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MP3 Jorge C Scott - "A Distinguished Gentleman" Mr. Jorge C Scott Going Back To San Francisco

My music is good, clean, fun, music for people of all ages and many music styles to enjoy. Parents can even leave the room and let their kids listen to my work. I am the new kid on the block straight up with old school values.

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URBAN/R&B: Rhythm & Blues, ROCK: Funk Rock

I am making ground staking movements in the music field.
I am my own man with my own style doing my thing and now a days you don’t have to buckle to the big company. I am the one the only "A Distinguished Gentleman" Mr. Jorge C Scott.
I am the new kid on the block straight up with old school values.
I don''t feel I sound like no other nor do I want to, however you can make the comparisons if you like and in most cases I would be flattered to be compared to someone
I remember when I first heard my work on the radio and it played behind Marvin Gaye wow what a feeling.
I appreciate my God given talent to get the music out of my head and onto a CD.
In this day and age of Rap and Hip Hop music etc which have had a great impact on the music business is now here to stay and have made some people some incredible amounts of money, some people do want a change and since music is universal there is room for everyone. I write, sing and promote nothing but good clean music with no cursing, or anything abusive nor do I have political views and that wont change.
Each song on the CD is written and sang by me, that now a days is just unheard of, so as long as I do that each CD is a collectors item, I like that so there is no rush for the next CD to come out no pressure from big business to produce, it is vintage music that I hope will stand the test of time. It''s like a Greatest Hits Album and you know how those are nothing but the hits.
Another good thing with my work is a parent can leave their kid in the room alone and not worry about them listening to Jorge C Scott music. As a matter of fact I talk to the young ones a lot in my songs if I can encourage just one to do the right things it is worth it. I just know it is hard being a teenager these days, it was very different when I was a teenager too but not like today. If you have a school or event that is not political and none religious and you want me to speak to the kid’s just get in touch I am more than happy to work something out for that.
Each one of my songs has a message for someone somewhere in this beautiful big blue marble we live called earth. I am looking for talent as well in my newly formed Scott Group GML Production company; I plan to eventually go to concentrate on the business end of music. I will still write and record though so I want to have a whole show and review with other talented people presenting their talents to the world as well. I also want background singers and dancers and bring back the days when it is cool to get dressed up to go out to a concert, yes you can come as you are to a show but it adds something to the night when we actually dress up and go out, something about that just makes it special, guys ask your lady if she want to go somewhere special most would say yes. If you want to try out for my new band Jorge C Scott & Scotty or you want to join in the entertainment part of the show just send your submission to the address on my web site.
However it is important to note I run a drug free, alcohol dependent free, smoke free kind of operation

Now please note as I explain what was going on in my head as I wrote the songs. I really hope you enjoy the work of "A Distinguished Gentleman" Mr Jorge C Scott as I prepare to go back to my home town of San Francisco. The city by the world famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Stuck In Traffic

Stuck In Traffic who of us have not been stuck in traffic? Now you will have a song that relates to being stuck in traffic just sit back and enjoy the ride forget about the stress and the road rage of others. I recently told DJ JJ on a radio interview at KPOO in San Francisco that when I say ''whoa whoa in the song I am not just filling in parts I am actually saying whoa to you cause you are Stuck In Traffic.'' Even the critics are raven over this one.
I actually had Take Your Time and Stuck In Traffic in mind in the very late 1990s it took me months to get it where I wanted it so I just sat on it knowing it was worth sharing. That’s how most of my songs are they are feelings from deep inside that match the sound coming out of the black and white keys. I don’t work with time boxes when it comes to song writing, they are like babies you can give a due date but it comes when it is ready to come. So the next time you are Stuck In Traffic be ready pop in the CD and maybe help you maintain what it takes to be Stuck In Traffic. Now if everyone has this CD it will make being Stuck In Traffic more easier wouldn’t it? I think so as it would give you something to take your mind off being stuck especially those who get road the road rage thing. I say can''t we all just get along? Well someone said it first but it applies. This will be the first video from my song and a lot of my people will have the chance to be in it because in California we have all been Stuck In Traffic somewhere at some time. We will keep you posted on this site about the video

Take Your Time Take Your Time

Take Your Time is a nice upbeat song about a couple who has been married for years and now in their prime but still enjoy the intimacy of sex in the marriage bond one reason is because of their trust with each other, they did not have pre-marital sex nor have they cheated on each other in all that time. Take Your Time is strongly saying don’t fornicate Take Your Time, talk ,walk, hold hands take a shower, stay in the public eye don’t be isolated alone with each other or even if you just hug take your time, don’t rush into a situation that you may regret for life. Fun is one thing sex is serious matters it can come with unwanted pregnancy and the like. It''s scary too because never before in the history of mankind could a person get sick and die from having sex and just one time then here comes the aids virus not to mention the other sexual sickness that can attack your body.
People say well use protection use a condom. It is said that there are strings of the virus that is smaller than the texture of the condom so that is not protection in itself.
There is nothing wrong with your body talking to you telling you it wants to experience sex and there is nothing wrong with sex it is a gift from the Creator, the drive to mate is strong but there are to many factors to consider now a days when having sex and trust me it doesn’t have nothing to do with how cute or fine that person is, they can look healthy and yet be deadly to you. The best way to avoid the bad and enjoy the good is two marriage partners who are not promiscuous and the two of you remain faithful to each other or just don’t have sex at all this is the best solutions in my opinion.
To me there is a great respect for someone who wants to wait until marriage.
I''m talking to everyone especially you teenagers if my message in this song can save one person from the virus and other kinds of sickness then it were well worth it.
I mean now some are having sex at even younger ages these days how sad believe me you have plenty of time. Think about this young ones some of the people who are your friends now and potential sex partners won’t be the same people when you grow up, so if your not ready don’t be talked into it by anyone no matter how special they say you are if you are special to them they will wait until you are ready now won’t they?
Remember too your body is not a doormat a doormat is something people wipe the dirt off their feet before they enter your house. You wouldn''t let someone wipe the dirt off their feet on you now would you? of course not then don''t fall victim to someone who wants to leave their dirt with you. Talk to your parents if you don’t have parents talk to someone responsible with values or email me I will give you the straight and narrow or I will just listen to you vent it is up to what you want but please young ones whatever you do Take Your Time!

I Need You Baby I Need You Baby

We on the inside of Scott Group say this is a master piece of a love song; it is a special song with a very special person in mind. I love singing love songs this one is one of the bombs of all love songs and should be in your collection. This one is great for a simple I love you moment and glad to be married to you thing and mostly I want it to be a great wedding song. The inside people are so proud of the soulful voice and emotions Jorge put into this song for you. I really felt this one he always said at the recording studio. We know that Mr. Scott is determined to put out a good sound but also we see how proud he is to run his own business to call his own shots, that’s a good thing for him. We have high expectations for these songs. The one thing about a love song is it stays with you.
I mean years from now when you hear that song you will remember that special time place and that special someone in that special moment.
I know that women are emotional while we men are physical. So I wanted to get to the emotions of that person that is special to me, and what better way to do it than by a song. I remember growing up and seeing guys always talking about they were playa''s well a real playa has one thing in mind and that is to keep a women happy. He would not hesitate to buy this CD and play this song for her. I''m not a player I try to be a gentleman I have an idea of what women like at least sometime, one of the those things is they want to feel secure and special. So fellows make your women feel special and women make your man feel special we like that too even though we are big babies at times who use a wide screen TV and ESPN as a pacifier it''s all good though as they say. Just wait until the time is right when it is your time for each other put on I Need You Baby and like a real gentleman make her feel she''s ten feet tall even though she''s cute and small tell her she is your all and all this is the perfect time to tell her I Need You Baby.

Going Back To San Francisco Going Back To San Francisco

Going Back To San Francisco describes the days when Jorge was a kid growing up in San Francisco. He boast it was a good place to grow up and at a time where history was written on a large scale. There was the hippy era in the Height/Asbury, the Black Panthers and others walk the streets of San Francisco. Great entertainment was all over the Bay Area coming out of the Fillmore Auditorium and Winterland with Bill Graham as the promoter. I remember a place called the Booker T Washington Hotel down in the Fillmore where you could see all the black entertainers that came to town. Willie Mays use to go over on Sutter St and play pool. We grew up in the projects on Eddy Street yeah give a shout out for the Eddy St. project people, it was close to everything. There was a place in the middle of the projects called the play yard where we played sports, next to that is the gates were we sang do whapping with a natural echo it was absolute great even better than Tony the Tiger can say it. The Temptations will always be my boys but the Whispers, Sly Stone, Calvin Simmons, Bobby Freeman, War and many others are a product of my wanting to be a singer as you could see them in the streets of San Francisco and the Bay Area. The Golden State Warriors played at the Cow Palace and the Giants and 49ers were playing at Candlestick Park the windy city of the West Coast.
I even remember when the Giants played at Seal Stadium now that’s back in the day.
The niners actually came from Kezar Stadium over on Frederick St to which if you went to Poly High you remember when the boys had to run around the whole stadium 3 times and girls only once now that is discrimination. I played football in a pro stadium as all the high school football teams played at Kezar that was great. After we got out of school and grew up KPOO was just coming in to it''s own and giving independent artist a chance to have their work heard There were so many places that was there in those days of good times in San Francisco that I just had to write a song about it So Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco but with this song I will always Go Back To San Francisco

Love By The Golden Gate Bridge Love By The Golden Gate Bridge

Love By The Golden Gate Bridge is a song saying that you can’t be unevenly yoked with someone you might think you love. You can’t put a square peg in a round hole.
So you young ones again especially listen to your family friends and Christian Brothers and sisters don’t be left standing alone thinking you’re in love by the Golden Gate Bridge. I really love the beat of this song especially the bass it takes you by surprise as to how it keeps you rocking. This was not and easy song to put together because it involves the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. In addition I had to find a photo that was not copyright protected by the Golden Gate. I did not know you can''s use pictures of the bridge now that''s not fair they have the best ones, well I never give up so I remember a picture I took in 1994 and ooops there is. Now love can get the best of us especially when it hurts. The thing about love is it''s not supposed to hurt it suppose to feel good and I can promise you that getting together with someone who is not right will hurt, its just a matter of time and really wasted time out of your life. I wrote this song to send a message that we should stick to our beliefs and morals otherwise we will become unevenly yoked which means for sure trouble in more ways than one. When we get so involved with the wrong love game we stop, no we refuse to listen to our family and friends who can see through the wall while we are trying to climb over it. It is love by the bridge because the Golden Gate is a San Francisco icon and known all over the world for its fog and rain that’s what you can expect if love is not right. If that is the case you will be standing there waiting by the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog cold and rain for someone who will never show up

Do You Love Me Too Do You Love Me Too

Do You Love Me Too is a song that Jorge says reminds him of his teenage infatuation days when there are times in your life you always think this is the one true love.
It seemed as a teenager every other weekend after a party or in school you found the one true love. But is it really just a popcorn love that will pop and be gone in an instant. Being a teenager today is different now there is to much concentration on electronic things some kids have never heard a real record made on a plastic vinyle disc.
Instead of just a fist fight where we all go home and live now a fight is guns knives etc. You can get killed over colors, tattoos and street corners or in a drive by from just hanging out. However this is not the thing for all some teenagers are living just the way the song implies. This is a happy time in your life so don’t get involved in gangs and young ones be a teenager not an adult in a kid’s body. Before you give love make sure it is returned to you therefore you should ask Do You Love Me Too?

You''re So Mean To Me

You''re So Mean To Me is a song a lot of people can relate to all over the world it’s when love turns into something else. The love and respect you once shared becomes a hate thing in a sense and you cross that thin line between love and hate, hating someone you once deeply loved. When that happens it make people change now instead of finding ways to stay in the relationship they are looking for a way out of a situation that really can be fixed if both are willing to fix it. So they plot a way out of the relationship and just are mean to the other party who is always the last to know. Jorge said he did not want this to be a slow ballad because he wanted to make someone in that position dance and think happy thoughts if at all possible. This song has that beat to that make you dance click on the link and you will find yourself having a good time.

Success And Fame Success And Fame

Success And Fame is a song I feel some think success and fame is. I want to let people know that if I ever make it to a certain point I won''t change or forget where I came from.
So many people do forget where they came from I have friends that have did just that and that is sad. I really love the relationship I have with my Christian brothers and sisters they are the main friends of my life now. I still can enjoy a moment with some of the people I grew up with we should never forget where we came from. One person who is worth billions when asked about money said "it is all only a different level of poverty" like the little fish being eating by the big fish in the ocean there will always be someone who have more than you. Nothing is more important than the family and friends we develop over the years keep that intact. People is worth more than Gold. You can practice the Golden Rule of you can practice the Rule of Gold it''s all up to you
True there are some who you just can''t talk to or help because they won''t help themselves then there is those who always want to get and not give but overall no matter who we are or what we have we still need good people in our circle of friendships.

So once again enjoy the work from the heart and mind of
"A Distinguished Gentleman Mr. Jorge C Scott

Thanks, best wishes, deep regards

Jorge C Scott

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