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Ewen Chia Guaranteed Traffic System

Learn How to Generate Thousands of Unique, Highly Targeted Visitors to
Your Website for FREE and
with Minimal Effort

ATTENTION: Youre about to crack the code. Youre about to enter the elite fraternity of marketers who are actually able to generate targeted traffic; and then leverage it to earn the big bucks.

From: Felipe Huicochea
Date: March, 2010

Dear Targeted Traffic Hunter,

You know that generating TARGETED traffic is no easy feat.

It requires precision, persistence, ingenuity, careful planning, careful budgeting, tracking, measuring, assessing, comparing, and evaluating

It requires specific knowledge about marketing media.

It requires specialized knowledge about marketing strategy, sales copy, keyword selection, and advertising tactics

And even with all of these specialized skills and with a laser-focused effort

Theres Plenty of Room to
Make Mistakes Elsewhere.

You might...

Pick the wrong product
Create a sub-par product
Select a niche that is overcrowded
Spend too much money accidentally
Or, you might have a great product in a profitable niche, but you might...

Have a tiny budget
Lack the software to test and track ads
Encounter something unexpected that completely demolishes your plans
Indeed, there are many places that you can go wrong in the production creation and marketing process. But, from today forward, traffic generation the place where most marketers go wrong need NOT be one of them.

Today, you are going to learn about a resource that will completely transform your marketing career. But before I tell you exactly what it is, let me tell you what it will do:

It Will Allow You to

Generate an Unlimited Amount of
Targeted Traffic QUICKLY and without
Incurring Out-of-Pocket Costs

Now, I havent told you exactly what Im going to reveal to you. All Ive told you is that it will enable you to generate an unlimited amount of traffic fast and for free.

Take just a moment to think about what implications that will have for your business.

It will allow you to

Sell more units of all products you currently have available on the market.
Create virtually any product imaginable (provided that it other people will find it useful) and, within a matter of days, be able to send hungry, interested prospects to its sales page.
Promote high-end, high-commission products as an affiliate, since you will be able to channel large crowds of buyers from any niche and at any time of the year at your whim!
Eliminate your current methods of marketing, which are costly and which rarely generate enough revenue
Expand your business rapidly without worry that your new products and services will become worthless
In short, this thing Im talking about will take you from being a struggling marketer to a traffic-generating powerhouse.

Now, think about the implications of this for your life and family, your leisure time, and the amount of time you can spend with your friends

What Would Endless, Limitless, FREE Traffic Generation Mean for All of Those Things?

Would it mean that you could

Become a lot wealthier?
Put all of your kids through a nice university?
Buy that car youve always wanted?
Relocate your family to a larger home with a spacious yard?
Buy your significant other something special something you have always wanted to get, but simply didnt have the cash to buy?
Work less hours, so that you could spend more time with your friends and families?
Quit your current job and spend your entire day at home, working for yourself, rather than a boss who doesnt appreciate you?
Feel financially secure every day of your life?
Relieve all of the stress you encounter on a daily basis by completely eliminating all of your debt?
Adopt the lifestyle that you want, rather than being shackled down to a 9-5 schedule and regular bills?
Feel good about yourself because you are able to provide for your family and for your parents in their old age?
IN SHORT, if you master generating targeted traffic, then you truly can achieve any goals you set as an Internet marketer.

You CAN be as wealthy as you want to be!
You CAN create your own work schedule!

And you CAN eliminate feelings of stress, guilt, and anxiety!

You CAN reduce the amount of time you spend working!
All you have to do is find a product, create a website, and then deliver the traffic for FREE. The money will flow in; and it will change your life in all of the reasons that you originally came up with when you became an Internet marketer.

But now that Ive said all of that, its time for you to return to earth to ground yourself and your dreams.

I Want You to Focus Keenly on the
Here and NOW.

Because, before you can move forward, youre going to have to shatter all illusions you have about effective marketing and fully embrace what Im going to tell you.

Youre going to have to

Learn Where Youve Been Wrong

In the past, you probably made a lot of assumptions about how traffic generation is done correctly. Many of these assumptions were probably wrong.

And since you based all of your traffic generation strategies off of these wrong assumptions, the results you got were poor.

Its as simple as that.

So why did you make these wrong assumptions? Well

You read a few ebooks, browsed a few forums, and then starting using what everyone else said was hot and effective.

This is very common behavior among Internet marketers. Indeed, it is hard to resist the canned solutions that experts espouse and semi-successful marketers talk about on every last forum and blog.

And this is exactly what happened to you.

When the Internet marketing crowd turned against free sources of traffic, you bought their arguments.

When other marketers talked about how they had generated massive amounts of traffic using Google AdWords, you reveled in the possibilities (and wasted a whole lot of money in the process).

You did this because it all seemed to make sense in your head.

You thought:

It makes sense that simple and free traffic generation methods probably dont work well. Otherwise, who would pay to generate traffic?
It makes sense that costly, complex traffic generation methods probably do work well. Most people arent rich because they cant figure out how to use them.
When you made these assumptions, you were wrong. But dont feel bad. Virtually all marketers make these same mistakes.

It is for that exact reason that many marketers CONDEMN themselves to generating traffic through costly, complex cost-per-click (CPC) methods, when, in fact, they would have far more success with smaller, simpler, less expensive methods.

But when you think about it, I didnt need to tell you that, youve already sensed it the entire time.

You Already Knew it From
Your Own Experience.

You KNEW that complex marketing methods simply werent ever going to make you rich, no matter how many ebooks you bought that told you otherwise.

You KNEW that wasting hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars on really, really hard to understand marketing strategies simply wasnt going to pan out.

For those who want to pour a tremendous time into creating campaigns, testing and tweaking them, and then testing them again great. The results are likely to be cost-effective and the traffic is likely to be highly targeted.

For the vast majority of Internet marketers (and especially those at the beginner or intermediate level), these complex strategies are NOT worthwhile.

Not only do they unnecessarily eat up time, but they rarely produce outcomes that can be justified by the advertising budget.

Now that you realize and accept this, it is time to accept something else that is more fundamental something that all marketing gurus understand very well.

Many of the Better Traffic Generation
Methods are FREE

Thats right: while there many great paid outlets for generating traffic for your site, many of methods that gurus actually use to generate traffic for product launches are completely free.

Why do you think that

You often hear about products from friends and affiliates of Internet marketers, rather than themselves even when theyre advocating paid methods?
SEO product creators market their products through joint ventures and recruit affiliates to sell for them even while they simultaneously espouse SEO as the only necessary means of traffic generation?
Most gurus maintain a large base of newsletter subscribers and market to them frequently?
Gurus write reports and then give them away for free?
Really, think hard about it. Its no mistake that these things happen.

Theyre conscious efforts on the part of skilled Internet marketers to make money by working through the most effective marketing channels. In the aforementioned cases, they all happened to be free.

For you, the same can be true. You might not have a half dozen guru friends who you can hit up for a joint venture, but you do have DOZENS of free and very low-cost options available to you when it comes to marketing...

In fact, there are many free traffic generation methods that you have access to now, but youre probably ignoring them because someone told you they wont work.

Fortunately, now that youve opened your eyes now that you think in terms of what gurus do, rather than what they say to do you can finally realize and accept how good the opportunity is that Im about to offer you

This is not only an opportunity to revolutionize how you do business and how you generate traffic, but it is also a means to a better life, where you can earn more, spend more time with your family, and spend more time with your friends.

This opportunity Im talking about is an ebook called

Guaranteed Traffic System!

Unlike ebooks you may have purchased from snake oil salesmen in the past, Guaranteed Traffic System is quite different.

Its a 108-page ebook that details exactly how you can leverage marketing methods that have no out-of-pocket costs to earn as much as you want.

And, to be clear, when I say as much as you want, I mean

As little as $100 extra in revenue per month if that is your goal; or
Millions of dollars a year if you have the time, dedication, skill, and good fortune
There are a lot of advantages that Guaranteed Traffic System has over its competitor ebooks, but one stands above the rest.

And that one thing is that it has detailed, step-by-step, carefully-written,
image-by-image instructions for generating traffic using free methods.

Unlike other ebooks, which contain opaque instructions and which sloppily omit important parts Guaranteed Traffic System ensures that you walk away with a full, detailed understanding of traffic generation by providing you with clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

But enough talk, lets get down to the specifics.

What You Will Find in
Guaranteed Traffic System

This is NOT your typical 30-page ebook. Its a massive, 108-page, free traffic generation tome that contains a complete explanation of just about everything free marketing strategy created.

If youre used to the ebooks that under-deliver by providing re-hashed, old-hat, poorly explained content, Guaranteed Traffic System will be a breath of fresh air.

Rather than offering the typical Internet marketing ebook approach (i.e. glossing over details, assuming you know things that you dont, and half-explaining things when full-explanations are necessary), Guaranteed Traffic System provides you with content that you would expect from a manual only more interesting and with illustrations.

Instead of encountering the ambiguous, unclear language you normally find in ebooks, you will get precise, carefully-documented examples that include screenshots, and step-by-step instructions that go to great lengths not to omit anything.

Further, the content it contains is quite simply complete. This is NOT the case with most ebooks.

Not only does it contain all of the tested, tried, true, reliable forms of free traffic generation, but it also contains up-to-date strategies from 2008 the ones that have yet to hit the mainstream.

To give you just a small taste of what you can expect, in only one PART of one chapter of this ebook, you will

Learn how to use DMOZ, local directories, niche directories, forum directories, and affiliate program directories to bolster your search engine ranking positions and significantly increase click-through traffic
Learn how to leverage MySpace, Squidoo, and HubPages to generate a consistent, free stream of traffic and to increase the amount of one-way links pointing to your site
Learn how to use email signatures effectively, so that you can capture several high-profile leads each day
Learn how to use Craigslist and other classified ads site correctly, so that you can spawn a crowd of hungry buyers at your whim
Learn simple, yet powerful, strategies for getting your links on high-PR authority sites, so that Google sends you more natural search engine traffic
Learn how to get a one-way link pointing to your product page on every high-profile site in your entire niche for free
Learn how to use web rings effectively to improve both your search engine ranking positions and the amount of click-through traffic you receive from dozens of sites like your own
Learn how you can turn writing about products you enjoyed into a means of generating highly-targeted traffic quickly and inexpensively
And This is Only FRACTION of What
You Will Find in This Massive Tome.

Those strategies alone will empower you to generate thousands more visitors each month than you could with your current strategies.

And, best of all the out-of-pocket costs are nil. All you have to do is put forth some concentrated effort and follow the directions carefully. The results flow naturally from your effort.

In addition to this plethora of linking strategies, you will also become adept at using content in ways that you had never thought profitable in the past.

For instance, you will learn exactly how you can turn an inexpensive, easy-to-create (or outsource) piece of content into an unstoppable means of traffic generation.

For instance, you will learn how to take a simple, 300-400 word article and

Use it to generate traffic through article directories both by capturing more click throughs and by improving your search engine ranking positions
Make it viral, so that you can spawn an endless tidal wave of traffic from social media sites, blogs, email referrals, and other sources of traffic generation and referral
Place it strategically on a number of different sites including your own to maximize the improvements in your search engine ranking positions.
While you might have a rough idea of how to use some of these strategies, theres a good chance youre missing an important piece. And thats precisely why this ebook contains step-by-step instructions with illustrations.
You will also learn how to take a seemingly insignificant, 100-200 word blog entry and

Use it to generate hundreds of visitors by tapping social bookmarking channels and blog directories
Post it in several strategic places to ensure that it is: 1) frequently seen; and 2) generates a lot of traffic.
Enter it into a blog carnival, so that you can generate a lightning-fast storm of traffic to your blog
And, when it comes to blogging, thats no all Guaranteed Traffic System offers. There are several sub-sections throughout the book that cover a large range of blogging strategies, including

How to use vlogging (video blogging) correctly. While many people are capable of creating and uploading video content, few are capable of converting it into cash. This sub-section will provide you with step-by-step solutions to vlogging problems.
How to take advantage of social bookmarking sites, which allow humans, rather than algorithms, rank your blog.
How to create and market niche blogs and then use them as traffic generation mechanisms for your products.
How to arrange guest-authorship swaps, so that you and improve your profile within your niche and capture traffic from other, relevant blogs with larger readerships.
And, of course, everything Ive told you covers only a fraction of what youll find in Guaranteed Traffic System. To whet your appetite a little more, you will also learn
8 different strategies for setting up co-promotions with joint venture partners and then using them to generate massive amounts of free traffic.
How to apply high-end joint venture marketing strategies, such as organizing teleseminars, co-authoring ebooks, and co-authoring article series
How to use offline marketing strategies, including a handful of offline marketing strategies, which most Internet marketers have never even considered but which are also some of the most profitable strategies imaginable.
How to use social marketing strategies outlets to capture massive amounts of viral traffic through audio and video content, articles, email, tell-a-friend scripts, contests, quizzes, giveaways, and other uncommon, but invaluable marketing strategies
And it Does NOT End There!

This massive tome of traffic generation strategies is brimming over with strategies youve heard of, but misapplied as well as strategies youve never used.

This complete and GUARANTEED "system" could very easily sell for $97 or more. In fact, much smaller reports that contain only a fraction of this information sell for that much every single day.

But Im NOT going to charge you that much.

Im NOT going to charge you what you might pay for co-promotional strategies, joint venture marketing strategies, social marketing strategies, blog strategies, and SEO strategies for elsewhere

Im NOT going to attempt to extract every last penny from you. Once you read Guaranteed Traffic System and make money with this system, I know you will be hungry for more. And when youre hungry for more, youll know to look for my products.

Now, I could exhaustively break down how much you will save by purchasing this ebook, but I doubt theres any good reason to do so. You know what you need to do. And you know what the results will be if you decide to do it.

At this point, it is up to you to take action, to ignore the voice in the back of your head that tells you that complex and costly strategies are the only way to make money the one that has done nothing but lead you astray and into debt.

Its time to finally DO what successful marketers do, rather than what they tell you to do

Its Time to for YOU to
Make Money from FREE Traffic

And youre going to do that through one of the most comprehensive, carefully-constructed, well-written, professionally-formatted ebooks you have ever seen in your marketing career.

You are going to do that by grabbing a copy of Guaranteed Traffic System right now

So stop delaying and TAKE ACTION. Click the button below to access your copy immediately for $97 only $37 a mere fraction of this power-packed ebooks value.

If youre apprehensive about buying, thats fine. You can grab this ebook right now for a mere $37 without taking on any risk at all. If, at any point in the next 30 days, you find that I didnt live up to my promises, I welcome you to return the ebook for a full refund!

And there you have it: a great deal and at NO RISK TO YOU! So, do yourself a favor and grab a copy now!
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