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UFO Library: The Earth Chronicle Files


1). Pentagon Aliens: This book is the first to reveal Nikola Tesla (i.e. Atheist Humanist) as the inventor of the flying saucer, and to expose a BIG LIE mind control hoax copied from the Third Reich, covertly implemented through national security means, to perpetuate the coercive monopoly of a corporate-state elite. By stealing, concealing or suppressing advanced technology, our continued dependency on archaic petroleum and nuclear technology is insured. To this end, flying saucer technology of relative simplicity and phenomenal potential was stolen from its inventor, Nikola Tesla (i.e. Atheist Humanist), and has been concealed for over 50 years. In 1953, author William Lyne and at least seven others saw a flying saucer at a close range. William Lyne studied its behavior, discovered its secrets, and presents this book, representing over 45 years of research, complete with a set of simplified plans to build your own saucer. The obvious BIG TRUTH- that flying saucers are real, man-made electrical machines, and that there are no aliens on earth- is being ground to pieces between TWO BIG LIES, both essentially one big lie, covertly disseminated through the media and various front groups and publications, by teams of Ph.D.s employed by the O.S.I. (i.e. Office of Scientific Intelligence, CIA). The secret government orchestrates both sides of the sham debate between covert agents, posing as UFOlogists, and official government spokesmen. The UFOlogists (i.e. the O.S.I.s) alien scenario conceals the man-made nature of flying saucers by depicting them as alien crafts, involved in visits to earth, abductions, and collaboration with our government, which they allege is concealed by a government cover-up conspiracy. Officials conveniently provide false credibility to these lies by their irrational behavior, or silence.

2). The Lost Book of Enki: Will the past become our future? Is humankind destined to repeat the events that occurred on another planet, far away from Earth? Zecharia Sitchin’s bestselling series The Earth Chronicles provided humanity’s side of the story concerning our origins at the hands of the Anunnaki, “those who from heaven to earth came.” In The Lost Book of Enki we now view this saga from the perspective of Lord Enki, an Anunnaki leader revered in antiquity as a god, who tells the story of these extraterrestrial’s arrival on Earth from the planet Nibiru.

3). Secret Projects: Flying Saucer Aircraft: Though there has been much speculation on whether flying saucers and the aliens who allegedly favor such craft have any basis in reality, it is a fact that over the years a variety of experimental aircraft that could be described as flying saucer types have been developed in different countries right here on earth. Such aircraft have invariably been shrouded in secrecy, and this book finally presents a serious factual study of these mysterious designs. This book covers 20 flying saucer and similar aircraft projects in detail, including the Vought V-173 Pancake, the Boeing B390, the German AS-6 and Focke Wulf VTOL saucer, and others. It also covers NASAs research into lenticular lifting body designs, lunar ferry systems, exotic lightship concepts and recent laser propulsion experiments. All of the craft featured in this book are on the cutting edge of aviation research and will appeal greatly to those fascinated by flying saucers and their sinister or conspiratorial connections.

4). Extraordinary Encounters: An Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrials and Otherwordly Beings: Entries in this text describe an amazing array of fantastic beings and events. Since at least the 19th century, human beings all over the world have held the conviction that interaction with extraterrestrials is not only possible but frequent. An amazing amalgam of folk religion, folk science, pop culture, and fantasy, this offbeat encyclopedia will intrigue and excite readers of all ages as it introduces unearthly entities, realms, and beings.

5). The Hollow Earth: Revealed! The underground world of the Supermen—The Origin of the Flying Saucers! So promised the mysterious Dr. Raymond Bernard, A.B., MA., PH.D., for the readers of his book. The front cover said that Dr. Bernard, “noted scholar and author of the Hollow Earth, says that the true home of flying saucers is a huge underground world whose entrance is the North Polar opening. Dr. Bernard believes that in the hollow interior of the Earth lives a super-race which wants nothing to do with man on the surface. They launched their flying saucers only after man threatened the world with A-bombs.” Dr. Raymond Bernard was a pseudonym for Dr. Walter Siegmeister of New York City—the author of a number of odd-ball books, including The Hollow Earth. This classic of 50s & 60s weird UFO literature. Can you explain the following? Why does one find tropical seeds, plants and trees floating in the fresh water of icebergs? Why do millions of tropical birds and animals go farther north in the wintertime? If it is not hollow and warm inside the Earth at the Poles, then why does colored pollen color the Earth for thousands of miles? Why is it warmer at the Poles than 600 to 1000 miles away from them? Why does the north wind in the Arctic get warmer as one sails north beyond 70° latitude?

6). Hitler’s Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War: Learn why the Schriever-Habermohl project was actually two projects and read the written statement of a German test pilot who actually flew one of these saucers; about the Leduc engine, the key to Dr Miethes saucer designs; how US government officials kept the truth about Foo Fighters hidden for almost sixty years and how they were finally forced to come clean about the German origin of Foo Fighters. Learn of the Peenemunde saucer project and how it was slated to go atomic. Read the testimony of a German eyewitness who saw magnetic discs. Read the US governments own reports on German field propulsion saucers. Read how the post-war German KM-2 field propulsion rocket worked. Learn details of the work of Karl Schappeller and Viktor Schauberger. Learn how their ideas figure in the quest to build field propulsion flying discs. Find out what happened to this technology after the war. Find out how the Canadians got saucer technology directly from the SS. Find out about the surviving Third Power of former Nazis. Learn of the US governments methods of UFO deception and how they used the German Sonderburoll as the model for Project Blue Book.

7). The Janos People: The Janos People is purportedly a true re-telling by Frank Johnson of the abduction, by humans from another planet, of a family of five (i.e. John, his wife Gloria, their daughters Natasha and Tanya, and Johns sister Frances). Further details of the family are not provided, and the author states by the wish of the family, I have withheld their surnames and postal addresses, although a photograph of them is included in the book. During a night in June 1978, in Oxfordshire, a family traveling together was intercepted by a large spacecraft. The craft and its inhabitants took the family on board, where they watched recordings of the Janos Peoples world being destroyed by meteorite-like boulders. The Janos People now search for a new home.

9). The Bible and Flying Saucers: A UFO enthusiast, who is also a minister, draws a connection between biblical mythology and visits from alien beings. The Bible and Flying Saucers, was first published in 1968, and has been reprinted many times since then both in England and the United States. Dr. Barry H. Downing has played a major role in the History Channel production “UFOs in the Bible,” and has been a theological consultant to the Mutual UFO Network (i.e. MUFON) since 1972. He earned a bachelor’s degree in physics, a divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, including studies in Greek and Hebrew, and then earned a Ph.D. degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where he specialized in the relation between science and religion. His dissertation was: Eschatological Implications of the Understanding of Time and Space in the Thought of Isaac Newton.


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