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MP3 Various Artists - Lionheart Sounds: Troddin' East - California Roots Family

A powerful collection of modern roots reggae music from producers, musicians, and/or artists from California. The content is spiritual, political, and uplifting, while the music is grounded and mystical. This album will take one into a deep meditation...

51 MP3 Songs in this album (73:32) !
Related styles: Reggae: Roots Reggae, Spiritual: Inspirational, Spiritual

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Big respect to all conscious people out there doing what they can to uplift humanity.
This mix reflects and represents the works of many individuals and organizations. It
is put together in praise of the most high and as a reminder of the great responsibility
that we carry as conscious people in this time. Lionheart Sounds gives infinite thanks
and appreciatation to the ones who''s hard work made this compilation possible.
Please check out the websites below and in the musicians credits and get a feel
for some of the powerful efforts being forwarded in this time. Bless.

This mixtape is a taste of the powerful and heartical community of roots and culture
producers, players and singers who hail from California; as far as one can get in the
West. While this land is very beautiful and culturally blessed, it is truly the epicenter
of western liberal cultural and economic colonialism in all its splendor, political
correctness, and illusion. For those striving to align with truth and rights while facing
this western mental attack, let us remember to maintain our connection to our Eastern
roots; our divine Afrikan spiritual essence. More strength on the trod...

This mixtape is livicated to Nehemiah Amadi and the entire future generation...
...this life, culture, and world is yours to enjoy, maintain, and develop. Do so responsibly and honorably.

Lionheart Sounds would like to give honor and thanks to...

- The Most High Creative Force and Immutable Law Maintaining Presence
- HIM Emporer Haile Selassie for uplifting and defending Africa and the essential
human purpose, and for setting the example and precedence in this modern time.
- All of the ancestors who have proceeded us on this journey
- My parents for all their love, blessings, and efforts.
- MamaHearth for truly and purely loving me, supporting me, and carrying my seed.

- Big Respect to all the Family that have supported and collaborated with us giving Lionheart Sounds
the strength, clarity, and purpose to fulfuill and uplift the works. We love ya''ll for real...


All tunes used with permission for this project only. All copyright and publishing maintained by original rights holders. Where available publishing credits are noted once for each artist/musician/producers at their first appearance in the tracklist. We did our best to gather all the information. For anything we missed we apologize to those left out and give thanks to ya''ll for your work in bringing forward these blessed vibrations... Respect


P: Produced by (Executive, Riddim, Vocals, Mix - all if others not mentioned elsewhere)
EP: Executively Produced by
RP: Riddim Produced by
VR: Vocals Recorded by
L: Lyrics
V: Vocals by
BV: Background Vocals
D: Drums
K: Keys
B: Bass
K: Keyboards
G: Guitar
Pr: Percussion
Tr: Trombone
Sx: Saxophone
Ha: Horn Arrangements by
M: Mixed by

All interlude vocals recorded and mixed by Lionheart Sounds

1) Troddin East Intro
V: Rahsaan "Luv Fyah" Carson for Luv Fyah Music (BMI), L: Luv Fyah, Lionheart Sounds

Know See Riddim (2, 51)
P: Sajid Ammor for Repatriation Dub Sounds and
One Drop Records (https://www.tradebit.com
G, Pr: Sajid,

2) Life Line
L & V: Everton "Messenjah Selah" Clarke for
Everton Clarke ASCAP (https://www.tradebit.com
BV: Irae Divine
EP,VR,M: Sajid Ammor, Lionheart Sounds

3) Who You Are Interlude
L & V: Messenjah Selah

4) Heavens Door - from the album "Elixir"
P: Tuff Lion and Blaak Lung for Greensphere Records (https://www.tradebit.com)
L & V: Malika Madremana (https://www.tradebit.com
D, K, & B: Tuff Lion, K: Kenyatta Itola, Pr: Batch M: Batch & Blaak Lung

5) Despite Tribulation Interlude - Mykal Somer
L & V: Mykal Somer for Mykal Somer Publishing ASCAP

6) Gratitude - from the album "Aspire"
P: Blaak Lung & Batch for Greensphere Records
L & V: Blaak Lung (https://www.tradebit.com) D: Batch
B: Ibednego, G: Tuff Lion K: "Blaak Lung, M: Batch

7) Prepare Our Path Interlude - Mykal Somer
L & V: Mykal Somer

8) O''Pen - from the album O''pen
EP: Arkaingelle for Aingelles Music & Blaak Lung for Greensphere Records
RP: Blaak Lung, L & V: Arkaingelle, M: Blaak Lung, Batch
D: Batch, B: Kenyatta Itola, G: Tuff Lion, K: Blaak Lung

9) Stand Firm
P: Sajid, Andres "Fikir Amlak" Estrada, Kwome Gustave for
Repatriation Dub Sounds
L & V: Fikir Amlak D: Kwome Gustave, B: Fikir Amlak, K: Sajid

10) SipThe Cup - from the album "Increase" by Mystic Vision
P: Andres "Draezee" Estrada for Full Grown Records/Native Fya Muzik
(https://www.tradebit.com, https://www.tradebit.com)
L & V: Draezee, B, G, K: Draezee

11) Liberal Genocide Interlude
V: Luv Fyah, L: Luv Fyah & Lionheart Sounds

The West Riddim (12, 13) - Million 7 Sound (https://www.tradebit.com
P: Seth "ST" Theodore for Million 7 Music (BMI), Balboa Becker for
Celebrity Horns Music (ASCAP), David Morrison for David Morrison Music (BMI)
D: Sandrum, B,G: Tuff Lion, K: "ST" , Pr: David Morrison, Tr (Trombone): Balboa Becker
Sx (Saxophone): Garret Kobsef, Ha (Horn Arrangement): David Morrison &
Celebrity Horns (https://www.tradebit.com

12) Coming From The West - from the album "Ethiopia We Belong"
L & V: Rahsaan "Luv Fyah" Carson for Luv Fyah Music (BMI)

13) Apply Inspiration Interlude
V: Luv Fyah, L: Luv Fyah & Lionheart Sounds

Proverbs Riddim (14-18) - Lustre Kings Prod.

P, M: Nick Fantastic & Digital Ancient for Fantastic beats, ASCAP/ Galactic Soul music, BMI/ copyright control
D, B, K, G: Nick Fantastic, Sx: Frankie "Ranks" Moniz, Tr: Greyson Farmer

14) Eastern Journey - L,V: Luv Fyah

15) Proverbs - Wayne "Jahdan Blakkamoore" Henry for Works of Jah BMI

16) Jah Pick Me Up - L, V: Harold "Rankin Scroo" Johnson for Crucial Youths BMI

17) She Ask Me Say - L,V: Messenjah Selah

18) Spiritual Beings Interlude - L, V: Messenjah Selah

Destination Riddim (19-25) - Brazilian Reggae Sativa
EP: Ras Popo Ites for Brazilian Reggae Sativa
RP, M: Tuff Lion, Batch
D: Batch, B, G: Tuff Lion, K: Blaak Lung, Batch, Pr: Popo Ites

19) My Destination
L & V: Messenjah Selah
VR, M: Jah Mana

20) Truth Is All We Need
L & V, VR, M: Sean "Soul Medic" Mitchell for Jah Kebra Music?

21) Higher Heights
L & V: Andreas "Reason" Smith
VR, M: Lionheart Sounds, Sajid Ammor

22) Agradeco Pela Vida
L & V: Ras Popo Ites
VR,M: Blaak Lung, Batch

23) Struggling
L & V - Sister Molly Rose
VR, M: Sajid

24) It''s So Hard
L & V: Luv Fyah
VR, M: Jah Mana

25) Healing Revelations Interlude
L & V: Arkaingelle

26) Chant Fi Life
EP: Ras Popo Ites for Brazilian Reggae Sativa, RP: Blaak Lung
L & V: Arkaingelle, VR, M: Vicente De Jesus (Ital Studios Brazil)
D: Popo Ites, B: Ricardo Cruz, G: Ibednego, Millan Gordillo
K: Blaak Lung, Byron Lee, Pr: Popo Ites

Take Over -Nick Fantastic

27) A Lie - - from the album " Stronger"
Written by J. "Jah Sun" Standiford (ASCAP)E. Clarke N. Listrani
P: Nick Fantastic for Fantastic beats, ASCAP/copyright control
D, B, G, K: Nick Fantastic, Pr: Bongo Herman, Sx: Frankie "Ranks" Moniz
Ha: Andrew "Moon" Bain & Frankie Ranks

Regions Of Love Riddim (21-23) Repatriation Dub Sounds
EP: Sajid Ammour, Chris "Tafari" Smith for Repartiation Dub Sounds
RP, M: Sajid & Fikir Amlak
D: Sajid, B & G - Emmanuel Ben Levi, K - Tafari, Sajid, Sx - Barry Capiaux

28) Clouds Of Fire
L & V: Ras Attitude
VR,M: Sajid

29) These Times
L, V, VR, M: Draezee for Native Fya Music

30) Regions Of Love
L & V: Luv Fyah
VR, M: Sajid

31)Perfect Love Interlude
V: Luv Fyah, L: Luv Fyah & Lionheart Sounds

Fyah Bless Riddim (32-34) - Million 7 Sound
P: "ST" for Million 7 Music (BMI)
D: Jayme Arredondo, B, K: "ST", G: Benny Torres, Tr: Balboa Becker

32) What A Blessing - from the album "Ethiopia I Belong"
L & V: Luv Fyah

33) Rivers Of Water
L & V: Biblical for Trinity Farm Music

34) Africa A Cry
L & V: Owen "Al Pancho" Brown

Pura Vida Riddim - Rimshot productions/Lustre Kings prod.
All instruments Dean Pond for DPSP Publishing BMI

35) Songs Of Love - from the Album "Babylon Nightmare"
V: Jahdan Blakkamoore, L: Jahdan Blakkamoore & Andrew Bain, VR: Moon M: Dean Pond

36) We Nah Lose - Revolution Sounds, Itation Records - from the album "Vizionary"
EP: J. Siegel, C. Stoll, S. Crawford, J. Cumberbatch, Itation Records
D, K,G: Danjres, B, Trumpet: Newman, Tr. Kelsey Howard
L & V: J. "Batch" Cumberbatch
M: Danjres, Commanche

Better Riddim - Ishi Dube''s Tuff Riddims P: Ishi Dube (https://www.tradebit.comvis)
D, B, K: Ishi Dube, G: Nathaniel Vincent, Sx: Justin Schwartzman,
Tr: Mitch Steffen

37) Better - from the album "Lion Camp"
L & V: Ishi Dube, The Apostle (https://www.tradebit.comiel)
BV: Lorenza "Sista Iris" Simmons, Debbie "Biancamankai" Benavides

38) Herbs Over Silver - from the album "I Meditation"
L & V: Ras Attitude & Winstrong

Fyah Furreal Riddim (39-42) I Dwell Records (https://www.tradebit.com

P. Jack Riddim for I Dwell Productions BMI
B & G: Herb Daily, D: Bruce Benjamin, K: John "Dread" Nevin, G: Wally Sound, G: Omar Bojalil, TR: Balboa Becker, SX: Garret Kobsef, K, PR: Jack Riddim

39) Stay Awake - L& V: Niyorah

40) Flash Up Ya Lighta - L & V: Cody "Binghi Ghost" Schrey

41) Satisfy Yourself - L & V: Delyno "Pressure" Brown

42) Before All Dem Interlude - V: Binghi Ghost, L: Binghi Ghost

Not Alone Riddim - Brazilian Reggae Sativa
Executive Produced by Ras Popo Ites for Brazilian Reggae Sativa
RP: Vicente De Jesus for Ital Studios
D: Popo Ites, B: Ricardo Cruz, G: Tuff Lion, Ibednego, Millan Gordillo,
K: Blaak Lung, Byron Lee, Fikir Amlak Pr: Popo Ites

43) Criticas - from the album "Brasilian Reggae Sativa"
L & V: Ras Popo, Luv Fyah
BV: Molly Rose, Luv Fyah, Popo Ites
VR, M: Batch, Blaak Lung

44) Tell Me Who - L & V: Arkaingelle, VR, M - Vicente

45) World Know - L & V, VR, M - Ryan "Ishence" Willard for Higher Bound Productions

46) Not Alone - L & V: Molly Rose, VR, M: Batch, Blaak Lung

47) Each N Every Iwah Interlude - L,V: Arkaingelle

48) Carry I N I - from the album "Inner Strength"

P: Ishence for Higher Bound Productions ASCAP
Riddim: Biblical, E. Kuba, N. Baughmen, Drum Fills: Iaahden, G: Tuff Lion
L - SIsta Kat, K. Mall V: SIsta Kat, BV: Deja Solis

49) Jah WIll Be There
P: Sajid, Fikir Amlak, Kwome for Repatriation Dub Sounds
L & V: Jalil "Abja" Salim for Lions Of Kush Inc.
RP: Sajid, Fikir
D: Kwome B: Fikir Amlak, G,K: Sajid

Automatic Riddim - The We A Dem Band

RP: The We A Dem Band D:Jayme Arredondo, B: Charlito "Toots" Angeles, G: Nick "Nicky Dread" Santana, K: Darren Batara, P: Mike Ponce, Sx: Glen Casuga, Tr: Balboa Becker, Trumpet: Josh, M: Vik Wong

50) No Tell Me U No Care Interlude
V, L: Messenjah Selah, Arkaingelle, Lionheart Sounds

51) Know, See

V & L: Ras Attitude
VR,M, Sajid

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