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MP3 DEEMED USELESS - Demo of Doom Demo

We are one part punk two parts rock.(We are like four CHRIS FARLEYS on crack...)

4 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Punk, ROCK: Hard Rock

(I-TUNES! I-TUNES! I-TUNES!!!!! SOON WE WILL BE ON I-TUNES. IF YOU WANT HIGHER QUALITY DOWNLOADS THEN ON https://www.tradebit.com, FROM US. GO TO I-TUNES AND OTHER DIGITAL STORES!!! ~ONE REAL JERK~..............................................................................Deemed Useless is a fuckin'' band from Rosamond CA. They play music that belongs in hell because that''s where they''re from. HELL!!!(Your moms vigina!). The band is made up of three idiots and one asshole. Court jester Bob Page on vocals and stupid body movements, Jeff Page on guitar and vocals, Mike Page on free base, and Dave Demeat on somethings? Yeah, three of them are brothers but guess which one''s the asshole! About the only thing these fucks take seriously is their music. Their live show on the other hand is a real freak fest, so bring WEAPONS!!! . . .P.S. If you get hurt at a show it''s your own damn fault!!! THIS MESSAGE BROUGHT TO YOU BY ONE REAL JERK.

Song Reviews Donkey Show & Sweetheart
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I feel just about recovered enough to sip on my Earl Grey and stick my size nines...(stiletto Doc Martins, dontchaknow...?) into these pesky , up- front colonials... I mean the nerve of it all...?

Ah...autoplay... saves me clickin'' and....


.....now that name I immediately like... reminds me of my earlier career in ''film''...

"...listen to the trash we call music", or sumesuch- they said in their request ...self-deprecating to say the least! ...now - judging simply by this track alone... these guys have the intent of muscling in on the tiny sub-genre of clever and humorous, sarcastic,good-time,up-beat, adrenaline-fueled, post-modern, witty hard-core... (have I just made that up?) populated in its entirety by only The Offspring...and a bloody good show they make of it too! This track simply rips its way out of the speakers with such fervour that I HAD to smile...

From the tongue-in-cheek ''stoopid'' rif intro and the ensuing count-in,the whole thing utterly cracks along, and make no mistake here, these guys can REALLY play!!!- and I would guess that they all have a fine pedigree of playing ''proper'' music in previous lives...the lyrics-though they rip past you at one heck of a lick contain some marvelous lines:

"...we''re goin'' to the donkey SHOW!/ we go there every DAY!...seeing people at their worst- it makes me feel like I''m OK!"

this contained in the breakdown, that simply oozes with an inate knowledge of the fact that the ''know'' how to play their instruments,and-though I may be wrong here, reminded me of sitting idly watchin ''Trisha'' on a slow morning and revelling in the displays of utter chavdom,(just how these types can quantify appearing on national television in all their monosyllabic, foul-mouthed, incestuous glory - in the vain hope of appearing to be ''in the right''...I will never know!)

...this is stonking stuff - funny, and BLEEDIN'' energetic...as our Antipodean cousins might remark:


...ok, rant over-sorry but it''s the Chablis and Creme de Menthe cocktails, y''see....? and I do ''em'' by the pint!

next up just had to go for ...


....now there''s something about the Yanks...when they got it- class that is- they got it in spades, and the a Capella intro here is testament to the fact that these chaps truly do know their stuff... and there''s a lesson to be learned here guys...take note!

........this is altogether much more subdued(than Donkey Show)- but has the trademark self deprecation and one HECK of a lead break!... and he''s not just reveling in the whole ''rock-out-with-your-cock-out'' macho metal, foot-on-monte thang... it''s gone before it starts...and puts many a metaler to shame on the shredding front!


...on a technical note - all these tracks are consummately recorded and mastered... and there''s an attention to detail in even the encoding to MP3 that makes them a joy to experience...

Now then, chaps- I''m feeling a little nonchalant now - as I would have loved to stick it right to them - as I indeed gained a reputation on a well known American site, in having to put up with the sheer amount of derivative drivel that many north American bands come up with.......but these guys are a class act - I cannot fault them in any area of the sonic arena........my only discrepancy might be that someone else got there first!!!

P.S It has to be the drummer that''s the jerk-we always are!...But it beats the heck out of bein'' a retard!

~InFamous T~

Live Reviews.

A.V Indie Productions

12-03-04 Eldorados Lancaster, Ca.

I''m only slightly apprehensive that the guys from Deemed Useless actually know where I live. This band is a steam-roll vehicle for demented three-chord punk rock like we haven''t seen since the last No Exit showcase, which was to fucking long ago. Their live antics are analogous to Shat meets the Stooges, complete with dramatic tantrums and combative crowd interaction , and their lyrics detail the kind of warped shit that happens on a bad mescaline trip in Mexico. It was clear from every cusp that this was the wrong crowd to peddle anything short of pre-packaged post-hardcore to, especially anything that couldn''t be clearly distinguished as comedy by a preface about somebody''s mom.

Maybe everybody''s girl pants have been wedged to tightly up their asses, but in recent months it''s become something of an affront to the tenet of "the scene" for a band to have a little low-brow fun at the expense of the audience''s already farcial musical disposition. Intentionally superfluous though they may be, their set ran a little long and lost it''s novel not far into the first few minutes. Nonethe less, its a relief to see a band that doesn''t take itself so fucking seriously!!!

~Natelie A.~

Entertainment Today

I went to this place out in Lancaster called Schooners with my girl friend Brandy, who was celebrating her 21st birthday that night. Turns out we hear of this Battle of the Bands that was going on over there, and one of her Myspace friends,DEEMED USELESS were playing that, so what the hell? This Schooners place was basically a sports bar that''s about the size of the Whisky...and with an incredibly horrible sound system. However, we manage to get there in time to see Deemed Useless . Needless to say I was surprised. They had a very interesting stage show!!! Their singer was constantly running around the venue and just plain acting crazy on https://www.tradebit.com guitar player had some really interesting licks!!! However both him and the bass player looked kinda stiff on stage. Nothing a little alcohol can''t fix right? The drummer was pretty good too!!! He barley missed a beat during his drum solo, where he actually made a revolution around his kit while playing (meaning, he actually got up and walked around his drums hitting anything that made a sound). That I can honestly say I have never seen before!!! Bravo!!!

There music is pretty good as well! Picture an old school pop-punk style similar to the Ramones combined with the "Lydon-nisms" and shit reminiscent of P.I.L. Like I said before the sound is old school pop-punk inspired by the Ramones . However, YOU WON''T BE CONVINCED THAT THIS BAND IS CRAZY UNTIL YOU SEE THEM LIVE!!!

~Daemon Chadeau~ of Rock City News

Personal Review Ha!!
So at around 12:30 am Wednesday morning. I was onstage with Guttermouth and seven other drunk derelicts, in nothing but my underwear and shoes. Drenched in beer, sweat and other peoples blood. Waving my fist in the air and screaming incoherently into the guitar players microphone(either Kevin''s or Scott''s).When Mark pushes me off stage and into the mosh pit surrounded by two hundred other crazed https://www.tradebit.com at this point in the game you can probably guess that I can''t walk so good. So of course I go straight to the floor like a lead https://www.tradebit.comre upon I get trampled by all my lovely fellow fuck heads! After that I get up and repeat 4 times. Like a kid going on his favorite play ground slide. Yay I''m a drunkard!!!!!
After the show I pulled Mark outside and started ranting about my philosophies on song writing. And being the total jerk-off that I am. I told him how they should do more songs like"I''m Destroying the World". I asked him three times for his phone number and he politely said "no" "no" and "no". HA!!!!
I did however get his e-mail address. So when I get Drunk and rueful I can always write. Now Mark listen up buddy. That was where you went wrong. That I''m sure you''ll find out soon was a BIG MISTAKE!!!
We thank everyone who was at the Mammoth show for making it the best Deemed Useless show yet!!! We thank Guttermouth and their booking agent for keeping us on the bill even after we were cancelled!!!We thank Gary Hensley for jumping off of the third floor of our hotel balcony and landing in the snow(You''re just as fucked up as us you fucker!!!) We thank god or Satan for the open bar. And I personally want to thank Bacardi for making 151 so god damn strong!!!!!!................bob

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