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*NEW* Profit Twister - Your Profit Pulling List Building Powerhouse | Your Affordable All In One Sales Solution

Discover How To Create A Feeding Frenzy of Buyers,
Recruit A Bigger "Sales Force" To Work For You
And Become The "BIG DOG" In Your Market

Best of All, All The Hard Work Is Done FOR YOU!

Tap Into The Power of Intelligent Automation
And Change The Way You Do Business Forever...

Here's a quick case study for you and a big thanks...
Your Profit Twister played a huge role in my recent launch of
Squidoo Secrets.

Using the urgency of dynamic pricing, with the power of the integrated One Time Offer, Profit Twister generated over $5700 in sales during a 26 hour pre-launch! Sales came in so quickly, I had to shut off the sale!

Better still, I was able to share $2100 of that with the affiliates who immediately began promoting with the affiliate link automatically generated by your script. Plus, I added over 300 buyers to my list in one day, and that has led to additional back-end revenue, too.
With a little bit of work, your script really had an incredible Return on Investment for me, and I will definitely be recommending it to my subscribers!

Bob Jenkins

From the Desk of: Joel Holtzman
Date: Saturday 5 May 2007

If you would like to automate your website, cut costs, save time and boost your sales without spending a small fortune, then the Profit Twister is for you.

Of course, me telling you that is as effective as effective as poor Sisyphus rolling that rock up a hill. So, allow me to save you time and show you HOW and WHY the Profit Twister will help you grow your business without taking out a second mortgage.

First, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Joel Holtzman. I have been a web developer to internet marketers for over 4 years now. I've worked with everybody from "newbies" to more experienced marketers such as Jonathan Mizel. And what have I learned in all of that time?

The "Secret" To The Success of My More Established Clients Has Always Been
Building Their List, Recruiting Reliable Affiliates And Automating Their Website

Think about it. If you consider any 'top dog' in your market, the odds are they have:


A Large Customer List


A Sales Force (Affiliates & JV Partners)


Automation - (Order Taking & Delivery, Sign-up And Commission Calculation)

Makes sense, doesn't it?

When your website automates important tasks, you save time.

When your affiliates sell for you, you boost sales without advertising costs.

When you have a list of customers, you earn more back-end revenue and find more success in your next product launches.

In short, you won't have to start over, you'd be making more money, cutting costs and your business would grow on auto-pilot.

Which leads one to ask:

How does one put all of the pieces together, automate them and do so without spending a fortune?

Introducing The Profit Twister

Your Affordable All In One Sales Solution That Gives You
EVERYTHING You Need To Build Your Lists And Create
Successful FULLY AUTOMATED Sales Campaigns...

Finally, EVERYTHING you have ever needed to run your
website like the "Big Boys" is available to you in ONE package:


Build Your customer And Affiliate List Automatically


Run Your Paypal Based Affiliate Program


Offer 100 Commissions


Make Money Through One Time Offers


Entice More Buyers Through "Dime Sales"


Automate Your Website's Most Important Tasks - It's All HANDS FREE



Imagine, you fill in a few forms, set up the joint venture and affiliate commission settings, create your campaign settings (price, when it expires, if it does etc) and POOF, your instant "Salesman In A Box" is waiting to do everything for you!

And View It In Action Through The Video Testimonial
(new window)

The Profit Twister Will Make You
More Money With Less Work...

For A Lot Less!

Consider how much time and money you will save with the following:


Your Full Service Paypal Based Affiliate Program

Don't waste time calculating commissions, paying manually or signing-up affiliates. This is all done for you!

Note: The Profit Twister allows you to export a CSV file storing affiliate commissions. It works with Paypal's "Mass Pay" feature that allows you to pay affiliates INSTANTLY!

Consider This: How Much Does An Affiliate Program Cost?

Benefit: You save a ton of time and money while making sure your affiliates are happy!

Dime Sale And Urgency Campaigns:

There is nothing better than watching people trip over themselves in order to grab a good deal. With just a few points and clicks of your mouse, your web site will run campaigns that create more urgency in your visitor and create exciting product launches.

Consider This: There is no faster way to build a list of customers than to offer 100 on a dime sale. See my testimonial video for proof.

Or, run one yourself :)

Benefit: You will earn more money because you have more ways to entice people to buy.

Intelligent List Building

Once an order is placed, the Profit Twister adds them to a customer list. And if they sign-up as an affiliate, they are added to a unique Affiliate Only list.

So you now have 2 separate lists! Think of what it means to have a dedicated list JUST for affiliates and one JUST for customers.

Benefit: You have 2 "hands free" lists built that allow you to target the needs of your customers and affiliates separately.

Sometimes, customers HATE being updated on anything other than the product they ordered. That includes your affiliate program.

Product Delivery & Protection

Profit Twister does it ALL. It uses Paypal's product protection security and delivers your product instantly after a VERIFIED payment.

Benefit: No complaints of product delivery from customers and no sending products by hand. Not to mention more security on your end.

And you develop a better relationship (and reputation) with your customers.

Instant Order Button Creation And Salesletter "Intelligence"

You don't have to know how to create Paypal buttons. Profit Twister does it all. And since Dime Sales and Urgency Campaigns require a dynamic pricing and 'availability countdown', you need your salesletter to know how to recognize the live progress of your campaigns.

The Profit Twister gives your standard salesletter the "Brains" to recognize time/sale increments as well as limited product availability.

It only takes seconds to create this, by the way. And there is NO need to learn PHP, Mysql or anything else. It's all HANDS FREE

Benefit: You are making more money without having to worry about screwing things up.

Unsolicited Testimonial Shows This
Powerful Script In Action...
Watch How A Dime Sale Compels People To Buy
(click the image below to launch the video in another window)

And Another Testimonial...(More Coming)

Hi Joel,

It has often been said that the money is in the list. I believe that the quality of the list is crucial to Internet marketing success.

A customer list is one of the best list to build. With the Profit Twister software you can build a list of customers and at the same time generate some serious income. You can also build an army of affiliates. That is like killing 3 birds with one stone!

There are many great features that come with the software. Most of all the support is excellent. I fully recommend Profit Twister to any one who wants to build a responsive list of customers and affiliates.

Richard Quek
Take Control of Your Business And
Let The Profit Twister Give You This Control

I want you to be able to enjoy the power of the Profit Twister without having to feel worried that you are not in control.

The most important thing to consider is that the Profit Twister is like a car. You can take it for a test drive. If you aren't satisfied with it, you lose nothing because I would offer an instant refund.

Let me show you why a test drive of the Profit Twister is worth your time:

Here Are 11 Reasons You Need To
Test Drive The Profit Twister Today


You Will Get Your Name Out Faster

Instead of waiting for people to click on your Pay Per Click ads, you will have your own "Sales Force" of affiliates who are highly motivated to sell for you.

You Will Cut Your Advertising Costs

One powerful advantage to having an affiliate team is not having to depend on advertising costs anymore. Let a sales team do the work for you!

You Will Save Money From 3rd Party Solutions

The Profit Twister saves you thousands of dollars and countless hours by combining every major sales tool you need in one easy to use package.

You Will Eliminate Your Stress And Fear

Everything you normally have to worry about is automated for you.

You didn't start your business so you can worry. You started your business so you can improve your life and make more money. The Profit Twister will reduce your stress and make life easier for you.

You Will Recover More Time Through Automation

Why be bogged down with mundane tasks such as affiliate sign-up, commission tracking, commission payments, lead capture and product delivery?

Remember, Profit Twister = Automation.

You Will Eliminate The Headaches of Product
Security And Delivery

Don't worry about some jerk stealing your products. Only upon a VALID and confirmed Paypal order, verified by THEIR server, can the customer receive their product via email.

Your products are safe!

You Will Make A Stronger Impression on Your
Affiliates And Potential Joint Venture Partners

Joint Venture partners can receive EXCLUSIVE (higher) commissions for the front-end AND OTO. They are treated separately from affiliates and their commissions are calculated separately.

And, all Joint Venture partners receive your main product AND OTO upon signup! Giving them more incentive to work with you.

The Profit Twister gives your Joint Venture partners the treatment they deserve.

You Will Have Full Control of Your Business

Never depend on a 3rd party solution or an amateurish 'mini-solution' again. Have complete control over your affiliates, JV partners, customers and the overall sales process.

You decide HOW you wish to sell to your customers. You finally have options! Take advantage of them!

You Will Always Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Automation, options and business logic = competitive edge. End of story. While your competition might have a static salesletter or a low priced/100 commission model, how would they entice Joint Venture partners to work with them instead of you?

How many more sales do they lose out on because they can't adapt to a changing marketplace and offer OPTIONS? More options = more revenue streams. End of story.

You Will Easily Adapt To Changes In The Marketplace - You Aren't Dependant On Fads

Let's say customers are tired of seeing 100 commissions or standard salesletters? What if they are tired of One Time Offers? Well, you can shut them off ANYTIME and you can offer flexible methods to buy. So when the market changes, you have options! You will adapt automatically!

Whereas you will continue to jump further ahead of your competition.

You Will Never Worry About "TECHIE STUFF"

You never have to deal with this annoying techie stuff. The Profit Twister is a smart little cookie that knows how to do everything "techie" for you!

Repeat after me "Just Set It And Forget It. It's Not My Problem Anymore!"

That's just a small example of how the Profit Twister helps you. The main advantage is that you get more out of your website.

Of course, you might be wondering:

"What Separates This From Other List Builders And One Time Offer Generators?"

And that is a very important question. So allow me to answer it:

Here Are 17 Unique Advantages That
You Receive With The Profit Twister


Optional 100 Commission

Choose any commission you like for your front-end product. Why limit yourself to just 100 commissions? Expand your options and grow long term.

Benefit: Your business isn't limited in any ways. You now can use 100 commission to build your list or reduce commissions so you can run a REAL affiliate program.

Enjoy Flexible Commissions For One Time Offer
If you wish to offer 10 or 80, you are in complete control.

NOTE: You can also offer SEPARATE commissions for JV partners compared to affiliates.

Benefit: You can give JV partners more incentive to work with you if they realize they get paid more than the average affiliate.

OTO Personalization With First Name

Imagine the reaction of your customers who see their first name cleverly placed throughout the One Time Offer! Think your affiliates and JV partners would approve?

Instant Repeat Buyer Recognition

Since buyers can choose to sign-up as affiliates, why not help them skip this process if they buy another product from you later on?

Product Archive For Members

They Can Review Old Purchases Anytime. This is for customers who sign-up as affiliates
and wish to re-download old products they purchased and promoted.

No Errors Upon Order

Either It Is Emailed To Them or Not. No "Thank You Page" Errors where the customer cannot download their product.

Full Product Protection From Snoopers

No "Exploits" To Steal A Product (or Commission). Unlike competitors who offer bugy solutions or rely on text file "security" for sales records and no professional grade solution for product security.

Affiliate Sign-Up Form Option After Purchase

Should you choose to offer 10o commissions, or even if the customer wants to make some extra money, the affiliate sign-up form shows up after order.

Best of all, it automatically pre-populates the first, last, Paypal email and the generated username (they can change it immediately, it's just a suggestion based on their name)!

The only fields they have to manually fill in are their standard email address and password. That's it!

Intelligent Product Purchase Recognition

Email Sent Individually For OTO And Main Product. Not only that, if an affiliate logs-in and wishes to view their product, the Profit Twister either shows the main product in the product archive or BOTH the main product AND OTO at once. They only see what they order. YOUR PRODUCTS ARE SAFE!

Fully Automated Time/Price Increment Sales Campaigns (Dime Sale)

If you choose to offer a "only 200 copies left" style campaign, you can do so. Not a problem. Just set the total sales you wish to receive before the salesletter offers an "Offer Expired" message to the public.

Should you wish to offer a sales campaign where the price rises based on a sale or over a period of time, you can do that as well! Just fill in a simple form and you are done!

Paypal Mass Pay Export

Paying affiliates through Paypal cannot be easier! Just export ONE file and use Paypal's mass payment feature! All you do is upload the file and submit! Paypal handles the rest for you.

Intelligent List Management - Export Customers OR Affiliates

If you wish to contact customers who did NOT sign-up as affiliates SEPARATELY, this is a great tool for you! Just import them into the auto-responder of choice and move on!

Note: If you prefer to NOT import, due to some services' demand that you have them verify their subscription, a 'send from admin page" solution will be complete in late April!

Or, I can show you how to tie it into your autoresponder form for single opt-in convenience.


Dynamic Promotional Page Personalization

Imagine, you have an html based "Affiliate Promo Tools Page". Well, now, you can put in a personalization token such as [affurl] (affiliate url) and when the affiliate logs in, THEIR affiliate url is personalized appropriately!

Just like you see with more advanced promotional pages used by the more established marketers.

Separate Joint Venture Sign-up And Management

I LOVE this feature. You can offer a SEPARATE sign-up AND commission for your main product AND OTO for Joint Venture Partners. (Just like the big boys would do).

Make your Joint Venture partner feel special. An absolute must if you want to be taken seriously!

Sales Breakdown By Campaign For Admin

For every campaign you offer (You can view a campaign as a unique product or price point that you offer over time) you will have a breakdown of how many MAIN product sales and OTO sales you receive.

Personalization In Order Confirmation Emails

Your customers will be greeted with a professional personalized "thank you/order confirmation" email that also summarizes how they can obtain your product.

And for those who sign up as affiliates, they receive a reminder of their username/password and receive a DYNAMIC current display of the total commissions they earn for the front-end product and OTO. So if you currently have the front-end product set to 80 and the OTO at 65, the welcome email tells them this!

Best of All, The Profit Twister Is Easy To Use

You don't have to worry about being a PHD in "Techie".

Using the Profit Twister mostly consists of filling out a few forms, setting up your One Time Offer html page and your download pages. Of course, I also provide support through the support forum should you have questions or need assistance.

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