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Stick Mnemonics for 1600 Chinese Characters
If you're just beginning to have an interest in the Chinese language, you'll first want to take a look at the beautiful characters that make up the written language. Stick Mnemonics of 1600 Chinese Characters beautifully illustrates the journey you are about to begin to learning the Chinese language through its characters.

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How to approach the study of the Chinese language
If you are interested in learning the Chinese language, welcome to a brand new process. Mandarin Chinese is now one of the most widely spoken languages throughout Asia and up and coming in the world population. It is made up of characters that stand for entire words as well as letters. If you don't have the luxury of studying Chinese in China, you can still prepare yourself for speaking Chinese with lessons in writing, reading, speaking, and understanding Chinese. Read how below with Tradebit's eBook selections for the Chinese language.

Learning Chinese online
If you are interested in a lesson that is free, you might not be able to use the internet to access all that China has to offer because the culture is very traditional and sometimes closed to the West. Sometimes news is restricted, and it's not easy to try and access the culture in the way that you think it may be. What we suggest is taking an introduction to a course. Through download and audio material, you can study in the privacy of your own home, in your own time, with help day by day. Use our software courses to instruct you in pinyin, character learning, calligraphy, reading at beginner and intermediate levels, vocabulary acquisition and much more.

Units of study for online Chinese courses
If you are a native speaker of English who is interested in learning Chinese you will want to find the most popular and well as the most useful tools in your search for the best learning program for you. In school when you learn languages you start with other students who share your desire to speak, read, and study a second language. From beginner to advanced level learners, you have a teacher to guide you. With daily contact and activities you quickly learn about speaking skills, how to have a conversation, basics in vocabulary, and how to practice grammar in small groups to prepare for exams. Alone you have to practice on your own. Set a work order for your day if you are one of those people who like to approach self study as if it were a university class. Learn a character sign, a number, a food, a term about the weather, some kind of smaller unit of study, each day in your course.

How to best use online learning resources
If you are happy to find current courses from a web page or other download site, perhaps with month to month subscription services, it can make a world of difference in your journey to learn the Chinese language. Before you travel to China and hoep to begin speaking the language with native speakers, you can make use of many digital resources for your learning. Look up a video, listen to an mp3, set your browser for a Chinese news feed, watch a Chinese movie that is not dubbed, and you'll be in the know in terms of special pronunciation and what is required to learn the language. In 2013 it's so easy to find videos of everything that you need, find a common site reserved for people just like you who know the number of years it takes to truly find meaning in the study of a foreign language.

Studying Chinese for science and technology
If you are interested in studying Chinese because of the scientific and technical industry that you currently live and work in requires it, look no further than the special translation manuals and dictionaries that Tradebit has as well. We provide everything to that you can learn to write and advertise your technology or science group with the correct translations. All you have to do to address the issue of becoming more integrated with Chinese production society is browse our pages and you'll be set! No online dictionary can help you as much as our technical manuals, because they are all too simplified- the sentence structure is just not there in the translation. Don't thank us- we know you need the best resources, and we're here for you!