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Big Niche Profits: Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Free Stuff: Big Profit:
“Free stuff brings multiple streams of income”.
You may have heard about a concept before called “multiple streams
of income”. If you havent; please allow me to introduce you to the
Multiple streams of income are the only way to help fully secure
your online profits by allowing you to collect money and income
from various different sources.
This enables you to stay afloat should you lose a major stream of
Those who fail to secure multiple streams of income in the online
world by throwing all their “eggs in one basket” run a higher risk of
having to close up shop because they no longer have cash flow
coming in, should their cash cow go under.
The unfortunate side of all this is that it happens far to often to
internet marketers who do not plan ahead or think outside the box.
My most recent work this light e-book “Free Stuff: Big Profit”
shows one amazing great way to secure many “multiple streams of
income” that could be beneficial for years to come.
So grab a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy my teachings on
a great way to start growing your income to the next level with a no
fluff, no hype, no filler & always no BS approach.
How to start Generating Multiple Streams of Income
This system is simple in nature. Our object here is to take Free
Products and make money. At first glance many wonder how they
can make money with a free product. Good news is you are about to
learn. Take notes as needed.
Step #1
Where to find your Free products to “Sell”
I am going to show you a couple places that I love to use to make
fast easy money on free stuff. By the way they are all also Free to
The first place is called Our Free Stuff and they have hundreds of
free products that you can offer to your email list, web site,
classified ads or anywhere else youd like to advertise for many
different countries.
You can target your products by specific countries and for any
individual offer.
One of my favorite places to find free stuff to market is AdValiant.
Not all of their products are “free offers” but many of them are and
they are very easy to market. I also like The Affiliated.
I suggest signing up for all 3 to find your free products.
However you may use any of the major affiliate sites as well like
Commission Junction, Linkshare or Performics. Though they have
free offers there; they are not as readily available and require a little
more searching on your part but you can still use them to make good
So take some time to get signed up to at least the 3 freebie sites I
have above and come back and Ill walk you through how you can
make a good income with this alone.
Step #2
Selecting Your Free Products to Market
Before I even think of a product to market I browse the different
offers that each my 3 favorite networks has to available.
I always look for freebies that people dont have to sign their life
away for. I put myself in my customers shoes and think about “How
does this offer sound to me if I was to buy in”.
If you wouldnt take someone up on the offer dont try to market that
one; go for something else.
What I then look for is how do I profit from this free offer? Is is by
Lead or by sale of something that gives the customer something free
with the sale?
Making money by a “lead” is sometimes the easiest way to profit
with this system.
If you are unsure of what a lead is; its simply when someone fills out
a small form to receive something by email, and allows the publisher
that you are promoting the product or offer for to capture that
persons email address.
This allows the publisher to target that person down the future and
for that the publisher will pay you a commission. These
commissions can range from $1- hundreds of dollars depending what
type of free product you are promoting.
Ill give you an example of one of the leads I use to make a lot of
money off of.
Free PS3 Offer
“Sign up for a free Play Station 3 drawing
Simply enter your name and email below and you are entered to
When someone clicks your link to that publisher they go to the
sample above and simply fill out the form.
After they fill out the form it is then sent to the publisher and for that
specific offer you get $1.15 per entry.
It doesnt sound like much but could you imagine hundreds or
thousands of people generating leads for this every month?
Believe me it adds up faster than you think and you stand to profit a
lot of extra cash.
The next type of free product is a PPA or (Pay Per Action). A PPA
is generally a pay per sale.
You get commissions if the customers clicks through your link and
either makes a purchase at the publishers web site or whatever action
they would like the customer to take; again usually a sale.
So on PPA free offer I would look for something that offer
something substantial free for a small membership or something
similar to that.
Ill give you an example of a free PPA that can be used to make a lot
of extra income.
NutriSystem Program -
One FREE Week of Food -
This unique weight loss system offers the user 1 week complimentary when they sign up
for the 28 day program. Just in time for summer, check this offer out!
Now this particular PPA pays $60 every time someone signs up with
them through your link! Part of the big draw with this offer is the
customer gets a whole week of food free.
In my studies the big dollar offers dont usually make much more
than the smaller payouts. For instance a 2 day study with the first ad
I showed you and the ad just above was.
Offer #1- $115 profit
Offer#2-$120 profit
Now during the test I did this with no extra promotions.
I placed an add on a weight loss site I own for the second offer and
the first offer was placed on a toy site I own. Both with similar
I also placed an ad for each one on 2 different classified ad web
The obvious statement would be that something 100% free converts
better than something that just offers something free.
Hence the Playstation offer had 100 leads at $1.15 each and the
Weight Loss one had 2 sales but the sales were worth more.
Demonstrating to me that either one would work.
So those are the 2 major things finding offers now lets look at the
next step.
Step #3
Keyword Research To Help Promote Your Free Product
If you have read any of my other e-books, newsletters or reports
youve probably seen this next technique but it works so well.
This is the best way to research your keywords you want to use to
promote your free products.
First thing I do is open up my free keywords wordtracker account. If
you dont have a free account with keywords wordtracker yet I
suggest you get one here. For even better results try this low priced
keyword tool.
Next what youll want to do as mentioned above and figure out what
offers look good and then start doing some research. So look at the
different PPA products or PPL (pay per lead) products and figure out
what one youd like to delve into deeper.
If you skip this part youll kick yourself later as your sales will be
lower than youd like to achieve. So pay attention to this step.
So what I am doing right now is scanning through my advaliant
account looking for something Id like to promote. You should do
the same.
After about 10 minutes Ive selected one that I want to do a little
more research on. There is an offer for free cigar cases. So I am
going to try this one.
Next I load up my free keyword wordtracker account and start doing
some research.
To do the research all I am going to do is type in my keywords “free
cigar case” minus the parenthesis. The results should bring up the
plural and non plural form of “free cigar cases” plus other
However Upon trying these keywords I got no results. I am going to
try “Free Cigar” instead. Even though its not exactly what I am
offering it will probably get me some conversions as people wanting
free cigars may want free cigar cases.
Upon searching for the words “free cigar” again minus parenthesis- I
get a screen shot that looks like this.
(See Next page For Screen Shot)
Now the number beside each keyword is how many times per day it
gets searched (potentially) its not exact science but word tracker
does a pretty good job compiling stats.
Free cigar is getting searched 61 times a day and free cigars is
getting searched 31 times a day; which is not bad.
Thats about 1830 a month for the first word and 930 for the second.
Both respectable for getting some sales.
Typically I want about 1500+ searches a month to devote any
amount of time to this technique. So lets use the first keyword
phrase “free cigar”.
Lets look at our competition for these keywords by going to google
and doing a search for the term “free cigar” minus the quotes.
Upon looking at the search in Google I see a Screen that looks like
(See Next Page For Screen Shot)
Now what we want to do here is go into either the top 5 or 10 results
and look at how many back links they each have.
For this demo I will go into the top site to check out the competition.
What you are looking to do is check how deep the competition is.
Youll want to use the below techniques on each site in the top 10.
To find out how many back links a particular web page has simply
go to that web page.
We are going to use the first link in our search results as an example.
Which is.....
Going into this web page you would then copy whats in your
browser and go to yahoo (Ill explain in a moment).
Once at yahoo type
link:https://www.tradebit.com as the beginning
link: command allows you to view pages connecting to that
particular web page, notice I said web page and not the entire web
This particular web page has 3 back links. Using the “except this
domain” option from the search engine menu list will allow you to
see just links from outside sources; this is the option youll want.
Make sure to use yahoo and not google for this as google numbers
are not accurate..
(see Screen Shot Example Below)
Now looking at this you can see how many back links the web page
that had number one for these keywords on google had.
I then make note of how many back links number #1 had and then
go and look at how well that certain web page is optimized.
Without going into page after page of SEO I simply look at how
many times the keyword is used on the page and if its used in the
title, body and footer of the page. That requires visiting the site you
want to compete with.
Then take into account how many back links the site had on top of
how well the page is optimized and then figure out how you can out
do the competition.
This competition would be easy to take out as they really are not
well optimized nor do they have many back links. They do not have
the keywords I want to compete for in the body or title. They do
have the words free cigars used quite frequently but make note: the
plural and regular versions of a word or phrase are different. I also
note that they use the words “free cigar” 2 times near the middle of
the page.
I would estimate that a well optimized page plus a few back links
should be able to at least get you ranked pretty close if not higher
than the #1 site for this. Regardless it would be rather easy.
To optimize your page or ad correctly remember to use your choice
keywords once in the title once early on in the page body and then a
few more times in the body of the page. Follow up by placing your
keywords also in the bottom or footer of your web page or ad as
The next part has two paths to follow.
Step #4
To Make a Web Site Or Not To
This next part is simply up to you. You have options for what route
youll be taking here.
Youll want to figure out if your keywords are worth making an
entire web site for.
Now I dont suggest making a full blown web site for anything
unless its going to be a big topic.
However here are some stats I usually look for to help me in my
choices. If a keyword has under 1500 searches per month I usually
wont build a web site, if it has 1500+ I probably would.
If I do build a web site for something that has 1500 searches per
month or less it would be a small 1-5 page web site.
I simply dont want to waste a lot of time on something that doesnt
make me a lot money. Again this is up to you.
Or you could simply make one page on a web site you already own
with the words free cigar in the page URL, to save time.
The sample keywords above “free cigar” I myself would probably
just make one page on an existing web site if I had something
somewhat related.
Or you could simply market this freebie using classified ads or
article marketing.
If you need help with classified ad marketing I do also have a very
useful e-book that may help with this that shows all the ends and
outs of building classified ads
You can get a copy of Mega “Classified” Millions here.
Both article marketing and classified ad marketing would work. Just
make sure you include your affiliate link for your freebie in your
article or in your ad so that you can earn commissions off this
product if someone clicks and acts on it.
Also be sure that when you list your product that you use your
keywords in the title, body and bottom of your web page, article or
ad. Search engines like that and if you arent doing this you are
missing sales.
Another alternative to all of the above is to just add the offer to an
existing web page that already has traffic.
For instance I have a toy site that I added the play station 3 freebie
to a web page about toys that generates an extra $10+ a day for me.
I just added the offer to the top of an existing page.
It Doesnt sound like much but when you have either a lot of sites
going or a lot of freebies going in many web pages it adds up
Lets Talk About Traffic....
In mentioning traffic I want to also mention that this section also
talks not only about traffic but increasing sales as they go hand in
hand. I tied this final section of the e-book together to show you
how the extra traffic also becomes extra sales.
The following things I always do whether I design a web page for
my product or just promote it with a link through an article or
classified ad.
I always make a press release for my freebie and I never use a paid
press release service; its always free.
My 2 favorite press release sites for this are Prlog and I-newswire.
I also always make sure to link the press release to my web site,
classified ad or article.
Both sites listed above offer paid submission as well which can
provide many extra back links and more press; however for this
technique its really not needed- I never pay for a press release.
Press Releases not only provide an extra back link for your web site
but youll also get extra visitors from the press release sites.
If I build my own web page for the product I always build an extra
profit builder. Well thats what I call it any way.
Its quite simply an email list. You can skip this email list method if
you want; however why would you want to?
If you offer a newsletter about your product on your web site you
can get in contact with everyone that comes to your web site at a
later date through an email.
Doing this will let me get in touch with the thousands of extra
subscribers any time I want and send them either more offers for the
same or similar products via email or contact them with updates,
which results in extra sales and traffic.
The best and probably the easiest way on earth to capture people to
an email list of yours is to use a really inexpensive service called
With this service you can capture peoples email addresses, send auto
responder messages and supports as many lists as you want to build.
You can also give AWeber a free test drive at their site to see what
you think before paying the small monthly fee.
Trust me; sign up for it if you plan on using an email list. Youll
thank me later as it will bring repeat traffic and sales to your web
site, ad or article.
I have used their service to quickly build my email lists and its all
click-of a button-easy.
I also recommend to build a myspace profile or a Xanga profile. I
dont normally list these ideas in my profit building guides but they
can add not only extra back links to your ads or sites but can add the
all-mighty extra sales.
They are easy to build and you can link off to your freebies from
your profile at those places.
Probably my favorite way to build traffic fast is to use PPC
marketing. PPC marketing is (Pay Per Click Marketing). However
before jumping into PPC marketing start small and work your way
What do I mean? The mistake most people make with PPC
marketing is that they just set a campaign with as many keywords
they can.
That is a horrible idea and Ill tell you why. Simply stuffing a PPC
campaign with mass amounts of keywords will only lead to more
clicks but less conversions.
Youll want to target action keywords and longer tailed keywords in
your campaigns.
For instance if I was promoting an item like a free cell phone I
would try “free cell phones” and “free cell phone” to start things off
and a few other keywords.
Then I would track it and se how well it does. I would also include
very descriptive keywords like “free Samsung cell phone” or “free
blue cell phone” etc.
If the words “free cell phone or “free cell phones” dont convert well
drop em and search deeper for better keywords.
PPC marketing can be one of the best ways to get that targeted
traffic you are looking for but it can be expensive so try and keep
your costs down.
I always try to keep my keywords under 20 cents if possible and
many times much less. I like to make at least double off any
campaign that I am promoting.
However some people are fine with making less than that on each
sale and that is fine to, they choice really comes down to you.
I also like to use article marketing to get traffic to my classified ads
or web page or other articles whichever I decide to use.
To do this simply write a brief article and submit it to a few good
article sites like ezine articles or goarticles.
Make sure that you have a back link in your articles to wherever you
want the viewer to go.
Whether you are sending them to another article that contains your
affiliate link, your web site that contains your affiliate link or your
classified ad that again contains your affiliate link.
The options are up to you how deep you want to connect your pages.
I usually at least get a few more back links that I believe Ill need for
my product.
If I think I only need 10 back links I grab 15-20. It brings me extra
traffic in the long run.
Keep in mind your articles need to be optimized the same way your
ads or web pages should be optimized for your keywords.
This allows the search engines to place higher relevance on your
classified ad
You can pick up more traffic tips at my web site or by joining my
email traffic tips list – its all free.
In Closing: Lets Recap
Using this e-book can make you the money you want and deserve if
you follow it put some time into it. I do this as much as possible
when I an not working on training others.
Promoting free products this way provides me with extra secure
streams of income. I honestly believe that we as marketers need
every possible stream of income we can get as every littler bit helps.
Its not fueled by greed but security and everyone should be doing
this for some easy extra income.
So today make your stand and start making that extra income you
So let me just bullet the key points again to focus on when
promoting free products.
● Step #1: Find your source of free products.
● Step #2: Select your free product you want to market.
● Step #3: Research your keyword or keywords for your free
● Step #4: Decide if its worth building a web site.
● Step #5: Build Traffic to your listings or web site.
● Step #6: You didnt know this one existed did you? Step 6 is
about you. Focus and you will achieve results. This can only
come from you.
I am not some brilliant man and I believe anyone can do what I do
if they put their mind to it.
Go achieve your extra income today......
All Content is copyright michael s brown.
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4. Either choose to conduct searches for more similar keywords by clicking on the ‘main keyword’
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