden by a valley.
Your windows, Jerusalem,
are carefully decorated
with topaz and sapphire.
In these windows you blaze, O Rupert,
and cannot be hidden by tepid mortals;
Just as a mountain cannot be hidden;
but instead crowned with roses,
lilies and purple, in a true revelation.
O tender flower of the field,
O sweet juiciness of the apples,
O burden without weight,
let none bend a head
to their breast in guilt.
O noble vessel
which was not polluted nor drained
in the ancient ceremony of the cave
and is not weakened
by wounds from the ancient destroyer.
In you sings the Holy Spirit,
with whom the angelic choir unites,
and through whom you are adorned
in the Son of God,
having no stain upon you.
O Rupert, what a beautiful chalice you are,
for in your childhood and youth
you sighed after God in awe of God;
and in the tender embrace of Love,
you lived in the sweetest aroma
of good deeds.
O Jerusalem, your foundation is laid
with burning stones,
which are the tax-gatherers and sinners
who were lost sheep,
but discovered by the Son of God
they ran to you, and were placed in you.
Thus your walls blaze with living stones,
who with great efforts of good will
have flown like clouds into the sky.
And so your towers, O Jerusalem,
glitter and gleam with dawn,
and with sacred incandescence,
and with all the finery of God
which you do not lack, O Jerusalem.
Therefore, O you adorned and crowned ones
who live in Jerusalem,
and you, O Rupert,
who are their companion in that dwelling,
help us, who are serving and laboring
in exile.

8. Spiritus Sanctus vivificans vita
Holy Spirit, bestowing life unto life,
moving in All.
You are the root of all creatures,
washing away all impurity,
scouring guilt, and anointing wounds.
Thus you are luminous
and praiseworthy, Life,
awakening, and re-awakening all that is.
For All and forever, Amen.

9. O ignis Spiritus Paracliti
O comforting fire of Spirit,
Life, within the very Life of all Creation.
Holy you are in giving life to All.
Holy you are in anointing
those who are not whole;
Holy you are in cleansing
a festering wound.
O sacred breath,
O fire of love,
O sweetest taste in my breast
which fills my heart
with a fine aroma of virtues.
O most pure fountain
through whom it is known
that God has united strangers
and inquired after the lost.
O breastplate of life
and hope of uniting
all members as One,
O sword-belt of honor,
enfold those who offer blessing.
Care for those
who are imprisoned by the enemy
and dissolve the bonds of those
whom Divinity wishes to save.
O mightiest path which penetrates All,
from the height to every Earthly abyss,
you compose All, you unite All.
Through you clouds stream, ether flies,
stones gain moisture, waters become
streams, and the earth exudes Life.
You always draw out knowledge,
bringing joy through Wisdom''s
Therefore, praise be to you
who are the sound of praise
and the greatest prize of Life,
who are hope and richest honor
bequeathing the reward of Light.

10. O Ecclesia
O Beloved,
your eyes appear as sapphires,
your ears as the mount of Bethel,
your nose as mountains of myrrh and incense,
and from your mouth issues sound,
as a multitude of waters.
Enraptured by true faith,
Ursula gave her love to the Son of God,
leaving behind men with the things of this world,
and she gazed into the sun
summoning the fairest youth, saying:
"With the greatest desire
I have longed to come unto you
and cleave to you in heavenly marriage,
hastening to you on this unknown path,
like clouds that in the purest air
appear to fly in sapphire."
After Ursula had so said,
a rumor spread through all the peoples.
And they said:
"This innocent young girl is ignorant
of what she is saying.”
And in a single great sound
they began to mock her,
until a fiery burden fell upon her.
Then they all realized
that whosoever rejects this world
is as the mountain of Bethel.
And they also recognized
the sweetest aromas of myrrh and incense,
for disregard of this world rises above all.
Then the devil
entered into the bodies of his allies,
and these women,
in whom the most virtues had been incarnated,
were slaughtered.
Their voices were heard by all the Elements,
who came before the throne of God, saying:
"Ah! the ruby blood of each innocent lamb
is poured out in betrothal to Heaven."
Let all heavens hear,
and in the greatest of symphonies
give praise to the Lamb of God.
Because the ancient serpent is suffocated
by these pearls,
made from the Word of God.

11. O nobilissima viriditas
O verdure most noble,
whose roots are in the sun
and who appears as a glittering wheel
in shining white serenity,
which is not for Earthly eminence
to comprehend.
You are enfolded in the arms
of divine mystery.
You glow like the dawn
and burn like the flame of the sun.

All translations are copywrite Norma Gentile 2008

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