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MP3 Andrew Joseph Graves - A Day With Drew

Drews'' world of Synesthesia is evident in his music. From solo piano compositions to sweeping string pieces you''ll feel joy, you will cry, you will find it insightful and familiar. His music will rip your heart out and leave you yearning for more.

20 MP3 Songs
CLASSICAL: Contemporary, CLASSICAL: New Age

This is an extended length CD at 1 hour and 19 minutes.

You can hear the back half of all these songs on my web site and at much higher quality.

I’m a simple man born and raised in the mid-west. I live in Greenwood, Indiana with my two young children who inspire me in all I do. I have had love and I have had loss. I will always have yearning and that’s mostly where the music comes from.
I can’t say that I’m “International” or “World Renowned” or have performed with this or that orchestra. I’m not educated in music, I don’t have degrees & awards or the “training “ for someone to take me serious. Hell, I’ve never had lessons and couldn’t read music to save my life!
With me music isn’t something that has to be taught or learned or studied. It just is. It’s a part of me It’s who I am. Is it unconventional? Is it wrong sometimes? Does it make any sense to anyone but me? Probably, sometimes. The music is for you though. I really do love my songs and want others to enjoy them as much as I.
I guess what I’m really trying to get at is that to create music is to put who I am into it. To hear my music you are listening to a part of me so please enjoy, it’s pretty easy on the ears. I don’t want to be “deemed prestigious” or given anything that’s not deserved. I just want to share with you my music.

.....01 Jennifer''s Leitmotif (Estremità Di Amori)

Written for strings. Jennifer is part of the subject of this piece and she is represented by a particular phrasing of notes throughout the piece, hence the “Leitmotif.” Jennifer is the future, she is now and what could be. Joy, happiness, intense love and growing old together.
We all know the world isn’t that simple though. Estremita Di Amori loosely translates to loves end or the end of love. The feelings and emotions put into the end of this piece were overwhelming for me. They represent loss and what could have been. A yearning that rips my heart out knowing what you want, what you need is so close but is not to be. (Also refer to track 3)

.....02 To Hear Her Voice (Etude in A flat for piano)

The sensations that overwhelm me when I see her voice is indescribable. I try to attach meaning to things that affect me like peoples voices. Put it into a scale of sorts keeping everything organized and it works. Not with her though. It’s a sweet, sweet sorrow.
Her voice is off the charts, maxed out on all planes in every category. Multiple blues and greens, floating, angel song, extreme pleasure with just one whisper, very sweet. To know who your soul-mate is for decades just by what her voice does to you, very sweet.
To not have her and hold her or feed off her voice, sorrow. To not even allowing myself to mention her name for fear of upsetting our world as it is, sorrow. Knowing she is the only one who holds the key to unlocking my heart and I’ll wait decades more if for only that to happen, sorrow.
This song does not do her justice, none probably would. It’s just what I feel when I think of the sweet sorrow.

.....03 Angel''s Theme (Fantasy in E flat for piano Op.2)

Some music isn’t written at all to do with what it’s named. (Refer to track 2)

.....04 Audra''s Procession: A Wedding Piece

Written for a dear friend of mine. This was all I could afford to give her for her wedding, so I thought. I had no idea how much an orchestra and choir cost to rent out! Needless to say it didn’t happen. Sorry, you get my Casio-tone version.
Would somebody please buy this piece and have it preformed properly so I can at least get a good recording of it. Geez! I still believe the sentiment is conveyed.

.....05 Audra''s Procession: solo for piano (Etude in D for piano)

From the last three minutes or so of the Procession. So much of the piano part is lost in the full piece that I’ve had complaints. Mainly from the piano, screaming “unfair!” And “equal rights!” and a bunch of other threatening BS.
Please give him his due so I can keep him off my ass! (No, there aren’t multiple personality issues going on here it’s just that he would really like for me to be heard). Shut-up, I explained it! (Jerk!)

.....06 Dragon''s Thought (Toccata & Fantasy in B flat for piano)

Have you ever read the epic saga’s of David Eddings or Robert Jordan? I love them and as I read them I can visualize, so to speak, what the soundtracks could be to various segments of the stories.
This piece is just one of many, many others devoted to my interpretation of Fantasy saga’s if they were realized into motion pictures.

.....07 Christopher the Dolphin King (Tursiops truncatus hymn in E flat)

Written for my brother. Dolphin King is an appropriate term for Chris. He loves all things dolphin and it wouldn’t surprise me that if he is reincarnated and has a choice....yup, probably be a dolphin.
I have so many of these little pieces for synthesizer I should probably put them on CD’s and try to sell them. Please let know how you feel about this piece. I just don’t think it’s worth the effort if people don’t care for it.

.....08 Just Before Dawn (Nocturne Finis in terzetto indigo)

I wrote this piece in the wee hours of the morning sitting on the beach of Siesta Key. The night sky in southwest Florida never really seems to be black to me. A very deep blue or purple is more like it with the stars of the Milky Way unfolding forever above you. I wish the sun would rise in the west, at least just once.

.....09 Psalm 122 (Etude in E flat for piano)

I was glad when they said unto me you may go into the house of the Lord.
You get the point, church piece, a Psalm. OK, I once asked a coworker what her favorite Psalm was and she told me 122. I dug the words so I worked on it. Not to mention I didn’t particularly care for the music that was written for it already. Is that sacrilege? Hell, I don’t know. I just liked what was in my head for these words and Flo wanted me to do it.
She’s so old she remembers harvesting cannabis hemp for the government as a girl. She had a long and hard worked life. If this music would make her happy I would be overjoyed to write it.

.....10 Goodbye, My Wife (Nocturne Fantasy in six hues of blue for piano)

Pretty self explanatory. It’s one of those pieces that you sit down at the piano for an hour wiping the tears from your eyes and it’s done. No idea where it came from but I better write it down as much as I don’t want to or it would be lost.

.....11 For Those Who Care To Remember (Fantasy in C for piano)

Written for my friend Mike. He had a very long and hard fought battle against an evil that mankind would be better off without. So tragic and inconceivable in one so young it forces you to only remember the good times.
His family are strangers to me now, including his brother, my best friend, Paul. It’s been years and it’s nobodies fault things are they way they are. I think it’s just a defense mechanism of sorts to leave the past behind. But know this. I loved Mike and I still love his family.
This music is for remembering the better times.

.....12 Quiescent

Written as a warm-up for a Drum and Bugle Corps horn line. Again! Someone please get a copy of this to a corps so I can hear 75 brass cannons blow me away with it!
This “Lament” was also the perfect piece to structure Celestial Falling around.

.....13 The Ride

Another piece for brass. This piece is recorded using string and reed instrumentation until I find a brass line to record it. It sounds pretty good but the F sequence doesn’t in this instrumentation. Check out Quiescent for a recording of the F sequence. It’s not identical but very much the same.

.....Note on 12 and 13 for brass:

The intended aim of course is for drum & bugle corps as an “on field warm-up.” Don’t hesitate to get one of these pieces if you’re working with a band. They are really good warm-up pieces for whatever instrumentation you want to use. Feel free to arrange and manipulate the work to suite your kids. Please keep in mind the time constraints set by competition rules.
Quiescent, concentrating on pitch, tone & control, can be performed in under 2 min. with the tag it can be done in under 3 min.
The Ride is the cool, quick & dirty, concentrating on mostly technique, can be performed in 40 seconds and with the tag runs about 1 min. 40 sec.

.....14 Capriccio for Two (Capriccio in B flat for four hands)

There is a very long ugly history to this piece of music, one that other composers wouldn’t want you to hear about. You can find all the dirty details on my web site if you care to look. As far as you know this is just a little ditty for two people to play in the spirit of “Heart and Soul.”
(No cats, dogs or chickens were harmed during the ugly event that transpires on my site. I think.)

.....15 A Day With Diedre (Fantasy in E flat for piano Op.1)

It was more like an extended 4th of July weekend and man! What a Weekend! It was great!!!
Please, if anyone knows a Diedre McKinny or McKinna or something like that tell her about this song or let me know where I can find her. All I know is that she lived in Greensburg, Indiana and was a reporter. I’ve been looking for her for years, more than a decade. I want so badly for her to have this song she inspired me to write.

.....16 Forever, Here I Am (Rhapsody in Seventeen Sapphire Meanderings)

I think this is the only piece of music I’ve written thinking of me. We all do it. When I’m done and my time is up on this planet and all that’s left of me are some notes I’ve scribbled down, what do I want them to say to the one who hears them? If you listen to the music it will tell you this:
..The life I lived is through,
..I know what no one knew,
..the love inside of you’s forever.
..My life on Earth has past.
..This song for you will be.
..Just hear and I’ll be there.
..Forever, in music, here I am.
..My music’s here for you,
..please listen....I’m right here....

.....17 Celestial Falling (Morte prima di Aumentare)

An angel. Graceful, light, beautiful soaring among the clouds. Loving God, loving life, at peace. The evil abraded tendrils of Satan’s claws. Dark, ominous and disapproving caress his wings. He fails, he falls, death is inevitable. Born-again to renounce allegiance. Higher and stronger in divine service he rises....or does he?
Geez! What a spiel, but it looks as if that’s what you’re suppose to do on here. It’s just a beautiful piece of music, or so I think. Enjoy it.

.....18,19,20 Bonus Tracks

Just a sneak peek at some of the pieces I’m working on. My web site is pretty new and there are a lot of things I’d still like to do with it. One of them is to have a section devoted to works in progress. I think it’s cool as cool can be to see the process of how things undergo an evolution.
I’m wanting to put excerpts of the pieces I’m working on up on the site. My main goal is to get feedback from you (good stuff, keep going or it sucks, trash it!) And this will also enable me to show the evolution of the music. I know, I’m a dweeb!

Thanks, all the same, Drew

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