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MP3 Deb E. Dee - Deborah Marie Doolan and Chief Rock

This audio meal of a CD includes all the best flavors of the Texas hill country,with courses ranging from ''Wild Plum Jam'' to the bloody''Backbone Blues''.If you don''t like both strong and really sweet flavors or women, forget it.

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COUNTRY: Country Rock, WORLD: World Fusion

Howdy, folks.

Deb steps out into the light with this smokin'' hot rock-country crossover C.D. from being one of the of the most familiar faces in Austin''s underground musical community, as well as an award winning songwriter who has recieved praise from many luminaries in the Austin songwriting community.
On the fourth go-round in the federal circuit court of appeals, Deb won the right to release this album, which features herself on vocals, guitar and keyboard,, Grammy award winning trumpet player Martin Banks,a native Austinite, now deceased,who has played for a long list of greats such as Aretha Franklin, Ry Cooder, Ray Charles, George Clinton and was one of the musicians in the original Broadway cast of the musical ''Hair''. Also featured is reknowned Trinidad panmaster and percussionist Rashad Iginga as well as percussionist Jeff Hogan, who has also backed Peter Rowan and Jimmy Carl Black of the Grandmothers, and Spencer Perskin of Shiva''s Headband, who was a co-owner of the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin,Texas, and one of the great rock violinists of our https://www.tradebit.comrgina Van Ris is a small intense person who plays an enormously rock-solid bass groove, and also plays bass for Shiva''s.
On the cover is the remarkable portrait by reknowned surrealistic artist Tim Andries, now deceased. Tim and Deb were co-members of The Dallas Artists Co-op, an organization for surrealistic Artists of all media, including music. Deb performing at the opening of his(Tim''s) studio/gallery on Dallas'' Elm Street(Deep Ellum) and he finished this painting during the performance. Afterward he presented her with the painting, saying to Deb ,"This Is You".
Deb says that she feels most grateful for this great gift and honored the memory of Tim by putting it on the cover, in hopes that the work of this fine artist and loving person will be furthur appreciated.
She knows that it resembles the Statue of Liberty, a replica of a statue of the old Roman Goddess of freedom, Minerva, more than it does her self physically,but feels it does portray her spirit.
Deb has always been playing and singing. Inside the cover of ''Deborah Marie Doolan and Chief Rock'',among the pictures of the other performers on the album, is a picture of Deb pulling up to the piano keys at age 9 months, before she could https://www.tradebit.com, she did play on the piano then, and she never https://www.tradebit.com began learning the guitar on a spanish style Goya classical,then got lessons at the downtown Dallas Y.M.C.A.
At age, 15, Deb, who grew up in Dallas, Texas, was regularly performing at Popsicle Toes, a popular Dallas Jazz venue .She performed with a garage band called Time in a https://www.tradebit.com sang covers of everyone''s songs from Janis to The Airplane, to the Beatles, Stones, Spirit and Muddy Waters. She had long blonde hair and white go-go boots, and lied about her age to drink during the first few gigs, because she had terrible stage fright that was instantly cured by a Singapore https://www.tradebit.comn she no longer needed the booz(for shame, oh management!)and was feeling at home under the stage lights.
After stints at various jobs from putting batterries in cars at Sears for about 1.98 an hour, and running a childcare service in her home, etc,Deb recovered her senses(she refers to those days in the early 70''s as "the insane years) and went back to music full time"
when the kids were small Deb began writing a lot of her own material and occassionaly performing on Dallas''Greenville Avenue in a blues/new wave fusion band called ''Deb E. Dee and The Daddycats''.The band featured Deb as lead vocalist and songwriter on guitar and keys, and Kevin Valentine on lead guitar as well as Ken Grimes of Dallas'' Belladi Ensemble on Drums. Deb also moonlighted as ''Jaynette Bird'' on bass with the adventurous and original band Buck Nacked and the Jaybirds, who frequently performed at meetings of "The Church of the Subgenius"."It happened somewhwere in Oz, of course", says Deb, who then dyed her long light green hair a bright cobalt blue, cut it off, fell in love and moved to the Austin area in 1984 with a skateboarder named LeeMo that she met at a Black Flag concert and art show at the Twilite Room on Commerce in downtown Dallas,where she performed.
Living first in Bastrop and then in Garfield, both just east of Austin,in 1886 she recorded''909'', a rock album of her own compositions, with Leo King on guitar and Larry Allen on bass and Noah Ramirez on https://www.tradebit.com album band was named ''Deb E. DeE. and the Daddycats'', although the band members were different from the band by the same name she performed with on Dallas'' Greenville Avenue in the late 70''s and early 80''https://www.tradebit.coms album remains unreleased but is soon to be. Updates to be posted soon on Deb E. Dee .Com
Deb began writing songs prolifically in the mid 1970s, at a time when she had a guitar and piano, but no T.V. or stereo, and two young children to entertain.
Paul Sessums, owner of the famous Black Cat club on 6th street, where she had performed, called her 1986 cassette release, ''909''(available soon),''the best music to come out of Austin this year''. Deb has performed at many of Austin''s finer clubs for original music, inculding The Black Cat,The Cactus Cafe, The and at showcases and benefits, such as at Blue Flamingo, and Ruta Maya, as well as being featured several times at the Staff concerts of the Kerrville Music https://www.tradebit.comging for the Love of it and helping to feed herself and sometimes others,Deb has for more than twenty years busked on Sixth street and the corner of Fourth and Colorado or for the U.T. students and others on ''The Drag'' on Austin''s Guadalupe https://www.tradebit.com reasoned that she could hone her chops, reach thousands more people, enliven and bring joy to the steets, and the people,and feed herself, as well as enjoy a healthy range of freedom. Sometimes it was really hard, sometimes just incredibly fun, she https://www.tradebit.com was really a lot of work, too, and hard for a woman, which made her all the more determined to exercise her constitutional right to free speech, as she said to the rookie police officers who often tried to interact with her in a negative way, until they really began to see her as the real working musician that she was, and even enjoying and supporting her https://www.tradebit.comn the police officers began to dance to her music.''That was a sight'',she says, ''the three of them line dancing on the corner of Fourth and Colorado''.
Deb has retired from the street gig with mostly fond https://www.tradebit.com she sings and plays around the hill country and grows lemons and peaches and tries not to scare the townsfolk or annoy the livestock, but she refuses to give up rock and roll.
The third song on ''Deborah Marie Doolan and Chief Rock'', called Backbone Blues, deals with the adventures of a mountain lion who told Deb, kinda psychicly, she thinks, that her name was, and I quote,"I Am Walking in your Path "
Deb calls this lion, who comes to her place to drink from a natural pool,''Walkin''for short.
The first song on the album, ''Wild Plum Jam'', is a true story about an event that now takes place semi-annually
(whenever the plums make a good crop) in the deep summer dog days of late July, when the wild plums get ripe out at Debs place , a campout where wild plum jam and biscuits are made over an open fire to the musical accompaniment of many local https://www.tradebit.coms event is as good as it gets, https://www.tradebit.comncers violin shines on this rollikin'' ''rockin country https://www.tradebit.comurday after friday night guests go a few miles to cool off in the river at Blanco State Park.
It''s the Real Deal.
Song 2 on the album,''Lion and Lamb was recorded in Austin
at Jeff Moeller''s Audio Arts studios on South Congress. Austin Character and person of some reknown Oat Willie, now known by his given, Wally Stopher, former gubernatorial candidate and member of Armadillo era band "Conqueroo", plays one of the guitar solos on this ''Pat Garret and Billy the Kid'' style tune,and Deb plays the other.
Martin Banks'' sweet as honey flugelhorn on "Boomerang Sweet will amaze you, especially when you realize that he is calmly playing his solo while a swarm of wild bees , who had entered the rural Blanco studio of Jeff Hogan,circled his head as he played .Then a few left and followed him out to his car, and we made sure none remained to hitchikeback to austin with Mr Banks. A song about the wild bees....
Rashad Iginga plays the pans on Boomerang and the clip clop temple blocks, the horse''s hooves, on the old cowboy song
''I Ride an Old Paint"
''Moonlight Tower, A hot walkin Rhythm and blues that features Deb on Upright Piano was recorded at Austin''s Old School on East 11th Street. All the songs are done live , a few have some minimal https://www.tradebit.comnlight Tower was originally written for another Band, but when they were unable to complete their recordin project, Deb recorded it on this album ,and encourages other artists who can do it justice to cover it.
The heartsong of Deb''s called simply ''Flying'' on the ''Deborah Marie Doolan and Chief Rock Album was originally titled and is still subtitled ''Song for the Enchanted Rock''
This beautiful pink granite dome at Enchanted Rock
State Natural Area just a few miles North of Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill country is one of Deb''s favorite places and she is pictured on the back cover of the https://www.tradebit.comsh from Dallas, with the blue finally beginning to wash out of her hair,healing, sitting on some of the beautiful granite at the park.
About this song, deb says,"This song was written for my daughter, https://www.tradebit.com was a gift to me from the Enchanted Rock.
It was first written as a poem around Easter, to mail to Sarai, who was over two hundred miles away, and I had not seen my daughter or talked to her in over two years. We had left Dallas as a family, but there was more violence in the Del Valley schools the children attended, and they returned to Mesquite, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, and communications with them were illegally cut off. I was very heart broken, for I had left Dallas to escape violence, and now was faced with this. I went out to Enchanted Rock to pray and meditate, and sat up on The Rock, pouring my heart out to the stones, who were the only ones to listen. I sang my best songs to the rocks, and returned home to Austin.
Whenever I give to Earth Mother,
as in the songs I sang on top of Enchanted Rock, I have found that she gives back bountifully in return, and sure enough, I soon had the words to this poem.(FLYING)
Just as I reached the reached the very end of the poem, and put the period at the end of the last sentence, the phone rang. It was my daughter, https://www.tradebit.com said simply,"Mama come get me".I did, of course. The last line in this song is a direct quote from the great Chief Seattle, of the Dwamish Tribe in the Northwestern United States. He had said, "There is no https://www.tradebit.comth is just a change of worlds."
Sarai and I arrived back in Austin the day before Easter Sunday, and she,my friends and I celebrated with an all night music jam, although she as a child fell asleep in the early evening after her long journey, and Easter Sunday morning, as the sun rose, we sang this song; the music happening spontaneously. This song will be able to be downloaded from my website for free, forever. Happy Easter, Deb"
After moving from Garfield into Austin proper,Deb went natural and her hair is now a long reddish https://www.tradebit.com lives on top of a hill with guitars, red dragonflies and cool animals that are not in any books,https://www.tradebit.com hobbies are painting a tarot deck and growing Peach and Lemon https://www.tradebit.com even cultivates her own variety of peach, still in the agricultural testing phase.
The name of the album derives from Debs given name as a girl, as a gift to her mom, and from a rock onto which is carved two words, "Have Mercy", and that chunk of limestone is Chief Rock.
The band Deborah Marie Doolan and Chief Rock, which included Deb E. Dee, Spencer Perskin, Georgina Van Ris and Martin Banks disbanded shortly after the initial release of the C.D. in 1997 due to manufacturing problems which prevented marketing the C. D. to finance the planned tour, and musicians and their families all have to eat and move onward through the frogs.
Now, several years later, is the C.D. album, remastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova in Austin, ready for re-release. Deb is currently hard at work on her next Album, which she calls smokin'' hot goddess rock.
Deb''s two children Luke and Sarai Fletcher frequently perform on stage with https://www.tradebit.come plays guitar, bass and tuba, and sings and writes, and daughter Sarai plays keyboard,congas and percussion, and assists on harmony vocals and sometimes lead duets with her mom as well. Now a happy rural resident, 50 miles west of Austin, Deb offers this musical tribute to her home in the beautiful Texas Hill Country of Blanco County.
Her lack of travel has somewhat hindered her musical career, but having gotten to the Texas Hill country by a spate of miracles, she really never wants to leave, or at least there''s got to be some real fancy enticement. She rocks hard,gets country right on down(she grew up listening to Tex Ritter, Patsy Cline and Hank) and if you like Brittany Spears, you probably will hate this effort, but it''s sweet, too, like bluebonnets, and victory after long struggle. By Kimama

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