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Dance Music Manual Creative Sequencing Techniques Take Control of Making Music
Dance Music Manual
If you're relatively new to the technology and theory behind today's dance music, Rick Snoman introduces the basics of MIDI, synthesis and sampling, as well as music theory, effects, compression, microphone techniques and sound design. This book also covers techniques for producing different musical styles, including Trance, Trip Hop, Rap and House.

Learn How to be a DJ


Analogue Mikro-mastering Tool

::Analogue MikroMastering Tool:: The Analgoue Mikro-Mastering will help you to make your music or soundtracks complies with common level and EQ standards and carefully make that final mastering touch that it just might need. Through speci......

12.00 USD
XSeller keywords: high end, mastering software, music

Music Master 3k Suite

.::Music Master 3k Suite::. The Music Master 3k Suite will aid your engineering and make your music or soundtracks complie with indusrty levels and EQ standards and carefully make that final mastering touch that it just might need. Through ......

12.00 USD

Adobe Audition How To Mix Like A Pro

Adobe Audition how to Mix like a PRO How to mix like a pro gives you a step by step edge on the competition,. You will learn tricks of the trade such as Equalization, Importing tracks and more. This is a dvd that gives you the information ......
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9.99 USD
XSeller keywords: adobe audition, mixing, tutorial

Auto Tune 5

SOUND LIKE T-PAIN WITH AUTO TUNE VST PLUGINIntroducing Auto-Tune 5 The Next Generation of the Worldwide Standard in Professional Pitch Correction The Fastest, Easiest-To-Use, Highest-Quality Tool for Correcting Pitch Hailed as a "holy grail o......

9.99 USD
XSeller keywords: auto tune vst plugin

Acoustica Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6 is a powerful music production and multi-track recording workstation that comes packed with thousands of music loops and dozens of audio effects and virtual instruments. Mixcraft enables you to record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks,......

33.99 EUR (34.73 USD)
XSeller keywords: , multi-tr
Thumbnail CUBASE SX3

Cubase Sx3

Cubase SX3 Cubase SX3 The Music Creation and Production System Designed with the requirements and working methods of professional musicians, composers, audio engineers and producers in mind, Steinberg's flagship Cubase SX3 converges extraor......

63.99 USD
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Choosing the right music mixing software

Right, so you've decided to start mixing your own music on your PC or Mac from home and want to look at what options there are for music mixing applications. No problem: you have questions and we have the answers!

The first thing to do is decide what sort of features you will need to produce your songs or mixes, then work out what your budget is. This should eliminate the unsuitable music mixing apps from your list and narrow down the selection, making it easier for you to decide which is the right one for you.

This is important: there are simply hundreds of music mixing software applications out there, all ranging in price, capabilities, features and usability. Some of them are inexpensive and great value for money, whereas others cost a small fortune and don't really give you any bang for your buck. Our feature check list should help you decide on the tool to launch your music mixing career.

But what is music mixing software? Essentially, it is an application that, as its core features, emulates studio hardware audio mixing equipment: record sound elements, combine audio elements together to create music tracks and modifies the way each component sounds through the use of pre-sets, equalizers and effects loops.

More advanced music mixing tools includes features like storing favorite pre-sets for using later on, sound files libraries and non-linear loop based mixing (also known as virtual DJ software) that allows automatic tempo matching of sound libraries to the current track being played, without altering the pitch.

If you've ever tried altering the tempo of a vocal track or song you'll know that usually it sounds pretty awful: too slow and the singer sounds drunk, too fast and it's Chipmunk time. High quality virtual DJ software gets around this with advanced algorithms that can also auto-tune sound elements together in real time.

It's fair to say that without this technology, a whole genre of so-called pop stars would never have had careers! Still, if its OK for Beyoncé to use it, then why not take advantage of these tools yourself?

Music Mixing Software: Typical Core Features

The following is a list of common music mixing features:

  • - Digital Channel mixer
  • - Frequency and pitch shifting functionality
  • - Auto tuning capabilities
  • - Equalizer and cross fader with real time video feedback
  • - Extensible functionality via plug-ins
  • - Noise reduction, filtering and linear smoothing filters
  • - Record function and on the fly live recording capabilities
  • - Support for MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG and other common file formats
  • - Drag and drop timeline view editing interface
  • - Multi language support (not just English)
  • - Preview audio play back support

If you want all of these features and your budget is a modest one, then we recommend looking at Zulu DJ Software. See

Music Mixing Software: Advanced Features

Some features included in high end music mixer tools are:

  • - Beat looping and remix functionality
  • - Hotcues for dubstep mixing and mashing
  • - Pitch bending
  • - Time stretching and vinyl emulator
  • - Support for multiple users
  • - Online web community for support and the exchange of new ideas, tricks and tips
  • - Rich sound libraries with powerful search and editing facilities
  • - Real time video visualization of your mixes
  • - Games that test your DJ ability and help you improve your skills

Generally, the best tools that are including these features are more expensive than the entry level music mixing apps, however these capabilities are required if you want to get the "full DJ experience". Consider DJ Mixer 3 Pro for the deluxe virtual DJ experience. We give this music mixing tool the highest possible rating - there is no question that it is the leading mixer on the market for 2013. See or the featured product for this page for a full review.

What free music mixing applications are there?

It should be noted when choosing a music mixing tool that there are a number of free options out there that offer basic, stripped down functionality but are more than adequate for the beginner. for Windows Relatively new to the virtual DJ market, the Mixxx program offers great usability and flexibility for a free music mixing app and is highly recommended for beginners taking their first steps into the world of music production. Audacity for Mac and Windows is one of the original free music mixing software programs and is still widely used even in some independent music studios. Open source and offering a range of plug-ins, as well as a user friendly, easy to master timeline based interface, Audacity is a great first foray for anyone interested in recording and easily making their own music mix, whatever the genre. Supports WAV, mp3, FLAC and OGG file formats. Record, add files, edit, mash, output to a number of file formats - it's that easy, and it works exactly as you need it to. Fruity Loops software for Windows was the first music mixing app of many a world-class superstar DJ, and it's not hard to see why. Easy to use interface, powerful functionality, tons of plug ins and great flexibility combine to form a recommended package for budding DJs looking to learn how to mash songs like a legend, whether at a club, a party or at home.

Music Mix Software Tools for download on Tradebit

If you want to download music mixing software that will improve and perfect your mix and help you produce professional sounding mash ups at a competitive price then look no further - Make Music on Tradebit has dozens of the very latest popular music mixer products from 2013 out there and our prices cannot be beaten. You can view screenshots and videos of all our products to ensure you make the right decision. Add to that great customer contact support and guidance if you need it after sale.

Check out Making Music for the very latest news on Music Mixing Software and other related news on Music Production.

We have music mixing software downloads for both Windows and Mac, as well as music mixers for mobile devices, and all applications are available for immediate download and installation after purchase. You'll be mixing like Dr Dre in no time at all, and from the comfort of your own home! Buy and sell with confidence at Tradebit.

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