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Google Hacks

Google Hacks
By Tara Calishain, Rael Dornfest

Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : February 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00447-8
Pages : 352

About the Authors

Why Google Hacks?
How This Book Is Organized
How to Use This Book
Conventions Used in This Book
How to Contact Us

Chapter 1. Searching Google
Section 1.1. Hacks #1-28
Section 1.2. What Google Isn't
Section 1.3. What Google Is
Section 1.4. Google Basics
Section 1.5. The Special Syntaxes
Section 1.6. Advanced Search
Hack 1. Setting Preferences
Hack 2. Language Tools
Hack 3. Anatomy of a Search Result
Hack 4. Specialized Vocabularies: Slang and Terminology
Hack 5. Getting Around the 10 Word Limit
Hack 6. Word Order Matters
Hack 7. Repetition Matters
Hack 8. Mixing Syntaxes
Hack 9. Hacking Google URLs
Hack 10. Hacking Google Search Forms
Hack 11. Date-Range Searching
Hack 12. Understanding and Using Julian Dates
Hack 13. Using Full-Word Wildcards
Hack 14. inurl: Versus site:
Hack 15. Checking Spelling
Hack 16. Consulting the Dictionary
Hack 17. Consulting the Phonebook
Hack 18. Tracking Stocks
Hack 19. Google Interface for Translators
Hack 20. Searching Article Archives
Hack 21. Finding Directories of Information
Hack 22. Finding Technical Definitions
Hack 23. Finding Weblog Commentary
Hack 24. The Google Toolbar
Hack 25. The Mozilla Google Toolbar
Hack 26. The Quick Search Toolbar
Hack 27. GAPIS
Hack 28. Googling with Bookmarklets

Chapter 2. Google Special Services and Collections
Section 2.1. Hacks #29-35
Section 2.2. Google's Current Offerings
Hack 29. Google Directory
Hack 30. Google Groups
Hack 31. Google Images
Hack 32. Google News
Hack 33. Google Catalogs
Hack 34. Froogle
Hack 35. Google Labs

Chapter 3. Third-Party Google Services
Section 3.1. Hacks #36-40
Section 3.2. Of Google, but Not Google
Section 3.3. Tinkering with the UI
Section 3.4. Expanding the Options with the Google API
Section 3.5. Thinking Way Outside the Box
Hack 36. XooMLe: The Google API in Plain Old XML
Hack 37. Google by Email
Hack 38. Simplifying Google Groups URLs
Hack 39. What Does Google Think Of...
Hack 40. GooglePeople

Chapter 4. Non-API Google Applications
Section 4.1. Hacks #41-49
Hack 41. Don't Try This at Home
Hack 42. Building a Custom Date-Range Search Form
Hack 43. Building Google Directory URLs
Hack 44. Scraping Google Results
Hack 45. Scraping Google AdWords
Hack 46. Scraping Google Groups
Hack 47. Scraping Google News
Hack 48. Scraping Google Catalogs
Hack 49. Scraping the Google Phonebook

Chapter 5. Introducing the Google Web API
Section 5.1. Hacks #50-59
Section 5.2. Why an API?
Section 5.3. Signing Up and Google's Terms
Section 5.4. The Google Web APIs Developer's Kit
Section 5.5. Using the Key in a Hack
Section 5.6. What's WSDL?
Section 5.7. Understanding the Google API Query
Section 5.8. Understanding the Google API Response
Hack 50. Programming the Google Web API with Perl
Hack 51. Looping Around the 10-Result Limit
Hack 52. The SOAP::Lite Perl Module
Hack 53. Plain Old XML, a SOAP::Lite Alternative
Hack 54. NoXML, Another SOAP::Lite Alternative
Hack 55. Programming the Google Web API with PHP
Hack 56. Programming the Google Web API with Java
Hack 57. Programming the Google Web API with Python
Hack 58. Programming the Google Web API with C# and .NET
Hack 59. Programming the Google Web API with https://www.tradebit.com

Chapter 6. Google Web API Applications
Section 6.1. Hacks #60-85
Section 6.2. The Ingenuity of Millions
Section 6.3. Learning to Code
Section 6.4. What You'll Find Here
Section 6.5. Finding More Google API Applications
Section 6.6. The Possibilities Aren't Endless, but They're Expanding
Hack 60. Date-Range Searching with a Client-Side Application
Hack 61. Adding a Little Google to Your Word
Hack 62. Permuting a Query
Hack 63. Tracking Result Counts over Time
Hack 64. Visualizing Google Results
Hack 65. Meandering Your Google Neighborhood
Hack 66. Running a Google Popularity Contest
Hack 67. Building a Google Box
Hack 68. Capturing a Moment in Time
Hack 69. Feeling Really Lucky
Hack 70. Gleaning Phonebook Stats
Hack 71. Performing Proximity Searches
Hack 72. Blending the Google and Amazon Web Services
Hack 73. Getting Random Results (On Purpose)
Hack 74. Restricting Searches to Top-Level Results
Hack 75. Searching for Special Characters
Hack 76. Digging Deeper into Sites
Hack 77. Summarizing Results by Domain
Hack 78. Scraping Yahoo! Buzz for a Google Search
Hack 79. Measuring Google Mindshare
Hack 80. Comparing Google Results with Those of Other Search Engines
Hack 81. SafeSearch Certifying URLs
Hack 82. Syndicating Google Search Results
Hack 83. Searching Google Topics
Hack 84. Finding the Largest Page
Hack 85. Instant Messaging Google

Chapter 7. Google Pranks and Games
Section 7.1. Hacks #86-92
Hack 86. The No-Result Search (Prank)
Hack 87. Google Whacking
Hack 88. GooPoetry
Hack 89. Creating Google Art
Hack 90. Google Bounce
Hack 91. Google Mirror
Hack 92. Finding Recipes

Chapter 8. The Webmaster Side of Google
Section 8.1. Hacks #93-100
Section 8.2. Google's Preeminence
Section 8.3. Google's Importance to Webmasters
Section 8.4. The Mysterious PageRank
Section 8.5. The Equally Mysterious Algorithm
Section 8.6. Google's Ad Programs
Section 8.7. Keeping Up with Google's Changes
Section 8.8. In a Word: Relax
Hack 93. A Webmaster's Introduction to Google
Hack 94. Generating Google AdWords
Hack 95. Inside the PageRank Algorithm
Hack 96. 26 Steps to 15K a Day
Hack 97. Being a Good Search Engine Citizen
Hack 98. Cleaning Up for a Google Visit
Hack 99. Getting the Most out of AdWords
Hack 100. Removing Your Materials from Google

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