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Covert Conversion Pro

In a world where online marketers scratch and claw for diminishing returns you can grab the upper hand and profit like wild anytime you please - starting right now...

\"Catapult Your Profits And Your ROI With The Powerful New Software That Tells You Without Fail What Makes Money And What Does Not...\"

Ever wish you had a money making crystal ball? Well, who needs it when you have this bad boy in your marketing arsenal...

URGENT: Other alternatives will cost you thousands and do less... but Covert Conversion Pro gives you the power of complete online profit and business optimization for a just tiny fraction of that - only if you act right now...

If you were to poll 1000 marketers and ask questions about their businesses to find out why the successful marketers are successful when others are not, do you know what you might discover?

Successful marketers don\'t leave it up to chance.

That\'s right. The guys and gals online that are raking it in, making more money than sin, they aren\'t just slapping stuff up willy nilly and hoping it sticks...

No, they are acutely aware of what makes them money, and even more importantly, what WILL make them money.

So - do these folks have some kind of crystal ball? And if so, where do you get yours? More in a moment...

\"What\'s The Real Secret?\"

Let\'s be frank... we all get bombarded with sales messages every single day.

And in the Internet Marketing community talk of \'secrets\' abound. One sales letter tells you that it contains the secrets to unfathomable online wealth, while another says that it will reveal the secrets to the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

And yet they rarely unveil anything you don\'t already know. Why?

Because the real secret to incredible online wealth is that you must test and track your way to online success - you must monitor your campaigns and make informed business decisions based on real metrics - you must know where your money is going and where it is coming from.

Sounds boring, time consuming, and not nearly as exciting as \"a Ferrari in your driveway by next Tuesday\"... I know.

And it\'s true - tracking your sales and optimizing your business has been boring and time consuming in the past.

Until now.

Because I\'ve spent months in the lab developing the premier software application to automate all of your sales tracking, from PPC, to organic search, to email and newsletter campaigns.

And it\'s so thrilling to see your stats and to understand how to scientifically increase your profits that you might find yourself addicted to checking them... once you have my new weapon in your hands.

\"Some Call Me The Online Robin Hood...\"


Because I\'m convinced that you should be able to compete on a level playing field with all the big boys in the industry and you shouldn\'t have to take out a second mortgage just to try.

So, I take the best industry solutions, make them better, and then I hand them to you on a silver platter for a price that makes you smile.

I\'m taking from the rich - and giving everyone else a chance to become rich too.

And my approach to optimizing your business to the fullest extent and for maximum profits... well that would be no different.

There were three requirements I had to create the perfect automated profit optimization tool. Those were that the software needed to track ALL of your sales, from PPC, to affiliate links, to keywords, to organic search, to email and newsletter campaigns...

And it needed to be hosted on your own server to protect the safety of your information and keep costs down... which leads to the third crucial component... it had to be affordable enough for anyone to use.

\"It Needed The Green Light...\"

That\'s right - if I was going to release this new and powerfully profitable tool, it needed to accommodate all three area mentioned above... it needed what I call \"The Green Light\".

There are already 3 applications on the market - and each is good in its own way. But as you can see below, not one of them has the Green Light.

Each falls short in at least one crucial area...

Program On Your Server? Tracks All Sales Expensive?
XRay Domination Y N Y ($1500)
Affiliate Radar N Y Y ($1164 per year)
Xtreme Conversions Y Y Y ($177 regular price - $97 in special offer)

So what did I do?

I went ahead and created an application that fully covers these three critical areas for you, so that you could begin optimizing your business and your profits immediately.

I created...

Covert Conversion Pro is the culmination of months of hard work in the lab... coding, testing, and perfecting for you.

I\'m deadly serious when I say that this application needed to do everything those high priced applications needed to do, and even more. Because my mission is to give you the fighting chance and even the upper hand that you deserve!

And now finally, it\'s available to you to turn your business into the streamlined automated profit powerhouse it deserves to be...

At a glance Covert Conversion Pro allows you to easily track and profit from ALL of your online marketing efforts by allowing you to...

Easily Track Your PPC Advertising - Whether you use AdWords, Yahoo PN, or MSN AdCenter for your PPC advertising Covert Conversion Pro tells you what is making you money and what is not so that you can focus ONLY on the profitable campaigns. Never again dedicate time, resources, or your hard earned cash to losers.

Easily Track Your Organic Search - Not only will CCP tell you what PPC campaigns are working for you, it will also tell you how you\'re converting with your organic search listings. That\'s right - this isn\'t just geared for affiliate promos - this is geared for your ENTIRE business. Always know what is making you money and what needs fine tuning to quickly increase your profits!

Easily Track \"Environments\" - Understanding your conversions is crucial to your success... in fact, try to get a big hitter JV to mail for you without knowing what your numbers are. With environment tracking you\'ll know how you\'re converting with email promos, ezine ads, text links, partners, forum sigs, videos, blog posts - and everywhere else that you\'re selling. This eliminates the once time consuming process of trying to single out the unique visitors from a solitary campaign and tracking just those sales to determine your profits. With CCP it\'s all right there for you, point and click simple, and stats at a glance!

Automatically Create & Easily Edit Your Landing Pages For Tracking - No other application has this kind of ease and flexibility. CCP will automatically create your tracking package and has a built in file editor so you can add the tracking codes right to your web pages from within CCP with the click of a button!. Forget about ftp, cPanel, DreamWeaver, or FrontPage, copy, paste...- you do it all from within CCP in mere minutes!

Easily integrate with your Link Cloaking Software / Script. CCP does not cloak link (as most do not want to change their habits and move from their favorite link cloaking solution), but it has be designed so that it integrates with your Link Cloaking System. It has been tested with the best 2 solutions on the market Stealth Affiliate and Go Try This (also black hat edition).

And SO much more!

Covert Conversion Pro comes pre loaded with the top affiliate networks already, including:

Commission Junction






CPA Empire

Completing the set up for these programs is truly push button simple... simply click the edit icon in the screen below and fill out a couple of fields including your merchant link, upload a CSV from the network and you\'re good to go.

And Commission Junction updates to your CJ account in real time, automatically, so you don\'t even need to worry about a CSV for that one.

Got an affiliate network that\'s not listed? No problem. You can add as many as you need in order to manage and optimize your business and CCP will instantly learn how to track them- and it\'s all done in mere minutes.

And the screen below is really what it\'s all about...

Here\'s where you separate your self from the boys, girls, and wannabe\'s... because with this one screen you know EXACTLY what is making you money, how much it is making you, what your conversions are, and what is simply costing you - so that you can streamline your business....

And become an astonishingly efficient online profit machine.

That\'s right - these few screens can mean a world of difference for your online business. They will allow you to quickly and easily manage the entire process, all under one roof, and all with just a few clicks.

If you\'re serious about your success online then it shouldn\'t even be a question by now as to what you should do... you should be heading down to the order button and grabbing Covert Conversion Pro immediately...

\"And Oh Yeah - This Is Critical!\"

Those other solutions I mentioned earlier - they missed one very important aspect to all of this...

Tracking at the bid keyword level only like XRay and Affiliate Radar do means that you are missing out on a lot of traffic to your sites.

You see, those two applications will only allow you to track the keywords that you have imported or manually added (also consider the efforts needed to go into your Adwords account for example and import thousands of keywords for dozen of campaigns...).

Covert Conversion Pro tracks at the search phrase level which means that in addition to tracking your own keywords and keyphrases, it tracks ALL the keywords that generate traffic and sales for your sites and campaigns...


Simply put, CCP is not going to let you miss out on profitable traffic, EVER.

Bonus Training Video Tutorials

That\'s right - when you grab CCP you\'re getting a look over my shoulder as I walk you by the hand through install, set up, and use of CCP.

But this is more than just software tutorials, because I\'m also going to take you step by step through several profit methods you need to add into your marketing arsenal... Profit methods such as:

Using CCP With PPC - In this powerful tutorial you\'ll watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly hot to create a new PPC campaign, create the tracking page, and start redirecting traffic for maximum profits!

CCP Affiliate Email Broadcasts - In this video you\'ll discover how to create a winning ad for an affiliate program, build your tracking page, and begin redirecting traffic to that page from your email - quickly, easily, and profitably!

CCP With Landing Page Promotions - In this tutorial you\'ll uncover the secret to promoting affiliate programs with landing pages and you\'ll find out how to modify your landing page with CCP code to track your affiliate link and maximize your ROI!

Promoting Your Own Product With PPC - Remember - with Covert Conversion Pro you\'re not tied down to tracking just affiliate programs like some of those other apps... and in this vid you\'ll find out exactly how to get the CCP code on your sales page and thank you page to track ALL keywords that generate traffic and sales for you.

Promoting Your Own Product By Email - This tutorial closes off the set by teaching you how to add code to your sales page and thank you pages to track your traffic and sales through email, so that you know which campaigns are profitable and which ones need changing or even getting dropped from your portfolio.

Using CCP exclusive Deep Linking Mass Import - Are you an advanced PPC user, managing hundreds of campaigns / affiliate links, advertising environments? We have created a spcial \"Deep Linking\" features that will allow you to easily configure CCP to track hundreds of campaigns promoting hundreds of affiliate programs. Upload your csv file and that\'s it...in less than a few seconds!

Updating Your Sales Data - You will learn how to efficiently get sales report for your keyword using either the automated updating features (CJ and Linkshare) or via CSV uploading of your sales data.

When you add CCP into your marketing mix, you\'re not going to be left high and dry... or blowing in the wind, trying to figure it all out on your own.

These bonus videos will have you testing and tracking in mere minutes from getting started!

One thing though - you...

\"Don\'t Even Blink Too Long...\"

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