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Ultimate Internet Marketing Scripts Pack + 2 Mystery BONUSES

Get 18 HOT Internet Marketing Scripts, along with two Mystery BONUSES!

Listed below are the 18 internet marketing scripts you will get as part of the package:

Script 1. Help Desk Script for Internet Marketers - with Private Label Rights:

Who Else Wants to Turn a Necessary Everyday Task into a Profitable Passive Income? SUPPORT DESK PROFITS Will Do Just That By Turning Your Ordinary HELPDESK Into A PROFIT REVENUE STREAM!


* Protect your email address: Avoid email harvesting. Dramatically reduce spam with our Helpdesk script. You do not have to give out your email address to strangers anymore. Use your helpdesk link instead, and make a professional impression at the same time. Your email address is hidden from the user and email-harvesting spiders. (Of course, trusted members can always email you to obtain your email address for a more personal contact.)

* "Internal Mailing" - Receive 100 percent of your support emails: Serve your members BETTER. Your members can contact you from a page on your own web space. This allows you to receive 100 percent of your support emails by using the mailbox provided by your web-host. No more lost emails. Finally beat those nasty spam filters.

* Easy to install script - No Database: This script is extremely easy to install. No database is required

* Comes with detailed installation instructions.

* Private Label/ Re-sell Rights included: Private Label Rights and Full Source code and Graphics included. You can easily customize this script and brand it with your own company name.

* Integrated stats tracker: Integrated in the script is an ad-tracker, that allows you to log the visitors to your helpdesk and to your download page. This can easily be enabled in the configuration file. You also get the script to add logging to any page you want.

* Passive Income: This offer will be in front of every customer/member who visits your helpdesk for support. Start earning money for what you already do every day.



Script 2. VIP Shopping Cart Script for Internet Marketers - with Private Label Rights:

Do You Want an Easy-to-Setup, Out-of-the-Box, Feature-Rich, Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart Solution?

Then VIP Shopping Cart Script is what you NEED!

Here is just a small glimpse of what VIP Shopping Cart can do for you:

1. Easy to install and setup: We have made the setup process so easy that you would be up and running within minutes, even if you do not know HTML or PHP! The flash video tutorials included in the package will walk you through the entire setup process in a step-by-step manner!

2. Easy to Customize: You do not need to learn any programming in order to customize our VIP Shopping cart!

- It is 100 percent template-based

- It has a fully customizable design and layout

- You get to choose from 4 pre-designed themes that can be applied on the storefront to give more customized look.

- It has a mini-cart facility

- VIP Shopping Cart Script offers a Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor that lets you edit pages on the fly!

- It is 100 percent CSS-based design, so that you can easily change the styling of your pages.


3. Easily manage sales, orders, customers, newsletters and more!

- All orders stored in MySQL database
- Customers can view their personal order history
- Product can be searched
- Real time status of the order can be tracked
- Password reminder for customers through email
- Customizable auto-generated e-mail notifications/invoices. Also, these templates can even be changed.
- Wish list
- Newsletter management that can be sent to many or all the customers
- Editing, Deleting, viewing and even exporting list of all the customers.
- Printouts can be taken of Individual orders and customer list
- "Clear cart" option provided
- Edit/delete product options in cart/wish list. Even the quantity can be changed for the product in the cart.
- Multiple Shipping and Payment Options
- In-Built shipping and discount calculations.
- On-Screen Shopping List

4. ENHANCED Product Catalog Layout

- Unlimited number of products
- Unlimited number of categories
- "Featured Products" facility
- 1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
- Configurable search by title, description, category, price and weight

5. Product Details

- Text formatted product descriptions
- Small (90X90 Pixels) and Big (120X120 Pixels) Image for each product.
- Images are stored in a folder, and image names are stored in the DB

6. Special Offers as discount

- Facility of providing discount coupons to customers.

7. Shipping

- Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods
- Handle international, domestic and local shipping
- Allow your customers to choose delivery methods

8. Payment Gateways/Methods and Authorized Resellers

- Allow payment via several online payment modules
- Online credit card processing:
- https://www.tradebit.com
- E-Gold
- PayPal
- Stormpay

And if your authorized reseller is 2Checkout, VIP Cart can work with it!

9. One Click Sales Tracking and Customer Analytics

- Comprehensive statistics:
- Number of orders
- Total Number of customers till date and on some particular date
- Hot product
- Hot Category
- Total sales till date and on some particular month
- Theme applied on Client environment
- Searchable order data
- Print-out can be taken for Individual Order in formatted way for further study
- Export orders and customer data to Excel Format

10. Search Engine Friendly URLs!

We have made sure that our shopping cart URLs are static and indexable by search engines. Since all the pages are written in html and css, and the links are static, it makes your store front 100 percent search engine friendly!

11. Flexibility

- Comes with Open source PHP code
- Uses MySQL database as backend
- Offers payment processing modules for major gateways
-You can integrate your existing database with VIP Cart!

12. EASY Shopping and Express Checkout for Customers

- All customer data is stored in database
- Customers can be offered discounts through email
- Customers do not have to enter their data again, they just need to provide there username and password
- Customers can edit their profile
- Customers can access history of their orders
- Tracking updated status of order for customers
- Facility for viewing and giving Product reviews and ratings

13. FULLY Web-based control panel

- Immediate effect on the Client environment on changes done in Admin Module
- Access and Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser

14. System Requirements for VIP Shopping Cart Script:

-PHP 4.0 onwards
-MySQL Database
-LINUX server/machine depending on where the installation is going to be done
-25 MB free space
This application can be run on General Shared hosting.


Script 3. Guerilla Mailer Newsletter Script - with Master Resell Rights:

This is a little script you can use for sending out your newsletters out every day! The script is very small - less than 20k, but extremely POWERFUL as you'll see in a moment.

Top features:

1. Easy Installation: It's a PHP script. It does not require ANY configuration. You don't have to "CHMOD", or set permissions or set 'paths' or anything. Just upload it to your web host and mail. This script will work on any host that supports PHP 4.03 or higher... and that's all you really need to start using it.

So, it's completely portable, light-weight and can go with you to any hosting provider you want and you don't need a team of tech experts to help you set it up on your hosting account.

2. Powerful: It's also a very powerful script. It allows you to upload your list with one click. In one test I did I easily loaded a list of 23,119 into the script without problem. I'm not sure what the max number is, but it's powerful enough for most ezine publishers.

You can also run more than one instance of the script for split testing, etc...!

3. Personalization: It also allows you to personalize each and every message sent.

For example you have a subscriber called "John". You can include his name anywhere in the message you want.

If you want to remind him that he signed up from IP "https://www.tradebit.com" you can also include that in the message and it will automatically 'Merge' each field into each message you send.

And you can include up to 12 custom fields for merging. You could include the persons mailing address, phone number or other identifying info so they know you are not sending them s pam.

4. Message throttling: Another great thing about this script is that it allows you to send each message on a 'delay'... this is useful, for example, if you are on a shared server. You do not want to over-stress the server if you're sending a lot of emails at one time. You can set the delay at 3 seconds, 9 seconds or any amount you want.

This is also important for getting your messages delivered to AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo subscriber accounts. These email providers will block your message if you send them one after another, so by setting a delay it looks more like 'friendly' mail and not bulk mail.

In recent test more than 88 of the emails sent with my script were delivered - compared to only 47 with a program that delivers email from my desktop.

5. Cloaking: This script also has a 'cloaking' feature that I only reveal to the people who want to use the script.

As long as you use a valid email address when sending your mail, a valid method of 'opting' out of your list and include your physical mailing address in the body of the message then you're Can-Spam compliant.

6. Split testing: One last feature of this script makes it even more powerful: Split testing.

Let's say you have a list of 5,000 and you want to test two different emails. There is a 'Max email' setting that allows you to create your message, and if you enter 2,500 into the "Max email" setting the program will stop after the first 2,500 emails have been sent.

Then you can paste your second message into the script and press 'send' to deliver your second message to the remaining 2,500. The script will automatically pick-up where it left off with your new message, instead of your first message.


Script 4. Facebook Fan Page Script - with Private Label Rights:

Facebook Fan Page Script is a brand new, unique, cutting edge viral script for Facebook. This is not a rehash of someone else's PLR script!

What does it do?

Facebook Fan Page Script makes it simple for you to get more 'likes' for your fan page by using Facebook sharing, invites, Hidden Content, Product Downloads and Opt-in Integration - all from ONE easy to install script!

Sounds Pretty Comprehensive, is it easy to set up?

Facebook Fan Page Script is very simple to set up and customize

Why do I need it?

Facebook has 500 million members. If you can reach even the tiniest fraction of that number, imagine what it could do for your business. Facebook Fan Page Script makes every aspect if Facebook's viral nature accessible in a few clicks from 1 viral hub.

Here is How the Facebook Fan Page Script Works:

a) A user visits your fan page

b) You offer them a free gift or other incentive in order to make them click your 'Like' button!

c) They click the 'Like' button and the script kicks in, popping up a viral hub with product download, custom links, CPA link, share button, invite code and autoresponder opt-in box. The massive viral nature of Facebook is FULLY accessible fro this one single box which can be toggled on and off!

d) Your new fans love your free gift and so, they sign up to your opt-in list, share your page, invite friends, and click on your CPA offer!

Top features of the script are:

- Brand new unique Fan Page Viral Script with different color schemes

- Innovative and new Facebook Viral Features all in 1 location

- Users only get access to your content when they click the 'like'

- Once they click 'like' buttonALL the viral features are 1 click away in a central hub

- Facebook Share feature

- Facebook Invite feature

- Built-In Opt-in form with opt-in form codes available for Aweber, GetResponse and MaiIChimp!

- Show/Hide viral features

- Buttons to link to external content. It can be a link to your CPA offer or a product download

- Custom header text

- 2 different types of fan page: a video fan page and a product showcase fan page. When you add the 7 color schemes - that makes 14 template combinations in total!

- Sidebar graphics with 7 different color schemes

- All this is done from within 1 tidy script. No external pop-ups required. Even your opt-in form is covered in this complete solution!


Script 5: Ask Me Pro Survey Script - with Master Resell Rights:

Ask Me Pro is a fully featured professional online survey script with the same power and functionality of the high ticket and monthly fee survey solutions. It is coded in PHP with a robust database driven backend, meaning it is very dependable.

Once installed, it will take less than one minute to publish your first survey online.

This is easy to do; it takes only 30 seconds and full directions are provided. Here are just some of the features you get with the powerful 'Ask Me Pro' survey system:

* Add a survey to any one of your websites in a matter of minutes!

* Customize the look and feel of your survey to match your site design.

* Allows you to set multiple question types!

* Optionally capture the name and email address of every survey respondent!

* Choose whether you want to allow only one set of responses per person or multiple!

* Choose whether to allow others to view the responses to the survey or keep the results to yourself.

* Forward all survey respondents to any webpage you choose. (Great for offering a free gift).

* Powerful response overview options.

* Text response analyzer which lists the most popular phrases your respondents use. This enables you to instantly identify popular trends and concerns at a glance!

Plus much much more....


Script 6: Split-Test Script - with Private Label Rights:

Do You Want MORE Sales?

What would it be worth to you if you could find out exactly what worked and what didn't on your sales letter?

Or better yet, what if somebody told you, and specifically pointed out certain problem spots on your web site that are decreasing sales?

So what's the answer?

The answer is "split testing". Split testing is where you send traffic to 2 (or more) different sales pages. Each sales page has one piece of it different from the other.

Here is an example; Visitor A goes to sales page one. Visitor B goes to sales page 2. Visitor C goes to sales page one again and so on. The only difference between sales page one and sales page two is the one section of the sales letter that you are testing. For instance - headlines.

Here are a few things you should be split testing on a regular basis:

- Your sales letter's headlines
- Your opening
- Your sub-headlines
- Your guarantee
- Different web site designs
- Your close or call to action
- Your order form
And more

Then, you tally up how many sales came from sales page one, and then how many sales that sales page two generated. Whichever sales pages generated more sales is the one that is more effective, meaning it makes you more money with the same amount of traffic!

Split testing is the easiest way to increase profits without increasing expenses.

All you need is some specific software that will handle the whole split testing process for you. A "set it and forget it" technology that literally works in the background, making your more money every day.


"The Profit Discovery Split Test Marketing System!"

With The Profit Discovery Split Test System, You Can:

- Split test between 5 different sales pages

- View full statistics of your sales pages.

- See conversion ratios of your sales pages.

- Automatically see which sales page is producing the most sales for you.

- View past month's statistics

- Create multiple split testing accounts to test more than one sales page/product at a time.

- It doubles as a stat tracker to tell you where your traffic is coming from.

And much more

You can have this system setup and ready to go quickly! Once it is installed, you just point and click using the admin interface, it could not be easier!

BONUS: Contact Automator System - with Master Resale Rights!

Are You Losing $1000's Every Month Because Of Unreliable Email?

Lean How to Display Your Sales Message's At Anytime...Long After Your Prospects Leave Your Website!

Contact Automator is a revolutionary new program that allows you to create little applications that sit in your prospects system tray (the bottom right of your screen beside the time clock). This application will check whatever URL you tell it to as often as you want. And every time the URL updates, it will let your prospects know!

What does this mean to you? It means you can basically follow your prospects about, long after they leave your site, and literally FORCE them to look at your latest products and offers!

Here are just a few of the ways you will benefit from Contact Automator:

* Newsletters - Guaranteed delivery of every issue of your newsletter -- no more accidental filtering or blocking of the e-mail version by ISPs and filtering software!

* Special Offer Alerts - Your prospects get instant notification of all your latest special offers!

* Backend Promoter - Strike up affiliate partnerships and promote them through Contact Automator.

* Affiliate Updater/Motivator - Inform your affiliates of your new promotional material and products. Keep them up to date with their affiliate stats and motivate them to make YOU more money!

* Membership Site's - Run your membership site through Contact Automator; now your members will always know as soon as you add new content.

* Product Updates - Inform your customers of the latest updates to your products so they can get instant access without even opening their browser or email program!

* Download Area - Have your website download area contained within Contact Automator so you can bring people back to your offers long after they download your freebies!

And many, many more!

The possibilities are endless. All these things will bring people back to your site again and again to buy your products!


Script 7: MaxFanForce Facebook Like Script - with Master Resell Rights:

MaxFanForce is a 3-Step Process for Facebook Pages that will take fans through 3 distinct activities:

1. "Like" the Page

2. Post a comment to their wall and/or tweet

3. Give them a discount code or free gift for liking the page.

This script doesn't require WordPress to be installed and it can use a shared SSL certificate that comes for free with most hosting providers.

It also includes a basic Page Editor that will enable users to update the information in the 3 steps on a regular basis. This is ideal if you provide these Facebook Page services to offline businesses and you want them to maintain items such as discount codes etc.


Script 8: Exponential Profit Multiplier - with Master Resell Rights:

Exponential Profit Multiplier is an easy-to-install traffic generating system that is guaranteed to bring you loads of traffic from every visitor. Ok, let me explain it in detail.

Picture this:

You are visiting a website (which already has the Exponential Profit Multiplier installed in it) as an affiliate. Now, you are taken to "Tell 2 Friends" page. All you have to do is refer two of your friends to this site. (And I am sure like everybody else you too have at least 2 persons in your life with whom you would like to share things.) So, referring two of your friends is not a big deal. Right?

Ok now it is the reward time. By your simple act of referring two of your friends, you are going to get all the below benefits:

Benefit 1 - Get Commission You will get a commission when both of your friends visit the site.

Benefit 2 - Your Friend Will Get Commission When your friends visit the same page and both of them refer two of their friends. They will also earn a commission just like you did!

Benefit 3 - Get Commission on the Referral of your Friend! Yes, here is the twist. You will get a commission for the first referral of both of your friends.

Benefit 4 - Get Commission on Your Friend's Referral's Referral and you know what you'll get a commission for the first referral of your friend's referral's referral.

Benefit 5 - Get Infinite Commission! Excited? Then, let me add it to your excitement that: your commission will not stop here. You will continue to get commission at every level for the first referral.

"Is It Possible To Refer More Than 2 Friends?"

Certainly You CAN! After all the more the number of referrals, the more your affiliates are and the higher your commission will be! So, the more - the better! Is not it better than any two or multi-tiered affiliate programs? Perfect Tool for Your Site!


Script 9: Tell A Friend Detonator XL - with Master Resell Rights:

Imagine having a system that grabs your visitor with an irresistible bonus......but makes sure that their referred friends gets there before they ever see the bonus downloads.

With Tell A Friend Detonator XL, you can add more pizazz then just telling a friend...imagine this:-

Your visitor happens to visit your website where he finds this great bonus that you are offering for free...absolutely free and difinitely irresistible. And by using Tell A Friend Detonator XL, you are able to make sure that the he refers real email addresses.

Your list will grow and multiply with lightning speed because...

If the friends of your visitors do not visit...your website through the link, within YOUR defined detonation time....he will lose his bonus!


Script 10: Sales Trigger Generator - with Private Label Rights:

Use This Powerful New Script To Force Your Visitors To Buy Your Products, Spend More Money, And Keep Coming Back For More!

Let us get right to it.....

To make more money from your website, you need to increase conversions on the traffic you are already getting. You need your salespage to sell more copies, and you need your visitors to spend more money with you.

The "Sales Trigger Generator" Does Exactly That!

Feature#1: Copy limit:

Look at this example:

"Only XX Copies Remain!"

This is the FIRST HIT of the 1-2-3 Punch that Sales Trigger Generator delivers.

Showing your visitor the copies remaining does two things for you. First, the falling number provides a sense of urgency for your prospect, and the lower it goes, the more it works....

Another advantage is it provides what is known as "social proof" that others are buying this product too - "so it must be great!" We are instinctive creatures, and when we see others doing something, we have more confidence in our decision to do it too.

The SECOND BLOW is that the user cannot leave the page, come back later and still get your reduced price!

When the user refreshes the salespage, or leaves and comes back later, they will automatically be redirected to your "page 2 offer". This page will have another offer for the visitor, only at a higher price.

You will make more money by TURNING PEOPLE AWAY from your discount offer when they do not take advantage within your time limit, or if they do not order right away!

Feature#2: Expiring Offers:

The user cannot leave the page, come back later and still get your reduced price!

When the user refreshes the salespage, or leaves and comes back later, they will automatically be redirected to your "page 2 offer". This page will have another offer for the visitor, only at a higher price.

You will make more money by TURNING PEOPLE AWAY from your discount offer when they do not take advantage within your time limit, or if they do not order right away!

Feature#3: Time limit:

Look at This example:

"Order in The Next XX Minutes, and Get The SOURCECODE and Private Label Rights to This Powerful Tool for Less Than $200!"


This powerful script comes with Unrestricted Private Label Rights!

That is right. UNRESTRICTED RIGHTS, which means you can do anything you want with it!

The Private Label Rights Package Includes:

* Your Own Copy of Sales Trigger Generator!

* Unlimited Domain License!

* Full UNRESTRICTED Private Label Rights to Sales Trigger Generator, to use ANY way you wish!

* Copy of This Salespage!

* Graphics and .PSD Files for Easy Editing!

* Unencrypted Sourcecode and Full Sourcecode Rights to Add, Subtract, or Edit ANY Way You Want!


Script 11: Digital Download Protection Scripts - with Private Label Rights:

STOP Thieves From Accessing Your Downloads!

Brand New Scripts Give You The Highest Security Available For Your Downloads.

* Have you ever found you download Link on another Unauthorized Web Site?

* Have you found one of your downloads indexed by Google?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you NEED this script!

TOP features of my download protection scripts:

You will be able to protect your downloads:

* From Theft.

* From Your Link Being Used On Another Web Site.

* From Being Indexed By Search Engines.

* In Any Folder on any URL.

* On Multiple URLS From 1 File Protection Upload.

* With indirect linking to the file.

EVEN MORE powerful features of the scripts are:

* Allow downloads access from above root (Above root is not accessible by http: address)

* Build a folder of downloads using the file name as the text link automatically to the download page.

* Allow and Protect Access to one file in a folder of multiple zip files.

* Protect all downloads using indirect linking to the file.

* You have full control of the download page. (Template Based)

BONUS: Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Showing You How to Use the Scripts

Even if you know nothing about PHP, you don't have to worry since I have 3 Highly Detailed STEP BY STEP videos to guide you through the setup process!


Script 12: Traffic Lottery Script - with Master Resell Rights:

Traffic Lottery Script is a Web 2.0 "play lottery and win traffic" script to promote your website. It is a FREE Service. Admin can earn by placing Ad network banners in top and bottom and selling VIP Memberships.

How it works?

It is as simple as lottery. You just need to submit the url of your web page and you get a chance to win the lottery.

What do I pay? And what do I win?

What you pay is to visit the winning web page of today. And what you win is all the traffic to your website for the day.

How many times can I submit my web page?

You are allowed to submit only one url per day. But Admin can customize it

Are all websites permitted?

No. Websites with pornography, obscene or defamatory content will be removed and banned permanently.

How often does the lottery draw take place?

The lottery draw takes place every night at server time 12:00 AM. But Admin can customize it

If I win today, what are my changes to win again tomorrow?

The winning web page is selected through a random algorithm. Every draw is independent of previous results.

Adsense is integrated with the script and installation is quick and easy (Readme included)

Requirements: PHP, MySql, Curl, (All freely downloadable and come with most hosting accounts - please contact your host for verifying/installing)


Script 13: Info Box Creator Script:

Easily Create Little Boxes of Information with this "mouse over" Info Box Creator script!

Ever wanted to have those little boxes of hints or information that appear when you point the mouse at areas on some sites but find it to complicated or tedious, or just don't know how to do it?.

Well now you can have as many as you want with this gem of a script. Just follow the instructions and you will have boxes galore!

Easily have the css file created for you, just select the colors of each segment of the box from the simple color palette and the css is done.

Then continue on to enter the text you want to appear in the box and the html code is generated for you

Then all you have to do is copy and paste the code into your website where you want the box to appear. Simple!


Script 14: Instant Affiliate Generator Script:

Are you interested in a brand new way to increase the traffic to any website for about 5 minutes easy "work"?

Introducing the "Instant Affiliate Generator" System!

Here is How You Can Use "Instant Affiliate Generator" to Start Getting More Traffic, More Subscribers, More Sales and More Profits Every Single Day:

-Increase Your Traffic - Using this system will multiply your traffic exponentially! The more people visit your site, the more get sent to your site by others. The technique is so viral I was shocked to find how underutilized it actually is.

-Boost Link Popularity - With more and more people linking to your site almost every day from all over the internet, your link popularity will explode helping you to effortlessly achieve great search engine rankings!

-Get More Subscribers - Simply add a subscribe form to the same page as your Instant Affiliate Generator code and watch as your opt in list grows more and more by the day, virtually hands free!

-Increase Your Sales - If there's one thing that is guaranteed to increase your sales, it's more traffic right? Well with 'Instant Affiliate Generator' you'll get plenty of it!

-Add Visitor Interaction - With all the hype around 'web 2.0' more and more people are expecting to be able to get involved in your websites in some way. This allows them to do just that and get great rewards for their efforts!

-Gain Repeat Visitors - It's well known that it can take 7 or more visits to your site before someone decides to buy. 'Instant Affiliate Generator' brings people back to check their referral stats giving you another chance to offer them your products.

-Unlimited Domains - The simple code can be added to as many domains as you want or as many pages on the same domain as you want. You can instantly increase the profits of literally every page on every domain you own!

-Collect Affiliates Details - When someone sends enough traffic to get their reward, simply send them to a subscribe form to collect their gift. Now you'll build a list of partners who can send traffic to any of your other products or future product launches.

-Works On Any Page - Designed to be compatible with any webpage regardless of what language it's coded in, html, php, asp or anything else.

-A Breeze To Setup - Can be up and running on your site in minutes by following the simple 'no brainer' style setup process.

The beauty of this system is that it works just as well even if your visitors aren't webmasters, which almost makes this like a super powerful tell-a-friend script. Just tell people to send x amount of people to your site and they can get your product for free, or any other bonus you want to give them.

This will encourage regular surfers to start advertising your website for you in forums, video sharing sites, social networking sites and anywhere else they can.

Even if you already have a regular affiliate program you can still plug this in along with it. It will not affect your regular commission based affiliate program! So you could effectively have two affiliate programs running for the same site and the same product. You've just doubled what is already the most effective form of free advertising you can get!

Here are some of the features you get with "Instant Affiliate Generator":

* Control how many unique referrals are required to get access to each of the rewards.

* Can be added to as many pages you want, and each page can have a different bonus.

* Easy install procedure has you up and running in just a few minutes.

* Install just one time, and use across all of your domains and websites!

* Easily edit the options for any campaign at anytime 'on the fly'.

* Control and manage all your campaigns from one easy and secure admin panel.

You can have a new campaign setup in literally one minute, and it will continue to send you new free traffic everyday for life!


Script 15: Opt-In Motivator Script - with Private Label Rights:

Instantly Create Urgency In Your Opt-In Campaigns!


"The Opt-In Motivator"

This is the MUST HAVE tool if you want to motivate subscribers to take action and join your upcoming tele-seminars, memberships or even if you just want to test the effectiveness of each opt-in page you have.

2 Ways to Motivate People to Subscribe

1.) Limit The Total Number of Subscribers:

This motivational tactic tells visitors that you will only limit access to something of value to x number of subscribers. For instance, they will see there are only 200 people allowed to subscribe and there are only 47 spots left! Imagine if you are hosting a tele-seminar and people see spots are being taken away by the minute!

Another way to use this method is to limit a FREE report. As of now, free reports are considered to be nothing special and have very little value attached to them. Imagine, from this point forward, you only allow 200 people to read this report. How many more people will be willing to opt-in compared to when they visit a plain old opt-in form?

Of course, you can limit it to 500 people (or any number you prefer) or you can create a TIME campaign.

2.) Limit The Amount of TIME People Can Subscribe:

Imagine if you are offering a free membership or even free software. While most people take squeeze pages for granted they also realize the importance of time-sensitive deadlines. By having your opt-in pages offer real-time countdowns, even to the second, your visitors will realize that if they do not act now they WILL LOSE OUT forever.

The best part about all of this, though, is that it is fully automated. All you do is use a form in the admin panel and the Opt-In Motivator does all of the work for you. Of course, being able to motivate people to subscribe is the most important benefit. However, there are other benefits that come with this tool.

With The Opt-In Motivator, You Will Also:

* Receive Real Time Reporting On Referring Traffic

Will real-time reporting, you can determine which sources referred traffic to your opt-in page. So, you will be able to tell if it comes from search engines, affiliates or even e-zine articles. In essence, you will be able to see which sources are providing you with the traffic needed to build your list. This information will help you determine which referral sources are worth your time and which ones are not.

* View Keywords From Google, MSN And Yahoo

If you receive traffic from Google, MSN or Yahoo, you will see it instantly in your admin panel and you will see which keywords were used to bring them to your opt-in page!

* Receive Real Time Conversion Ratio Comparisons Between Different Campaigns

There is a lot of money that you can lose if you do not know how effective your campaigns are. Pay attention to how many subscribers you receive as well as how many conversions you receive. This is just another reason to invest in the Opt-In Motivator.

Basically, you are receiving 3 powerful tools in one:

A.) A Handy Opt-In Ratio Measuring Tool

B.) A Handy Stat Tracker For Your Opt-In Pages

C.) A "Fire In The Pants" Motivator To Get People To Join Your List/Seminars/Etc


Script 16: Questions and Answers Script - with Master Resell Rights:

Who Else Wants Their Own Fully Automated Questions And Answers Site That Runs Hands Free 24 Hours a Day, And Generates New Fresh Content For You On Autopilot?

Introducing...The Questions and Answers Site...

For A Limited Time...Get Your Very OWN Questions And Answers Site!

What is All The Buzz About?

* Sleek Professional Design
* Instant Authority Site
* Easy to Install (10 minutes)
* Easy to Use for Admin and User
* Very Affordable
* Adsense Optimized
* Completely Customizable (full source)
* Site Runs Itself Once Installed
* Add Links to Your Other Sites
* User Generated Content 24/7
* Sell It And Keep 100 percent
* Use On UNLIMITED Domains



Script 17: ClickBank Multi-Product Manager - with Master Resell Rights:

Clickbank allows you to sell about 500 items in one account BUT they allow you to add ONLY one landing page for your affiliates.

You can have several thank you pages, and sales letters for each product BUT ONLY one ClickBank affiliate link (hoplink) which looks like this:


Now, if you wanted to have affiliates promote your products you would have to add all your products to ONE landing page, or to register for additional Clickbank accounts for every new product you add to your product line (about $50 for every new account)!

This is a big error on ClickBank's part because affiliates can't send you targeted traffic to a page full of different products...

For example, if you want to promote 3 products with affiliate partners, then you have to create 3 Clickbank accounts for each product and provide affiliate links individually.

Here is an easy solution for you!

Using "Clickbank Multi-Product-Manager" Script, you will be able to create any number of affiliate links that can be used in a Single ClickBank Account.

Clickbank Multi-Product-Manager is an easy to use Affiliate management program for ClickBank Merchants.

Salient features of the script:

1. All products will be promoted with Separated Affiliate Links in a SINGLE ClickBank Account.

2. Easily add new products! Just enter the product number, product name and product website URL and the script will create a unique affiliate link.

3. Easily Get URLs for your affiliates: When you click on the "Affiliate URL'S" link, you will get the affiliate link for each of your products that you should give to your affiliates to promote.


Script 18: LikeList Facebook Viral Traffic Script - with Master Resell Rights:

I'll explain it simply. What this does is to help you easily create a quotes website that Facebook users can "like" and that is heavily focused around this. Since the stuff they like show up in their Facebook profile and consequently in the news feed of their friends, this makes the whole website EXTREMELY viral! Except of text quotes, there can also be pictures and YouTube videos! Also, websites created with LikeList are sentenced to live and grow on autopilot because users add their own things!

Top benefits of using LikeList:

-After you set up your site and with literally next to zero promotion, by the time the first users start using your site, more users will follow, that will bring even more, and then EVEN MORE, etc, while you sit and watch your earnings skyrocket!

-The other huge part of LikeList is that all the entries of your sites are actually FACEBOOK PAGES. This means that if the top 50 entries have been liked by 100.000 people, then you have also 50 PAGES WITH 100.000 FANS, that you can send updates AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! And since the whole website is built around liking things, these numbers are easily achievable! You'll have a HUGE user base in no time!

-There is an integrated CMS with a full WYSIWYG editor, with which you can easily create pages integrated in the website (that can also be liked and be virally spread over Facebook!).

What, even THAT isn't enough for you? Well, there is even an integrated feature to add an e-mail sign up form with an "export as .csv" option.

-There are also features such as daily trending quotes, an integrated ad manager, full integration with other Facebook functions, and many more (check below)!

-On top of all these, you get the options to add social features to your site, like a comment box feature, or an activity feed that shows the users that did the latest likes. With all these, your visitors will not want to leave the site and will make it a money generating machine.

-Finally -and maybe the best of all: you can make a NETWORK of INTERCONNECTED sites, that grow on top of each other, and work as a really big automated site! My 3 TEST sites together get MORE THAN 50.000 daily visitors in a small country!

-LikeList is virtually bug free, it's fast and light for the user AND the server, it's easily customizable, it's REALLY secured, and the design and architecture are tweaked so to give the best feeling when browsing the site.

Most important and unique features are:

* Easy and efficient design.
* Supports Text, Image, YouTube likes.
* Practical admin panel providing many useful tools.
* Pinning feature - You can put a specific entry on top of all others, which can be a up as suggested in each page load (this can also be a text link or a banner!)
* You can add FULL HTML CUSTOMIZATION on any entry you enter from the admin panel.
* CMS with a fully functional WYSIWYG editor (so you can easily create additional pages for whatever you want).
* Integrated ad manager.
* Show trending, latest, top and random quotes, and the ability to sort these as you like.
* Optional "Add your e-mail" form.
* SEO friendly URLs.
* Social activity feed to show latest people that have liked something.
* Facebook comments on every page - your users can comment on each page, and it will also show up on their FACEBOOK profile, making this even more viral!
* Optional Facebook comment box - this works like a shout box, letting your users talk about anything.
* Security from spambots using Google's ReCaptcha technology.
* RSS feeds, to be used for SEO as well as anything else you could use them in!
* Ability to like whole pages.
* Adding and deleting entries.
* Users can report entries that should be deleted
* EVERYTHING you read above is easily customizable.


Here is A Summary of Everything You will Get in This Package:

Script 1. Help Desk Script for Internet Marketers - with Private Label Rights

Script 2. VIP Shopping Cart Script for Internet Marketers - with Private Label Rights

Script 3. Guerilla Mailer Newsletter Script - with Master Resell Rights

Script 4. Facebook Fan Page Script - with Private Label Rights

Script 5. Ask Me Pro Survey Script - with Master Resell Rights

Script 6. Split-Test Script - with Private Label Rights

Script 7. MaxFanForce Facebook Like Script - with Master Resell Rights

Script 8. Exponential Profit Multiplier - with Master Resell Rights

Script 9. Tell A Friend Detonator XL - with Master Resell Rights

Script 10. Sales Trigger Generator - with Private Label Rights

Script 11. Digital Download Protection Scripts - with Private Label Rights

Script 12. Traffic Lottery Script - with Master Resell Rights

Script 13. Info Box Creator Script

Script 14. Instant Affiliate Generator Script

Script 15. Opt-In Motivator Script - with Private Label Rights

Script 16. Questions and Answers Script - with Master Resell Rights

Script 17. ClickBank Multi-Product Manager - with Master Resell Rights

Script 18. LikeList Facebook Viral Traffic Script - with Master Resell Rights

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!
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