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MP3 Cole Seaver & Tammie Darlene - No Tears

High energy songs on the cutting edge of Honky Tonk, New Country and Traditional wrapped up in the style of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

11 MP3 Songs
COUNTRY: Modern Country, COUNTRY: Traditional Country

Biography of Cole Seaver

Thunderous applause like no sound you have ever witnessed fills the stadium, the arena, and every other place the national artist, Cole Seaver, performs. It is the same every time. From the frenzied mania of young fans to the silent smiles of those who are older, Cole envelopes his listeners in a momentary blanket allowing them to escape from the world in which they live. It is this end result he strives for at every cost. Whether it is a slow ballad depicting the heartache of a lost love or a foot stompin'' rockabilly tune he cannot possibly remain physically still to sing, he offers every facet of his being through his music. Such is revealed in his debut album,
"No Tears".

Created collaboratively with best friend and partner, Tammie Darlene, Cole describes the production with great enthusiasm.

"The album is everything a listener could want! Whether they are riding in the truck with the windows down trying to find something to listen to or just hanging out at a weekend party, there''s a variety of music to choose from. That''s probably a primary reason this production has meant so much to me. I know the music I have written and selected are a combination of songs to meet my listeners expectations. They were my top priority when considering which songs I would record. I mean nobody wants to go out and buy a CD full of nothing but sappy tear in my bear songs," he chuckles, "People want a mix. And the album gives them just that."

A more accurate statement could not be made. Ensuring the variety of music was not Cole''s only concern, however. In addition, he was determined to find just the right studio to do his and Tammie''s work in. Recorded and produced at Hilltop Studios in Nashville, Tennessee on the CountryStock Record Label, the album features infamous musicians who have also provided instrumentation for other national artists such as Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Loretta Lynn, etc. With all of the logistics in place, Cole heavily deliberated over which songs to record narrowing his selections down to six solos and a duet with Tammie. Both meticulously critiqued every facet of every song ensuring quality from a perfectionist standpoint.

In all of the three fast songs on the album, Cole sings from a perspective similar to the fun-loving country guy he really is. "My Hoochie Wants to Coochie" is pure country in its most raw form. It is nothing uncommon to watch Cole leap with guitar in hand from the stage into the crowd as the women begin screaming upon simply hearing the first few notes of either song. "1-800-I-Love-You" is another rockabilly tune with country at the very heart of it. Cole sings of making up and promises to change his wild ways if the girl will just communicate with him and dial 1-800-I-Love-You! Incorporating and revealing a softer side of his rebel-like personality, Cole includes three slow songs on the album. Revealing a unique style of his own with mild characteristics of those he grew up listening to such as George Jones, George Strait, Ronnie Milsap, etc. shining through, Cole forces his listeners to feel the heartache and sympathetically pine over a long lost love in "Oklahoma Rain", "And Then Some", and "Crackers and Wine". The melodious sound of his voice resonates gently leaving listeners in memory of similar life experiences they have had. No matter the song, Cole assures his fans will take the trip he is going on from start to stop, from the beginning note to the finale.

"It''s important to me that they feel what I feel when I''m singing my music. That''s what makes you sing that familiar song on the radio. That''s what makes you listen to the tear in my bear song over and over again. It''s the fact that you feel and relate to the singer and moreover to the song itself."

Growing up in Daytona Beach, Florida, Cole listened to many genres of music always keeping country at the top of his list. From his earliest years listening to the George Jones and George Strait cassette tapes to the teen years moving into CDs of the more contemporary country with Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks, Cole developed a unique singing style of his own. Singing for friends and family though was not enough. He knew he needed more. Participating in college country quartets further inspired his desire to seek out a career in music. Still uncertain of the path he should take, Cole began taking college classes assisted by a musical scholarship with the goal of obtaining a degree in musical education. However, he soon decided that college wasn''t providing him the necessary experiences he needed in order to do what he knew his calling was.

"I knew it. I knew my career was going to be in professional country singing. And one way or another, I was going to do it. I told my family straight out. One day it will be me up there singing for millions of people getting chill bumps whenever they all start singing one of my own songs with me. And Garth will come to me asking me if he can sing backup!" he laughs, "They knew although I was joking, but that I meant what I said when it came to my dream."

Since, Cole has performed with many national acts such as Bo Diddly, Trish Yearwood, Andy Williams, Trinny Triggs, Pam Tillis, Mel Tillis, James Bonomy, and John Michael Montgomery. The governor of the state of Florida held Cole in highest regard after he wrote, performed, and dedicated a song to thousands of fire fighters who risked their lives in the tragic forest fire devastation in Florida in 1998, which received airplay from various radio stations.

Cole has had many accolades and continues to put forth his best efforts in everything he does today as he travels down the road of country music. In the end, he just wants his music to be heard.

"I just want people to hear my material. If they hear it...even just once...they''ll know my heart and soul is in every word and note of it."

Heart and soul is exactly what the listeners will get with the debut album, "No Tears".

Record Label: CountryStock Records
Management and Booking Agency: SeNet Entertainment

Biography of Tammie Darlene

The heartening soprano of Tammie Darlene is one of the purest vocal instruments in country music today. From traditional country sound a la Patsy Cline, Emmy Lou Harris, etc. to the most contemporary and innovative music, she brings a sound of purity and individuality turning heads of all that are within sound''s reach. That she unknowingly applies this effect to songs of real-life situations makes its impact all the more thrilling and inviting for her listeners. The initial glimpse of proof of this for all is reflected on her debut album,
"Cole and Tam".

Jointly created with best friend and partner, Cole Seaver, Tammie explains her passion for the album.

"The album is very special to me considering it was not only the first, but that all of the songs I sing on it speak loud and clear about real emotions and real people-issues. One is a song I know is heartfelt since I wrote it. "Daddy''s Girl", is very dear to me. I wrote the song at age 16 after fighting with my daddy and pondering over what might have happened if something ever happened to him before I got the chance to say "I''m sorry." The other songs I recorded also spoke volumes to me in terms of relationships as soon as I heard them. I am not one to ''pick'' a song. Songs ''pick'' me. I don''t think about which songs I should do, I feel them. Beats and decorative accompaniment mean nothing to me if the lyrics don''t say something. I''m not a fluff kind of girl. Music to me is more than melodies and harmonies. Those of course tie the beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons around the gift of words. To me it is that which makes the gift of music. Music is a gift that heals, comforts and brings pleasure to so many and that is the gift I hope to give my listeners."

Nothing could be better stated of her portion of the album. Produced at Hilltop Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, on the CountryStock Record Label, notorious musicians worked diligently and meticulously to ensure quality and every consideration was given to every facet of every song. Conspiring with her partner, Cole Seaver, Tammie creatively poured heart and soul through take after retake producing only the best into five originals, including "Daddy''s Girl", and one duet with Cole. In "My Favorite Lies", she becomes the victim of countless heartbreaks feeling terrible pain, one who has been burnt time and time again believing the words of the infamous "he" who promises to be true. The melody she rings out in this song wrenches the hearts of the listeners forcing them to feel empathy and to sympathize. "Two Lies Don''t Make a Right" is another heartache kind of song revealing the struggle of emotions one goes through in love sometimes. The following two, however, take a turn of mood from crying and moping to getting over it and moving on.

"I think it''s important that people know it is O.K. to cry and hurt and that there is a need to take time to go through that...but likewise, there is a definite need to plunge forward, get over it, and move on. While I, or my listeners, may not choose to do it the way my songs suggest, the message I hope to convey is that its an important part of the healing process. You have to pick up and make positive changes, whether that means to apologize and never do what you did again or to count your losses and forget them because you can do better. "Having A Good Time Getting Over You" and "WWW History" are two songs that amusingly reveal this truth. If listeners get as big of a kick as I did from them, the healing will surely begin for many!"

A Palatka, Florida, native, Tammie grew up listening to Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Karen Carpenter, Patsy Cline, The Judds, and various southern gospel groups. She sang every time she got the chance. When the music director of her church once requested singers, she blurted right out, "I''ll do it!" leaving everyone amused even though she meant it at such a tender age. Off and on she sang for various reasons knowing God gave the gift she holds. Performing in local church choirs, ensembles, high school chorus groups, winning superior ratings in many solo competitions, singing in county and city contests and fairs throughout Florida, performing and winning the Jimmy Dean Country Music Showdown Contest, opening for nationally know recording artists such as Trisha Yearwood, John Michael Montgomery, The Charlie Daniels Band, and James Bonomy are just a few of the many musically related accolades she''s had in the past recent years. On New Year''s Eve of 1999, Tammie met Cole Seaver, who had also been working as a national artist abroad. Hearing her sing, he invited her to take part in a rigorous audition for backup vocalists for upcoming performances he had scheduled at the time.

After auditioning, he spoke to her immediately inviting her to remain as a constant member of the band and soon invited her to take part as an equal to him on stage. As partners, they have since awed their fans and listeners making marks on music road they never dreamed possible. The evidence of such is clearly visible in "Give Me One More Day", the only duet on their debut album. The song depicts two people in love struggling to remain together and the voices along ring out the truth that all they want is just one more day to try. The individual voices alone carry the song verse by verse, but the harmony produced when the two voices merge is phenomenal. It truly is as two have become one with a breathtaking sound quality that is a must to hear.

In the end, Tammie just wants her music to touch lives.

"Whether it is something that you enjoy while getting from place to place in your car, something that helps heal your hurt, or something you get tickled over and must sing along with ''cause it''s ''so you''...I want my music to touch people."

It is her hope to start this process with "No Tears".

Record Label: CountryStock Records
Management and Booking Agency: SeNet Entertainment

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