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Learn Music Theory

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Music Theory Guitar Vol 1 Music Theory Guitar Vol 2 Practical Guitar Theory
Learn Guitar Music Theory with Tradebit
Improving your guitar skills comes with practice as well as theory training and hitting the books while practicing your strum. Find your stride with the Music Theory Workbook For Guitar series which gives in-depth insight into finger-picking technique, strumming, chord structures, tablature interpretation and much more. You'll learn everything from basic rhythmic gestures, major and minor scales to advanced capo work and composition tips for guitar.

Download Music Theory Guitar Workbook Vol 1


Practical Music Theory For Guitar Players

This tutorial teaches the bare minimum amount of (western) music theory needed by an amateur guitar player to work with groups of musicians (OK, everyone this song is in the key of B flat, and here are the chords), arrange songs, and transpose ......

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Practical Music Theory

Music, Theory, Practical, Guitar, Scales, Harmony, Justin, Sandercoe, justinguitar, Education, eBooks About this item: This first part of Really Useful Guitar Stuff will help you understand basic music theory and put it into practice right a......

5.99 USD
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Tradebit Tips on Learning Music Theory For Guitar

Do you want to improve your guitar playing? Consider studying music theory for guitar instead of just strumming along to your favorite pop tune hoping to improve. Music theory for guitar involves learning how to read major and minor scale work, play chords, learning arpeggiated scales, picking out a note with finger picking technique for strumming, and learning to understand notes and tabs on the fretboard.

Practical application of music theory

If you want to improve your playing, whether you are taking lessons or not, you need to know how to improve your musical theory practice. There are plenty of free websites that you can use that will help you if you don't have time to take a full class, but why not also consider books? Specifically eBooks? If you are new to the guitar as an instrument, you will need some time at home to practice and learn the correct terms for your instrument. You can begin with simple intervals, the basic concepts of modes, key signatures, reading flats and sharps, the pentatonic scales, interval sight-reading, and other key concepts and lessons that you can study at home.

Hit the books

Whether you are a guitarist that is a beginner, or you are working with guitarists and have been players for years, don't overlook the lesson and knowledge that you can be taught by using eBooks as your guide for theory lessons for guitar. If you are used to just picking out songs, you'll like the way the theory is presented in the order it is presented in. It's easy to create better music and start to really feel the different themes that you're learning about come to life in your compositions and guitar practice.

Naturally gifted?

Some lucky people are simply good at what they do, great music actually flows right out of their fingertips. For everyone else, they have to apply their music theory knowledge. They have to try to make something great by using the steps and elements that they are familiar with to make new sound. At first it might not click, but after some practice, guitar theory can become easy. When you're going over new reading materials, it's best to review frequently, continue reading about the topic, and then immediately try to apply what you have learned into a song or a number that you're working on.

Mingle with other learners and experts of music theory

Learning guitar music theory is something that comes easy to some and not so easy to others. eBooks and audio guides are here to help. With a real book in your hands, and aided by video and audio examples on the web, you can find course sites and guides that can really improve your playing and your theoretical approach to playing and construction of composition. Add to that the fact that a guitar theory course can introduce you to the names and faces of a circle of some of your future best friends, and you can see why choosing to study guitar theory is a sign that makes a lot of sense. Whether you're playing acoustic, electric or bass guitar, lessons and eBooks are always in your corner to help put you at the top of your game.

Don't give up

Trying to learn music theory might be frustrating to some. Don't give up, because you're definitely going to succeed no matter how you approach it. Whether it's books or videos online, I've seen and done it all, and trust me, it's better than just learning how to finger-pick your favorite song from your best buddy in college. Make good contact with the fretbord, play your chord with style and strength, learn your major and minor scales and work on scale work daily, and all of a sudden the view will get brighter. You won't look at your sheet music the same again after spending some quality time having learned music theory for guitar.