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The Words of Power for Healing CD

The Miraculous Names of God for Healing

Benefits: increases the body’s natural healing potential, enhances the subconscious mind’s ability to heal the body, helps erase the anxiety, doubt, and fear associated with the healing process, strengthens the power of the aura, helps to clear negative thought forms

This is our most powerful CD creation to date. Since time began priests, healers, medicine men, and shamans from hundreds of cultures have been aware of the power of specific combinations of words and phrases. These \\\\\\\\\\\\Words of Power\\\\\\\\\\\\, when spoken aloud or sung, or even when intoned silently within, are said to hold the power of creation itself. In the Bible, Genesis states that God said \\\\\\\\\\\\Let there be Light!\\\\\\\\\\\\. In this passage, the Bible clearly implies that God used words to enlighten the world and everything in it.

In this unique series, you will hear an extremely powerful set of spiritual tools. The precise use and application of this technology has been hidden from the public for more than 3400 years. You are about to discover the secrets of Prosperity, Healing, Removing Negative Forces, Removing Obstacles, Spiritual Power, and Enlightenment through the use of the Word.

Words of Healing

The Old Testament and New Testaments are filled with passages that point to the use of sacred words and phrases that were used for the purpose of healing the sick, creating food and wine, casting out unclean spirits, and even raising the dead. A large part of ancient Egyptian literature is founded in the use of divine words and phrases. According to their beliefs, the God Thoth used these divine words to speak all creation into existence. For many of the inhabitants of India and other countries of the Far East, the intonation of special words of power or “Mantras” is an essential part of daily living. A number of ancient Tibetan and Hindu texts are filled with special words that are designed to bring success in love, cure disease, and even prevent war.

In Central America, the Maya were known to use words of power to influence the weather, banish illness, and to ask the favor of the Gods. The Sangomas or Shamans of Africa are especially adept at the use of songs, chants, and words of power in the formation of a powerful form of medicine. Explorers in the Congos have documented cases in which they have seen medicine heal the sick, bring on rain storms, ease the pain of childbirth, and even calm the fury of raging animals all with the utterance of a single word or phrase.

According to Christian legend, Jesus used a system of powerful spiritual phrases, called the Paradosis, in order to pass his power on to his disciples. After he whispered these words into the ear of the disciple, they were immediately able to raise the dead, heal the sick, and repeat all the miracles that Jesus himself was able to do. Clearly we can see that the use of special words and phrases is a deeply rooted tradition in many parts of the world. It is important to recognize however that merely uttering these words and phrases is not enough. In order for them to work for you, one must know the secret to their power. Sharing that secret with you is the reason that we created this series that we call, “The Words of Power”.

During the course of this CD, you will hear an extremely powerful set of spiritual tools. The precise use and application of this technology has been hidden from the public for over 3400 years. As you are about to discover, the power of the phrases that you are about to hear can help you part the waters of all the obstacles that confront you in your life. You will find, that through the use of these words and the application of absolute certainty, all the chaos will ultimately be eliminated from your life.

The revelation of the words of this series is itself a miracle, one that has only been recently been accomplished through the work of several great spiritual teachers who spent over 60 years gathering this information. Their work has shown that when you commit yourself to proactive behavior and absolute certainty in the use of the words, the power of mind over matter is released in our consciousness. Consciousness is the power that underlies every action and event in the world. The acts of breathing, chewing your food, driving your car, and even removing illness from your life, all begin in your consciousness. The Words of Power are the bridge between this power of consciousness and its manifestation in the physical realm. When you combine the power of proactive behavior with the conviction of absolute certainty in the success of your actions, you will very quickly gain knowledge and capabilities that have been denied to generation of people who live in fear and chaos.

In this CD, Words of Healing you will hear ancient phrases that have been uses for centuries to evoke powerful healing forces for those in need…… As you hear these words of power, focus on the clearest, brightest, most pure Light that you can imagine. With all your might, remove all doubt and fear from your mind as you fix your attention on being radiant, healthy, and totally free of illness of any kind. All you have to do is to hold a single healthy, radiant, totally clear thought in your mind while you focus on the words, and the Light will do the rest. Recognize that true mental and physical health does not originate from the physical matter of the brain and body. True health can and does originate from the Light of the Creator.

Instructions for use:

The Words of Power for Healing may be listened to with or without headphones. Listen to the CD all the way through while you sit in a relaxed state. Concentrate on clearing your mind.

Focus on something that you want to heal in your life. A word of advice; in many cases, the first thing we need to heal are the blocks that we put up against allowing ourselves to heal. Focus on all the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that you can imagine that may prevent you from being healthy.

The Words of Power for Healing are tools. They work with the subconscious mind in order to create an effect. The effectiveness of the Words depends largely on your ability to get out of your own way and let God do his work. Our doubts and fears are the biggest obstacles to the miracles that he wants to give us.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Use the CD several times in order to give your brain a chance to acclimate to the effect.

Do not use this CD while driving or using potentially equipment. Allow at least one hour after the completion of using this CD for rest and relaxation.

You may use the CD as often as you wish. Give yourself some time to relax after you finish the CD.

Words of Power for Healing

(spoken on CD)

Arom Nahrea- mantra used to unlock the power of the Words..

Yeli, Mahash, Aka, Haqem, Paha, Neith, Haa, Vamet, Moum

Arom Nahrea- mantra used to unlock the power of the Words..

More Words of Power

Agios otheos

Agios ischiros

Agios athanatos

These words will help assuage symptoms related to fever and headache….repeat them for five minutes over the afflicted individual.

The following words may also be effective for the alleviation of symptoms related to fever and headache;



Repeat them for five minutes over the afflicted

The following words of power help reduce bleeding in an emergency…repeat the words while looking at your hands and then lay the hands on the wound..



Then say the following to activate the power of the words:


The following is the most powerful healing mantra I have ever encountered. This mantra has completely cured one person from a schizophrenic break who was on a locked ward. The patient in question was supposed to be “incurable”. He has since graduated from Art School which he attended on a full scholarship.

Another client was in constant pain for four years. She said the mantra daily for two weeks and she is now pain free. Another client had a chronic medical condition and needed to take a lot of medicine every day just to survive. After saying the above mantra for two weeks, he is off medicine entirely.

Om Apadamapa Hataram Dataram Sarva Sampadam Loka Bhi Ramam Sri Ramam Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham

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