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The Self-Development A Handbook for the Ambitious PLR

The Self-Development: A Handbook
for the Ambitious

“Who Else Wants to Discover the Secrets to Living a Truly Prosperous Life?”

Find Out How You Can Achieve Prosperity Both Professionally & Personally Below!

All men contain within themselves success-winning powers or faculties.

Unfortunately most of us never learn how to utilize these powers to their maximum benefit.

As a result, success always remains just out of our grasp.

To borrow a phrase, we are forced to live lives “of quiet desperation,” struggling to make ends meet as we wait for that next paycheck to arrive.

But life doesn’t have to be this way.

We can learn to live lives “of great prosperity.” All we need is expert advice from someone who has been in our shoes and succeeded, someone who has already taught numerous others in circumstances just like ours what they need to do to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

What we need is …

“The Self-Development: A Handbook

for the Ambitious” eBook …

This ebook, written by noted journalist and psychologist H. Addington Bruce, contains all the secrets you need to know to begin living a truly prosperous life.

Here’s more about Mr. Bruce. During his lifetime, Mr. Bruce wrote numerous articles and books about psychology for the lay reader.

At a time when widespread differences existed between psychologists as to subject matter and methods of study, he cultivated a decidedly progressive image of psychology dominated by the concepts of the subconscious and power of suggestion.

In short, Mr. Bruce believed that inside each man is everything he needs to achieve prosperity.

But Mr. Bruce didn’t stop there, he wrote a book entitled, “Self-Development: A Handbook for the Ambitious” that reveals step by easy step how ANYONE can draw out those powers and use them to achieve success in both their professional and personal lives.

And Now I’m Making This Valuable Book Available Online as an eBook … So You Can Get the Information You Need

to Succeed Without Leaving Your Home!

That’s Right, If You Have Ever Dreamed of Acquiring

True Prosperity & Receiving All the Benefits

That Accompany It, Such As:

Being able to sleep well at night
Being able to go through the day with no stress and no worries
Being able to develop a winning personality that will make members of the same sex want to be you and members of the opposite sex want to be with you
Being able to constantly experience feelings of true happiness and contentment
Being able to escape the competitiveness, the backstabbing and the long hours of the rat race
Being able to spend more quality time with your family
Being able to live a life of INDEPENDENT WEALTH!
… Then This is Your Chance to Finally Stop Dreaming

& Make It All a Wonderful Reality!

Get the “Self-Development” ebook today and you will learn:

How to organize your life – this is one of today’s biggest roadblocks to achieving success as being disorganized leads to wasted energy, and unclear goals … here’s your chance to learn how to overcome this common obstacle!
How to believe in yourself – unless a man believes firmly in his ability to succeed he cannot achieve much ... find out here how to develop a strong belief in yourself even if you haven’t accomplished anything yet!
How to generate winning ideas – plus, what you should do each and every time you have a good idea … failure to do this could result in great frustration later on!
How to stay interested in your work even if your job is mind-numbingly boring – staying interested in your work will lead to improved work performance and advancement!
How to train yourself to be a keen and vigorous thinker – most people go through life without doing much “real” thinking at all … find out how to really think here – you’ll improve your memory, boost your intelligence and better prepare yourself to achieve success!
How to cultivate your imagination – becoming an imaginative thinker is key to achieving the success of your dreams!
How to nourish your soul – your soul, just like your body, needs food … find out what that food is and how to feed it to your soul here!
How to develop your power to perceive – the better able you are to perceive things the better able you will be to profit from contemplation, reasoned thinking, and the exercise of your imagination … in fact, keenness of perception is fundamental to your mental efficiency in general!
How to strengthen your willpower – if you want to succeed, you must be able to resist your weaknesses and stay focused on your strengths … find out how to do just that here!
How to improve your memory – follow these tips and you’ll have a mind like a steel trap in no time!
The art of forgetting – just as it is important to your future success to be able to remember certain things it is also essential that you are able to forget other things … discover the secrets to being able to let things go here!
How to grow in initiative – this is one of the basic elements of business success … you must be able to reason out a course of action and to take that course decisively and energetically!
How to develop poise and personality – all things being equal, the
well-poised man always has a distinct advantage in dealing with people, as compared to the excitable, unpoised man … here’s your chance to learn how to put that advantage to work for yourself!
And much, much more!
“Self-Development” is a Complete Roadmap to Success That Shows You Exactly How to Gain Prosperity in Your Career

& in Your Personal Life Step by Easy Step!

The aim of the “Self-Development” ebook is to assist readers not merely to gain prosperity in a material sense, but also to gain the higher prosperity which too many people take too little into account.

The dictionary defines prosperity as \"advance or gain in anything good or desirable.\" Also it gives the far more limited definition, \"Successful progress
in any business.\"

This latter, unfortunately, is the definition most people have in mind when
they think of prosperity. Many seem to regard prosperity as wholly synonymous
with business success.

To millions, little matters except the securing of money. Health itself is damaged to this end. Spiritual realities are quite forgotten. Cultural interests claim next to no attention.

The truth is business success is by no means the only thing good and desirable. Without success in your personal life, success in your professional life will surely not taste as sweet.

The “Self-Development” ebook reveals how you can have both, or in short a truly prosperous life.

For all men of normal psychic constitution contain within themselves success-winning attributes, utilized by the great majority to nothing like their possible maximum of use.

How to draw upon these powers, and at the same time how to direct them to ends compatible with a wholesome philosophy of life, is what Mr. Bruce accomplishes in this wonderful ebook.

Through his observation, experience, and study of the findings of modern psychological and physiological science, he is able to provide the groundwork you need to chart a very successful career … and life.

Here is more of what you will learn on the pages of this amazing ebook:

How to eliminate negative feelings that could hold you back from achieving the success you desire – follow these tips to finally get rid of your feelings of envy, jealousy, bad temper, fault-finding, bullying, and grudge-bearing once and for all!
A Chinese proverb that ought to be memorized and taken to heart by every person starting a business career – repeat this everyday before the start of work and your chances for success will multiply dramatically!
The importance of enjoying what you do – and how to find enjoyment in any type of work!
The truth behind the saying, “You are who you hang around with” – following this concept is one of the best things you can do to ensure your future success!
How to control your mood – and ensure it doesn’t have a negative impact on your future success!
How to improve your manners – and ensure you make a good impression on everyone you meet!
How to dream big – and then accomplish those dreams quickly and easily … if you read nothing else, you must read this incredible advice!
How to make the most of your time outside of work – fail to use this time wisely and it doesn’t matter what you do at work … you won’t succeed over the long run!
Why how much you read can have a direct impact on your chances for promotion – what you read here may shock you!
How to communicate effectively – fail to learn how to do this appropriately and you may never get that promotion you desperately want!
How to talk well – find out how to become a first-class conversationalist and why it’s so essential you improve your speaking skills here!
How to face unpleasant facts or situations – and quickly turn them around to your advantage!
The characteristics needed to achieve prosperity – plus how to rate yourself on each characteristic and improve your weak areas!
And much, much more!

Comes with PLR, salesletter, keywords and graphics.

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