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Viral Email Formatter - Drive Viral Traffic To Website

New Viral Email Marketing Tool Drives Traffic & Clicks To Any Location You Choose! All You Have To Do Is Give Away This New Software To Get In On The Viral Traffic Action!

Are You Ready To Capitalize On Simple To Get Viral Traffic?
Is the amount of traffic that your web site is getting declining more very day?
Are you always looking for ways to generate more traffic and clicks to compensate for the traffic you're losing?
Do you feel like this is a battle that you're slowly losing only to eventually be dead in the water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please allow me to show you how to combat the loss of your traffic and gain a bunch of new free viral traffic that you can get just by giving away Viral Email Formatter!
Dear Friend,
If you're here you probably have an interest in getting traffic to your websites and want to find a way to combat losing traffic.

It's a fact, traffic is getting harder and harder to get now a days and the easy traffic sources that were once flowing like rivers are now drying up.
There are literally thousands of businesses that were once thriving, going out of business every day so this is a big time epidemic in the marketing world.

If you can't get it together, you may end up losing your traffic, watching your sales dwindle down to nothing and be out of business all together.

This is obviously the worst case scenario and none of us want to see that happen to your online businesses so...

You Need Marketing That Infects People With The "Bug" To Visit Your Site, Subscribe To Your List & Buy Your Products!
Viral marketing has been around for a long time.

The problem is that very few people have done it right.

I'm not saying that there aren't tons of example of viral marketing out there but the ones that you probably remember could have been executed much better.

Many people think they understand viral marketing but their understanding is skewed and their campaigns eventually fall off.

Viral market "Marketing that resonates with a potential prospect and creates the urge to share that same message with other like minded friends, family and associates"

If your viral marketing doesn't make people want to spread the message about your product or service than it really isn't viral marketing at all.

The power of viral marketing has been supercharged with the advent of "Web 2.0" technology...
The Combination Your Customers GREED And Viral Marketing Make For Extreme Profits & Massive Market Exposure Almost Without Effort...

As you may know, Web 2.0 & Viral Marketing are taking the net by storm.

This is another one of those things that many people either don't understand or try to implement without fully understanding.

Viral marketing & web 2.0 are real and is creating tons of traffic for people that use it right.
Web 2.0 can be defined as the following...
"Creating something that builds a group or community of like minded individual with tools or entertainment"
This means that if you can create something that makes people want to come back to your site, you are creating a community of people that visit your site.
If you have an excellent tool that thousands of people like to use and share with their friends you have created a community of people that use your tool and share it with friends.
The good news about this letter is that I'm going to give you a tool that you can use to create this community for yourself...

Capitalize On The Power Of Automatic Viral Marketing With Viral eMail Formatter!
Generate Tons Of Repeat Visitors To Your Sites Quickly & Easily!
Provide A Tool People Love & Share With Their Friends!
Create A Never-ending Supply Of Growing & Repeat Traffic To Your Sites!
Make More Money With Your New Found Flood Of Traffic!
Viral eMail Formatter Will Make Your Visitors Love You & Make You Money In The Process!
Just by dropping the Viral eMail Formatter into place you will start something very powerful...
The release of a tool that people can use to help them in their e-mail marketing efforts which we all know can be a laborious thing!

Not to mention they can also share it with their friends which means their friends will end up back at your site as well checking out your tool, your products and your services!
There are tons of courses out there that tell you you need complicated systems to capitalize on viral marketing but you are going to get one that's easy to use!
You'll be up and running in no time and starting to see tons of traffic coming in as a result of your tool that forces people to take a look at your site!

Is It Possible For A Complete "Newbie" To Implement The Viral eMail Formatter For Maximum Traffic?
I have no doubt that anyone can use the Viral Formatter system to create tons of traffic to their websites.

I don't care what your experience level is, if you can surf the net, have basic HTML experience and know how to copy and paste you have what it takes to use this system.

As you know I don't create things that are difficult for my customers to use and the Viral eMail Formatter system is no different.

Even a grade school student could put this into action and see results.

So if you had an reservations about "Can I Do This?" or not, let them slide away because you too can capitalize on the huge trend of Viral Marketing!
What Does The Viral eMail Formatter Do?
Here's just some of what you'll be getting...
Advanced eMail Formatting System - The Viral eMail Formatter is a tool that allows you to give people access to an online e-mail formatter that makes the task of preparing your e-mails for your subscribers a breeze. You and the people you share this tool with will never have had their e-mail looks so slick and get such a great response!

This puppy is loaded with wrapping text, stripping unwanted formatting and tons of other great features!

You Get To Place An Ad On The Tool - You can put this up on your page and people will see an ad when they use it creating income for you!

Automatic Viral Marketing System - You can also give away the tool to other people and when they let people use it you can serve an ad to their users! This means you get to capitalize on their traffic and snag their most responsive prospects!

Easy To Install - The Viral eMail Formatter isn't like many other scripts you see out there, it's easy to use, understand and most important of all, install. You won't be fumbling around with it trying to get it to work.

Extremely Stable Coding - The coding on this software is so stable and streamlined that it will run automatically forever. It's also coded to be super easy to use so you know that you and your users are in the clear!

Copy & Paste Virility - Once you setup the system on your site, you can let other post it on their site with nothing more than pasting a line of code into their page! It has never been this easy to generate traffic from other people's websites.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Let Me Explain How This Software Drives Viral Traffic To You!
Once you install Viral eMail Formatter on your site, your visitors will come back again and again to use this incredible tool to format their emails.
On the top of your formatter will be any graphic image that links to anywhere on the net you wish.
If you play your cards right and put up incredible offers in this space your visitors will click it making you cash with every click! Use it to promote your own sites or affiliate links your choice!
Now Here Is The Viral Part!
Below your formatter is a JAVA script code that will allow your users to place your email formatter on their sites!
Once they place the formatter on any of their sites the users that come to their site to use the formatter that you gave them for free that happen to click the image on the top of their formatter goes to your site or the affiliate link you are promoting!
The best part is that you will be able to remotely change this image and where it links to at will no matter how many people are displaying your Viral eMail Formatter on their websites!
Your visitors, visitors also will have the opportunity to get their own viral email formatter to display on their site absolutely free, but guess what! They are also displaying your ads!
Back in your admin panel on your site you will be able to see how many times your ad has shown on other peoples sites, and how many clicks those sites have generated for you!
Is that powerful or what!
Now you may be confused! You may be thinking, why the heck would I pay you for what you are giving away for free and for what you are proposing that I also give away for free?
Well the fact of the mater is you absolutely can get a free formatter for your website right now simply by clicking here to get your free viral email formatter and adding the java script code on that page to your website!
If you do that it will be a win-win-win!
You get a free formatter so you win, your customers win because they will get to use your formatter absolutely free, I win because my ads will be displayed on the top pf the formatter on your site, and who knows, maybe your visitors may click on it once in a while!
Or... and this is a big or!
You can purchase a copy of my new Viral eMail Formatter right now and start giving a copy away virally that you control the ads and the clicks on!
Either way you simply can't lose!

P.S. You will be so glad you can finally stop trying to get your business on the path to success the hard way. Don't spend weeks trying to "figure it out" let us show you the way!
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