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MP3 J. Michele Bodine - Enchanted Joy

Beautiful peaceful keyboard music for relaxation, Yoga, meditation and massage

4 MP3 Songs in this album (65:08) !
Related styles: NEW AGE: Ambient, NEW AGE: Relaxation

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From my website:
Beautiful and inspiring ambient music can help create inner peace. It can support personal growth, healing and alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, fears and insomnia.

I call myself an intuitive music therapist. Since 1980, I have been channeling keyboard music from composers in Spirit, and the Celestial and Angelic realms. Through the years I have tuned into individuals, groups of people, those in transition, events, lyrics, video productions and have brought through melodies that have had powerful effects.

My music has inspired artists and writers, increasing their creativity. Psychotherapists, Reiki and massage therapists find that it takes their work to deeper levels. I have discovered that autistic children are able to interact with these melodies. The passages of this new age music supports deep relaxation, and if used during meditation, it can take one on a spiritual journey.

Words are inadequate to describe the experiences my music offers. You must listen to it, allowing the notes to enfold you in their embrace. As background music, the effects are subtle. Intentional listening to this music with no outside interruptions, creates the most desirable effects.

By incorporating beautiful, soothing and relaxing music into our daily lives, we can experience joy, we can find inner peace and harmony with all that is. And most importantly, we can feel connected with our loving Creator, and one another.

I am indeed blessed to be able to offer this sacred gift to the World.

In loving service to all Creation,
https://www.tradebit.comhele Bodine
Unniversal Peace Ambassador


A gift to the Soul...I turned the radio on Sunday by mistake, hoping to
listen to my customary tango show on the university
radio here in Manitoba, Canada. But to my surprise
there was an interview on. I realized it was not Saturday but Sunday.

A woman with the sweetest of voices was talking to the radio
host by phone from Hawaii, and in the background this music.
I remember it was snowing lightly and their words took
second plane as I became transfixed with the sound,
feeling suddenly elated, escaping into the landscape
surrounding me....becoming one of those snowflakes.
I felt transformed beyond description.
The next day tuning into normal music seemed to be void of meaning.
Nothing could sound like that.

Myself an artist, I had visions of glorious renderings of the gates of heaven or
simply the feeling of walking with my bare feet in the moist grass of dawn,
of wind blowing in my face and rolling hills green,
of flying above the clouds weightless.
My mind had no worries.
all I felt was love of the sweetest kind.

As the interview progressed I learned that her name is
Michele and that she channels this wonderful music.
At first I did not understand this concept fully.
She explained that she has a gift to be able to listen
to what others is secret. She hears these melodies,
yet can not remember it afterwards or repeat the experience.

This music needs to be discovered by others and used in hospitals,
schools, prisons. It needs to be used to comfort the suffering and dying,
to calm the violent, to soothe body, mind and soul. There is hope,
there is love. There is God. She brings this message to all of us.
Music that is filled with this power of transformation can cure.
It can bring joy. It is art at it''s most purposeful point,
at the utmost point of brilliance.
No other intention is present but to carry that energy,
the boundless all encompassing love of our Creator down to us here on earth.

How full of hope this should all make us feel!

Praise to Michele for her generosity of spirit in having shared this gift with the world.
I hope her music traverses all boundaries to create bridges in which people will fell closer to each other.
This music can become a healing tool for an ailing world.
There is now I know a star in the firmament glowing with love.
Gabriela Lasko,
Artist, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


I love your soothing music.
The world really needs soothing sounds like this; these daze especially.
Thanks for being the hope of humanity.

David Tree Spirit Flutes-Musician
United States

Dear Michele
I greet your soul!!!
You are attuned with the universal Sound!!!
Thank you for bringing light to others path & lives...
Beautiful music, beautiful energy & a lot of love you provide to us....
May all become auspicious & may all be blessed in all your activities & life...
I am sending you a lot of positive vibes...thank you for
allowing me to be part of your highly spiritual world...
Wanny Angerer Singer,New Delhi-India.


"To Michele"

Like a friend, offering a feather,
Like a rainbow, in a grey sky,
Like a smile, on a dark day !

Like a squirrel, seeding a forest !
Like a nightingale, weaving sky sound !
Like a lover, living life’s worth !

You could open all doors,
See into every heart !
Hold every hand,
Into the bright future
Of the human kind !

So could I think of you,
And feel for you,
As a deep friend !
So I could feel,
Your flows of music,
Enshrine, deep within me !

Like a mountain made for peace,
Like an ocean made for love,
Like a choice made for life !

written by Christophe Barbey, published poet, Switzerland 03/06


I was playing your CD in the car driving into town today
and the first people I talked to asked why I was so smiley ;-)
It just does wonders for the vibrational level!
Thank you so much!
Vikki T at Cosmic Awareness Comunications, Olympia Washington


Oh! This beautiful morning, I was able to read the prayer along with you beautiful souls.
I do not understand how you get through it without crying.
I am still crying. I have put this on my daily prayer.
I want to say this, and hear this every day,
as I cannot imagine any way of saying this better,
and as I listen and pray, I am reminded of all the souls
in the world who have joined with you in this
remarkable and wonderful project
. It makes the connection
so much more real for me
(Glenna Mayer-Florida, USA -singer, songwriter)


AFM of Peace to the Whole World
A New Divine Voice echoes among Humanity
Michele Bodine and Muhammed Behleem

I received yesterday p.m. a thick package sent express from two angels who live in Hawaii
A number of beautiful musical songs on CDs about world Peace
As I was opening it gently, with a child spirit, who is waiting for big surprise...
Among the selection, my eyes caught a blank silver CD which had nothing written on it...
I was puzzled wandering whether anything in there would be recorded...
So, I inserted it with curiosity into my stereo expecting rather no words but silence?
As I admire this valuable method of prayer used in spiritual ancient way of meditation
I let it role for seconds; suddenly, I heard beautiful voices which touched deeply my wounds
Oh! What a wonderful heavenly peace prayer which vibrates every cell of our body!
Oh what gorgeous voices in unison coming softly from two tender hearts!

Instantly, I kneeled down and closed my eyes, with an innocent child''s spirit
I put aside all pride, and was in total submission to God''s will, mercy, and love
I always wished to hear or read such a peace prayer which touches the heart of young and old
To be in union in meditation, rather expelled, to discover new peacemakers and heroes
While writing these words, and listening spontaneously to these up-lifting sweet voices
Which give me wings to fly, and enable me to soar really very high in the sky
As a Lost Child echoing in the desert, I follow someone''s footsteps through the Light
To seek healing through these beautiful peace prayers which gently set my soul free
From any pain, heavy burden, burning out from all kind of rejection and suffering

Oh thank you kindly, dear two angels living far away in Hawaii!
Your gift to me is very precious more than words can describe my present feeling
Although I have not heard your other three musical CDs,
I already know what positive impact will they have on my spirit
As I am looking forward to listen to them when the sun shall rise shortly
Oh! What a joy! What gorgeous heavenly voices and wonderful heavenly music!
Thank you for giving mea drop of fresh water as I was strolling in this sterile hot dry desert!
You have revived my crashing soul and spirit, and re-energized
my wrecked deadly vanishing body!

May the Lord, Allah, bless my dear brother Mohammed Iqbal and my sister Michele
And guide these gifted sweet people and singers in this earthly journey!
To continue opening hearts of the burdened in this humanitarian artistic mission
To shed Light, Love, and Peace in the path of every soul who is in pain and in suffering
And bring healing to Lost Children who are wandering in the desert in despair like me
Oh please continue this beautiful noble peace work!
And promise me to never look back where you were before standing still
Keep on going! And never stop! No matter what obstacles you may meet...
Rock and roll! Make every soul dance on this earth to your sweet heavenly music!

Bravo to you and all who sow Joy and Peace in the heart of humanity!
From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to everyone very kindly!
We are proud of all and everyone of you! Please, just keep on rolling stones
And get them away from the victims'' path who suffer so much injustice, and evil wars
May your beautiful heavenly songs give great courage to every thirsty soul!
In their turn, one day, they will sing and share their own beautiful song with the entire world
And pass it on to others like you and many other peacemakers did in the past, are still committed
Oh! Please keep it up, never give up, follow Jeanne-d''Arc''s courage! Please never stop!
For the world is in despair, and needs very badly your noble peace beautiful songs
And young people like you who have so much zest, zeal, and everlasting energy
New ideas and vivid style to add up another nice color to the RAINBOW
One day, in solidarity and in one voice, we''ll turn all world suffering into a beautiful PARADISE!

May our Lord hear our Prayers and Songs, and
grant us Joy and Peace now and forever! Amen!

(Jeannette of Nazareth On May 1, 2007 at 1:00 a.m. Diffused May 1, 2007 at 3:00 a.m.
https://www.tradebit.com CANADA)


"Divinity, Love, and Peace expressed itself through this music. This gift that Michele brings through is huge for all of us; our own healing and that of our clients. The music comes from a place of purity when channeled through her. It is Divine. When I meditate on it, it brings me to this place of stillness. I see in my heart how her music is building up a layer of healing and transformation, helping the World move into pure Light, Love, and Peace. When we go deep into this music, healing appears naturally. It expresses the Love and compassion God holds in His heart, no matter how we feel or act or what happens to us. When I hear this music, I feel how it takes away that which is not pure Love. When I channel healing energy, Michele''s music matches that energy causing it to become even more deeper, more profound, more towards it''s essence.

Michele, thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being so willing to be the tool God is asking you to be. Thank you for bringing forward what God is expressing through you! God Bless you."
~ Edeltraud v. R Lipinski,
Founder, Gateway for Healing, Maui, Hawai''i


"The first time I had the pleasure of listening to Michele''s music, I realized I was witnessing a pure channel at work. It was as if she was receiving dictation from Angels or higher up in the celestial realms, and bringing it to life through the keyboard. Every note and chord was in perfect harmony with those preceding and following it. A cascade of delightful sounds. I could see it in the brightness of her aura. It reminded me of a Spiritual Mozart. I truly appreciate her precious gift."
~ Peter Ortiz, M.D.
Scottsdale, Arizona


"Both Vikki and I were very impressed with Michele''s music. It is very relaxing and has an "out of this world" quality. It puts me into a meditative state. It''s piano music with some kind of electronic accompaniment and extremely pleasant to listen to. I play it often when working on the computer and I noticed that it lowers my blood-pressure when it gets elevated. The first time I played it, Vikki had just let the Bear into the shop. He started to trot over to say hello to me, but suddenly stopped in his tracks, cocked his head towards the music, then collapsed on the floor flat on his back with all four legs up in the air. His eyes were closed and he had his tongue out and a big grin. The music had stoned him. (The Beethoven and Mozart which is usually playing in the shop never produced this effect on the Bear!)"
~ Excerpt from a 2001 edition of Cosmic Awareness Communications, Olympia Washington - Avaton, Editor.

"Michele''s music is played during our surgeries to relax our patients. It is wonderfully calming and soothing. I truly appreciate what her music does for my patients and staff as well."
~ George Martin, M.D.,
Kihei, Maui, Hawai''i


"I was weeping, sound coming out of my mouth, I was sobbing. Something very deep was touched or reminded. It totally was beyond me what exactly it was. A sense that I had was the sound of home, the sound of a distant memory of some kind that was saying hello. I miss that in this life, and for some reason, you got it to come through."
~ Judy Frostega,
massage therapist, Hilo, Hawai''i


"I knew the moment I heard Michele''s enchanting music that it would be perfect for my program. And I was not mistaken. Michele''s music has added a whole new dimension to the show. It just fits!!! It is the last piece of the puzzle to create a whole full program. With Michele''s music playing in the background, the mood of the sharing that goes on in an interview is so enhanced that now listeners are not only treated to the guests'' words but are now blessed with this enticing music that strokes at one''s consciousness with the soothing effects of a warm sunny day. I could keep going, but I think I better stop before I fill up a few pages...lol!"
~ George Rideout,
DJ, Sacred Space, UMFM Radio, Winnipeg, Canada


"It is my pleasure to know Michele and to use her magical music in my work. Her music brings a richness and a sense of mind/body/soul unison every time it is heard. Clients always comment upon the therapeutic nature of her music. She is an exceptional woman with an amazing heart and soul. Her ability to use herself as a channel for healing is a true blessing for us all. Hard to find words to adequately describe what she does. She is a blessing and her heart and soul are without measure."
~ Jeanette Evans,
DCSW, LSW. Maui, Hawai''i


"Disassociated Press, Scottsdale, Arizona, Sunday 8 August, 2004. On this the Lord''s Day we remain silent. As we listen to incredibly beautiful music channeled by our friend Michele Bodine on Maui, we release all our frustrations and anger with the events of the past week. We accept the challenges that come our way and trust they will serve us to achieve what it is we came to this Planet to achieve. Here is wishing you a better week. The Editor PS. You should listen to what I am listening to as I write. it is a mixture of peaceful and loving chords which just bring joy to my heart. You have to hear this! " Love, PRO


Dear "Chelli Bodini" You have outdone yourself or whoever it is that channels through you. This was ethereal, delightful, soothing, etc., etc., etc., It started with a Dvorak type symphony, went to Debussy and then became strictly "Bodini", a lesser known composer of the last century. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lots of love. Stay in the Light, since you live in the Light. Love,
PRO. August 8, 2004


"The music tapes are absolutely fabulous. What joy they are bringing me. I listen to it while taking my afternoon walks with my dogs. I find that I am taking longer and longer walks so that I can listen to your beautiful music longer. What a marvelous talent you possess and what tremendous satisfaction you must have to compose such music! Also, it has to be very gratifying to know that you are giving such pleasure to so many people! Thank you more than I can say for sending the tapes to me."
~ Jane King,
Orlando, Florida


"I ordered all three of your CDs from https://www.tradebit.com last week based on a recommendation by MaryEllen AngelScribe in one of her newsletters. I''ve had a chance only to listen to THE MAGNIFICENCE OF YOU! and am very impressed. I meditate a lot and access other dimensions this way. I use music in the background to maintain contact with my body as well as to project beyond. Yesterday I was doing some healing work with my partner on another dimension and until I put on your music I was having difficulty sustaining the shift into the higher dimensions because of some recent difficulties. When I played your CD, I was able to easily visit the Emerald Healing Temple on the eighth dimension and sustain it. I know it was your music that gave me that extra boost. I can''t wait to listen to your other CDs. (BTW, I usually don''t share this kind of information with anyone, but it seemed like I could with you--it''s in your music) MAHALO!!!"
~ D. D.
Washington, D.C.


Dear Michelle, I get it! Your gift that is. I must write and thank you for your inspiration. A very good friend sent me a set of your therapeutic music. They sat on my desk for a few weeks. Work days are hectic around the office with constant interruptions from all sides. I occasionally give the cellophane CD''s passing glances and in a fleeting moment wonder what is contained within?

Finally, the day arrives. Unplanned, and without conscious determination I simply reach over and unwrap In the Arms of Angels. I insert it and hit play. I have no immediate reaction to the background music. The next day I play Arms of Angels again. And again I play it at very low decibles. I begin taking notice that I am not overcome by distractions and demands. I move from one activity to another with a clearer sense of purpose. In the background Arms of Angels is set on continuous play. It has a commanding effect. The background surrounds me. It engulfs me with quietness amidst increasing emotional states. It leads me, directs me to take back control over external influences.

That is what I get! Intentional? I cannot say. The sounds are slowly becoming part of my schedule. Like the routine commute, searching the Internet for breaking news, workplace greetings, brewed coffee and of course, correspondence with a very good friend, so too are the compositions becoming a daily staple. I am a grateful listener. I''m bringing "Arms of Angels" along to my next massage appointment. Regards,
Sergei Orloff


Keep your soul shining and may your dreams come true!
Peace and happiness to you,


I am very happy feeling heard from your good news.
What a wonderful world peace music award.
It is honored you got a certificate this your contribution for people in world.
It difficult to explain my mind to you.
It seem to have been back to long time ago.
My generation people need have to regain new energy.
Sometime people feel depressed to mind,
But someone gave us through wonderful music and love.
Thank you Michele.

Tim Niizuma- Tokyo Japan.


I feel very privileged that I was part of your beginning in channeled music! In fact, you channeled a piece especially for me, which represented the progress of my life. It starts out somewhat chaotic and slowly gets more peaceful, which has actually been and continues to be a true portrayal of my life!



Congratulations!!!! How AMAZING for you. We are all loving the CDS as well & transforming form then too. Thank you & Bless you Love
Madison - USA


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