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Business Advertising in a Social Media World

“If you’ve never thought about Advertising in the same breath as social media… maybe it’s time to start!”
“Why You Do - Or Dont - Need
Business Advertising in a
Social Media World”

Dear Online Marketer,

They tell you that social networking is the latest, greatest thing when it comes to building your business online – and in many ways, they’re right.

You’re pretty sure your list has increased from all your Twitter tweets and Facebook efforts.

But how much actual income has all this social networking generated?

(Especially if you’re one of the countless-as-the-sea marketers saying: “Hey, I just don’t have the time)…

And as for placing ads on social networks… well… you really hadn’t thought much about it.

Won’t all that article marketing [you never have time to do] and [irregular] blogging do the trick? Isn’t that what social media is for?

Social networking is interactive, so it gets you connected with your readers… and it wins you friends… but what about the dollars?

So what is social media good for, anyway? (A lone voice pipes up “placing advertisements”… you discover you have a hard time even remembering any on the social networks you haunt)…

There’s a secret in that thought, that you may be completely missing!

The truth is, you were so busy on those social networks (when you had the time) being engaged with who you were talking to or the titillating stuff you were reading… or the game you were playing… social media and advertising has been the last thing on your mind…

Have You Been Ignoring Advertising
– Especially when it comes to
Social Media?

If your answer is “uh… yes” or “what advertising?”, well, the discouraging truth is… you’re not alone.

In fact, you can squeeze right in among the herd of other busy and distracted internet marketers.

It’s the minority who are actively advertising who usually see the biggest result!

But what if you could get a handle on advertising, once and for all, without ever having done any?

And that includes getting a handle on “traditional” online advertising and setting up a long-term advertising plan… as well as learning about the advantages and disadvantages of advertising on social media?
“It’s the 2% Marketing Tactics you Ignore
That Keep You Forever Waiting
For Success”

I can’t remember which master marketer said that, but I’ve certainly found this to be true.

Just think of figure skaters… it’s usually one jump, or one tiny element of finesse they lack, that keeps them off the podium for years, dreaming of that gold medal.

It might surprise you to know that a lot of world class figure skaters are just like many internet marketers:
Willing to go the distance

Secretly filled with despair
- Despair, because that medal’s always out of reach.

Then they get a new coach… or come up with new approach to an old problem (often seeing something they’d always taken for granted with new eyes). They fix that single, frustrating element… and before you know it, they’re waving their first medal at the TV cameras!

It’s the Stuff You Don’t Think About
– or That You Easily Dismiss – That Can Keep You
Just Steps from Success:

I’m talking about those few “fine details” that need perfecting.

And when it comes to business advertising online and social media, that means keeping up to date on:
The 7 most common types of online advertising - and why these models may not be the best ones for your particular business
The 21st century social disaster largely responsible for the increase in online interactivity
2 critical factors that put online advertisings reputation into a sour spot - and contributed to the sinking of Googles ultimate authority

Why social media works, the gap it successfully fills - and how understanding that can help you better target your advertising

The single biggest mistake most small advertisers make, when it comes to social media advertising

The 3-step grounding you have to have, before you can achieve any sort of advertising success

The single most important thing you must never do, if you want someone to react favorably to your ad on a social site

The shocking online statistic reported by people who work and play online

The online face to face simulation social media can provide - and what it does to your web credibility

2 dangers to beware of, when advertising on social media sites

5 social media advertising advantages – and the one time you should go for them all
You see, it’s not enough for me to show you, piecemeal, a small part of the puzzle. What you need to know is the unique way all online advertising fits together, to make the most of your social media sites.

Hey, it could be that you’d do better not to place ads on it at all.

And then again, you might have the perfect business to go viral or achieve spectacular success… if only you know how to advertise it effectively on the right social media site.

Grasp This and You’ll
Stay On Top of Effective Advertising Forever…

It’s not enough to focus strictly on social media advertising, however… along with the detailed information you need, it’s good to know exactly how it all fits within your marketing plan.

To return to our figure skating example, there were two famous coaches. Both produced world class contenders… but Coach # 1 insisted on rigid control, teaching his skaters the exact moves – his way – and demanding absolute, unthinking obedience. As a result, his students could only jump the jumps he taught them, exactly the way they were shown; and they were often criticized for lacking the subtle nuances and adaptability of gold medal performance.

Coach # 2 taught his students all about momentum, gravity, motion mechanics and the dynamics of movement. He helped them understand the principles of motion mechanics – principles they could adapt and apply to any figure skating move, program or situation.

In other words, they got the whole picture. And guess whose students were consistently – not occasionally – in the medals?

That’s right. Coach # 2.

It’s just the same with your marketing plan and advertising – even when you’re tackling a subject as specific as advertising on social media. Without a proper grounding, you’ll feel like you’re fumbling, half in the dark. You’ll feel like you need more instruction. And before you know it, you’ll be buying the next likely eBook, in the never-ending quest for the “right” information.

I don’t want you to have to do that! That’s why I’ve written this XX-page Special Report, “Business Advertising in a Social Media World”. It’s by no means 10 years of Olympic coaching – but it will give you not only concrete information about the Top 10 specific social media platforms set against a backdrop of solid, basic advertising information… it will also give you:

A Social Media Advertising Map - 18 platforms divided into 3 basic types of ad service – and what they’re best suited for

18 Social Media Platform Profiles - A short but expanded thumbnail review of each

3 useful, basic worksheets, to help you plan your social media advertising campaign while keeping basic advertising necessities in mind
It will also fill you in on:

The 12 steps of any successful advertising campaign - and extras you need to know about social media

2 simple elements in social media site advertising that can really help you super-brand your business

The difference between Advertising and Promotion - and the extra advantage social media advertising brings

2 dangers to avoid, when advertising on social media sites

5 social media advertising advantages - and the one time you should go for them all
When you’ve finished this special report, you won’t be an expert – but you will have a simple but solid grounding on social media advertising; its benefits and advantages too. You’ll have 3 handy worksheets to help you organize your thoughts and resources – and start making a solid advertising plan…

… right down to whether or not including social media advertising is right for your business!

But make no mistake – we will talk about the advantages (and disadvantages of advertising on social media…

…We’ll cover the unique set of pros and cons, including:

The top 10 social networking sites - and why a particular one may not be right for your advertising campaign

The fatal but logical mistake marketers often make, when deciding to advertise on a social network

The 2-step advertising basic you have to know, before focusing on social media

Social media explained – and why these 2 key elements provide such a lure
So if you’ve been feeling as if you’d like to learn more about social media advertising – and what it can do for you…

…and you think it would be helpful to set that against the backdrop of basic advertising campaign planning…

Just download my Special Report, “Business Advertising in a Social Media World” – and you’ll be learning about social media advertising, and how it fits into the online advertising world minutes from now.

Try it out, to see if it’s everything I’ve promised. There’s no risk to you, because...

“Business Advertising in a Social Media World”
Comes With My 100%, Unconditional
Money Back, 30-Day Guarantee”
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