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Unique One Time Offer With MRR

Unique One Time Offer Random Rotator
Who else wants to turn their Prime Web Site Real Estate Into A Never Ending and Constant Source Of Cash?

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Are YOU Growing Weeds on your Prime Web Site Real Estate or
Sowing Seeds Of
Instant Money Trees?

From: Ronald E Pumfleet


The very first thing I want you to do is STOP reading this web page and really think hard about...

What is and Where is Your Prime Web Site Real Estate?
If you answered your Sales Page [a.k.a. index page]...

Then you could be leaving anything up to an astounding 94.2 of your potential income on the table.

No, thats not hype or B.S. but proven statistics that can be worked out by anyone with a calculator.

Let me give you just one simple example that will send shock waves down your spine.

You have done a fantastic job on creating a killer Sales Page and it converts at say 5.8. In laymen terms, that means you are generating almost 6 sales for every 100 visitors to your web site.

To most Internet Marketers they would give their eye tooth for stats like that, but more to the point...

What are you doing to convert the other 94.2 of visitors that didnt purchase?

And here is another crunch question for you to mull over...

What are you doing to upsell the
5.8 of clients who have purchased?

And even more to think about is...

What are you doing about your web visitors that never actually get to your web page or site due to an error?

The possible reasons for an error could be as:

* Simple as just mis-spelling a page name!
* You gave the wrong url link!
* The surfers internet connection is real slow and the page times out!
* You changed the layout of your site and the search engines still have that page indexed that you moved.

There are many many more reasons for an error page to be displayed.

How are you converting this enormous traffic?

And if thats not enough to get you really thinking about...

What is and Where is Your Prime Web Site Real Estate?

Then let me start listing some of them for you!

* Entry Page
* Exit Page
* Order Page
* Order Confirmation Page - pre and post purchase
* Thank you Page after purchase
* Subscription Page for your Ezine, Newsletter, Membership etc.
* Subscription Thank you for subscribing page
* Subscription Thank you for validating or verification page
* Members Login Page
* Members Logout Page
* Your Index Page
* Your Blog(s)
* Your 301 Moved Permanently - Error Page
* 302 Moved Temporarily - Error Page
* 400 Bad Request - Error Page
* 401 Authorization Required - Error Page
* 403 Forbidden - Error Page
* 404 Not Found - Error Page
* 405 Method Not Allowed - Error Page
* 408 Request Timed Out - Error Page
* 415 Unsupported Media Type - Error Page
* 500 Internal Server Error - Error Page
* 501 Not Implemented - Error Page
* 502 Bad Gateway - Error Page
* 503 Service Unavailable - Error Page
* 504 Gateway Timeout - Error Page
* 505 HTTP Version Not Supported - Error Page

The point I am trying to get across to you is simply this...

Every Web Page you ever create or havent created
needs to be treated as...

Your Prime Web Site Real Estate!

You need to know that all the above web pages are converting your traffic into either customers or subscribers.

Now I know for a fact you simply will not sell to every visitor or indeed get them to subscribe to your newsletter or ezine.

BUT... What if you had a simple system in place that dynamically generated web pages to suit whatever action your potential customer or server made?

This system would have to be 100 on Auto Pilot. Set it and Forget it Technology.

This sytem would also have to allow for updates or any changes to be shown immediately without having to FTP any of the changes made.

As you probably have guessed by now, I am a great believer in Automation as I do have better things to do than continually update and change pages.

Infact, youd have to agree that it would be a lifesaver in time and money, if this system could do away with having multiple scripts and do the following all from one handy Admin Area.

Be able to display and randomly rotate...

* news items
* quotations of the day
* new product announcements
* monthly specials
* one line text links
* one time offers
* rotate banner ads
* text ads
* subscription forms
* one time offers on any server error page(s)
* exit pages
* entry pages
* pop ups
* pop unders
* logout pages
* login pages
* thank you pages
* verification pages
* And another type of advertising or web page not mentioned. LOL

What if you could combine any number of the above on any number of web pages and Domains you own.

Just as simple as adding one line of code to your existing or new web pages!
PLUS store an unlimited amount of data to dynamically create an unlimited number of web pages.

Again all from this one handy little Admin Area.

You Are 5 Minutes Away From Making A Dramatic Change To Bring You and Your Online Business Into The 22nd Century


Automation has played a major role in reducing the amount of time, energy and resources required to double and sometimes even triple many scores of Offline Companies Profit Margins.

For Instance: Vehicle Manufacturers, Banks, Telecommunications, Life Insurance Offices, Real Estate Offices, Department Stores, Power Companies. Can you think of any others?

So tell me why so many Online Marketers who have the most powerful Automation Tool at their finger tips every single day... Still Opt to do things MANUALLY?

Computers coupled with Web based scripts and Desktop software is how you and I can harness the full potential of Automating those daily tasks that otherwise drain our resources and waste precious hours that otherwise could be better spent Making Money.

Remember when I made two lists earlier showing you what Your Prime Web Site Real Estate was and the other showed you the types of things you could have randomly displayed using Automation as an integral part of the equation?

You could very well be using several different scripts, services and software applications in automating some of the tasks above. Like Banner Rotators, Html Ad Rotators, Text Rotators, Link Exchanges, Autoresponders, Co-Op List exchanges and so on.

Now heres a news flash for you...

If you subcribe to a service... You do not have total unrestricted access to do what you want on their pages they provide you!

And if you own several scripts to do some of the above.. Then you have multiple Admin areas in which to administer in and you more than likely can not, without the help of a programmer, customize the script to allow you to do more than what it was designed for!

So whats the solution to enable you to gain Total Automation and Un-Restricted Access to harness the full income potential from Your Prime Web Site Real Estate.

The solution to
Sowing Seeds Of Instant Money Trees instead of Growing Weeds on your Prime Web Site Real Estate

Ron Pumfleets Breakthrough and Unique One Time Offer Random Rotator.

Secure Risk Free Ordering!

This powerful script was initially designed and programmed by myself as an add-on module for my Award Winning Fire Sale Buddy System and was called the SpecAd Rotator.

Now as a programmer and Internet Marketer, I also found myself programming different scripts to do some of the above tasks.

Only to wake up one morning and realise that they all had a few common elements to them.

It was then that I started really brainstorming on how to pull them altogether in just one simple script.

The end result was the breakthrough creation of this Unique One Time Offer Random Rotator.

Definition of Unique - radically distinctive and without equal
There is simply nothing else available on the Internet that even steps close to what this System does.

Although I use the term Random Rotator in the description. The Uniqueness is also because this powerful system can deliver static information as well.

Definition of Static - never changes, stays the same

One Time Offer - Occurring or undertaken only once
Each offer you set up within this System is in its own right a One Time Offer.
Obviously for this to occur you need more than one offer set up in the database.

Now here is where you can get innovative.
# From the data stored you can create different web pages and have a heading that reads:One Time Offer
# Limited Offer
# Available until xx date.
# etc, etc.

By doing that you are increasing the versatitlity of this System.

Random Rotator - random Having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure - rotator causing rotation
This System randomly selects the available data and rotates the given data on your web page(s) you have preciously chosen, with the information you want to shown.
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