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MP3 bocArus - NEW AGE: Healing

Issabella, a renowned energy healer from Cape Town, South Africa, had been blessed to record an extremely high vibration of Enlightenment on bocArus.

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NEW AGE: Healing, NEW AGE: Meditation


Heart-centred gifts from the Masters for accelerated spiritual growth

* The bocArus CD

* The ten 24-carat gold Energy Field Enhancers (e.f.e''s) that anchor consciousness and connect us to the Christed Grid while transmuting electromagnetic radiation

* The 15 Ascended Masters'' Healing Waters that affect four-body healing while unveiling the Real within the illusionary world we live in.

Co-created with a host of Ascended Masters, the vibration of Pure Love on the bocarus CD transmutes all lower vibrations, which
* Rapidly increases your vibration, and thus consciousness
* Accelerates your process of Enlightenment* Deepens your spiritual practices
* Gives you all the benefits of deep, long-term meditation
* Increases your left-brain right brain coherence
* Eliminates dysfunctional emotions and thought patterns
* Dissolves depression and stress
* Enhances your mental focus and clarity


Simply play the CD in the background for 75-90 min a day while doing whatever you want - work, drive, exercise, meditate, read or whatever.


"I am a Type 2 diabetic. I have been playing bocArus for 35 days when my blood sugar readings began to drop. Two days ago I had a reading of 84, the lowest number since I began testing. I have lowered my medication three times already. I haven''t changed anything, not food habits nor exercise. Thank you, Issabella, for bringing through this great healing device." Anonymous

"I usually get terrible headaches while using the computer. Playing the CD while using the computer has stopped me from getting these headaches. What else may happen I don’t know yet as I only have had it for 3 days." Daphne

"The bocarus CD is great! I''m definitely calmer and feel much lighter. Thank You!!" Gitta

"When I heard the bocArus'' sound sample for the first time, I immediately felt the presence of higher energies. I also recognised the presence of Saint Germain. There was grace there. I am used to being in contact with spiritual energies and masters and it was very obvious to me that this was happening. I then purchased the CD, knowing it had a spiritual connection." Paco Alarcon, author of ''The Violet Light - the Power That Changes Everything''.

"I have so enjoyed working with bocArus. I believe it has a made a huge difference to me. I feel so much more positive and wake with a feeling of gratitude and joy in my heart. It has somehow taken away the sense of struggle. I feel more in charge of myself, more empowered, more masterful. I feel very grateful for it and knowing how it was inspired and the beings who were behind it, makes a huge impact for me. So thank you, darling being." Natalia Baker, meditation teacher.

"I''ve been using bocArus for close to three months now. It has totally changed my life. I’m so much more positive and a lot nicer and easier to get along with. I meditate with it twice a day and I actually can see energy around me. Every time I look in the mirror I see my energy floating around my body. It looks like me and shaped like me but it’s in energy form. I can also channel now and right poetry, something I didn''t know I could do. I also see images while listening. Thank you for bocArus, I will never stop listening!" Shonita

"I''ve been using bocArus for 45 days. I must say it is accomplishing much of what it claims to help you with. Most noticeably, my fear factor (to everything!), which was HUGE in the past. It has diminished to a mere trickle. I''m able to face my issues with much more courage now. I also notice a greatly heightened ability to focus and to "let go" of stuff. My emotions are MUCH calmer & balanced, even facing situations that as a rule push my buttons big-time. For the small cost and with regular use, I have realized enormous benefits from this wonderful (and blessed) item." Sandra

"I always had a lot of rage inside me and one day something happened that would normally upset me. I didn''t feel one bit of anger or rage and wondered what was wrong. Then I realized this must be bocArus. I tell you, it felt good not to have that war going on inside you, but just to feel calm and peaceful. I''ll never stop listening!" Hennie

"Within the first day an issue that I had been struggling with for ages became crystal clear, and I could see how to resolve it. I have recommended it to all my yoga students, and many of them are now working with it." Susi

"At first I became irritated with bocArus, but I knew that it was clearing something out of my field. After a week something broke through. I now feel absolutely wonderful!" Miekie

"After one day something opened up and I entered a space of peace and well being which I had not experienced in ages. It was wonderful." Sonja"It definitely brings up issues from the subconscious mind that has to be cleaned out. But when they come up, they move out much faster than before." Shirley

"The CD is wonderful. I feel more centred, peaceful and positive. I can''t wait to give it to three of my friends as well." Lori

"I have noticed my telepathy/esp has improved dramatically. I am putting in an order for two more!" Shirley"This cd works! It clears people on all levels, wherever they are stuck. I recommend it whenever I give talks or help people with their myriads of problems." Toekie"

bocArus is definitely allowing past emotions to surface." Frances"

After about a week I noticed that I feel different. I see things in a new way and I do things differently. My inner voice seems to be clearer and I pay more attention to it. I felt an overall sense of well-being. I will never stop listening to bocArus, it definitely has a positive influence on my life." Hendrik

"Since listening, I have cleared up the rift between my flatmate and I, asked my boss for a salary increase which i got, and other issues are all being resolved." Craig

"One thing I have noticed is that I am not as ''fuzzy'' as I have been for some time. When there are arguments or discussions I seem to clearly know what to say and it comes out just as I want it to. Also remembering details seems much easier." Dawn

"It''s really helping me with concentration, energy levels and lessening depression. I also tried it with a child who has learning problems at her remedial lesson and the teacher said she had the best lesson ever." Jackie

"Thanks for the wonderful CD, really enjoying it, had cold shivers running up and down my arms the first time I listened to it." Marlene Austin

"The CD is amazing, creates the most incredible calmness, almost a feeling of you''ve been there before with the sound of the energy waves." Amanda

"The CD is great. It made me feel very dizzy for the first few days, and I still have to play it quite softly, but it definitely raises my vibrational level." Robin

"I am finding bocArus to be an amazing CD. I feel more happy and centred in day to day life, even facing life changes with some glee and less worry. I am recommending it to my clients, as I also do body alignment, kinesiology and yoga." Jaqui

"I noticed that my children were much more difficult to handle over weekends. Then I realised that we only listened to bocArus during the week, while driving in my car. I will now make a point of playing it to them over weekends as well." Sam

"I work specifically with Crystal and handicapped children. I found bocArus to be quite profound and my clients love it! I was astounded by the reaction of one specific baby who seemed totally frozen in time to your cd. She became drastically calmer and the mother informed me that she slept afterwards for a solid four hours - something previously totally foreign to her." Loraine

"I enjoyed the sample I listened to (on https://www.tradebit.com), because I could feel the effects instantly." Raul

"I am sleeping well at night and my dreams are more vivid than I can remember them being before. Thanks once again - I treasure my bocArus!" Shirley

"Body alignment sessions revealed that my physical body is in the process of a complete transformation through a regeneration of the cellular structure. I have no doubt that this is directly related to bocArus. I have been able to access and release painful emotional traumas. I have also just discovered my channeling abilities and find that I can only connect while playing bocArus." Debbie

"THANK YOU for your special CD! I had to put it on immediately, my soul was so excited. As soon as the waves started many dewdrops trickled down my cheeks. I felt like I''d come home." Ian

"After having listened to the CD for a few hours I feel more in touch with God than I ever did before." Bill

"It is amazing how both my husband and I have had old "obviously" unfinished wounds surface. However, this time they were accompanied by clarity and a feeling of elation afterwards." Saskia

"Today is my 8th day of bocArus and I''m generally feeling better than expected. I''m also having spontaneous skeletal adjustments, even though in the past I only experienced this after my monthly visit to the chiropractor. My vision seems to be clearer too. My hands have always been warm and pink, especially during and after healing work. They went white and cold for the first time in my memory while I was recently ill. They''ve returned to their normal state. My breathing is also easier and on the second day I did not need the support of my inhaler. I''ve had periods of energy which are welcome after over two months with most of it bedridden." Anonymous

"I play my bocArus cd continually during the day, and feel much calmer for it. In fact if it is not on, I miss it!" Natalie"Most nights when I read my book in bed, I listen to it and occasionally when I don''t, I miss it. I''m really enjoying listening to the bocArus and I feel the energy in my heart." Sandy

"I just wanted to let you know that I''m having phenomenal results with bocArus in just 2 days time. I was challenged with Bruxsim (teeth grinding) most of my life. I received my BocArus cd one afternoon and played it that night when I went to bed. For the first time in years I did not clench or grind! I felt great when I woke up in the morning!" Angie


The Law of Vibration tells us that everything in the Universe vibrates, including our thoughts and emotions. It also informs us that our vibrations act like a magnet.

Negative thoughts or emotions, which are at the low end of the scale of vibration, attract, in equal measure, people and/or circumstances with similar vibrations. Fortunately, the same applies to loving, positive thoughts or emotions, which are at the high end of the scale.

Low vibrations are destructive to life. Only high vibrations can support and enhance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and well-being.

Numerous Masters have stressed that the major obstacles keeping us from Ascension are the low vibrations of our fear-based thoughts and emotions. If we wish to progress spiritually, we need to clear our mental and emotional bodies of the debris of low vibrations.

The Law of Vibration shows us the way to do this by stating that a high vibration transmutes a lower one. In other words, by increasing our vibration we automatically transmute the low vibrations in our mental and emotional bodies, thereby accelerating our process of Ascension.

There are many, time-honoured ways to increase vibration. Yet, try as we might, few of us succeed to significantly raise our vibrations. In fact, on a scale of 1-1000*, the vibrations of 85% of humanity cause their consciousness to calibrate below 200, which is the destructive energy field. In contrast, only 0.4% of humanity calibrate at 500 or over - 500 being the energy field of love. (*See Dr David Hawkins. Power vs. Force. 2003. Hay House, Carlsbad, California.)

According to Dr Hawkins, most people progress only five points in one lifetime. The majority of people would therefore need as many as 60 lifetimes before manifesting an energy field of love. However, bocArus, with its extremely high vibration of Enlightenment, promises to rapidly change planetary consciousness.

Created in close co-operation with a host of Ascended Masters, it appears to greatly accelerate users'' rate of increase in vibration. Kinesiological testing shows that some bocArus users have had increases in consciousness of as much as 300 points - i.e. 60 lifetimes'' worth - within 23 months.

This is not surprising as bocArus calibrates at 930. Dr Hawkins calls the level beyond 500 "...the level of true happiness...From level 540 up is the domain of saints."

By simply playing bocArus in the background - while you continue facing the challenges of modern living - you will:

* Clear you mental & emotional bodies
* Raise your overall vibration
* Guarantee an upward spiral of spiritual growth.

Very recently it was revealed that bocArus also focuses and greatly intensifies all 12 Source Energy Rays ushering in the new Golden Age. Every time you play the CD you are infused with the following amplified Source Energies:

* Ray 1: Divine Will, acting with Ray 12 as the dominant Rays for our new, fourth-dimensional planet, assists us to get unstuck from lethargy or lack of vision. (It''s no co-incidence that bocArus'' dominant colours, chosen intuitively, are the deep, bright red of Ray 1, Blue from Ray 2 and the luminous gold of Ray 12).

* Ray 2: Love-Wisdom supports spiritual teachers, connects us with Universal Mind and assists the diffusion of negative situations & clarifying confusion.

* Ray 3: Active Intelligence brings organization, persistence & pragmatism to the learning of our earthly lessons.

* Ray 4: Harmony in & through conflict brings harmonious relations with all life.

* Ray 5: Concrete Knowledge helps balance masculine & feminine energies.

* Ray 6: Devotion holds our ideas or concepts in ''automatic'' mode.

* Ray 7: The Violet Ray pinpoints areas needing clearance & transmutes old energies into higher vibrations.(The 5 Higher Rays below remain unnamed.)

* Ray 8: Helps to clear & balance the emotional body and open our inner vision.

* Ray 9: Helps us to establish contact with the Soul & Christed levels, and to better attune with the Light Body.

* Ray 10: This Ray can actually code the Light Body into the physical body, but only when our personal vibration has increased sufficiently (which is what bocArus has specifically been designed to support).

* Ray 11: The bridge to the New Age, the remover of the last remnants of past energies.

* Ray 12: A combination of all the Rays, it''s the highest type of energy available on Earth. It raises the vibration of anything it comes in contact with and ensures a more complete, conscious interaction with Source.

These energies explain a number of unexpected effects reported by users, like left-right brain coherence; focused attention amidst chaos; improved clarity of mind & analytical prowess; dissolving of stress & depression; activation of intuition, ESP & channelling; instant samadhi, etc.

With continuous exposure to bocArus these powerfully amplified Source Energies design a new blue print of Being for the four-body system, greatly accelerating our final Ascension.

Background to bocArus

Issabella, from Cape Town, South Africa, had been blessed to record an extremely high vibration on bocArus after she was guided to discover that the high vibrations of Enlightenment can be recorded and played back using ordinary sound equipment.

Mixed into the sound of waves gently breaking on the shore, the bocArus vibration is so high and pure that it''s bound to transform all lesser vibrations in its wake. In so doing, one''s overall vibration increases over time, with all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits associated with that.

A period of testing with a wide variety of people has shown that it works on all our aspects or ''bodies'' - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A FEW EXAMPLES OF THE FOUR-BODY EFFECT OF bocArus

* A neuro-endocrinologist listened to bocArus while she was connected to a specialised EEG machine. Within minutes an increase in coherence registered between her left and right frontal lobes in all four brain wave patterns - alpha, beta, theta and delta - simultaneously.

* A five-week-old baby never slept during the day. One morning the mother left the child with a minder who happened to listen to bocArus, and the baby slept soundly for two and a half hours.

* A diabetic''s sugar reading stabilised for the first time in many months. Two more such reports have since reached us.

* The medication one test subject had to take for her bi-polar disorder left her unable to drive, cook or read. Her condition also led to deep depression. After only seven days'' listening to bocArus her depression lifted and, while still on the medication, she could once more drive, cook and read.

* A well-known artist who experienced a creative block once again painted up a storm after only one week of listening to bocArus. She also felt completely in charge of her emotions for the first time in years.

* A translator lost her exceptional visual memory due to overwork and stress. During her very first bocArus session her visual memory returned.

* A businessman who meditated with bocArus went into instant samadhi, a term for a state of bliss which is seldom experienced.

HOW TO USE bocArus

Listening time
75-90 min of bocArus per day is recommended. Two identical tracks - one 45 min and one 30 min - have been provided. Divide your listening time to suit your needs.

When and where to listen
Two of bocArus'' major benefits, are that one can listen to it anywhere, anytime, and that one doesn''t need to use earphones to still get all the benefits. Experience the difference it makes when listening -

* While driving: Many users report heightened alertness, focus and energy levels, and that they feel noticeably more tolerant of inconsiderate drivers.

* While working: We have had numerous reports of a marked increase in concentration, clarity of mind and even organisational ability when listening at work. Many of these reports came from computer-bound people, which suggest that bocArus protects one from computers'' harmful microwave radiation.

* While doing your spiritual practices: Most users find that their practices are substantially deepened and intensified with bocArus playing in the background. Some of those that meditate report having the best meditation sessions ever.

* Before bedtime or while sleeping: Some sleep better or dream vividly when listening just before bedtime; others become too energised to sleep. We have also had reports that, with regular listening, some people need less sleep than before.

Physical and Emotional effects

Many energy-sensitive people experience a tingling all over their skin, scalp or down the spine, which is the typical effect of a high vibration. Some people feel slightly nauseous or initially develop a headache due to bocArus'' cleansing effect. It normally lasts no more than a couple of days.

Most users experience bocArus as instantly relaxing. However, as bocArus reveals unconscious feelings, it sometimes brings discomfort in the form of irritation or anxiety. Some blame the sound for it and become tempted to stop listening. But, as mentioned before, this is the time to push through the resistance. To lessen the discomfort you simply turn down the volume or listen for shorter periods at a time.

bocArus seems to present people with the gift they need at any given time. Irritation or anxiety is a sure sign of subconscious issues popping up to be dealt with. Try to identify the issue, or simply let it go. bocArus will transmute it over time; how long it takes to do that will depend on your willingness to acknowledge and process the feelings or patterns that surface. Often you will simply feel the irritation slip out of your field, to be replaced by a deep feeling of elation, comfort or safety.


Most children can benefit from bocArus, as they are not immune to the effects of their environments clogging up their mental and emotional bodies. Children who respond negatively are normally part of a small group of highly sensitive children who need to be exposed for shorter periods of time, at low volume, in the beginning. Many children, however, immediately respond positively to bocArus, as the following examples indicate:

* A five-week-old baby never slept during the day. One morning the mother left the child with a minder who happened to listen to bocArus, and the baby slept soundly for two and a half hours.

* A grandmother noted how much more peaceful it was in the mornings getting the children off to school when Bocarus played in the background.

* A grateful mother wrote about a child with learning problems that had her best remedial lesson ever when bocArus played in the background.

* One woman dreaded homework sessions with her 10-year-old son. He would get really upset and throw tantrums whenever he battled with something. She played bocArus softly in the background and immediately started seeing positive results, even though he initially resisted the sound. A month later the boy had calmed down to the extent where homework had actually become a pleasant time of mother-son sharing.


It is best to let go of any particular expectation. Many users feel the pure, love vibration of Spirit when listening to bocArus. Others don''t feel a thing, but their lives change nevertheless for the better in many obvious and less obvious ways. Merely put out the intention that you''re willing to face and remove anything that Spirit wants you to remove in order to grow spiritually. And then simply trust the fact that every time you play bocArus, Spirit''s powerful vibration is washing over and through you, doing the work that needs to be done at that particular time.

Healing or alleviating physical disorders

A number of medical research reports suggest that as much as 90% of physical ailments may be linked to our emotions. Some spiritual commentators suggest a direct link between suppressed emotions and physical ailments. If these reports are correct (as indeed indicated by numerous reports from users), bocArus may well have a beneficial physical effect, as it helps clear suppressed emotions.



bocArus is based on the Law of Vibration, which states that a high vibration will transmute all lower vibrations. The East has known it for many eons, though we believe that it is the first time that the law has been applied in this format.

Even conventional science today agrees that everything in the universe emanates vibrations. Soon they might also understand how consciousness affects vibrations, and vice versa.

Within minutes of hearing bocArus for the first time, and without knowing anything about it, one woman instinctively said: "It feels like the breath of God!" What one experiences when listening to bocArus, is indeed the effect of the extremely high vibration of God Consciousness.

If you''ve ever had the privilege to sit in the presence of a true Saint or Guru, you may be able to testify to the unmistakable feeling of love and peace you experience. It''s often accompanied by a tingling feeling all over the skin or down the spine, exactly what many people experience with bocArus. Our friends in the East know it''s simply the Law of Vibration in action.

At this time in our history there are many technologies being revived in the consciousness of Man. Among these are exciting healing devices based on energy healing. In most cases these are brought about by the conscious and unconscious rekindled memories of technologies that existed in our Atlantean incarnations.

During that period in history extraordinary methods of healing and rejuvenation were in abundance, all brought about by the flourishing of the human mind. We explored, with our minds, every known method of technological advancement. Yet, in the Divine Plan, the mind is not designed to be the master of our destinies. This ''mistake'' in thinking eventually led to the destruction of the opulent existence of Atlantis.

Before the expansion of Atlantis, there was the deep human understanding that the heart, above all, needs to guide and lead us to perfect health and freedom. This understanding flourished in the lesser-known era of the Lemurian civilisation. During that time mankind retained a perfect understanding that the heart needs to guide every decision and action, and that the brilliant brain has to be second to its guidance.

bocArus was generated from that place, guided by the heart and not the head. Unlike the intricate technologies that created many other known devices, it simply sprang forth from a deep surrender to Source. The heart guided the mind to create a tool to clear and heal the wounded, clogged emotional and mental bodies of humankind. The end result was, naturally, a very simple process, but a profound product.


Issabella had been working with the Ascended Masters for many lifetimes and for many years in this lifetime. She has been blessed with the gift to merge her consciousness with that of the Masters when required. In the past she was guided by the Masters to bring forth two other ranges of products. These too have proven to greatly assist many into the Silent Core where the Secret Place of the Most High can be reached much easier, as its woven into the busy life and challenges of our present time. (See https://www.tradebit.com)

As for the CD, Issabella explains: "bocArus was once more kick-started by my beloved friend, Saint Germain. Though my human mind reasoned that I was not technologically inclined, I was assured that all I needed to do was to listen and follow the instructions that would come through pure Knowingness.

The underlying theme was that humanity is mentally and emotionally so scattered, that somehow a deep quiet Presence in their daily lives, in their cars, offices and homes, would be able to bring the Silence from which the True Self can eventually get born.

I was guided to record a high vibration. I innocently researched and decided on a physical instrument that promised the production of a high vibration. At the moment of recording, my consciousness was lifted and an influx of Christed light and energy flooded through me. The dimensions opened up all the way to Source. The power that surged through me and into the instrument was beyond words. It was the extremely high vibration of this Presence that was recorded.

Some time afterwards an electronic engineer pointed out to me that the sound equipment we employed was incapable of recording the vibration of the instrument I used. The idea of the instrument was a ''cosmic trick'' designed to get me into the studio, so that the Real Instrument could be recorded. Thank God I was surrendered enough to allow Spirit to harness my original, brain-driven plan for Divine purposes, and in so doing create a heart-driven tool."


The ancients knew The Law of Vibration as The Law of Power. One of the best discussions of the Law appears in The Light shall set you free, by Drs Norma Milanovich & Shirley McCune. (1996. Athena Publishing, Albuquerque, USA.) Here below is a short summary of the salient points.

* Everything in the Universe, whether solid, liquid orgas, is vibrating energy.

* Each thing in existence, including our emotions, thoughts and actions, has its own, unique vibrational fingerprint.

* As all is one, our vibrations not only affect others, they act like a magnet, which attracts, in equal measure, similar vibrations. So, for instance, angry, cynical or pessimistic thoughts or emotions will attract, in equal measure, people and/or circumstances with similar vibrations; happily, the same is true for loving, positive thoughts or emotions.

* Just as light and sound each has a range of vibrations from low to high, so do our thoughts and emotions. Fear-based thoughts and emotions are at the low end, and love-based thoughts and emotions at the high end of the vibrational scale.

* Higher vibrations transmute lower vibrations. By assimilating higher vibrations, we automatically raise our vibratory patterns. In so doing, we increase our light, consciousness, knowledge, wisdom and higher powers. In other words, the higher our vibrations, the quicker we grow spiritually.


As you probably know, the human being is a complex grid of energy vibrating in and around us. Most of us are unaware of the state of energy vibrations pulsing through our meridians and chakras. We are even less aware of those in our subtler bodies. However, matter follows energy. To get a good idea of our energetic state, we merely have to look at the appearance or functioning of our physical body.

Long-time meditators and energy sensitives are attuned to the subtler energy levels. They feel and recognise bocArus as a vibration of very high consciousness. All our bodies instantly recognise it as such too, because this is their essence, the blue print, of their original vibration.

Our environments, and our response to it, have caused our bodies to be starved of their true vibration for so long that they are, literally, dying for it. As you start exposing your bodies to the bocArus vibration, so they unlearn their dis-eased vibration and return to their original, love vibration.

Your awareness of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes taking place within you will depend entirely on your present level of energy attunement. The lower your present level of energy awareness, the less you will be conscious of subtle energy changes. However, be assured that your consciousness will continually increase with regular listening. Start keeping a diary of your physical, mental and emotional states, as well as the nature and content of the physical world you create around you. You may be surprised at the subtle changes taking place inside and outside you.


Our research during the test phase showed that when bocArus causes irritation, it''s usually the result of suppressed emotions being stirred up. Depending on your level of sensitivity, it will bring up various experiences as it helps you to clean your emotional and mental bodies. Sometimes it might take you deeper into the irritation to reveal something in your subconscious that you are ready and able to "clean out".

At other times you may merely feel the irritation slip out of your field, often to be replaced by a deep feeling of elation, comfort or safety. It''s impossible to predict what it will do for whom and when. Many people feel bocArus'' effect as instantly relaxing; for a handful of others it brings immediate discomfort. It seems to bring for everyone the gift they need at any specific time.

When you do experience irritation, it may help to listen for only 30 min at a time. Also, try turning the bass up and the treble down, to get a darker sound, and turn the volume down to where you can barely hear it.


We have never and will never claim that bocArus assisted diabetics. In fact, we don''t claim any particular effect, we merely relate what bocArus users have personally told us.

When we first tested bocArus on other people, we had no idea whether it would have the same wonderful effects on others that it had on us and a few of our friends. Even when one of the official test group people phoned us after two days'' listening to tell us of her remarkable results, we were still sceptical. Then the next one phoned with different, but equally remarkable results. Over the weeks still more reports flooded in. Eventually the evidence, in terms of the nature and range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual results reported by users, were so overwhelming, we simply had to accept the transforming power of the Law of Vibration.

As mentioned previously, a number of medical research reports suggest that as much as 90% of physical ailments may be linked to our emotions. Some spiritual commentators suggest there might be a link between suppressed emotions and arthritis. If these reports are correct, bocArus may well have a beneficial effect, as it brings suppressed emotions to the surface and helps one to clear them. It follows naturally that if the cause (the suppressed emotions) is removed, the arthritis will be removed as well.


We have been guided not to recommend bocArus for people on anti-epileptic medicine. Though the ways of God are not always clear to us, we trust that all is exactly at it should be.


We normally advise people not to go beyond 90 min a day for at least the first month. The one reason is that it brings up suppressed emotions. When people have a lot of suppressed stuff and they listen for more than 90 min at a time, they may feel overwhelmed, anxious or extremely irritated. This may cause them to blame bocArus and to stop listening all together.

The second reason is that it detoxifies and energises every cell in your body powerfully, and if you overdo it initially, it might disturb your flow of energy to the extent that you become ungrounded. Some people initially get nauseous or headaches from the normal dosage alone. If you''re and ''old hand'' at energy work, you can trust your own knowing as to how much is OK for you. But please be aware of the effect it may have on other people in your listening space.

If you haven''t been meditating or doing some form of breath-work for a couple of years, it''s advisable not to overdo bocArus initially. Your cells have to slowly get used to the high vibration. After a month, you can start trusting your ''gut'' to tell you how much you need on any given day. After a month or so you may find that you sometimes don''t want to listen at all, which is OK, as long as this happens only once or twice a week. And PLEASE resist any urge during the first month not to listen, as this is the time in which the habit of regular listening is established.


The vibration will certainly still have the same effect. However, as love is the essence of bocArus, we would prefer to see it used in a way that demonstrates absolute respect for the growth and well-being of others, as defined by them. We can never know for sure what someone else''s journey might require at any given moment. We therefore suggest that it would be best to fully inform others of the possible benefits, and then to leave the responsibility for their subsequent choice to them.


The name bocArus (pronounced: boh-cár-ris) is a shortened version of an anagram of the words Source and Issabella. But Issabella knew that the six pointed star, the symbol of Mastery, had to be contained in it as well. Using artistic freedom, the artist created a red triangle pointing downward, symbolising the human self.

The blue triangle, symbolising the emergence of the God Self, pointing upwards towards Source, grows from within the red https://www.tradebit.coms is the essence of bocArus, to assist in the clearing of the mental and emotional bodies necessary for progress towards Mastery.


We do not claim that bocArus can cure any medical condition. We do not advise you to replace any medication or medical treatment with bocArus. Should you decide to do the latter you would do so at your own risk.


Unauthorised copies of bocArus will unfortunately not have the same effect on the listener. A


Issabella started practicing as a therapist in 1996, gradually developing her own style of therapy as a spiritual intuitive.

In 1997 she started to work with the Ascended Masters, who guided her to develop a range of Ascended Masters'' Healing Waters. These waters work on the Spiritual Body and accelerate the Soul Cycles of the individual.

A range of products made from gold, the Energy Field Enhancers (e.f.e''s), followed. The e.f.e’s anchor consciousness and help us to overcome the obstacles to connect to the Christed Grid, while transmuting electromagnetic and other forms of radiation.

A year ago Issabella was given a process, called Open the Door, that assists one in a profound way to open the door to the shadow and to let the light embrace and transmute it.

Almost at the same time St Germain started guiding Issabella to study the Law of Vibration, which resulted in the latest gift from Spirit

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