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For less money than you run through on your average friday night out, you can follow the entire process and start seeing money in the bank instantly. This information is priceless, and generally pays for itself within hours. ThereŽs a real opportunity to make a secondary income from Google Adwords and youŽd be crazy to miss out. You wonŽt make a better investment than this Adwords ebook.

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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

If you're frustrated watching money fall into the lap of other affiliates, whilst you fall
behind? Then this will be the most important letter you ever read...

Welcome to the turning point in your affiliate marketing career.

Right now... this very minute... an ultra-lucrative opportunity is waiting for YOU. Can I show you how to seize it? I guarantee this is unlike anything you have EVER seen. Can you afford to let this opportunity pass you by?

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Despite your best efforts to make a full time income from affiliate marketing, have you ever wondered why it hasn't happened yet? Well you're in the right place for the answer. At this moment you have a one-time window of opportunity.

But I need to tell you something right from the start, you MUST be ready for something different...for something which WORKS!

You need to have realised that there is something missing... a vital ingredient you have been denied up to now, and you must be prepared to seize it! I mean, there must be something missing or you would have made impressive profits from affiliate marketing by now, right?

This information has not been previously available anywhere in the world, at ANY price!

I know you're skeptical right now, but you owe it to yourself to spare a few minutes to read through this page and sign up to the newsletter. I will show you how to utilize Google Adwords methods which work.

You see, I have a friend who's read various Adwords ebooks, affiliate marketing handbooks, and come close to giving up. Stacks of books, videos and courses are clogging up his hard drive yielding nothing but memories of empty promises. It frustrated him to the brink of giving up internet marketing all together, until I showed him the system which changed his outlook for ever.

"He deserved answers, and so do YOU, and i'm going to give them to you, right here"

I'm going to free you from chasing your tail, looking for that system which generates super profits.

How will I do this?

By teaching you the secrets the 0.1% of affiliates who make ALL the money know and by putting you ahead of the curve, feeding you competitive advantage after competitive

I teach you a set of instructions which made profiting from affiliate campaigns on Adwords straight-forward.

Anyone can learn this system, anywhere in the world, whether you have ZERO experience of internet marketing or ALL the experience possible. When you apply this system opportunity comes directly to you. Profits become a routine rather than a rarity.

That's the position YOU could soon be in.

"This proven system will change the way you look at being an affiliate on Google Adwords"

Truly, it is the springboard to success.

All you need to do to super-charge your own success is to apply the same Google Adwords methods. Suddenly you will see why your previous internet marketing attempts were unsuccessful. A veil will be lifted from your eyes and soon YOU could be the one having successful campaigns falling into your lap - effortlessly.

I'm a modest guy, but I urge you to bear in mind my background before feeling sceptical. I've had over 4 years of internet marketing experience, and I have been on Adwords since 2003. I know the key to affiliate marketing success and I am ready to share with a lucky few.

Maybe you are thinking something like: "Sure this works for you with all your experience, but i'm not sure it will work for me?"

I understand that. I mean, you've heard all the hype before, the success stories, a thousand times I bet! Simply being told what other successful wealthy affiliates are doing is not enough.

You need to know the step-by-step process behind all these tales of full time super-affiliates, and how you can use it to your advantage today. Adwords Confessions provides exactly that, the nuts and bolts of the entire process.

"Most of the advice you receive is dangerously wrong and is the product of good writers, with modestly low bank accounts"

There is a MUCH easier way than all the antiquated information you have been fed before by these guys, these marketers - simply by tapping into the affiliate secrets I will teach you.

Trying harder at what you're already doing is like speeding up in the circle you're going around and around!

"What you need is a different approach...
a new beginning, a wider horizon"

Everything you have read on Adwords up to this point is not enough.

Whether you have read 1 guide or 15 you are still searching for that exclusive
information that will set you apart from the highly competitive pack. Those manuals you read in 2004, 2005 and 2006 have been digested and rinsed for every piece of information worth knowing.

Everyone uses those techniques now! Its no longer an advantage to be applying these tricks! Adwords Confessions is updated for February 2007 and new bonus chapters and articles are being written every month as I learn more and more about the insider methods of the Google Adwords elite.

Free updates are available to all those who purchase Adwords Confessions.

Arm yourself with the cutting edge and relevant information NOW! I promise you won't look back.

Steven Lee Jones

Adwords Confessions reveals...

Adwords Confessions The only HEADLINES that drive 10% of impressions to click on your Ad. Forget the tried and tested methods that other outdated manuals tell you about 3% CTR's. Is it any wonder those stats are so poor, those manuals were written in 2004!

Adwords Confessions Writing Ad Copy that translates directly to dollars in your Clickbank account. By mastering this technique alone you could be on your way to creating a full time income from adwords in weeks. Writing good ad copy is the most crucial skill you will need to learn if you want to become a full time affiliate marketer on Google Adwords!

Adwords Confessions The trick to ensure YOU WILL ALWAYS give the advertisement that the customer wants. An automated version of keeping the keyword in the headline is available to use on Google Adwords, yet many people do not even know about it!

Adwords Confessions Seek and destroy the competition using the cheapest keywords to produce HUGE returns on investment. So many superbly converting keywords on Google don't even have 8 advertisers in their adwords spots! With so much margin for error, its nigh on impossible not to make hundreds of dollars a week from 1 to 6 cent keywords.

Adwords Confessions Been affected by the GOOGLE SLAP!?. Here's why. All the tips and tecnhiques to deal with Google's recent crazy move to kick sites off keywords, and raise bid prices to as much as $10.00 per click!

Adwords Confessions Stay one step ahead of ALL OF THE COMPETITION using my patented URL techniques. Forget the one URL fits all method!

Adwords Confessions Discover the hidden secrets behind Google's Ad Score. You could be paying 30% less per click on HIGHLY competitive keywords and STILL maintain pole position!

Adwords Confessions The secrets behind Split Testing your ad copy for superb results. Ditch the methods that other outdated manuals tell you about painstakingly testing and retesting all your copy. I'll tell you the only way to learn exactly WHICH AD COPY WORKS!

Adwords Confessions 99% of ALL Google Adwords users are MAKING CRUCIAL ERRORS which cost them most if not all of their profit margin. Don't fall into these traps! They can be easily avoided!

Adwords Confessions UNDERCOVER tactics which the so called Adwords Gurus don't even know about. Please don't email those guys and let them know!

Adwords Confessions The secret success that can be acheived by SITE TARGETED campaigns. Find out what most if not all Adwords users are missing out on by not harnessing the power of site targeted campaigns!

Adwords Confessions Have you been told time after time that CONTENT search is a waste of time? Of course you have! And you know why? Because these experts keep these techniques to themselves to ensure maximum returns on investment for THEIR products.

Adwords Confessions What Google Adwords won't tell you about selecting your Max Cost Per Click. Yes! Google wants to make money out of you! To do this they mislead you with traffic and search estimates, false position averages and artificially high CPC recommendations. Stop listening to Google and start listening to me.

Adwords Confessions Search out highly converting keywords to give your campaign a winning advantage over the competition. The difference between a successful campaign and a total failure can all hinge on the keywords you advertise on. While finding 450 keywords to advertise on may help add 5-10% to your clicks for little extra outlay, this technique is rather outdated. Discover the new methods fo finding those targeted converting keywords.

Adwords Confessions Placing Yourself In The Highly Converting Positions! Most Adwords advertisers are obsessed with getting their ads placed at number one across all of their search terms. This is the common mistake adwords advertisers make on a daily basis, and the reason why certain keywords have a huge turnover of ads and websites. What I have found over the last two years is that there is an optimal position to place your ad to maximise profits. AND now I reveal my secrets.

Adwords Confessions Do you have any NEGATIVE keywords in your campaign? No? Forget about 400% returns on investment and above then. You won't make the serious money I do until you harness the power of the negative keyword.

Adwords Confessions Proven, highly converting ads to try out when promoting Adwords Confessions as an affiliate. Plug and promote with these proven highly converting ad copy campaigns!

Adwords Confessions The fool proof methods for spotting NICHES with huge potential returns on investment! If you are only competing on the big keywords then you are missing out on some of the most easily exploitable niche keywords imaginable!

Adwords Confessions Position advantages! Find out exactly which positions your ads should be placed for optimal results. After over two years of testing I have found the very best positions to place your Ads on search.

Adwords Confessions The only tried and tested method for finding Keywords? I will tell you exactly where this information is, its available for free at the push of a button. Such information is priceless.

Adwords Confessions New to Adwords?! Don't worry! Adwords Confessions will put any novice on the espert's level after just one read. Anyone can use these exact methods to create a full time income.

Adwords Confessions Affiliates, not making as much money as you hoped? 90% of affiliates aren't making anywhere near as much money as they should be from Google Adwords due to a few common mistakes. Separate yourself from the crowd and become the super affiliate that everyone admires with these insider secrets.

Adwords Confessions Content Search can mean the difference between a break even campaign and 500% returns on investment! Some niches are perfect for content search and provide the only sure-fire way to profits. Search simply won't cut it in certain keyword groups, and many advertisers are being put off. Learn how I use content only campaigns to rake in easy cash.

Adwords Confessions A FREE, simple and easy way for finding Keywords which Google Users search for. I will show you the exact keywords, however abstract, Google users are typing to find your ads. This information is priceless, and can save you a lot of money on Adwords.

Adwords Confessions Are you making the most common mistake of all?? Chances are you already make this mistake over and over again. 9 out of ten Adwords users are falling into this trap and seeing their profit margins dwindle away to nothing. Don't make the same mistake over and over again.

Adwords Confessions HTML Code for affiliates to seemlessly redirect to vendors pages without the customer even noticing you are an affiliate! You will be able to increase your CTR's by up to 50% based of this, which will inevitably enable you to get cheaper clicks in the future and higher positions on search, due to your increase in quality score.

Adwords Confessions IP advantages you can really apply! Its rare you read an ebook that gives you more than one intellectual property advantage over the rest of the competition, let alone dozens. Many people buy every ebook out looking for that one piece of information amongst 250 pages that will make the purchase worth it. Adwords Confessions takes a different route and dispenses with the ordinary, and thats why its the best guide on the market.


The only proven Adwords techniques I use.

"I wanted to congratulate you on a well written, highly informative and valuable resource for effectively using Adwords. If anyone is confused about how to make well performing, highly converting Adwords Ads then they MUST buy this book.

I remember the days of going to University and how much I had to spend on text books. I often wondered why they were so expensive, especially considering how much "waffle" was in them and only a small amount of "real" and helpful information.

Adwords Confessions on the other hand is "Full" of excellent advise and examples. I just wish I had it when I first started using Adwords. Google should buy it from you and use it as their Users Manual.

My advise to anyone using Adwords. If you are about to launch yourself, or have already launched yourself into using Adwords for your Internet Marketing, I strongly recommend you purchase this book and read it from cover to cover at least twice.

Find somewhere quiet, get out your highlighter and a notebook and dive into Adwords Confessions. The information in this book will stop you from making the same mistakes I did when I first started using Adwords. I didn't even realise I was making "huge" mistakes until I read Adwords Confessions.

Thanks again Steven for an excellent resource.

Ian Richardson
Cre8ive Global Enterprises
Sydney - Australia

PS The techniques you talk about here are perfect for my program as well - https://www.tradebit.com Only difference with my ad block tool is I don't have to worry about any of the wording or URL's I use because I make my own ad blocks for my own sites."


The only other Google Adwords system I recommend.

"Hi, my name is Chris, creator of the world's number one Adwords manual, Adwords Miracle and the number one selling ebook on the internet Affiliate Project X. I would consider myself one of the leading experts on Google Adwords, but after reading Steven's Adwords Confessions ebook I have to say I learned a thing or two. Several of the methods are now a vital part of my own daily marketing strategy. One idea detailed in Adwords Confessions that I had never even thought of bags me an extra $450-600 a week. Steven has put together a superb manual on affiliate marketing and his after-support is top notch. He really helped me understand the importance of some of the cutting edge methods on offer."

Chris McNeeney

Adwords Miracle



P. S. -- For less money than you run through on your average friday night out, you can follow the entire process and start seeing money in the bank instantly. This information is priceless, and generally pays for itself within hours. There's a real opportunity to make a secondary income from Google Adwords and you'd be crazy to miss out. You won't make a better investment than this Adwords ebook.

P.P.S. -- The bottom line is: If you pass up this irresistible offer, you will never know if you have the ability to make thousands of pounds a month? Will you be any closer to your dream of financial freedom? If you order now, I guarantee that you will.

To your success!

Adwords Confessions

Steven Lee Jones
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