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Easy Italian Step by Step
This eBook is perfect for beginners studying the Italian language! You'll find useful phrases for travel and general information, as well as an introduction to Italian vocabulary and grammar structures. Through thorough review exercises, grammar and verb tables, and everyday language guides, you'll find everything you need for your beginning Italian studies here!

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Survival Italian For Beginners, Volume 1, Album

1-hour Italian Audio Course for Beginners Includes: 17 Audio Tracks - First words, Courtesies: Please, Thank you, Youre welcome - Greetings: Good day, Good evening, Addressing people, etc. - Asking: How are you? How is...? - Introduc......
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Learning the Italian language 101
Are you interested in learning the Italian language? There are endless options to choose from for your course work and how best to learn a foreign language. Italian is a beautiful language and Italy is a beautiful country, so get started today- Tradebit will show you how! From free programs and complete courses for a beginners online, to beginner private lessons, to studying vocabulary and grammar at home, to audio cds and videos where you can hear native speakers speak the words of the language in every day phrases at the simple click or press of a button on a mobile device- you have the world to choose from when learning the Italian language. Let Tradebit's new language vertical help you in your quest to learn the Italian language and you'll be ready to say "Ciao, Bella" and much more on your travels to Italy in no time.

Learn Italian Solo
One of the best ways to learn Italian is to take an online course. Everyone wants to find the best class and course out there, so here are some parameters to search for before you start. Be sure to read each policy and website for each online program very cautiously so that you understand the way that the language proficiency tutoring will work. Some programs use audio guide conversation to build up languages and skills. Some programs offer practice in basics like numbers, greetings, days of the week, letters, animals, and vocabulary skills by unit etc. Others still use video and audio software so that you can perfect your listening and also see the language as it is spoken. A few programs that you can try also offer a test to see which level you are in your Italian language activities so far. As a new user, they will want to introduce you to exercises at the right level- not something too easy or too hard.

Learning Italian Online with Tradebit
Tradebit has a great selection of online education tools to learn and study the Italian language. You simply have to search for what seems right to you and your learning needs. A few basic programs offer different study sections like grammar and verbs, learning the alphabet, learning about Italian culture, travel to Italy, tips from native speakers, verb and grammar tables, and fun word games to remember vocabulary. The resources are endless- you just need to search for what is right for you. If you need to learn the language quickly, we have audio material that you can just pop into your headphones and head out the door with just like your music.

Learn Italian with a tandem partner
The Italian language can be much easier to learn if you already have some familiarity with another romance based language- Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. If you've studied only German, well- not so much, but you'll still have an idea of how to learn a second language! A Tandem partner is a person that is a native speaker who can work one-on-one with you to learn Italian while you share with him or her your own English. Having a language contact is many times the best way to improve the level of your speaking. You will improve in just a few months or even less- could be a few hours. You'll learn skills like perfect pronunciation, listen to another native speaker, be able to quiz each other on the vocabulary and materials that you each need to improve, and become fellow learners together who want to both improve their reading, writing and speaking skills in a foreign language. You will find that with a tandem partner your questions will be answered in minutes, unlike in larger classes in school. You will have one-on-one support and each tandem meeting will feel like a complete lesson with common and essential terms specifically tailored to the topic of your choice.

Learn Italian with eBooks
Here at Tradebit we have a great selection of eBooks and audio options that you'll love for learning the Italian language. Our inventory includes world class educational materials that you can download and view just like any page of a book. Some programs you can also buy include games and tutorials that you can access on the web and even on your iphone! It's a blog and facebook filled world where many value their privacy, so we want to give the people what they want. If you don't want to attend schools, but still want the knowledge of a classroom, we have what you need. We know that you'll love our selection of language acquisition products. All you have to do is choose one and you'll be on your way- with the tools to say more than just "buongiorno"! Whether you are looking for tips on how to write business Italian, how to order Italian food, or how to comment on the Italian weather, we've got what you're looking for to improve your study of the Italian language!

Free Italian Learning tools
If you haven't made the decision to buy one of our great products yet- there is good news. You can start to study online through youtube, or an online dictionary. But you have to make sure that these resources are good enough for what you are looking for. Who is producing the products? You want to make sure you're learning Italian-- not Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Turkish, or Swedish! Often free sites will ask you to join after a certain period, or you'll have to sign up through email and receive a newsletter offering membership. Why not invest in a better program today? With Tradebit you'll become Fluent in Italiano in no time!