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MP3 Various artists - The Colour's Coming Back

A unique CD inspiring people touched by cancer through songs of hope and healing. Songs vary in style from pop and rock to Latin and blues.

14 MP3 Songs in this album (44:59) !
Related styles: NEW AGE: Healing, SPIRITUAL: Inspirational

The Colour’s Coming Back

The Colour''s Coming Back, is an album of original songs for people living with cancer and their families and friends. Each song deals with a different aspect of the cancer experience. Most are based on true stories, conveying an uplifting and meaningful message to listeners.

The Writers and Composers

Mary Cowan
Mary Cowan was born in 1956 in the Montreal area where she still resides. Music has been her life-long focus and avenue of expression. She studied classical piano through the programs offered by L''École de Musique Vincent d''Indy and the Royal Conservatory of Music. Always a composer and improviser, she chose to study jazz at the college level. She attended Berklee School of Music for one year and continued her university education in the Studio Music Program at Concordia University where she graduated with a B.F.A. in 1984. In 1985, she obtained a Diploma in Music Education from McGill University. Through the 1980''s she worked with various bands in the Montreal area but has since chosen to teach jazz piano harmony and improvisation as her main occupation. This career choice allowed her to remain at home for her two children. The idea of creating an album of original songs about and for people touched by cancer was inspired by a song entitled "Just Wanna Hold You" that she wrote for her sister, Heather, who is living with this illness. A cancer survivor herself, Mary is grateful to have had the opportunity to compose the music for 12 songs on the CD "The Colour''s Coming Back".

Sharon Zigman
Sharon Zigman is a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and hypnotherapist whose lifelong passion has been music. She began taking classical piano lessons at age 9 and continued for 20 years. Later she switched to rock and jazz. In addition to piano, she took up mandolin, guitar, and drums. She enjoys entertaining at local events, either playing keyboard solo or as part of a trio with Ilona Eliakim (vocals) and Spiros Damianos (drums). Acknowledging the connection between physical activity and emotional well-being, Sharon spends many hours a week cross-training in a variety of sports and attending dance classes. She finds that some of her most creative moments occur while swimming, skiing, or rollerblading. Through her involvement with Gilda''s Club Montreal, she was inspired to write lyrics that would be meaningful to people touched by cancer.

Daniel Zigman
Daniel Zigman is a psychiatry resident at McGill University. During his internal medicine rotation in medical school, he trained in hematology/oncology and took care of several patients living with cancer. Finding the interpersonal aspect of medicine to be the most satisfying, he chose to specialize in psychiatry. Daniel began taking piano lessons at age 6 and continued until he entered high school. At that point, he picked up the guitar and started playing in a rock band at school events. His love of music continued through college and university during which time he began to compose his own melodies. His musical influences include: U2, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Radiohead.

Sarita Benchimol
Sarita Benchimol has always pursued a career that included human health issues. The loss of a sister to cancer triggered a desire to focus on cancer research. She is now the Assistant to the Director of the McGill Cancer Centre at McGill University. For the past 25 years, her efforts have been devoted to many areas of cancer research from carrying out scientific projects at the bench to being in charge of the administration of the Cancer Centre. She has also been involved with the biomedical/biotechnology industry to promote the development of new drugs for cancer. In addition, she dedicates several hours of her personal time to responding to the needs of patients suffering from cancer. She was a founder of the Gilda’s Club in Montreal, a wellness center for cancer patients.

The Singers

Because most of the songs were based on the experiences of real people, singers were carefully “cast” to portray the individuals whose stories they told. All of the vocalists who were chosen were professional vocalists on the Montreal music scene.

Josee Brault
Josee Brault has enjoyed a lengthy musical career on the blues scene in Montreal. Originally a folk singer, she has benefited trying her hand at a variety of musical styles over the years. She teaches science at the secondary level and raises her 7 children in Pincourt, Quebec. In her divided time she competes and trains her horses. Her band, Soul Fusion, can be heard playing in various blues and live music venues throughout Quebec.

Vivienne Deane
Vivienne Deane is known for her wide variety of talents as a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, choir director, and children''s music specialist. She completed her Bachelor''s degree in Fine Arts (Integrated Music Studies) at Concordia University in 1990 and has been active in the music world for over 25 years. Television, radio, and live performances, including the International Jazz Festival on numerous occasions, have been on her agenda. She has worked with all the top jazz musicians in the city, including Oliver Jones. She presently directs three choirs in Montreal: the Union United Gospel Church Choir, Out of NDG Choir (Gospel +), and the Wesley United Choir. She also works with children, teaching them the basics of music with original songs she composes just for them. She has two CDs of all original content. She continues to perform for different events, and writes music for people of all ages. Her future projects are to record an all-original gospel album, many more children''s albums, and a really classy jazz CD.

Ilona Eliakim
Ilona graduated from Mcgill University in 1970. After completing a library studies program from Concordia University in 1984, she began working at Akiva Elementary School as teacher-librarian. For many years, she was involved in the total school experience, collaborating with colleagues and providing students with positive and challenging literary and literacy opportunities. Ilona''s passion for life allows her to participate and enjoy many activities. Friends and family are very important to her. She exercises regularly, reads, travels, writes poetry and children''s stories, skis, canoes and loves to sing. Ilona is married, has two children, and three grandchildren.

Monique Fauteux
Back-up singer and keyboard player, Monique Fauteux, has been part of Quebec’s song landscape for many years. Her association with the legendary band, Harmonium, will certainly be remembered as her first big break. Since then, she has shared her talents for studio projects or stage work with many leading artists, from Roch Voisine to Ginette Reno, François Cousineau to Charles Trenet and Jean-Pierre Ferland, to name only a few. In recent years, Monique became a faithful collaborator to Judi Richards and Sylvie Tremblay, with whom she shared centre stage in the «Un zest de jazz au Zest» concert, which was also presented at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Always aiming in bringing her team spirit to projects, she recently added to her credits collaboration with Marie Denise Pelletier for the singer’s recent «Plaisirs d’amour» concert series. Audiences have also had the chance to see her perform with Bob Walsh. The word comforting has often been used to describe Monique Fauteux’s voice. To this quality, she also offers her enthusiasm for group projects contributing to the blossoming of pop music in Quebec.

Janice Greenberg
Janice Greenberg is a native Montrealer, who performs under the name of Just Janyss. She first started singing at her family''s resort in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. Janyss knew from the first time she performed that she had to pursue a singing career. Soon after her debut, Janyss sang as lead vocalist in a couple of well-known local bands, City Lights and the Robert Rail Orchestra. She now sings as lead vocalist with a group called Timeless and is currently singing as part of a trio at local venues in and around Montreal. Janyss has a true passion for singing, which is seen and felt in all of her performances. She has a unique and powerful feel for entertainment. It is clear that Janyss is at home on the stage.

Joe Meffe
Singer and bassist with Montreal orchestra, City Lights, for more than 2 decades, Joe has covered many different styles of music from jazz to pop. He is presently involved in a variety of projects, including a compilation of his own original compositions.

Stephen J. Scott
Stephen is renowned for his ability to change the tone of his voice to suit the different styles of music that he sings. He was born in Montreal and started playing music in high school as a drummer. In 1986, Stephen had his first debut single with Island Records (4th & Broadway), title song, It’s Time for a Change. Later he went on to having many dance tracks placed on various dance compilations. As a singer-songwriter and producer, he was involved with the local French group, Infinite, on their English debut album and with the French group, Emotion.
Stephen has performed for such artists as Celine Dion and was background vocalist at the Chris de Burgh concert at the Molson Centre. Presently he is producing several different artists. By day, Stephen works at Mont Sinai Hospital and sees everyday how cancer takes the ones you love. At night he is the lead singer of the corporate and wedding Mix-up Orchestra, lighting the evening with that powerful voice.

About the Songs
When most people think about cancer treatment, they focus on a variety of medical procedures. However, psychological support is another aspect of cancer treatment that has recently been shown to have a significant effect on the well-being of patients and their loved ones. This is no surprise considering the wide range of feelings that people go though when faced with this difficult illness.

Music is a medium that can be very therapeutic since it touches people on a deep emotional level. The Colour''s Coming Back offers cancer patients and their friends and families a unique kind of listening experience that brings hope and healing.

Track 1 - A Taste for Life
Often people''s initial reaction to hearing they have cancer is one of fear and shock. Sometimes they wonder if there will ever be a light at the end of the tunnel. This is especially true if the treatment process is difficult. A Taste for Life touches on these feelings, but also offers the possibility that deep within one''s psyche there is a life force that gives people courage and motivates them to go on.

Track 2 - I Feel Your Sunshine
This song was written as a tribute to everyone who brightens your day by being there to offer comfort when you are going through a hard time. Its upbeat rock groove coupled with a Latin bass conveys a "sunshine" feel that underscores the message of support and encouragement.

Track 3 - Why Me?
"Why Me?" is the question that probably gets asked more than any other as people try to make sense out of a situation that makes no sense. We learn that if we are "good" we are rewarded, and that if we are "bad" we are punished. So where is the justice when those who are "good" fall ill or have loved ones who are sick? The tension and mental anguish in this song are heightened by the wailing of an electric guitar and the heavy beats of the bass drum.

Track 4 - My Quiet Place
In order to feel more comfortable, many people try visualization and hypnosis. The lyrics of My Quiet Place are a hypnosis script written by psychologist, Sharon Zigman. Listeners are encouraged to find the special corner in their minds where they can be free from stress. The sensory images and easy Latin rhythm help them imagine being in a beautiful, calm tropical island. In the background, the sounds of ocean waves are deliberately timed to coincide with slow breathing. This increases the kind of relaxed mood that can be experienced in hypnosis.

Track 5 - Gilda''s Song
Gilda''s Song celebrates the spirit of the late comedienne, Gilda Radner, from Saturday Night Live, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. Gilda believed that people touched by cancer should have the opportunity to participate in a support community where they can feel free to be themselves and where they can live with cancer as opposed to just cope with it. After Gilda''s death, her husband, Gene Wilder, created a cancer wellness center called "Gilda''s Club". Since its inception, Gilda''s Clubs have opened in cities across the US, Canada, and even in Europe. When people enter the trademark red door, they are immediately welcomed into the realm of acceptance, understanding, inspiration, and growth that Gilda Radner wished for.

Track 6 – Monique
A quarter century ago, biochemist and researcher Sarita Benchimol lost her sister, Monique, to a rare form of cancer. Throughout her illness, Monique always maintained her beauty, elegance, and above all her dignity. Upon her sister''s death, Sarita vowed to devote her life to cancer research. For 25 years, she was unable to express her sadness. However, in the song, Monique, which is a tribute to her sister, she finally speaks out. In this moving message to her sister, she brings exciting news - that through all the research that has been done, many people with cancer can now survive.

Track 7 - A Gift
A Gift is the true story about Arthur, a 13 year-old boy who succumbed to leukemia. With a perspective well beyond his years, he rejected the materialism of many youngsters his age and touched people at a very deep level with his human sensitivity. When a child dies, what can anyone possibly say that can inspire hope? This young man''s foster dad, Jack Fitch, had an answer that he wanted to share with everyone: Life is so short that we must take advantage of each moment and live it to the fullest. Though stricken by leukemia at such an early age, Arthur was the wonderful gift, the "shooting star …that made [its] mark/A stream of light fading into dark".

Track 8 - When You''re Near
When faced with life''s challenges, it is often difficult to manage on one''s own. Having someone who can be there to listen and offer support can make a tremendous difference to one''s morale. The melodious flute, smooth vocals, and rhythmic Latin accompaniment create a pleasant upbeat feel that listeners can enjoy.

Track 9 - Can''t Catch Me, I''m Houdini!
Barry D. Stein was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in the mid 1990s. Though his cancer spread to his lungs and his liver, he was not about to take his condition lying down. After going through nine major surgeries and participating in a novel vaccine trial, he successfully fought the disease. Committed to winning the battle against this all too prevalent cancer, he became the president of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. With a twinkle in his eye and a personable grin, he flies across the continent promoting awareness and educating people about colon cancer. He is dedicated to advocating for patients with colon cancer so that they get the support they need as well as timely access to diagnosis and treatment.

Track 10 - At a Crossroads
Quitting smoking is one of the most notable means to prevent all cancers, particularly lung cancer. Therefore, no CD about living with cancer would be complete without a song encouraging people to quit. At a Crossroads emphatically communicates this message. It was inspired by Fred Davis, a retired high school principal who had smoked in his younger days and then quit. Unfortunately, he got lung cancer several years ago and recently passed away. He felt so strongly about encouraging people to stop that he went around to schools to convince students to make this healthy choice. At a Crossroads, an upbeat rock tune, appeals to everyone who is thinking of quitting smoking and strengthens their resolve to take control over their addiction.

Track 11 - I''ll Be There
When people have cancer, having both faith and a reason to survive can have a significant effect on their prognosis. Based on a true story, I''ll Be There is about a grandmother whose faith is so strong that it enables her to fulfill her dream to be at her grandson''s wedding.

Track 12 - I''m Not Ready
Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and monthly chemotherapy treatments did not stop Ruth Goldstein from maintaining a positive perspective. Despite the nausea and fatigue, she continued to confront each difficult challenge one day at a time. Inspiring us all with her courage and optimism, Ruth was not about to be defeated in her fight against breast and ovarian cancer, the two most pervasive cancers among women.

Track 13 - Just Wanna Hold You
Saying good-bye to someone close is one of the most difficult challenges in life. Often, no words can express the deep feelings between loved ones when they know death and separation are imminent. Just holding each other offers the comfort that creates an exceptionally meaningful connection during these final moments. Mary Cowan wrote this song for her sister who was faced with the possibility of dying of a rare kind of cancer. A breast cancer survivor herself, she understood the importance of being held and of sharing the painful reality of loss with someone who cares. The rhythm and tone of the music suggest the inevitability of time passing and the sense of nostalgia that is an inherent part of the grieving process.

Track 14 - The Colour''s Coming Back
After the death of a loved one, how can people work through their grief? The process can be long and difficult, especially if the individuals were very close. Finding a creative outlet can be an inspiring way to heal. The Colour''s Coming Back is a song about Eva Shainblum, who lost her husband to cancer and started to get over her grief by painting. Through her artwork, she experienced a great sense of satisfaction and inner peace that gradually helped to fill the emptiness in her heart.

Zigman Creative Projects Foundation
Supports Cancer Charities

The executive producers of the album, Zigman Creative Projects Foundation, had a vision - to support cancer prevention, research, treatment, and wellness through the sale of the CD. To this end, a portion of the proceeds from album sales has been donated to various cancer-related charities and to hospitals.


Because of the unique nature of the CD as a medium for providing emotional support for people touched by cancer, there has been a very positive response to the album from journalists in both in the music and health care communities. Here are some of the comments:

“It’s rare for a CD to keep generating media attention some two years after its release, but that has been happening with The Colour’s Coming Back. That testifies to both the important and timeless nature of the project, and the determination of its creators. The album is a collection of original songs dealing with the theme of people living with cancer. The songs are based on real-life stories, resulting in material that is by turns poignant and uplifting.
- Kerry Doyle, SOCAN Website Feature Article Autumn 2007

“The Colour’s Coming Back is a heartfelt lovely way for people to connect with others who have cancer. The styles are eclectic and the lyrics refreshingly honest. The music is soothing and empowering, the voices polished … It was cathartic and surprisingly effective in connecting me to my innermost feelings about those we have lost through this rampant disease.”
- Nancy Snipper, The Chronicle West End Edition, July 6, 2005

“The Colour’s Coming Back Makes Waves Among Cancer Victims”
- Canadian Musician, Summer 2007

“Although all songs [on the CD, The Colour’s Coming Back] are inspired by real stories, the essential aim was not only to remind us of the tragedy of living with cancer or losing someone to this dreadful disease, but also to emphasize the survivors’ strengths and courage.”
- Nicole Aubé, Ph.D. Psychologist, Psynopsis (Canadian Psychological Association’s Newspaper), Winter 2008

All 14 songs on The Colour’s Coming Back are based on true stories and were written to inspire people affected by cancer. The CD’s lineup is unique in content and musical style – ranging from pop and rock to blues and Latin bossa novas.
- Voilà, McGill (McGill University Electronic Newletter), July 26, 2005

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