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MP3 Je Rene… - Precious Cargo

Family-friendly vocal and instrumental jazzy pop, bluesy pop, soulful 70s rock/pop

14 MP3 Songs
POP: 70''s Pop, BLUES: Blues Vocals

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-----How to Say "Je Renee"
Say it like J. Renee, the fine women''s footwear company. But pucker up and French-ify it, utter it like Pépe Le Pew.

Je Reneé is short for Joley Reneé (my first and middle names). Jazzy flavors of my honest-but-often-hopeful tunes include Bonnie Raitt and anybody bluesy and gospelly like Ashley Cleveland. My goal: to someday write like Stevie Wonder and sing like Jacque Cross - have you heard her do "Blessed Assurance"? Oh, my.

People have said that Je Reneé''s voice and music sounds like . . .

* Bonnie Raitt
* Anita Baker
* Annie Lennox
* Joni Mitchell
* Sheryl Crow
* Swing Out Sister

-----Precious Cargo Info
Genre: pop (with a sprinkling of rock, jazz, soul, and gospel)
Influences: Harry Connick, Jr., Rich Mullins, Phish, Ian Moore
Yes, that''s Je Reneé, I''m the bald one with the halo on the CD cover ... just don''t look at the back! "Precious Cargo" refers to my grandpa''s pet name for me as a wee tot. Now it is my metaphor for my babies - songs - that spring forth from me, that I mold and nurture.

-----Precious Cargo personnel
I''m grateful to these excellent musicians of Austin, Texas.
* Merchants of Venus swing drummer Wayne Duncan, currently seen with the Irish band Pubcrawler, keeps time with his sweet maple kit.
* Jazz greats T.J. Jenkins on bass and Kerry Wilkins on guitar (think Nile Rodgers and George Benson) are regulars at Ringside Sullivans.
* Jack Rowe graces the album with echoes of Brian Setzer and SRV.
* Brian Milton, who appears with fellow acoustic strummer Doug Beck, both formerly of Bag of Stephens, adds a Clapton-esque feel.
* Insane rocker Mike Nichols (aka FingerBoy) shows off some . . . rather nimble 80s-hair-band-type work.
* David Lee Box - alto, tenor, baritone saxophones
* Freddie Mendoza - trombone
* Kenny Vise - trumpet, flugelhorn
* Joley Flowers - lyrics, melodies, arrangements, vocals, flute, keyboards, percussion, effects

-----Precious Cargo Songs

Relationship (pop rock)
Trodden On (jazzy pop)
Chronology (pop rock)
I Loved My Friend (pop ballad)
Circle (jazzy pop)
Here & Now (rock)
May Your Blood (gospel)
Tell Me Again (pop)
Morgan/How Easy (jazzy pop)
Miss Jaramillo (jazz instrumental)
Gettin'' Dressed (blues gospel)
Don''t Make Me Laugh (Latin jazz)
Cuttin'' the Rug (Big Band jazz)
Twinkle Twankle (circus instrumental, really)

-----Precious Cargo Lyrics

1.) Relationship (4:12) Inspiration: Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Harry Connick, Jr.
You keep me singing with each new breath You give me
You keep me laughing, not the hollow kind
You keep me searching for new ways to please You
And not just to appease You, this is a relationship
Before I met You, I had an itchy trigger finger
You called so tenderly, but I would tune You out
You knew that only my handcuffs were shiny
You threw them off behind me, You wanted a relationship
Oh, I was running from the One who sees all
Scrambling so I wouldn''t see You turn away Your face
Oh, I was diving under the biggest rock
Doubting it was loving eyes watching me in every place
I know I grieved You, but all You said was come back to me
I tried to wrestle away, but You held me close
You broke me in pieces - more than I''d dare to mention
Thanks for getting my attention and starting this relationship
All I was clinging to was devoid of your affection
Missing that deep connection till this relation-
Sweet invitation
Till this relationship

2.) Trodden On (5:45) Inspiration: NYC
Van Wyck, I gotta tell ya you''re stayin'' ugly, dirty
Even springtime can''t wash all your filth away
People living spare and barbed wire everywhere
All your blue skies left you all alone for gray
You know I know you''re wishing my pockets had some money
Easy you make it, but I cannot bear the cost
So bleed my brother dry -- come on, bankrupt city
Throw us your pretty coins till we don''t know we''re lost
And you''re laughing at me
Trodden on
Trodden on, is that your name
You cannot get to me, you''ve already been defeated
And I like to watch you wonder why
I am only one, so many go ungreeted, unheeded
Your clouds are laughing at me
Van Wyck, I''m looking at ya, eternal maze of corners
I hide in my little box, but your telescope can see
Panting masses in your suffocating corners
Hard, hungry faces closing in on me
You''re never sinking down on your bedrock pillow
But what do your bridges bridge across the abyss
Your junkies rubbing on me, calling me sweet
Where''s your cure for them? A higher high than this?
You''re laughing at me
Van Wyck, I''m looking at ya
Under the foot of Hercules
You''re laughing at me
...I am only one, so many go ungreeted
Ungreeted, unheeded, ungreeted
Quit your laughing at me!

3.) Chronology (4:24) Inspiration: Phish, Michael
It''s nine o''clock, it''s dark, he''s rediscovering me
Girl, it''s been so long
How could we both live in this town and not see
Girl, it''s been so long, Oh, it''s been so long
So long, I am halfway down the aisle
So long, he is pondering my style
So long, So long
It''s seven and it''s dark, and he is talking to me
Stories so long
Breathless with the vision someday I want to see
Lord, it''s been so long, Oh, it''s been so long
So long, we would interrupt our lives
So long, to regard and not despise
So long, So long
Oh, I''m remembering a man
Oh, who has never walked this land
So long, So long, So long
It''s five o''clock, it''s dark, he tries explaining to me
Why I wait so long, Why I wait so long, Why I wait so long
So long, to be only for a while
So long, to be halfway down the aisle
So long

4.) I Loved My Friend (3:43) Inspiration: poet Langston Hughes, Brian
I loved my friend
They went away
There''s nothing more to say
The song will end
Soft as it began
I___ loved my friend

5.) The Circle (5:15) Inspiration: Bag of Stephens, Impact Worship Band
The circle keeps moving place to place
I can''t keep up with this ruthless race
I try to break in at a point where I think I see an opening
I bounce right back on my head
No richer than I was at the beginning
Just give us a tiny little dose
You know what happens when you don''t
You can''t breathe, you''re gonna choke
Quaking ''cos you''re missing that one thing
The handshake, the password, the club is out without you
And they''re not calling
Everybody knows something I don''t
I''m hanging here, I''m banging on the glass
Watching them move closer
I''m paying for my martyrs in the past
Watching them laugh over their secret
I''ll help ''em eat it ''cos that''s all I have
It''s all I have to offer
He walks up, he goes right on in
The circle closes back up tight again
I want whatever he''s got, what is it, what is it
Tell me, what is that one thing
I''m dying for it, promise me that I can find it somewhere
And then you''ll let me in
It''s time to read between the lines
Time to read the writing on the wall
Doesn''t matter what you do
Or what you say if you''re missing that one thing
Not paranoia, baby, when they''re out without you
And they''re not calling

6.) Here & Now (4:21) Inspiration: Ian Moore, Cynthia
Good morning, Mama
Don''t you think I know why you''re kicking me
Why couldn''t you pick the right one this time
''Cos I''m snarling, Mama
Want to feed on you in the frenzy
We''re dragged into pretending we''re fine
I believe you can know the truth
I believe you can own this
I believe you can talk about here & now
Good morning, lover
Go on, eject yourself from my memory
Please at least get out of my bed
''Cos I''m trying, lover
Trying to break the chains of my slavery
I''m a fugitive from the hall of the dead
I believe we can know the truth . . .
No more prostituting your touches away
Your embraces are different today
Weaker brothers in your way
Good morning, mirror
How can you stand to see her
You know all the secrets entwined
I believe we can know the truth . . .
I believe I can know the truth . . .

7.) May Your Blood (4:07) Inspiration: Bag of Stephens, Impact Worship Band
Jesus, May Your Blood wash over me
Clean my heart
Jesus, May Your Blood wash over me
Change my mind
Jesus, May Your Blood wash over me
Pierce my shell
Jesus, May Your Blood wash over me
Dry my tears
Jesus, May Your Blood wash over me
Hold my hand
Jesus, May Your Blood wash over me
Clean my heart

8.) Tell Me Again (3:43) Inspiration: Rich Mullins, Rob Harrell on Romans 7
Tell me again how You love me
Tell me again I don''t have to try, again
I''d never make it, tell me why
''Cos I forget I am priceless
That You embrace me though I''m not like You
Again, please remind me that it''s true
Tell me again, tell me who You are, tell me who I am
Remind me one more time
Tell me again there is nothing I could ever do
To make Your favor mine
You know I still have two voices
They go to war inside of me
Say I may never quite be free
But tell me again You are for me
I''m not alone when I have to fight
Say I am precious in Your sight
Tell me again... earn this peace of mind
I want to believe it, Help me believe it
I''ve got to believe it, tell me again
Put Your arms around me
I need Your arms around me
Please keep Your arms around me
Show me again
Tell me again...
Tell me again... earn this peace of mind
Make Your favor mine

9.) Morgan (5:07) Inspiration: poet Jill Lawson, Harry Connick, Jr., Ashley Cleveland, Bonnie Raitt
With God in your heart it should be plain to see
Simple loving things you can do
Like sitting down to dinner with your family
Before you bust out that door, tell us what''s going on with you
The dishes are crying out for your attention
And then there''s your room
Your sister''s crying, you forgot to mention
"What''s up in your life?" and "I love you."
You''re slacking off waiting for eternity
What He''s doing in you I don''t want happening in me
The transformation I don''t see
How easy it could be
''Cos I have been waiting since so long ago
How easy it could be to bring Him to me
With God in your heart, still you neglect your duties
Why doesn''t He make you want to work
Not just for all of mankind, my little one
But for us who live with you so you''re not a jerk
"Get a path without wrath," those phrases sound so good
"Live a life without strife," but they are misunderstood
Get it, live it, if you would
He doesn''t yet fill me as the waters fill the sea
What He''s doing in you I''m not sure I want in me
Transformation make me see

10.) Miss Jaramillo (2:21) Inspiration: Cathia, Quincy Jones

11.) Gettin'' Dressed (4:02) Inspiration: Rob Harrell on Ephesians 6
I''m gettin'' dressed, puttin'' on truth, now
Gotta have some sturdy underwear
''Cos it can''t go falling down around your ankles
When you need protection there
Now when you encounter the deceiver
He will try to bludgeon you with lies
Keep your body covered with the truth, my friend
And you''ll escape them and survive
Put on the belt, the belt of truth
It''s time that you were gettin'' dressed
I''m gettin'' dressed, puttin'' on righteousness
''Cos I need a clean white shirt
A cover with no stains, no wrinkles, missing buttons
Not a single spot of dirt
Your heart is dodging arrows of temptation
The warrior wearing righteousness won''t feel ''em
Growing in strength when you deflect those wounds
And you''re not begging Him to heal ''em
Put on the vest of righteousness
It''s time that we were gettin'' dressed
This battle we fight is unseen
It is not against flesh and blood
But it''s powers and it''s spirits
At war with the King of love
If you want an offensive weapon
You know you''ve already got a sword
You can sharpen when you''re speakin''
From the Word of the Lord
I''m gettin'' dressed, puttin'' on peace, now
Walking in the gospel shoes of Christ
Giving me comfort that the world can''t
Guiding my feet on paths of light
Don''t forget the helmet of salvation
Faith alone in Christ alone is all
Let Him be your Way, your Truth, and your Life daily
And nothing can knock your helmet off
Tie those Easy Spirit shoes of peace
Prop up that hat of salvation
Slip on the vest of righteousness
Keep on truth in every situation
Put on the armor of God
It''s time that we were gettin'' dressed

12.) Don''t Make Me Laugh (4:52) Inspiration: Cathia, Wayne
Drawn like a magnet to a yo-yo boy
Notorious thief of my joy
When he speaks there''s nothing but bliss
Like "I forgot" , "Talk to ya later"
Now why would he say it if he didn''t mean
He was gonna make good on each thing
That he said he''d do, that he said he''d bring
Tell me, tell me, who''s the instigator
When is later Don''t make me laugh, laugh, laugh
I think I might break something rolling on the floor
I might cough up a lung if you do that once more
''Cos I hear what you''re saying
But somehow it did not come true
I don''t think it''s gonna happen
Doesn''t look like it''s gonna happen
I don''t think it''s gonna happen, do you
Don''t make me laugh
I made a down payment on a house of pain
Walls are scrambling my brain
Shelves of trophies who bring me shame
And no windows to ventilate their yappin''
So curl up fetal in the easy chair
Come curl up with a good despair
Hearing ain''t all that they impair
There''s no escape, all their lips are flappin''
Here''s what happens, I''ll say
Don''t make me laugh, laugh, laugh
I''m getting dizzy dizzy heaving all that wind
I just might bust a gut if you say that again
''Cos I''m tired of crying
You keep dashing my expectation
And it''s so sad that it''s funny
So sad that it''s funny
It''s so sad that it''s funny
Don''t make me laugh
You just keep on being your mysterious self
One more, one more trophy lying on the shelf
You just keep on being your mysterious self
You just keep on, you, one more, one more, one
You just keep on
Gone are the days of the yo-yo boy
One less trophy, a lot more joy
There''s only one man don''t disappoint
Only one who keeps every promise
Let''s be honest

13.) Cuttin'' the Rug (4:25) Inspiration: Will
Face it, little boy, you''ve got issues
And, brother, don''t we all, you fear you''ll look like a fool
Well, won''t you look at him there moving his feet
He''s not paralyzed knowing that he might break a rule
The bigger your head, the bigger you fall
If you think you can obey them all
You say it won''t happen again
But soon you''re out there cuttin'' the rug
Face it, little boy, you''ve got struggles
Brother don''t we all, you fear that God''s gonna frown
Walking on eggshells, you gotta be right
So far above reproach you chain yourself to the ground
If you''re living in righteousness
You can''t get carried away I guess
You try to flee from it all
But soon you''re out there cuttin'' the rug
You cut yourself off from this world and still you fall
You might as well give up and let go
Your eyes get all shifty when the music calls
You strive to be strong, but you can''t resist for long
Here it comes creep - creep - creepin'' back into your heart
Being around you is getting real tough
Petrified I might mess up
You lose, little boy, time and again
''Cos soon you''re out there cuttin'' the rug

Twinkle Twankle (Bonus Track) Inspiration: The story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on those yellow 45s

-----Je Reneé Band Resumé
I believe my purpose on this planet is to write, perform, and encourage/drive/stretch people. That is, when they''re not busy driving me. Here are the ensembles that shaped the inspirational me:

* Martin High School Jazz, Symphonic, Marching Bands
* UT Austin Longhorn Jazz, Symphonic, Marching Bands
* Austin Symphonic Band
* Bakin'' Brownies (formerly Yard Apes), sounds like Widespread Panic & Van Morrison
* Bag of Stephens, sounds like Ian Moore & Doyle Bramhall II
* Jack Rowe & the Law (Tom Petty meets Sly & the Family Stone)
* Pop (80''s covers, Peter Gabriel to the Waitresses)
* Heyday (formerly SuperFriends), harmony rock from Eagles & Beatles to Journey
* Wing & a Prayer (Pop, Christian, country, and classical wedding tunes)
* Ginger Leigh (torchy Bette Midler, dancey Kirsty MacColl, funky Phoebe Snow, say when)
* John Wilson (guitar-flute instrumental duet - we do everything!)

-----Fave Je Reneé venues to play in Austin

* Bahama Breeze
* Bistro 88
* Hill Country Pasta House
* Oslo
* Cedar Street
* Mozart''s
* Jovita''s
* The Filling Station
* Austin''s Pizza
* Copper Tank
* Johnny Fin''s
* River Place Country Club
* Kali-Kate Thoroughbred Farms
* Carlos & Charlie''s
* Waterloo Ice House
* Halcyon
* Sam''s Boat
* Volente Beach
* Laguna Gloria
* Palmer Auditorium
* Bass Concert Hall
* Frank Erwin Center

Venues where I can''t breathe but play anyway ''cos the people are generous & appreciative

* Steamboat
* Babe''s
* Elysium
* Speakeasy
* Graffiti''s
* Momo''s
* Anderson Mill Tavern
* Saxon Pub
* The Parlor
* Rainbow Cattle Company
* The Syndicate
* Mango''s (now Easy Rhino)
* Shenanigans
* Rhinos & Jocks (thanks, Waltah)
* Office Lounge
* Bruckbauer''s

-----Influences in the Je Reneé CD collection
Living geniuses: Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Andrew Lloyd Weber. Deceased geniuses: John Lennon, Fred Rogers, the Gershwins, Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Rich Mullins, and Beethoven. Near geniuses: Billy Joel, Quincy Jones, Johnny Costas, Charlie Peacock, Neil Finn, Sting, Fagen & Becker of Steely Dan, and Joe Raposo.

-----Je Reneé''s Secret Comes Out!
I admit it, I love Weird Al Yankovic. And I used to be a math teacher. Dangerous combination. I write loony parodies about Algebra and Geometry. It''s like a disease, incurable. There''s "Sum As You Are" to the tune of Nirvana''s Come As You Are. "Rise Over Run" to Already Gone by the Eagles. "Mr. Polynomial" to the tune of America''s Sister Golden Hair. "Multi-pli-ca-tion of Fractions" to Rossini''s Barber of Seville. My latest is "Domain" to Eric Clapton''s Cocaine and "Pi" to the tune of Stand by REM. That''s in addition to my original Schoolhouse-Rock-meets-Sesame-Street original tunes with math lessons embedded, like those by muppet Roosevelt Franklin (remember him?). Sick, isn''t it?

So, there you have it. Beautiful, goofy, witty, fun, joyful - as a fellow pro said, too Disney for a funk band. My songs are clean, danceable, hopeful, intense. May they uplift people in Austin and beyond, like my heroes in music who move you to dance, sing along, smile, laugh, cry, and be thankful. Soli Deo Gloria!

Love & Blessings, y''all,

God & Christ; Mom & Dad, Herbert & Juanita, GMH & PPJ, Beulah & Jeff, Justin & Jordan, Marsha, Nita & Ed, Erik & Anna, Uncle Herschel, Aunt Alice, the Flowers & Storey & Harry & Langer & Knight & Mills & Carlstone clans; Moni & Jor-Jor, Horn-No-More, Patita, Dan & Joelle & Joley & Esther, Kaaren, Candace & Craig, Robb, Marcia W, Bekki & James VR, Siv, Kristen, Ben & Adria, Jonelyn & Jayelyn & James, WDMIII, Elwood & Allison, George, Tricia & Stephen, BenDK, Mike & Deb BB, the Loves & the Pedregons; Saints Cindy & Leece & Madeleine & Sal & Sandy & Kimberly & Monica T, AND YOU KNOW WHY; Ann, Dana, Janet, Beth, Tracy, Jeanette, all 2x2ers; Ginger Leigh & Cindy Hill; Jimmie, Sanjay, Busch, Kim, Jon, Chris, Sam, Tom, and dear Dennis "Buttafuoco"; The Miltons, Doh, "Leonard!" & Natasha, and JC & Brenda; ''Risa, Deidra & Micah, Theo, Charles "Yow!" & Emily, Michael, Greg, old IMPACT; Jack Rowe & Nikki & the Law, Yard Apes Kelly & Mike & Chris & hubby Dave, Cacti Nathan & Mike (now Ethan), Eliza Wren, LoFine; The Harrells, Helms, Hales, Flicks, Giles, Grooms, FEFC; Cedar Street, John Dosher, Judy Pierce, Lainie (VoiceWorks), Production Block, Ken & Joe at Rainmaker, Henry at Nuevas Caras; HRW math crew, Second Time Around, Go Dance, Austin Swing Syndicate, Body Business; the patient Je Reneé players and friends and family, George Coyne of Parrot Trax Studios, Bob Bretz of Studio Z Creative Productions, and Matt Wiedemann of Solo Media Productions.

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