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Devil Profit Package - MASTER RESALE RIGHTS

Discover how you can join the thousands of people who are quitting their day job and making a living selling digital products on the Internet!

How would you like to make a full time income working from home?

How would you like to be able to set up your own online business in just a couple of hours?

How would you like to sell products that don`t cost an arm and a leg to buy and you can sell over and over again?

If this interests you then keep reading!

Dear future millionaire,
Have you always wanted to earn a decent wage working from home? Maybe you just want a new project to get stuck into or fancy earning an extra income as well as your current 9 - 5 day job. Keep reading and I will show you exactly how this can be achieved using the Devils Profit Pack!

Believe it or not, it is incredibly simple to start up your own automated online business selling digital products such as scripts, software and eBooks. Once set up this business runs fully automated 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can literally be making money whilst you sleep!

Sounds too good to be true? - Well trust me it isn`t!
I have seen people with absolutely no knowledge of computing make a real success by selling digital products on the Internet.

The Internet gives normal people like you and me a fantastic opportunity to make a fortune. If you have a good product to sell and know how to promote it then I GUARANTEE that you will make money. Do not believe what these other Internet "entrepreneurs" tell you, earning money on the Internet isn`t rocket science and anyone can do it - including you!

Running your own online business DOES NOT require you to:

Spend countless hours per day maintaining and running my business.
Have a vast knowledge of computers and the Internet.
Invest a massive amount of money just to get my new venture off the ground.

It doesn`t matter how old you are, how much money you have in the bank. It doesn`t even matter if you have never tried anything like this ever before in your life! All you need is a computer and access to the Internet.
By the time you have finished reading this you will be ready to start up your own 100% fully automated online business using The Devils profit Pack!

What is the Devils Profit Pack?

The Devils Profit Pack is the largest collection of Software, Scripts and eBooks available on the Internet. Every item that you see in the Devils Profit Pack are best-selling items that sell thousands of copies PER DAY!

The best thing about the Devils Profit Pack is that EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the package comes with full individual master resell rights. That means that once you have purchased the devils profit package you can sell every item individually or you can mix them up and create your own UNIQUE packages.

But wait there`s more! The Devils Profit Pack itself comes with full master resell rights! That means if you don`t have the time to sell all of the items contained within the profit pack individually you can simply resell this package as it is and keep 100% of the profits for yourself!

In just a few minutes you could be selling the Devils Profit Pack and the individual products contained in it, and keeping 100% of the profits! If you are interested, keep reading!

What products are in the package?

The Devils Profit Package contains over 3 TIMES more products than its rivals. All together the devils profit pack contains 270 INDIVIDUAL ITEMS!
Can you imagine how much profit you could make if you sold each of the items just once for £1, you would easily make your money back and then a nice profit. Bear in mind that all of the products included in the package can be sold for a lot more than £1 and can be sold over and over again!
As you have probably already realised the earning potential is huge.

All of the items below are included in the Devils Profit Pack.

Each item comes with full individual master resale rights

Over 2000 e-Books,
Programs and resources!

Do you love e-Books? If you do, you will love the Virtual Library! It contains over 2000 files to download.

U.F.O. and Aliens
e-Book and 3000 U.F.O. Links!

This is an amazing

e-Book, you can't stop reading it, including some real video clips!

How to stop smoking FOREVER!

Have you been wanting to stop smoking, but haven't really known the right way to stop?

Over 1000 low carb diet recipes!

This E-Book provides you with an extensive range of recipes to be used in conjunction with the Dr Atkins Diet.

The secrets of Astrology & Tarot Card reading!

A massive collection of 12 e-Books containing everything you need to know about Astrology and Tarot Cards.

Unlock your psychic medium, paranormal ability!

Have you ever wished that you had psychic abilities?

Derren Brown Style Illusions and Hypnosis Secrets Revealed!

These excellent e-Books are a must for anyone interested in hypnosis.

101 romantic ideas plus 10 bonus e-Books.

Use 101 romantic ideas to melt your partner's heart now!

100+ cocktail recipes!

Fabulous collection of eight e-books crammed with over 100 brilliant recipes for the best cocktails on earth!

Learn to catch more fish!

Are you a keen fisherman? Well try this great collection of e-Books for size.

How To Buy Antiques And Collectibles!

This is an excellent e-Book for anyone who is interested in buying/selling antiques.

100s of barbecue recipes!

This is an excellent e-Book that is a must for anyone who loves a


Selling e-Books on eBay. The Secrets Revealed!

I guarantee if you follow the instructions in this e-Book you will make money.

Collection of hilarious jokes e-Book!

This e-Book is jam packed with jokes!

HTML for beginners.

Learn the basics of HTML, create your first website.

Collection of party games!

If you are planning a party this e-Book is for you!

Twenty Great ideas for Pro-Basing your Table-top
Gaming figures.

These ideas are the ones used by professional miniatures artists

Advanced Memory Techniques.

A course in techniques and skills for mentalists, magicians and students

Chinese Recipes.

Want to find out how to make your favourite Chinese dishes?

Create A Flash Website.

Create your own professional Flash website in under 15 minutes!

Muscle Building Mania.

Have you always wanted to look like you just stepped off the runway of a bodybuilding show?

Nintendo DS Cheats eBook.

Are you fed up of spending hours searching the web for game cheats?

Public Domain Profiting.

An entire world of new opportunities are about to be opened!

Become A Mystery Shopper.

This is a new, expanded mystery shopping ebook for you.

The 90 Day Powerseller Challenge!

The Challenge? - To become an eBay powerseller in 90 days or less!

U.F.O. and Aliens
e-Book and 3000 U.F.O. Links!

This is an amazing

e-Book, you can't stop reading it, including some real video clips!

UK Credit secrets!

This e-Book has been written by a financial expert! Find out how to raise £1000s in credit.

HOT UK Wholesalers Sources!

Do you need the very best UK wholesale sources available? If so you need this e-Book! It is updated every 2 weeks.

How to avoid speeding tickets!

This e-Book really could save your driving licence!

Collection of Witchcraft.. Wicca.. Occult e-Books!

Ever been curious about Witchcraft, Wicca or the Occult?
If so this is the ideal collection of e-Books!

Practical lessons in Yoga!

Yoga is an exact science based on certain immutable Laws of Nature.

Guide To Creating Your Own e-Books.

An extremely useful e-Book! Quick & Easy Guide that will make you money!

The interpretation of dreams.

Have you ever had a dream and wondered what it was all about?

597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms.

At your fingertips, just about every kind of letter or form you might need for your business, ready for your instant use!

1000s of playstation 2 cheats!

This is an excellent collection of PS2 cheat codes, cheats, guides and

a whole lot more.

1000s of Gamecube cheats e-Book!

This e-Book is jam packed with 1000s of cheats, codes, tips and a lot more!

1000s of Xbox cheats, codes, guides.

This e-Book contains 1000s of cheats, guides, codes ect for the Xbox.

100+ Bread machine recipes!

Are you getting the full benefit from your Bread Machine?

Create covers for your e-Books!

This E-Book cover creator software makes creating your own covers a breeze.

Auto Responder Magic.

Announcing A New Resource That Can Help You Put Your Web Site's Sales On Autopilot.

Beginners Guide To Golf.

Just took up golf?
Want to take up golf?

115 Ways to become your own Boss!

Fantastic eBook with 115 different ways of becoming your own boss!

Easy Spanish for Babies and Toddlers.

Teaches shapes and numbers in both English & Spanish

Secret Powers Of Gemstones And Crystals.

This is a full colour E-book with a wealth of information and pictures

Premium Rate Profits.

Sell premium rate phone services. Like me!

250+ Slow Cooker Recipes.

This 100+ page eBook offers you over 250 recipes you can make in your crockpot.

How To Paint Trees.

Calling all Artists and Painters, do you have trouble painting trees and foliage?

Sony PSP Tips & Tricks.

Did you know that it can do so much more than just play high quality 3D games?

Learn To Make Scoobies.

Scoobies are the latest craze and keeps children amused for hours.

How to identify 99.9% of Spoof emails!

This E-Book shows you how to identify Spoof emails using 4 simple tests

Five Martial Arts PDF e-Books!

If you are Interested in Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts? This is the package for you!

The eBay Secrets of Success!

Order this package and learn the eBay secrets of success. Get many extra items when you purchase!

Auto Hits Machine
New mind-blowing technology delivers an endless flood of traffic to your website automatically at the push of a button! Enjoy unlimited hits for life!

Website Conversion Secrets
This guide reveals the 40 most common pitfalls well-meaning entrepreneurs like you fall into when trying to create a money-making site. Itís a shame for you not to be living the lifestyle you desire, when you can do it so easily!

eBay Entrepreneur Kit
If you want to start selling on ebay this is a must have! Discover secrets, tips and resources that will help you begin selling and making money on ebay today!

Easy PDF Toolkit
Create PDF files from any printable document in a few simple clicks! Finally, there's an easy way to publish stunning PDF files, without wasting a lot of time and money.

Make a fast profit with a high demand product. 100% profit pulling kit gives everyone the power to create niche websites, without spending a fortune hiring a specialist to do it.

306 Web Design Templates
Get instant access to over 300 template layouts which you can begin utilizing immediately. All you will need to do is add text to the graphic buttons and text to the layout and you are ready to go!

Virtual eBiz
This exclusive report exposes the whole modus-operandi for establishing a successful Internet business from home. Tons of very clear advice on getting started and building up from zero. Perfect for the 'newbie' web-marketer.

Fast Selling Software
Fast Selling Software is the ultimate collection of quality software that you can use yourself and also sell to others. You get 23 quality software titles, all of which you get resell rights to, so you can profit from every sale!

Info-Product Marketing Secrets Exposed!
Five top marketers reveal exactly how to make at least $10,000 in profits every single month selling information online, 100% guaranteed!

Profit Pulling Reports
Discover exactly how to earn thousands of dollars every month with your own Exclusive Free Reports! Master the same techniques used by the gurus. Use them to promote your reseller products, your affiliate programs or anything else.

Clickbank Automation System
Dramatically increase your ClickBank profits while protecting your download pages. Plus, put a personalized ClickBank search box on your website and earn a commission from every sale made!

Building Your Automatic Money Machine
Discover how you can earn piles of cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even while you sleep! Every Internet marketing expert knows that automation is the key to success. Isn't it time that you learned exactly how to automate your entire business?

Attaining Your Desires - The Secret Session
Discover the secret source of power that will allow you to literally manifest anything you want! Marketing wizards Robert Collier, P.T. Barnum, and Bruce Barton used this source of power to build their business empires. You can be next!

10 Steps To Killer Web Copy
Writing a great sales copy is the key to the overall success of your online business. Inside this guide you will discover the 10 simple steps to writing web copy guaranteed to bring in an avalanche of sales!

Free to Sell 6.0
The very latest version of this outstanding collection, contains more than 50 bestselling ebooks. All with resale and/or give-away rights.

Gary Shawkey's Secrets
Let Gary Shawkey and his number one student Brian Garvin take you by the hand and show you every secret Brian uses to make over $15,000 monthly from affiliate programs.

The 30-Minute Marketing Miracle
Discover the secret process used by the world's best copywriters to turn any ad into a goldmine! Learn how to turn your ordinary, poor-response ads into killer money-making machines in just 30 minutes.

Jim Wilson's eBay Secrets
Learn how to quickly & easily make a full-time income from eBay, starting today, even if you're brand new to the net!

How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become a Super Affiliate
How would you like to become a top-selling affiliate for whatever program you choose? Discover easy ways to gain an unfair advantage over your competition no matter what program you're promoting!

Magic Subscriber
Magic Subscriber reduces the amount of time and money you need to get more customers and sales. It automatically captures your visitor's email addresses without them having to fill out a form! This makes it much easier for you to generate targeted traffic and sales.

The Official eBook Sales Guide
The Official eBook Sales Guide shows you how to set up your own eBook marketing system that will automatically sell dozens of eBooks even if you just promote one or two.

Web Sales Letters Supreme
This ebook will teach you how to write web sales letters by examples. The web sales letters in this book have been written by some of the greatest copywriters on the Internet. Study these examples carefully, you're just one good web sales letter away from a million dollars!

The Embarrassingly Simple Way I Grabbed the No1 Position in Google, Yahoo & AOL
Discover how to get top rankings in major search engines like Google and Yahoo in just a few days, for free!

Proven Pricing Secrets
This unique ebook reveals the proven pricing secrets that the experts are using to generate huge profits, and how anyone can use these same ideas and be hugely successful!

Killer Mini Sites
An amazing new report shows you the secrets behind successful mini sites! A deep down dissection of the most successful mini sites on the web and exclusive access to a 9-block formula for creating killer mini sites that sell like crazy!

The No-Cost Marketing Report
How to promote any product or service on a zero-dollar budget! Regardless of who you are or what you are marketing, this report will show you how to quickly and easily sell more. A lot more!

The Great Ezine Experiment
Learn how I turned a simple ezine into an online empire that earns me thousands of dollars each month.

Secret eBay Marketing
How to quickly and easily turn an hour a day on eBay, into thousands of dollars in monthly profits!

How to Get Reprint Rights To Products Without Spending a Dime!
This is a hot report with information that can save you virtually tens of thousands of dollars in reprint rights!

Traffic Virus 3.0
Traffic Virus 3.0 is the latest version of the web's first traffic generating software designed to launch your own viral advertising campaign.

PayLock Generator
Amazing easy-to-use software instantly generates secure paypal buttons on the fly, right from your desktop! Encrypt your paypal buttons in a single click eliminating digital theft and protect your profits!

Pure Profit Software
Each product included in this package offers a specific benefit that can help you and your customers save time, money, and headaches, while increasing online profitability.

Autoresponder Unlimited
Autoresponder Unlimited is the number one choice of website owners because it has the same powerful features of other autoresponder services and software but without all the cost!

Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter
Easily and instantly format your ezine ads to fit any publishers character length specifics, saving time and frustration. You will no longer have to worry about your ezine ad format, counting each and every character on each and every line. The software literally does the formatting for you.

Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers
This ebook contains a wonderful selection of tips and advice that will teach you how to make huge profits with affiliate programs.

Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy
Stop paying for traffic! Drive an endless stream of visitors to your Web Site, without paying a cent on advertising, and turn your web site into a 24/7 profit generating machine, using free tips, tools, tricks and proven techniques!

How to Win the War of Internet Marketing
Discover how to create the life you desire on the Internet in less than one year. No magic secrets, just a proven formula for success. In a world with lots of dull ebooks, this one really stands out.
Ultimate Ad Tracker 2.1
With the Ultimate Ad Tracker package you will be able to run your own professional tracking system designed to give you precise statistics on your links! Track your ads, downloads, affiliate links and more!

Web Marketing Explained
40 successful Internet marketers explain their promotion secrets. Much more revealing than your average guru information. Use this unique information to power-promote your website!

Instant Internet Empires
You're about to discover how you can have five of your own Internet businesses set up and taking orders within 29 minutes!

Free Advertising System
Discover how to get thousands of other people selling your product and never spend a penny on advertising again. Regardless of what you are marketing on the Internet, the Free Advertising System is the only tool you need to generate real success online.

Easy Resell Plus
Easy Resell Plus is a new, easy to use software tool which will automate your online business. You will save time and effort, and avoid making mistakes which could cost you valuable sales.

eBay Extreme Package
The eBay Extreme Package contains several bestselling ebooks, offering information about selling on ebay and for learning ebay trade secrets. All the ebooks contained come with master resale rights!

eBook Authors Interviewed
You are about to discover how to turn your Ebook into a powerful, non stop, money- making machine, by reading and using the tips and advice from some of the bestselling ebook marketers and authors on the Internet today!

Achieving Lift-off
Discover the fast road to starting and succeeding with an online business, the sensible way. This remarkable ebook includes 19 bonus downloads, each with resale rights!

eZine Success
eZine Success is a powerful 15+ chapter eBook that will take you, step-by-step and teach you all the secrets the experts use to skyrocket their eZine traffic!

Instant Affiliate Link Masker
A simple and easy way to protect your affiliate links and stop losing your hard earned affiliate commissions. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant affiliate link masker does the rest for you.

Instant Bookmark
A simple and easy way to bookmark your site. Encourages visitors to bookmark your site. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant Bookmark does the rest for you.

Instant Popup Subscriber
Introducing Instant Pop Up Subscriber, the powerful, quick and easy webmaster tool that lets you to put a powerful, instant subscription popup box on your visitor's screen the second they land on your site, at any webpage you choose.

Instant eMail Scramble
Are you fed up with all the junk e-mail you get? Want to reduce the ever increasing tide of spam? Now you can hide your e-mail address so e-mail harvesting robots can't find it in your web pages. Use this tool and put an end to junk email!

Instant Meta Maker
Improve your search engine ranking. Develop high confidence that your meta data will meet industry standards and be ready when the search engine spiders arrive. This webmaster tool is the easiest way to optimize your web pages in your quest to gain high search engine placement.

Popup Generator
Add pop-ups (or pop-unders) to your web-site in just minutes! Control how often the pop-up appears, its size, its position on the screen and more. So easy a child could use it.

Alex Mandosian's Secrets
Are you selling info-products and want to make even more money? This guide will show you how to make five-figure cash profits every single month selling info-products online!

Vend-O-Matic is the absolutely foolproof way to create stunning, ready-to-run 'web vending pages' for any product. Quickly create stunning web sales pages with order forms for your products. No coding involved!

HTML Fast Track
Stop putting up with the hassles of learning web design. This set of over 35 fantastic tools and tutorials will help you learn how to create profitable web sites instantly with ease!

Inside The Minds of Winners
Amazing success secrets of 10 proven winners! Learn how you can take command of your life and create your own good luck with the same techniques proven winners use.

Internet Copycatting
Discover 9 different Internet business models you can copy and profit from. By choosing the correct business model you can have peace of mind in pursuing your goal.

Banner Buddy
With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text and graphics into clickable links to your web site. Hide affiliate links while visitors do mouseovers. Also creates text under the banner. Easily creates text links as well.

A Down and Dirty Guide to High Profit Web Business
This ebook contains some down and dirty (but totally legal) tips and tricks that you need to know if you want to succeed online! If you sell any product or service on the Internet, here's how to make your business highly profitable, fast!

Search Engine Primer
Finally, a step-by-step system to help you get top rankings on the search engines. Discover how to get top listings on all the major search engines, quickly and easily.

10 Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed
Discover the secrets to making at least $2000 in affiliate commissions every single month! This guide is one of the best behind the scenes looks at how super affiliates run their businesses!

eBook Creation Toolkit
Are you ready to make serious money online? In this package you will get information on how to write your first ebook, how to market and sell it. And you will also learn how to increase your sales!

Drop Down Wizard
Easily create drop down menus! Unbelievable and super easy to use software makes creating drop down menus a breeze! Create drop down menus that perfectly match your website!

Ezine Blaster
Get your free ads to over 1 million verified, targeted subscribers! It's the complete guide for marketers, guaranteed! Over $3500 in free advertising!

Javascript Magic
Discover all the latest javascript techniques and add them to your web pages in a flash, easily and effortlessly. Simple to understand fool proof instructions make it the perfect solution for screaming fast results.

eZines - A Complete Guide To Publishing For Profit
How to design, build, and deliver a highly profitable ezine with my simple, step by step guide - and immediately begin building a massive list of targeted potential customers, fast!

Perpetual Traffic Generator
The perpetual traffic generator can automatically send 800 or more visitors to your website in an hour without you lifting a finger, guaranteed!

Blog In A Box
Even if you haven't ever heard the word blog before, this toolkit makes it completely possible for you to not only create one easily, but to even earn money from it without the need to sell anything at all!

Profit Pulling eBooks
Learn how to launch your own fleet of ebooks that pull in the profits for you! In this one-of-a-kind manual you will learn the secrets that the gurus use everyday to generate thousands of dollars in profits!

Auction-O-Matic is the only auction template software you will ever need! Automatically create auction ads that really hit potential bidders between the eyes without any programming required!

Turn Your Autoresponder Into A Cashcow
Discover how to sell your products like hot cakes, transform your leads into paying customers, build your downline at warp speed, and rake in mobs of new subscribers for your newsletter!

LinkCheck Generator
Secret software tool let's any average person gain an unfair advantage over their competition! Start using it in the next 5 minutes and you will be undeniably hooked for life!

Defend Your Domain
Packed with over 30 ready-to-go scripts including PayPal Protection, Download Monitor, Link Manager, Page Re-direction, a fully functional Auction Site and loads of other goodies.

How I Sell Thousands of Products Using the Web
If you'd like to sell products like crazy from home using your computer, without spending your life's savings, this report may be the single most important one you'll ever read!
Retail Price:

And now for the scripts!
There are 114 Scripts in total. Due to the size of the page and the time it would take to load I have listed all the scripts on a seperate page.

Click here to view all of the scripts that are included in this package.

PLUS! That`s not all, you also get the following eBooks included in the package (all with resale rights!)

Build a website in 5 days - 500 bath and beauty recipes - Digital Photography Guide - The Miracle Reports - Growing Bonsai - The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing - SEO Elite By Brad Callen - Betfair Secrets - How To Get Discounts On Anything You Buy Online - How To Create Killer Web Ads - Secret Winning Systems - Promotion On A Budget - Plan The Perfect Party - Microsoft Word Secrets - Toddler Food guide - Teach your child to read - Payback for the punters - Buying And Selling Used Cars - Buying a Property In Cyprus - maximum Profits From Minimum Ads - Learn To Speed Read - Find eBay Bargains From Misspelt Words - Mobile Phone Wholesale List - Search Engine Optimisation Made Easy - 21st Century Money Making - Resale Rights Report - Fun Craft Projects - Dog Owners Training Guide

So there you are, you know exactly which products you get with the Devils profit package. So by now you should already be looking for the purchase button, or if you are still not 100% sure about purchasing the package at this amazing price then maybe the next section will convince you.

How many ways can I make money with this pack?

Sell the Devils Profit Pack by itself (as it is being sold on this site) using the professionally designed sales website provided.

Sell the individual products contained in the Devils Profit Pack, either on eBay or on your own website.

Create your own packages by combining the products contained in the Devils Profit Pack.

Sell the entire package or any of the individual products on CD/DVD.

Learn how to create your own bestselling information products from scratch, by using the information and resources found in the Devils Profit Pack.

Promote your existing products & websites using the information and resources found in the Devils Profit Pack and watch your profits skyrocket!

You can start your own private membership site and charge customers a monthly fee for access to the items.

Create your own websites and operate them with the scripts.

Plus anything else you can think of - the possibilities are endless!

As you can see for yourself, the Devils Profit Pack is the most complete collection of eBooks, Scripts and Software with Master Resell Rights available anywhere!

It is one of the best home based business opportunities on the Internet and can be used by anyone, even if they have absolutely no previous experience.

If you are serious about making money online then don't waste any more time. Take advantage of this incredible offer now!

Order Now & Get Instant Access!

You will be able to download the Devils Profit Pack instantly, after you place your order. The main program is approximately 1mb in size and takes less than 5 minutes to download on a 56k modem. From within the main program you can download all the individual products separately, any time you wish. Please note that the Devils Profit Pack requires Windows 95 or higher. It is not compatible with Mac or Linux.

Order "The DEVILS PROFIT PACK" today for the amazing price of just:


Remember all of our products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee!

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