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Xtreme Famous Keyboard Samples R&B/Hip Hop Production.

A Multitude of sounds sampled from the Worlds Best and most famous keyboards.

HARMONY PRODUCTIONS INC. Proudly Presents To You....


***!!! 600 MB, 1,763 Files !!!***

For use with all of today's WAV COMPATIBLE sampler's including FL STUDIO, CUBASE, MPC, PRO TOOLS, ETC....


And of course...

Only what you can always expect from us...



We at Harmony Productions would like to raise a question....

How many of us actually have $2000+, especially starting out, to blow on a board with hundreds of sounds you probably can't use, or, wouldn't even want to use, when our set cuts out all the bad and saves the good?

not many.....


...Why Bother???


HARMONY PRODUCTIONS INC. Proudly Presents To You....


We've got some of the hottest, most sought after sounds, from some the biggest and best boards on the market today.

At the lowest, most cost efficient price around.




Complete List of Instruments You'll Be Receiving...

Bank A

90's Piano
Acoustic Bass
Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Piano
Alto Sax
Analog Lead
Analog Strings
Antarctic Wind
Aqua Phonics
Arco Strings
Arp Angels
Arp Twins
Astral Drums
Baritone Sax
Burning Brass
BX3 Velo
Chip DayGlow
Choir (Light)
Chorus Guitar
Clouds Of Air
Class H Horn
Crimson 5th
Digital Ice Pad
Distorted Organ
Double Reed
Dark Jazz Organ
Electric Fingered Bass
Ensemble Bells
Expression Lead
Euro Bass
Euro Bass Chords
Fat Brass
Few Bows
Flying Machines
Fresh Birth
Hip Hop Lead
Jungle Melody
Jungle Resonating Bass
Jazz Guitar
Jazz Guitar Chords
Jazz Organ
Krystal Bells
Legato Strings
Log Drum
Loop Iteria
M1 Organ
Mega Bass
Mega Drum Hit
Money Pad
Monster Isle
Moving Bells
Metallic Resonating
Muted Monster
Nasty Bass
Nylon Guitar
Ole' Analog
Ooo Voices
Orbiting Probes
Orchestra Ethic
Phantom Tine
Pipes Chords
Pizz Ensemble
Poly Six
Percussion Short Decay
Percussive Hits
Power Chords
Power Chords FX
Power Snap Synth
RnB Piano
RnB Piano Chords
Resonating Sweep
Resonating Down
Rylan Pad
Room Piano
Room Piano Chords
Saw Brass
Sax Ensemble
Sequencer Lead
SFZ Brass
Sine Lead
Sinister Android
Sonic Blast
Super Switch
String Chords
Sweep EP
Sweep EP Chords
Swirling Drum
Synth Piano
Syncro City
Tek Vox Box
Tha Boys
Techno Hit
Techno Hit Chords
Twinkling Pad
Tenor Sax
Trance Lead
Tsunami Waves
US Bells
Velo Wurly
Velo Wurly Chords
Venus FX
Vox Wah
Wet Distorted Guitar
White Pads
White Pads Chords
Wild Arp
Witcher Strings

Bank B

3030 Square
3030 Square Chords
3030 Square Hits
Ambiance FX
Amp Guitar
Arctic FX
Arctic Piano
Auto Bass
Bamboo Flute
Bell Percussion
Big Indian Hit
Big Indian Hit Chords
Big Plunger
Big Synth
Big Synth Chords
Brass Expression
Brass Hit
Brass Pad
Classy Fan
Classy Click
Classy Piano
Crazy Percussive Chords
Cymbal Hit
Decay Bass
Digital Synth Bass
Digital Bell Chord
DJ Flight
Dolphin Ride
Dark Knight FX
Dark RnB Bass
Dynamic Tyne EP
Dynamic Tyne EP Chords
Electric Bass
Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar Chords
Electric Pick Bass
EG Harmony
EG Harmony Chords
English Horn
Fat Sync G Note
Film Brass 2
Fingertip Guitar
Flute Pad
Flute Pad Chords
Funkin' Guitar
Funkin' Guitar Chords
Fretless Bass
Filtered Bell
Filtered Synth Pad
Filtered Synth Pad Chords
Full Vox Pad
Glide Lead
Glide Square
Goa FX
Great Wall
Gospel Organ
Gospel Organ Chords
Harp Chords
Harp Korg
Hit Me 2
Horn Ensemble
Hybrid Strings
Hybrid EP Chord
Hybrid EP Chord 2
Indian Star
Jazz Clarinet
Karma Bass
Killer Bass
Layer Piano
Magical Bells
Mannie Fresh Bass
Mondo Rumba
Mrc Tree
Muted Trumpet
Octave Strings
Ole' Tin Wheel
Old 12 String
Organ Bass
Oxygen FX
Pedal Steel Guitar
Phat Saw Lead
Piano Pad
Pizo Guitar
Poink Bass
Pop Synth Pad
Pro Dino EP
RnB EP Chord
Rave Ribbon
Rez Clav
Rez Release Chords
RMP Jungle Bass
Simple Sine Pad
Sine Organ
Sine Organ Special
Solo Chorus Strings
Solo Violin
Solo Violin 2
Soundtrack Chords
SP Bottle
Space Pod FX
SP Fretless Bass Chord
Stack Pizz
Stack Pizz Chords
String Quartet
Supa 808 Sub Bass
Swizz Horn
Sweet Fretless
Symphony Bowed Strings

Bank C

1 Note Strings
2nd Harmonic
A5 Budz
A5 Grit
A5 High
A5 Rezo Bass
A5 Saw Violin
A5 Sick
A5 Wah Special
A5 Bump Bass
A5 Buzz Bass
Analog Velvet
App. Guitar Hit
Bold Bass
Brass Flow Hit
Brass Flow
Breath Bell
Breathy Alto
Bottle Bell
Busy Sync Dub
BX3 Decay
BX3 Decay Chords
Choir Male
Chop Me A5
Clav Snap
Country Strings
Coil Pizz
Comp Shift
Comp Strings
Comp Strings Hit
Cross Sweep
Cosmic Toy
CY X Fades
DA Womp
Digital Bells 2
Digital Theremin
Digital Theremin FX
Dirt Bass
Dirt Bass Loop
Dirt Wind Bass
Dirt Wind Bass Double
Dynamic Brass Strings
Electric Fingered Bass 2
Ensemble Solo
Fire Wave
Fingered 12 String Guitar
Fretless Switch
Ghost String
Glass Vox
Gold Tuba
Goliath FX
Harmonics Pad
Hybrid Bells
Jazz Organ Epic
Leap Bump
Low Oboe
Mellow Movement Pad
My Sub
Nu Strat
O Choir
Ooo, Aah
Pizz Section
Piano Filtered
Piano Hit
Piano Pad 2
Piano Pad 2 Special
Pop Guitar Hits
Perc Tine Wheel
Perc Tine Wheel Chords
Power Rez Sweep
Power Saw
Rave Stab
Record Hit Lame Korg
Resonating Pianos
Rez G Note
Reggae Down
Resonating Strings
Resonating String Chords
Resonating Bass
Resonating Pick Bass
Reverse Vox
Scalp Fx
Soft Tenor Sax
Slap Bass
Smooth Pad
Spectrum Ally
Spanish Guitar
Super Sweeper
Square Snaps
Square Rez
Stage EP
Stage EP Chords
String World
String World Chords
Super Dark Organ
Techno Strings
Trombone Chords
Trombone Soft
Viola Solo
Wood Flute
Synth Brass
Synth Sweeper
The Pad
Tinkle Bells
Trombone Ensemble
Trombone Ensemble Chords
Trumpet Chords
Vintage EP
Vintage Strat
Wah Chords
Warm Grand Piano

Bank D

A5 Analog Special
A5 Blip
A5 Bass Special
A5 Distorted Bass
A5 EP Notes
A5 Funk Lick
A5 Hit
A5 Pad Special
A5 Piano Special
A5 Thumb Bass
A5 Vocoder
Analog Chords
Analog Lead
Analog Pad
Bad Weather
Black Box
BPM Filter
Bottle Blow
BX3 Overdrive
Cat Lead
Chorus Piano
Classic Tines
Classic Vox
Club E Piano Chords
Club E Piano
Cinema Pad
Crypt On
Creamy Vocals
Crazed Wah
Cosmic Waves
Cyber Choir
Digital Bass
Digital EP Chords
Digital Bells
Dark Elements
Dirty Jazz Organ
Dirty Man Bass
Dry Wind
Distant Lights
Dynamic Brass
Dynamic Theremin
E Bass
Electro Lead
Electro Lead Hit
Electrik Bass
Full Pipes
Filtered EP
Fingered Cymbals
Freedom Pad
Fretless Bass
Fretless Bass Chord
Frozen Glaciers
Good Ol' Organ
Hub Pad
Hybrid Bass
Just Do It
Juicy Guitar
Killer BX3
Lonely Sphinx
Log Drum
Loony Bin
Mini Lead
Moon Cycle
Muted Clav
Muted Clav Rock

Old Legend Vox
Ooh Slow Vox
Out Colds
Piano Layers
Pods Pads
Power Brass
RnB Lead
RnB Lead Chords
Rave Triton
Rythmic Rez
Rythmic Life
Rib Ya Head
Rotary Organ
Slower Strings
Small Harp
Split Bass
Super Saw Bass
Square Bass
Steel Drums
Str Dig EP
Str Timbra
Symphonic Waves
Synth Ghostly
Synth Pipes
The Avenger
Thumb Bass Chords
Thunder Log
Timb Machines
Timbo Drums
Tomorrow Pad
Ulta Resonating Sweep
Unholy Water
Virtual Traveler
War Pipes
Wicked Bass
Wicked Bass Hit
Weak EP
Warm FLG Horn
Warm Shkchi
Warm Schkchi Pad
XScyncd Chords


We recorded each instrument at C, F and some at G to allow for maximum movement in your mix.

Thank us later....!


Be sure to have your slicing hands ready...

We sampled each instrument long enough to accommodate any tempo track, for extremely diverse usage.



Complete List of Instruments...

A5 Atomic Dog
A5 Bass Loop
A5 Dre Sine
A5 Funk Bass
A5 808
Analog Dance Strings
Analog Dance Strings Chords
Big Band Hit
Bow Box Bass
BPF Synth
Synth Bass
Classic Synth
Dance Theme
Digistick Stab
Deep Stab
Digi Blip
Deep Drum Bass
Deep Jungle Special
Dark Synth Bass
Disco Strings
Distorted Reverb
Detuned Saw
Detuned Rave
Down Beat Hit
Elektro Hit
Empty Souls
Funk Wah
Funky Wah
Funky Wah 3
Funky Organ
Groove Stab
Gospel Vocals
Guitar FX
Guitar Glisten
Guitar Wah Kit
Hot Stuff
HP Funky Bass
Icy Waters
Modern Chord 2
Metro Hit
Major Hit
Mono Ply Bass
Nasty Sync Lead
Old Guitar 808
Organ Doctor
Organ Doctor Chords
Power Filters
Power Saw
RnB Lead 2
RnB Lead Blips
Rave Choir
Rave Stab
Real Organ Hit
Rhythm Rez Hit
Reverse Vox
Short Stab
Snap Lead
Soundtrack Chord Hits
Split Guitar Hits
Spunky Bass
Square Box Bass
Str. EP Hits
Str. EP Hits Chords
Sweet Pad
Synth Guitar
Synth Rez Bass Blips
Synth Rez Bass
Trance Bells
Twinkle Pad
Vocoded Wah
Warm Square Bass
Water Drop Bass



Complete List of Kits...

Feelin' Kit
Floor Kit
Hi Hat Special
Hip Hop Kit
Jazz Kit
Nasty Raw Kit
Night Kit
Orch N Ethnic Kit
Processed Kit
Psyko Kit
RnB Kit
Sample Kit
Street Kit
Tricky Kit
Ugly House Kit
Underground Hip Hop Kit
Wacky Hip Hop Kit
Wild Soul Kit



Complete set of chords from A to G, major and minor.

Complete bank of one shot notes From A to G.


Why so cheap?

We at Harmony Productions Inc., feel a strong business, is one who encourages growth, through maximizing clientele satisfaction, over establishing a greater economic profit.

... - Rules to live by.

Don't ask questions, just reap the benefits!



*Due to the file size of our item, we can only recommend this item to our patrons using a Broadband (High-Speed) internet connection.*

*This download is not recommended or guarenteed to anyone using a Dial-Up internet connection!*


Can be downloaded for a free, fully functional trial online at https://www.tradebit.com


**600 MB Of Disc Space Required**


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