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Find Job UK - Job Search Success

Get The Job You Want - Use These UK Secrets

Two years of research. Two years of talking to the top recruiters, the real HR experts – and the people who have successfully landed their dream job. Two years gathering the top job search secrets – now available to you today in this 160 page book – and available for instant download to your computer.

Here\s what a recent purchaser said:

\\\Job Search Success has been a fantastic help for me throughout the job seeking process. One thing you will find when you’re trying to put together a CV is that so many different websites exist on the Internet, which are all trying to give you different advice. Instead of wasting time searching different sites, this one book can do it all for you. It’s detailed, precise, well laid out, and thoroughly covers all aspects of the job seeking process.

What is particularly useful is that the advice throughout the book is supported by actual examples in the annexes, where you can find sample CV’s, cover letters, speculative letters, and even phrases suitable for your profile. Job Search Success has helped me to confidently construct a CV, and several employers have told me how impressed they were by the content and layout of it.\\\

Lauren Taylor
Repton, Derbyshire

Dear Job Seeker,

Getting a new job is a job in itself.

As you’re actively looking for help in finding a new job – as you’ve found this page – you’re clearly serious about doing it a better way.

It’s not easy …

But it can be fun – if you treat it as a challenge – one you can win, with our help.

Our new 160+ page book – which is available for instant download here, today – takes you by the hand around the UK jobs market.

Forget stories about the recession – yes, there’s pressure on jobs, but you need to know how to successfully cope with this- and use it to your advantage.

We’ve all heard about the \\lucky\\ people, who have / get good jobs.

But it’s not about luck – it’s about work.

To get a job, you need to work at it – and if you’re not prepared to work at getting a job, well, you’ll never get a job – simple as that!

I’m Chris Towland and for 2 years I’ve been interviewing, cajoling, pestering and otherwise bothering HR consultants, recruiters – and successful job applicants – to find out the real secrets to success in the business of Successful Job Searching.

I’m now ready to share these secrets with you ….

Simply Use the Insider Techniques in
\\Job Search Success\\ to Propel Yourself
Far Ahead of Other Job Seekers and
Get Yourself a Great Job

Here’s some of the insider secrets you’ll learn – secrets that your fellow job-seekers aren’t even aware of – let alone using!

Let’s start with 3 amazing ways to improve your CV – with no lying, no cheating, nothing underhand in any way whatsoever.

And we’ll show you

1) How to use a simple piece of card approximately 3½ x 2 inches can get you in the door to a job that many other job hunters never get to know about (page 34).

2) Why you must have 2 email addresses to be successful at job hunting – you’ll slap your head in amazement when you see the power of this (page 22)?

3) 3 PROVEN steps to enable you to easily find those companies who ARE taking on staff – right now

4) 3 simple \\keys\\ which will allow you to easily and instantly automate the job hunting process, by using your computer and the search engines in a special way

We’ll also show you

1) the THREE things you must never, ever do at interviews. More people lose jobs through these simple, but not obvious, errors than you’d have ever realised.

2) Pre interview nerves – an amazingly simple method which allows ANYONE to combat these and any instant emergencies which crop up

3) 6 (tried, tested and proven) simple strategies for completing even the most fiendishly complicated job application form – without massive effort

4) 7 tips for using magic words – magic words which add astonishing power to your CV – making it really stand out from the others - pretty much guaranteeing you the interview – and the job! (page 121).

5) A nice little tip for reclaiming your travel expenses - as ever, totally legitimately, of course! (page 93).

6) Our favourite tip – how to get around 2,500 people (mostly strangers!) to help you find out about the massive number of \\hidden\\ jobs (page 63)!

7) And, whilst we’re on the \\hidden\\ jobs, we’ll reveal a totally unheard of secret to find these jobs - easily

But remember, it’s still not easy – which is why we have included even more in this over 160 page book on getting UK jobs.

Much more.

Even in a recession some companies are taking on more staff. We give you a list of the ones which employ the most – with a direct link to their actual website recruitment pages (pages 132 to 145).

There are certain things that really put interviewers off - within the first few seconds of meeting you. We tell you what they are so that you can prepare beforehand – and not get caught out. (page 168).

Potential employers love to hear that you are making real use of your time whilst you are job hunting. What better way than to update yourself using free resources or get yourself on a free course? It impresses the life out of recruiters – and makes you \\stand apart\\ from the other applicants! (page 75 and 147).

You may just need some assistance in getting, for example, a new suit for your interviews. Find out about a little-known grant that will pay towards the cost (page 89).

Did you know that your personality may not be suited to certain jobs? This is one of the main causes for people being unhappy at work. Don\\t make this mistake. Find out how you can learn what your personality trait really is … and what line of work would suit you best – it’s an eye opener! (page 13)

When you are out and about, there is a free resource which allows you to receive voice mail and faxes from prospective employers - without actually using a fax machine or telephone! (page 19).

Putting your CVs and letters together requires a decent word processing application. Microsoft Office is obviously the best choice but see how to get a free Microsoft Office compatible software - totally legally (page 20)!

Looking for obscure jobs can take up a lot of time to discover. Find out how to get as many as 2,500 people to help you find your next job (and yet most of them are probably strangers) (page 63)!

Where can you find jobs that most people don\\t hear about. Some successful job hunters have caught on to this but are unwilling to tell you because, understandably they fear more competition (page 67).

The book shows how local councils give clues to where new jobs are likely to crop up .. and yet, astonishingly, they are probably not aware of it themselves –we reveal all (page 65)!

Filling in application forms is one of the worst chores which can take people days to get around to filling in. Find out how filling them in can be done quickly and effortlessly (page 48)

Interviewers like to see some evidence of what you can achieve and yet most job hunters don\\t bother. Find out how to put together a powerful portfolio which really does create a great impression on the HR department’s recruiters (page 36).

You can influence the interviewer\\s decision on whether to employ you with a simple letter which most other job hunters don\\t even consider taking with them. Find out how to create this letter (page 51).


Some company websites email you when a new job is available. Others display vacancies but don\\t email you. We share a neat little secret but easy \\technique\\ which automatically finds out when employers put up new job listings - without you having to return to their website every day to check (page 73).

Murphy\\s Law comes into play when going to an interview. If anything can go wrong – you can almost guarantee it will – unless you allow for this. Combat pre-interview emergencies with an amazingly impressive (and pain-stakingly created) short-list of things that will rescue you from a bad first impression. We’ve done this work, so you don’t have to. (page 86).

Here’s the Table of Contents, so that you can see the amount of help that you will receive:

Contents 3
Introduction 5
First things first 5
Getting over your job loss 6
Self-awareness 8
Brainstorming your personal inventory 8
Your personality 13
Your minimum income requirements 17
Getting Organised 18
Essential items 18
Recommended items 31
Career history 35
Your portfolio 36
Curriculum Vitae (CVs) 40
Application forms 46
Cover letters 49
Letters of recommendation 51
References 52
The job hunt 54
Preliminary research 54
Where to look 56
Putting your job hunting on \\autopilot\\ 70
Job hunting is a numbers \\game\\ 73
Becoming more employable 75
Your interviews 77
The telephone interview 77
Preparation for face-to-face interviews 78
Brush up on common interview questions 82
Compile questions you want to ask the interviewer 82
Have your briefcase packed 87
The day before your interview 87
Attire 88
The day of your interview 90
Claiming back your travel costs 93
Conclusion 94
Annexes 96
Glossary 97
Follow up call scripts 100
Advanced job log 107
Follow up letters 108
Sample CVs 112
Sample cover letter 119
Cover letter and CV power words 121
Personal profile phrases 126
Sample speculative job letter 130
Sample networking letter 131
Top employers 132
British professional organisations 147
Popular on-line trade magazines 156
Free courses, training & resources 160
Some common interview questions 165
Interviews – what NOT to wear 168


So...What\\s All This Information Worth?

Lets be honest here...You can have someone go out and spend countless hours doing research for you, gathering information, interviewing the professionals, and wouldn\\t even get close to the amount of information that\\s jam packed in this eBook...

And that alone would cost you an arm and a leg...

Because you see...This isn\\t some off the wall rapidly pieced together eBook!

But best of all...\\Job Search Success\\ is written in plain, easy to understand English (This means that you won\\t find any super complicated technical jargon here) - It\\s written to be dead-easy to read and understand, and it\\s laid out so you can easily follow it.

That\\s why \\Job Search Success\\ is truly a bargain at just £16.97

Yes you read right...That\\s just a fraction of what it\\s really worth and the cost to put this eBook together (Countless hours interviewing experts, doing research, and double checking to make sure that the information included is the most cutting edge up to date information there is). Information that will put you way ahead of other job seekers.

Why am I making this so affordable?   Simple, because you see...Since it\\s a digital eBook my costs to deliver it to you are small compared to if I had to actually print it out (Which would raise the cost to around £34). That means that you can get your hands on this latest cutting edge information about finding a job in a recession and be reading it within less than 5 minutes.

But listen...

Very soon I will have to raise the price.  This will happen as soon as I\\ve had time to add a few more testimonials.

Yep...I will raise the price to £27 or more, and honestly I have to - Because the demand is growing so fast.

So if you want to order now you can save yourself some money and be one of the first to use these insider techniques in your area. Just think what an advantage that gives you over other local job seekers.

Job Search Success is available for just pennies on the pound considering what the value of a great new job will be to you and your family.

So, here\\s the deal:

For just £16.97 you\\ll get all the insider techniques you need to put you streets ahead of other uk job seekers and get you the job you deserve.

Order Job Search Success Now
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