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Ultimate List Building Pack + 2 Mystery BONUSES

Get 19 HOT List Building Products, along with two Mystery BONUSES!

Listed below are the 19 list building products you will get as part of the package:

Product 1. Basic List Building Strategies Course - with Private Label Rights:

Brand-New Private Label E-course Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers Basic List Building Strategies That Can Be Used to Build Their Own Lucrative Mailing Lists!

The "Basic List Building Strategies" Crash Course was specifically designed with beginners in mind, so even if you have never built a mailing list before, you will discover how to quickly attract new leads and collect email addresses like a pro!

The best part is with the private label rights to this course not only will you be able to learn the ins and outs of basic list building for your own business, you will be able to pass that knowledge on to your subscribers. You will be providing them with quality information that will help them understand the basic strategies involved in building their own profitable list and how they can use it to their advantage.

The course is completely customizable. With a few clicks of your mouse you will be able to add in your own contact information lesson. You will also have the freedom to include your own product and service recommendations along with links to your favorite affiliate programs. I am even including a ready to go to squeeze page confirmation page and sales page, so that you can get set up quickly and easily!

In this course you will be able to provide your subscribers with great information that they can actually use!

You will teach them:

* Exactly what building a mailing list can do for their business along with two basic, yet extremely effective strategies that they can start using right away.

* Some simple methods that they can use effectively build their mailing list with article marketing.

* Exactly how you can use social networking sites to build a responsive mailing list faster than you ever thought possible.

* Different ways that they can quickly build their mailing list and convert their new found subscribers into long time customers just by joining giveaway events.

* Simple strategies that will help they maximize their profits while building their list by using simple follow up emails and one time offers.


What is Included in the...."Basic List Building Strategies" Crash Course?

With this course you will be providing 5 quality lessons full of solid information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business! The "Basic List Building Strategies" Crash Course package contains everything you need to start using and selling it right away, including:

* A copy of this sales page
* 1 ready to go download page
* 5 customizable lessons
* 1 ready to go squeeze page
* 1 ready to go thank you page
* A complete graphic package
* + the editable PSD graphics


Product 2. List Building Bullet - with Private Label Rights:

The ONLY List Building Guide You Will EVER Need

Here is just some of what is revealed within the List Building Bullet:

* How to create massive mailing lists without spending a penny on subscriber acquisition! These stealth list building strategies will suck in more subscribers than any "paid to" use strategy and will save you thousands in the process!

* How to fine tune your list building campaigns so that you are attracting ACTIVE buyers! We have talked about the importance of NOT inflating your subscriber base with dead weight and this single strategy will guarantee that never happens!

* The fastest methods of building a mailing list in ANY niche market, even if you have never tried your hand at email marketing in your life! These are newbie friendly strategies and can be executed effortlessly! (You cannot screw this up even if you tried)

* How to find the hungriest markets and build high profit mailing lists in a matter of days without having a product of your own! You can jump right into these instant cash machines and start flooding your bank account with unstoppable payments without having to lift a finger in the process!

* The super-charged list building strategy that can add THOUSANDS of new subscribers to your list in a matter of hours! Do not waste time with slow-yielding list building tactics again. Set up a campaign this way and you will continue to suck in new subscribers every single day, for months or years to come!

* The guaranteed formula for creating an irresistible squeeze page that sucks in subscribers like steel to a magnet! People will not be able to resist subscribing to your mailing list if you follow this simple squeeze page checklist!

* Turbo charged action plan for building a rock solid relationship with your list that compels people to respond to every offer you send out! This goes far beyond offering decent content... Find out how I make my subscribers feel OBLIGATED to act on every promotion I mail out!



Product 3. List Building Income Audio-Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

Tired Of Looking For New Customers? Want To Pump In More Residual Income Streams?

Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Quickly and Easily Create Your Very Own Recurring Income Generating Asset Online...Allowing YOU To Make Handsome Profits From MASS Repeat Customers PLUS Build Your Expert Credibility Manifold!

Here is A Quick Look at the Table of Contents in These Videos:

Module 01: How to Create an Easy, Proven System to Suck in Leads - Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

-How to write a high converting squeeze page using the H-S-B-C Approach

-How to develop the back-office for your one-page mini sites that are pulling in leads!

-How to attract visitors and convert them into subscribers instantly!

Module 02: Free List Building Methods - Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Discover over 8 unique methods you can use to build your opt-in lists! These are free methods that cost you nothing to implement and carry them out. This is designed perfectly for list builders on a tight budget, yet results can be devastatingly effective!

Module 03: Paid List Building Methods - Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Time to raise the notch... invest in paid list building methods for faster results! There are over 5 paid methods discussed in this module - all of which I have tested and am using for my own list building campaigns.

Module 04: Maximizing Your Leads and Sales Conversion - Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Discover 4 easy ways to make small "tweaks" to your list building system to see significant results! You do not have to overhaul your list building campaign and renovate all over when all it takes is some small changes on the right places!



Product 4. The Expert Guide to Opt-in List-Building - with Private Label Rights:

27 pages - 7,284 Words

The Essential Guide for Building Your Own Responsive Optin List!

The Contents Of This Ebook Are:

1. Building Your Business with an Opt-in Mailing List

2. Utilizing the Secrets Of Opt-in Mailing Lists

3. 4 Crucial Things You Need To Do To Build your List

4. 3 Quick And Easy Ways To Build A Profitable Opt In List

5. 4 Ways To Get Your Opt In Subscribers To Trust You Quickly

6. How to Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your List

7. The 3 Things To Avoid When Emailing Your List

8. How To Build A List Of Eager Subscribers

9. In Closing And a Call to Action!

10. Recommended Membership


Product 5: List Building Explosion Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

If You Are Not Building A List With The Traffic On Your Websites You Are Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity!


"List Building Explosion"

I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to know about setting up and list so you can start making the most of your web traffic today. It's really that simple!

In this video course, you will learn:

* The Advantages of Building a List - Before you actually start building your first list, I want you to understand the advantages, so you can use them to their fullest extent.

* How to Choose an Autoresponder Service - Having an autoresponder is a crucial aspect of list building, and a huge timesaver. I will show you the best choices out there.

* What You Need to Know About the CAN-SPAM Act - Learn the legalities of email marketing, and what you need to do to make sure you are following them.

* How To Create a New Autoresponder - I will show you everything you need to know to get your first autoresponder up and running, including a detailed discussion of all the options available to you.

* How to Place Your Autoresponder Form on Your Website - Watch me over my shoulder as I place my autoresponder form on a website (You will also receive a template that is all ready for your autoresponder).

* How to Create and Send Out Emails to Your List - I will show you how easy it is to create and "queue" emails for your list, so it can run on autopilot.

* How to Track and Monitor Your Statistics and Sales - Tracking your emails and sales is extremely important, so you can understand which ones are performing the best. I will show you how to do it.

* Invaluable List Communication Tips - I will show you the five most important things you need to know to run a profitable email list campaign.

* The Importance of "Bait" - I will show you how important "bait" is, and how to create your own to start getting list signups today.

* How to Create an Effective Squeeze Page - I will show you what goes into an effective squeeze page (you will receive a squeeze page template, all ready for your autoresponder).

BONUS #1: List Building Explosion Guide: This 20-page ebook is jam-packed with tons of great information on how to create and maintain a list. It supplements the videos!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. What Is A List?

2. The Advantages Of List Building

3. When Not To Build A List

4. Popular Autoresponder Services

5. Signing Up For AWeber

6. Creating A New Autoresponder

7. The CAN SPAM Act Of 2004

8. AWeber Global Fields

9. Should You Double Opt?In?

10. Creating A Web Form

11. Adding Your Form To Your Website

12. Creating Your First Message

13. Creating Broadcast Emails

14. Tracking Your Lists And Conversions

15. Effective List Communication Tip #1: Warming Your List

16. Effective List Communication Tip #2: Establishing Credibility

17. Effective List Communication Tip #3: Effective Email Frequency

18. Effective List Communication Tip #4: Match Offers To Your List

19. Expand Your List With JV'S

20. The Importance Of "Bait"

21. Creating A Smart Squeeze Page

22. Taking Your List Forward With Automation

23. Conclusion


Product 6: List FX - Home Study Course on List Building:

"You're About To Learn...Exactly How I Am Generating Massive *Piles of Cash* On-Demand and How You Can Too!

...A small list of 9,244 readers was leveraged to earn over $18,031 in sales in just 2 weeks time! An even smaller list of about 6,020 readers was leveraged into $27,830 in sales in just over 7 days! Now you can learn how to create the same and even better results...

Introducing ... The List FX Teleseminar Home Study Course!

What if you had the opportunity to gather a group of online marketers in one room and drill them for over 8 hours on how they have in combination been responsible for raking in over $10 million dollars online from email marketing? That is the equivalent of what I'm about to share with you ... except that I was able to ask the hard questions that you want to ask them. Questions such as:

"How did you get started in online marketing and specifically list building?"

"What would you say have been most responsible for your incredible success?"

"How do you get your list members to warm up to you?"

"How can you maximize the deliverability of your emails"?

"How do you get your emails to stand out in a crowded in-box?"

"What to say and what not to say in your emails?"

Here is EXACTLY what you get in this package:

Module 1 - "How to Create Hyper Profitable Lists From Scratch"

Ewen Chia is a full time online marketer and the man who Mike Litman, a #1 Best-Selling Author, calls a "truly a dynamic and incredible marketer" Ewen is often referred to as a "super affiliate" and has built massive lists from scratch pulling in over $100,000 in less than one week!

Here are just a few of the secrets and techniques you'll get from this session of more than 1-hour:

* How to correctly use a lead capture page to grab more opt-ins than you ever thought possible. Do this the wrong way and you end up leaving a lot of leads ... I mean, money on the table...

* How to determine the quality of a good list? What are the three important factors that you must have in a list? The answers may just surprise you.

* What is the biggest fear holding you back from really profiting from your list and how to overcome this fear in one simple move

* The #1 secret that has been responsible for the skyrocketing success of Ewen making him one of the most sought-after affiliate marketers. And it's a lot simpler than you think.

* Why Ewen thinks that the money is NOT in the list ... what? Is he crazy? His explanation may just clear this accusation of insanity.

* A dirty little trick to build your list fast without sacrificing quality and money.

* How to use the "3-C" strategy to keep your list growing and reduce unsubscribes. No more do you have to build a list just to see it eroded over time...

* Discover the very systems that Ewen uses to build huge lists of qualified buyers. Imagine the power of having 2,000, 4,000, or even 6,000 qualified proven buyers to market your product or service to!

Module 2 - "Massive Profits From Tiny Lists"

Stephen Pierce is going to reveal to you some of the very techniques he uses to consistently generate huge profits from his own opt in list. This is one you won't want to miss!

Here are just a few of the secrets and techniques you'll learn from this session:

-Stephen is working with some of the top companies in the world including now Ford Motor Company. He will share with you how he is able to build those types of relationships and how you can use it in your own email marketing

-What if every email you sent to your list was read thoroughly by the majority of your readers? Do you think that is powerful? You bet it is and it could get you more sales that you can dream of...you will listen as Stephen tells you exactly how you can have people drooling to get your emails...

-Creating profits on demand is a dream for many people...Stephen turns that dream into a reality for many people and he is able to do it over and over again. You will have access to learning what he does that is so different from the crowd...

-Learn how to consistently add a never ending stream of hot buyers to your email list. Stephen is able to grow his list on a daily basis, and you can too. There is a set of steps you must take to do this...

Module 3 - "Massive List Building Secrets"

Liz Tomey got her start in the direct mail business in 1998. In 2004 she turned her business into an online information business, and quickly made it into a full time profitable business that she now runs full time from home. She has created over 50 different information products, and quickly built some responsive list at the same time.

Here are just a few things that you'll get from this 1-hour long teleseminar:

* The secret art of approaching list owners so that they'll be more than willing to "share" their lists with you for free!

* How to use the "give to get" marketing principle to grow your list faster than you ever thought possible. Once you get a hold of this concept it can literally revolutionize your business.

* How to build a hugely responsive list by doing email marketing "the right way". Doing it the wrong way could cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales and probably already has.

* Why you should treat your customer support as also email marketing and how this can easily bring you more sales, more loyal buyers, and keep people on your list forever. This is an often overlooked facet of list building.

* How to turn your subscribers into a loyal army of affiliates who gladly want to promote your products and so generate a secondary source of profit from your lists.

* Secrets that Liz uses to consistently outsell some of the biggest names in internet marketing and how you can too... even if you think that you can't!

* How to build a huge responsive list and make thousands of dollars from it even if you're just starting out and have no list, no name recognition, and no customer base. Sound impossible? Not after you hear Liz tell you exactly how.

* Uncover a huge secret that Liz uses to build a massive list and keep that list growing almost forever! This one technique is so powerful that it completely changed the way I do business online!

Module 4 - "Niche List Building Secrets"

Dr. Michael Woo-Ming is an Internet marketer with over 25 websites under his belt and eight years of online business experience.

Dr Mike has perfected some marketing systems that he uses to build huge optin lists in many different niche markets. Here are some of the gems you'll get from this veteran Internet marketer:

* One common mistake to avoid that can drastically reduce the click-through rate for your emails. Personally, when I implemented this technique into my own business I literally saw an almost 500 increase in my sales!

* How to turn your fiercest competition into your best partners and add a few extra thousands of subscribers to your mailing list.

* How a "scalpel and being quick" relates to big profits in email marketing. This little lesson is worth its weight in gold and will give you the foothold you need to make any sales from your list...

* Simple secrets that very few people use to decrease the cost of Adwords advertising. This technique will also increase your conversions when you use any PPC to help build your list.

* How to turn a slow-selling ebook or any other information product into a virtual money tree using this one simple technique.

* How to choose an autoresponder service that is right for you and your marketing niche. This is a critical choice that you don't want to get wrong.

* Why the words you use on your 'subscribe button' can make a big difference in your optin rate. This is one case where little things can make a big difference.

* Why you don't have to be the greatest copywriter to write emails that pull results over and over again. It's true.

Module 5 - "Email Deliverability Secrets"

Gary Ambrose is a master at email deliverability and getting your emails read. He owns one of the most popular autoresponder services for several years and has a clear technical advantage over most online marketers. He blows away some common email marketing myths like fog on a hot summer morning...

Gary has more behind-the-scenes knowledge about email deliverability than you'll ever need to know as an online marketer. But you'll discover how to get your emails safely to their destination... even to an AOL inbox.

In this high energy session (Gary is pretty excited about anything that has to do with emails) you'll discover:

* Why the way you write your email can increase your delivery rate by more than 10 and what you need to do to get your emails read. Most professional marketers miss this simple step that could give them an immediate raise in their business...

* What really is the meaning of "Double Optin" vs. "Single Optin" and what you need to understand about this subtle difference. What you understand about this could help to prepare you for the future of email marketing as delivery of emails gets harder and harder...

* The real truth about how to avoid getting "blacklisted" and how to get off of a blacklist if your IP was ever blocked so that your emails cannot get through to your subscribers. These are the real insider secrets that's known only to a few.

* How you can reach up to 25 more people through email marketing while your competition remain locked out from these same people. Imagine having the opportunity to sell a product to a group of people who have never seen it before except from you!

* An invaluable marketing secret learned from the "Jet Ski" race story. This is one funny story with a serious lesson behind it!

* How to be sure that your emails pass through the SPAM filters and some myths crushed about how to do this. Like ... should you use 'free' or 'f/ree' or 'F/R/E/E' in your emails?" The truth may surprise you!

Module 6 - "Responsive List Secrets"

Alice Seba is known as the Internet marketing sweetie but more importantly she is an expert at building relationships with your list. She is a stay-at-home Mom with a marketing philosophy that being 'nice' to list members means more profit for you.

Here are just a few things that you'll gain from this session:

* Discover several techniques for connecting with your readers that you can put into immediate use. Alice is a master at bringing her readers to a personal conversation and she will tell you how she does it. Duplicate this technique and you are guaranteed to have faithful buyers...

* The one thing you must do when you're writing your emails that will get you more sales than you can imagine. You'll find out this one thing and why it works and the best way to use it...

* How you can use one little trick in your emails and connect with more people and also gain loyal readers. This is often overlooked and usually used the wrong way. You'll have a new weapon at your disposal right away.

* Why a long email will sometimes kill your sales but how a short email could also be just as bad. Learn how to know when to write short vs. long emails and how to use this to bring the biggest response possible. I'm talking about making more sales than people with lists that are 10 times the size of yours!

* Uncover one little secret that is so simple to test you'll be surprised that almost no one is even using it! Clue: This has to do with tracking and testing in emails.

Module 7 - "Secrets To Getting Your Emails Read"

Jeff Levesque has been working for Russell Brunson and his right hand man when it comes to writing emails to potential Joint Venture partners. Jeff is an expert in getting your emails opened and read.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this information packed session:

* How you can easily find out what other email marketers are doing and just make a small change in your emails to triple your response rate. It's simply amazing how often this is overlooked by so many "guru" marketers...

* How to get people starving to open and read your emails like a kid pressing his nose against a candy store glass window. ( I must confess that this little trick even caught me!)

* Why you should be happy to even lose money on your first sale if this will guarantee a second sale that will make you money. Too many online marketers are placing the cart before the horse and Jeff will tell you why.

* How to legally spy on your competition to find out exactly what is working today in email marketing. Internet marketing is changing constantly and with this technique you'll find yourself on top of what works now...

* What one thing you can do to grab the attention of your readers and keep them on your sites. Just this strategy alone can get you more sales and more traffic without spending a single dime.

* A top secret method that you can use to differentiate your promotions from any other affiliate. I personally know 3 big name gurus who use this but no one else I know does this. You'll have a huge advantage marketing any affiliate product using this technique.


BONUS#1: Module 8 - The List FX Bonus Module:

In this interview Russell Brunson places me in the hot seat as I share with his mastermind group the secrets I used to go from nothing to a super success in just a couple months. His group paid almost $1,000 to hear this call and you are going to gain access to it as part of your bonus package!

Here are some of the things you will learn in this information packed session:

* Learn exactly what I did to increase my conversions by almost 200 on my first big marketing product. This simple idea is easy to copy and could have you earning double your current sales overnight!

* I'll share with you the exact tools that I used to create my product from the very beginning. If you're looking to build a list by creating an easy and simple product that has great perceived value, this is the information you're looking for!

* What I did to ensure that every month I was able to increase my list size and my monthly income.

* Find out how I was able to leverage the list. I show you how to build to more than double in size! This is big and you will not want to miss this. Once you build your own list or if you already have a list you will need to listen to this call and learn to leverage that list...

* How to actually give away a TON of money that you DON'T even have as yet to make you 1,000 more in monthly income! Yes it sounds like hype but I assure you this is very real

BONUS#2: Module 9: Another List FX Bonus Module:

With all this valuable information that you're getting I know that your fingers will just get tired while you frantically try to take notes. That's why I went one step further and had these teleseminars transcribed and put into an easy to read PDF format for you.

You can print these out or simply read them from your computer.

The best part about having all of the modules in easy to read PDF's is that you can refer back to any information at any time. You can bookmark important sections and highlight important tips and points to further make your success that much easier. You'll get complete access to all of the PDF files instantly after securing your Teleseminar Home Study Course.

BONUS#3: List Building Income Audio-Video Course:

Here is A Quick Look at the Table of Contents in These Videos:

Module 01: How to Create an Easy, Proven System to Suck in Leads - Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

-How to write a high converting squeeze page using the H-S-B-C Approach

-How to develop the back-office for your one-page mini sites that are pulling in leads!

-How to attract visitors and convert them into subscribers instantly!

Module 02: Free List Building Methods - Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Discover over 8 unique methods you can use to build your opt-in lists! These are free methods that cost you nothing to implement and carry them out. This is designed perfectly for list builders on a tight budget, yet results can be devastatingly effective!

Module 03: Paid List Building Methods - Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Time to raise the notch... invest in paid list building methods for faster results! There are over 5 paid methods discussed in this module - all of which I have tested and am using for my own list building campaigns.

Module 04: Maximizing Your Leads and Sales Conversion - Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Discover 4 easy ways to make small "tweaks" to your list building system to see significant results! You do not have to overhaul your list building campaign and renovate all over when all it takes is some small changes on the right places!



Product 7: List Building Strategies That Really Work - with Private Label Rights:

18 pages - 4,400 Words!

Discover 3 Single Most Powerful List Building Strategies You Can Use For Your Own!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. List Building - Your Bread and Butter

2. Leveraging on Joint Ventures

3. Invest Regularly in Advertising

4. New Wave - Give Away Events


Product 8: The 6-Figure List - with Master Resell Rights:

Do You Have These 5 Emails In Your Autoresponder Sequence?

Miss even one of them, and you could be losing profits and missing opportunities!

I have put together a system that has the power to revolutionize your email marketing efforts. It is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: The first part is all about the marketing funnel system and how to use this set it and forget it model to boost your sales and conversions.

Part 2: The second part shows you the exact emails I've used for a highly-profitable product of mine, and their exact results--including the pre-launch early bird notification list, pre-sales (i.e. lead generation) emails, and post-sale emails designed to get you more profits, testimonials, feedback, customer loyalty, referrals, and more.

Just missing one of these critical emails could be costing you potential opportunities at this very moment.

Part 3: This part shows you a variety of ways to get MORE people signed up to your list, using some more well-known tactics and some not so well-known.

Plus I also elaborate on some of the copywriting techniques I used in my emails--and how you can use them for your own selling.

In this 148-page report, you will discover:

* 3 ways you can grow your business right now--and which of them can be responsible for 80 of your profits over what you're making now!

* The exact autoresponder sequence I use for one of my best-selling products...and why it led to a 22.5 conversion rate in SALES for this $97 product for one target market!

* The 3 factors, in order of importance, that will determine how successful your product launch will be (and how to maximize your odds for success)

* The one critical factor that determines whether your recipient will open your email (no, it's not your subject line; it's who the email is FROM! Here's how to develop your relationship to the point where they open it automatically once they see it's from you!)

* All the squeeze pages I tested to get them to opt-in, plus the actual conversion numbers of each one.

* How to test reverse opt-ins to boost your list subscriptions even more.

* The exact emails that I use (that you can adapt for your own campaigns) to get great testimonials and case studies, find out what products they want to buy from you, gain referrals, reduce support tickets and refund rates, and much more!

* Why some unannounced bonuses can actually INCREASE your refund rate and keep them from buying from you in the future--and how to make sure you're not the one giving those butt-ugly bonuses (It's more than just giving them junk!)

* How to make your emails sound like they're from one friend to another, to develop a close and mutually beneficial business relationship.

* The right ratio of content to sales emails, and how to mix the two for maximum benefit

* How to combine your emails with video for even greater impact (Plus 2 videos I tested side-by-side...and their results!)

* How to suck them in with intrigue!

* How to triple your double-optin rate -- yes, DOUBLE-optins -- by making a simple change very few marketers do

* Little-known ways to get more traffic, more opt-ins, and more sales conversions

And much much more!

Table of Contents of This Report:

1. Introduction

-Ready? FIRE! Aim.
-Why A Marketing System?
-Your Marketing Umbrella And How It Influences Everything
-More Than Just Advertising
-Why This System?

2. The Marketing Funnel System: Overview

-Pareto's Principle: the 80/20 Rule
-Welcome To The Marketing Funnel
-Before They Buy: Your Lead Generation System
-After They Buy: Your Opportunity For Bigger Profits And More!
- Anticipating Their Needs And Reducing Support Tickets
-The Importance Of Testimonials And Feedback
-Ask Them For Referrals And Make It Worth Their While
-Exceed Their Expectations With Unannounced Bonuses

3. Email Templates - Pre-Sales

-Email #1 - Sent Instantly Upon Confirmation
-Email #2 - Sent After 1 Day
-Email #3 - Sent On Day 2
-Email #4 - Sent On Day 4
-Email #5 - Sent On Day 6
-Email #6 - Sent On Day 7
-Email #7 - Sent On Day 10
-Email #8 - Sent On Day 12

4. Email Templates - Post-Sales

-Email #1 - Sent Immediately
-Email #2 - Sent After 2 Days
-Email #3 - Sent After 5 Days
-Email #4 - Sent After 9 Days
-Email # 5 - Sent After 14 Days

5. Pre-Launch Notification Sequence

-Email # 1 - Sent Immediately
-Email #2 - Sent After 2 Days
-Email # 3 - Sent After 3 Days
-Email # 4 - Sent After 6 Days
-Email # 5 - Sent After 10 Days
-Email # 6 - Sent After 12 Days
-Email # 7 - Sent After 15 Days

6. Instant Opt-In Surge: How To Get Qualified Leads Subscribing to Your List in Record Numbers

-Writing and Publishing Articles
-Posting to Forums
-Promote Within Your Products
-Joint Ventures
-Finding JV Partners
-How To Dramatically Improve Your Double Opt-in Rates
-Offline Marketing
-Improving Your Opt-In Conversions
-Focus on Them, Not You
-Emphasize Benefits, Not Features
-Push Their Emotional Hot Buttons
-Incorporating Proof and Believability
-The Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
-The Headline
-The More You Tell, The More You Sell
-Write To Be Scanned
-The Structure of AIDA


Product 9: List Building Renegade Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

This is a video course on list building!

In this video series you will discover valuable strategies of list building advice such as:

Video #1 - An Introduction to the System: An introduction to the system. By the end of this video we will lay out the List Building Renegade Course to get you started on your first seam bursting list!

Video #2 - Creating Your List System: The tools you need to build a successful email marketing campaign, and how you can set up your entire system in 72 hours or less guaranteed! Never waste another minute of your time fiddling around with worthless tactics.

Video #3 - Choosing Your Newsletter Topic: How to choose a profitable newsletter topic, ensuring that you earn as much money as possible from ALL of your marketing efforts (don't overlook this critical step if you truly want to be successful)!

Video #4 - Squeeze Pages: A proven formula for creating high converting squeeze pages in seconds! It doesn't matter if you have absolutely no HTML knowledge, you can still create dynamic squeeze and landing pages that attract prime subscribers!

Video #5 - The Money Is In The "Relationship" With Your List: Discover what you absolutely must know about communicating with your list so that you are able to dominate niche markets and summon instant traffic on command with just a couple of clicks! These are solid, proven tactics that you need to know!

Video #6 - List Building Strategies: In this video you will learn the strategies of List Building Renegades, where to market your offer, keywords to use and how to get people in your funnel to not only market to over and over, but to have them screaming..."I wanna buy what you got !"

Video #7 - Maximizing Profits: Find out how you can maximize profit and funnel your subscribers into our markets allowing you to instantly gain ground and establish a concrete foothold in any market you wish... effortlessly!

Video #8 - Recommended List Building Resources: The list building products and services I recommend to help transform yourself from "List Building Newbie" to "List Building Renegade"!


Product 10: Opt-In Motivator Script - with Private Label Rights:

Instantly Create Urgency In Your Opt-In Campaigns!


"The Opt-In Motivator"

This is the MUST HAVE tool if you want to motivate subscribers to take action and join your upcoming tele-seminars, memberships or even if you just want to test the effectiveness of each opt-in page you have.

2 Ways to Motivate People to Subscribe

1.) Limit The Total Number of Subscribers:

This motivational tactic tells visitors that you will only limit access to something of value to x number of subscribers. For instance, they will see there are only 200 people allowed to subscribe and there are only 47 spots left! Imagine if you are hosting a tele-seminar and people see spots are being taken away by the minute!

Another way to use this method is to limit a FREE report. As of now, free reports are considered to be nothing special and have very little value attached to them. Imagine, from this point forward, you only allow 200 people to read this report. How many more people will be willing to opt-in compared to when they visit a plain old opt-in form?

Of course, you can limit it to 500 people (or any number you prefer) or you can create a TIME campaign.

2.) Limit The Amount of TIME People Can Subscribe:

Imagine if you are offering a free membership or even free software. While most people take squeeze pages for granted they also realize the importance of time-sensitive deadlines. By having your opt-in pages offer real-time countdowns, even to the second, your visitors will realize that if they do not act now they WILL LOSE OUT forever.

The best part about all of this, though, is that it is fully automated. All you do is use a form in the admin panel and the Opt-In Motivator does all of the work for you. Of course, being able to motivate people to subscribe is the most important benefit. However, there are other benefits that come with this tool.

With The Opt-In Motivator, You Will Also:

* Receive Real Time Reporting On Referring Traffic

Will real-time reporting, you can determine which sources referred traffic to your opt-in page. So, you will be able to tell if it comes from search engines, affiliates or even e-zine articles. In essence, you will be able to see which sources are providing you with the traffic needed to build your list. This information will help you determine which referral sources are worth your time and which ones are not.

* View Keywords From Google, MSN And Yahoo

If you receive traffic from Google, MSN or Yahoo, you will see it instantly in your admin panel and you will see which keywords were used to bring them to your opt-in page!

* Receive Real Time Conversion Ratio Comparisons Between Different Campaigns

There is a lot of money that you can lose if you do not know how effective your campaigns are. Pay attention to how many subscribers you receive as well as how many conversions you receive. This is just another reason to invest in the Opt-In Motivator.

Basically, you are receiving 3 powerful tools in one:

A.) A Handy Opt-In Ratio Measuring Tool

B.) A Handy Stat Tracker For Your Opt-In Pages

C.) A "Fire In The Pants" Motivator To Get People To Join Your List/Seminars/Etc

BONUS: Questions and Answers Script - with Master Resell Rights:

Who Else Wants Their Own Fully Automated Questions And Answers Site That Runs Hands Free 24 Hours a Day, And Generates New Fresh Content For You On Autopilot?

Introducing...The Questions and Answers Site...

For A Limited Time...Get Your Very OWN Questions And Answers Site!

What is All The Buzz About?

* Sleek Professional Design
* Instant Authority Site
* Easy to Install (10 minutes)
* Easy to Use for Admin and User
* Very Affordable
* Adsense Optimized
* Completely Customizable (full source)
* Site Runs Itself Once Installed
* Add Links to Your Other Sites
* User Generated Content 24/7
* Sell It And Keep 100 percent
* Use On UNLIMITED Domains



Product 11: Relationship Marketing With Emails - with Private Label Rights:

25 pages - 2,207 Words!

Discover How To Build Stronger Bonds, Instill Stronger Credibility And Increase Your Opt-In List's Response Rate With Relative Ease!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction

-You've Got Mail!

Chapter 2: Building Relationships

-Developing The Competitive Edge
-Tips On Building Rapport With Your Subscriber

Chapter 3: Instill Stronger Credibility

-Establish Yourself As An Authority
-Use E-courses To Build Credibility Over Time

Chapter 4: Increase Your Opt-in rates

-Crafting An Excellent Squeeze Page

Chapter 5: Common Mistakes People Make

-What You Must Avoid At All Costs

Chapter 6: Summary

-The Speed Of Trust

-To your success!


Product 12: Squeeze Page Secrets - with Private Label Rights:

Squeeze Page Secrets-The Insider's Guide!

In this condensed - NO Fluff - report you'll discover the Top 10 Stupid Mistakes most Internet Marketers make regarding their squeeze pages... and what you must do every time to guarantee your optin success!

Here are just a few of the strategies you'll discover in the "Squeeze Page Secrets" guide:

* How your squeeze page headline needs to be written to entice every visitor to optin to your list (and it's not what you might typically think).

* Where your optin form should be located on your squeeze page to pull in the most subscribers (and how many forms should be placed on your page for maximum results).

* The simple two step formula the top "gurus" use to create urgency in their optin offers (don't do this and you'll lose up to 47 of your leads instantly).

* The one critical mistake most marketers make when adding any sales copy to a squeeze page (and what you should NEVER do to your own page).

* The ONE highly-overlooked page element every squeeze page must incorporate if you really want to make BIG MONEY from your optin subscribers.

* And so much more...

The Contents of This Ebook Are:

1. Understanding the Benefits of Building an Optin List

2. So what does that mean for your profits?

3. What types of offers?

4. And thats when youll really start seeing your profits soar!

5. Building Your List Via An Effective Squeeze Page

6. The TOP 10 Stupid Mistakes Most Internet Marketers Make Regarding Their Squeeze Pages


Product 13: How to Automate Aweber - Video Course with Master Resell Rights:

Learn How to take FULL CONTROL of Aweber!

If you are an Aweber customer, I HIGHLY DOUBT that you are using this service to its FULLEST Extent...Learn How here!!

Discover 15 Superpower Tactics For Managing Your Most Valuable Asset in Internet Marketing!

Here is what you will learn in this video course:

* Creating Lists: All the tips and tricks you need to do to save you lots of TIME down the road

* Creating Opt-in Forms: All the tips and tricks you need to create your own opt-in forms.

* Verified Opt-ins: You will get lots of information - including a HUGE time saver!

* Broadcasting Messages: Time to send out your message to everyone! Some real "Gotcha's" here to watch out for!

* Follow Up Messages: Your automated follow-up system! Set it up wrong and you will have problems!

* List Organization: The method I use in organizing my many lists!

* List Automation: How to set up Aweber to do most of the adding and deleting from different lists automatically!

* Sending Your Message To Multiple Lists: Don't you HATE getting the same message over and over again from a marketer? Here's how to avoid doing that yourself!

* Click Tracking: How do you know if your marketing is effective? Here's how!

* Split-Testing : Which subject line, ad, or email got the best results? Here's how to set it up!

* Blog Broadcasting: Imagine each blog entry you make automatically gets sent to your list. Here's how!

* Campaign Sharing: Want to copy all of your follow up emails to another list of yours or to someone else? Here's how to do it!

* BONUS: ANALYTICS: Since I made the original set of videos, Aweber has released their NEW analytics features! I cover the basics of these new features in this bonus video!


Product 14: Email Marketing - with Private Label Rights:

Discover The Secret Methods Of How To Make An Absolute Killing With Email Marketing!

Despite What You May Have Heard, Email Marketing Is Not Dead... And You Are Going To Discover Every Single Step You Need To Take To Effectively Adapt To Marketing With Email And Autoresponders.

Here Is A Sneak Peak Of The Must-Know Secrets And Tips You Will Be Learning:

* Exactly How To Utilize The Power Of Autoresponders And Make Unbelievable Amounts Of Money! This Secret Alone Will Make You 10 Times Return On Your Investment...

* How To Write Content Like You Have Just Swapped Fingers (And Knowledge) With A PRO Writer...

* The Easiest, Quickest And Simplest Way To Pre-Research Your Market On The Top Search Engines, Auction Sites, Groups And Forums...

* The Lazy Way To Conduct Marketing Surveys That Will Determine Where The Real Profits Are...

* The High-Demand Consumer-Hungry Products People Are Looking For: Slam-Shut The Internet Gap-Holes And Target Hungry Customers And Feed Them Exactly What They Are Looking For...

* How To Keep Those Visitors You Have Already Paid Money For...Keep Repeatedly Coming Back And Constantly Buying...

* The Jealously-Guarded Secrets To Making Keywords Work Effectively For You... This Will Fatten Your Wallet Fast...

* How You Will Avoid And Overtake The Spam And Hype Black-Holes Most Marketers Will Fall Through... And Crash And Burn: That Is Not What You Want...

* How An Internet Marketers Best Friend (And It Is NOT What You Think) Will Send Your Sales, Leads, And Subscriptions Sky-Rocketing Through The Roof...

* The Killer Unknown Strategies And Methods To Making Your Product Irresistible...

* How To Be Sure Your Email Reaches Your Prospects Inbox... Your Messages Are Probably Being Gobbled Up By Spam Filters Without You Even Knowing...

* Payment Accounts You Must Have... Or You Are Missing Out On A Chuck Of Customers That Could Be Dying To Get Your Product, But Can Not Make The Payment - It Happens Often, So Do Not Let It Happen To You...

* How To Build Your Opt-In List By Offering Free Articles, Ebook And Mini Courses... Then Converting Them Into Life-Long Customers. When People Buy From You, It Should Not Be Just A "One Night Stand Affair..."



Product 15: Kult Kingdom Tactics - with Private Label Rights:

Kult Kingdom Tactics! 41 Pages, No Restriction PLR!

Discover The Secrets Behind Creating A Cult Following Of Subscribers That Will Respond To Your Command And Buy Anything You Want!

Target Market/Demand: Internet Marketers who wish to build a list of subscribers who will buy anything they sell!

Product Description: This book contains secrets on how you can build your own army of loyal subscribers by keeping them happy. They will wait all day for you to email them and they will be more than happy to buy whatever you offer because of your "cult" leader status!

You Receive The No Restriction Private Label Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

What Can You Do With The NO RESTRICTION Private Label Rights To This Product?

Well, you can do VIRTUALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT with it! Let me offer you some money-making ideas:

-You can use the product for personal use.

-You can put your name on the product as the author!

-You can edit the contents, change the E-Cover, re-title the product, and include your very own back-end affiliate links!

-You can break the E-Book contents down to articles for your viral article submissions, blogs or even e-zine!

-You can sell the product, individually or in a package at any price you wish! The profit potential is yours to decide!

-You can add the product into your (free/paid) membership site for your members to enjoy and increase the perceived value of your membership content!

-You can use the product as a bonus to another product you are selling!

-You can include this product into a paid package and sell at a higher price!

-You can sell the product through auction sites!

-You can offer the (Master) Resell Rights - to the product - and sell at a higher price!

-You can resell the Private Label Rights to the product at an even higher price!

-You can give the product away - with or without Private Label Rights - and use it as a lead collector to build your mailing list!

-You can change and publish the product offline!

-And so much more!


Product 16: Squeeze Page Secrets 2 - with Private Label Rights:

Discover How To Create Hot Subscriber Sucking Squeeze Pages And How To Get Traffic To Them!

Even if you have never put a squeeze page together before or are struggling with your current squeeze page, do not worry because this little guide will show you all you need to know to make a killer squeeze page and get traffic to it!

Here are a few things you will discover inside the ebook...

* What a Squeeze page is and how to use one properly if you want to build a solid list

* The simple automated software you need to capture your subscribers email address

* What to offer your squeeze page visitor as bait to get them opting-in in a flash

* How to get a good offer together quickly, even if you have never created a product before

* How to make instant cash just seconds after you get your subscriber on your list

* How to fine tune your squeeze page with the right words to fit your audience

* Simple copywriting techniques that will hypnotize your visitors to optin in immediately

* Little design tricks and words that can increase conversions by 300 percent

* How to instantly earn credibility on your squeeze page

* How to get free search engine traffic to your squeeze page - yes SEO is not just for blogs!

* How to "trade" traffic which can easily boost your traffic by 200 percent

* A few other simple strategies that will pour on the traffic in 5 minute or less a day!



Product 17: Email Demon Video Training Course - with Master Resell Rights:

Discover The Simple Way Of Writing Emails That Make Money Every Time!

People Just Like You Have Used These Powerful Email Marketing Strategies To Make $705 With One Email, In ONE Hour, With A VERY Small List!

Finally Unveiled

The Email Demon Video Training Course!

Inside this course you are going to learn every single one of the many mistakes I've made, that way you can avoid doing them! You're also going to get step-by-step instructions as I walk you through the exact same techniques I used to "break on through to the other side"!

Here's Just A Sample Of What You Will Learn in This Video Course:

* Your secret weapon to ensure that your emails get delivered every time without fail...

* A Copy of our "Highest Converting Email Ever" so you can literally steal it to make money for yourself!

* Our step-by-step system for training your prospects to click through to your offer every time...

* How to get your subscribers to be anxiously awaiting your emails, literally quadrupling your open rates

* Secret strategies for sneaky selling

* Our time-tested, proven formula for creating emails that grab the visitors attention, and makes them want to buy instantly

* How to drastically reduce your unsubscribe rate

And Much MUCH More!


Product 18: How to Create Video Squeeze Pages - Video Course:

Squeeze pages are a proven way to build a list of hungry leads, but there is a better way. Video squeeze pages convert much higher.

The name of the game is turning visitors into leads and leads into sales. Video squeeze pages make this really easy. My Video Series Shows You How!

Here are just a few reasons that you should start using video squeeze pages:

- Get the attention of your site visitors.

- Easier to convert visitors to leads.

- It is a lot easier than you think.

- I have included a template.

- I'm going to show you how to do it.

And lots more.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

* How to pick a product to promote.

* How to create a video around that product.

* How To modify the included template.

And much more!


Product 19: How to Start Your Very Own Mini Giveaway Event - with Private Label Rights:

Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Build A Mailing List And Get 1,000 To 3,000 Subscribers For FREE!

In this manual, discover:

* How to grab at least 1,000 subscribers into your mailing list without paying a cent for them in the space of 7 to 21 days!

* How to set up your very own Mini Give Away event under 24 hours -- even if you have no programming skills!

* The 5 ways of making money from running your Mini Give Away event -- some of these techniques which you probably do not know well of!

* How to write your promotion materials for your own use and endorsements of Joint Venture (JV) Partners!

* How to convince your potential partners to team up with you in your Mini Give Away venture! Whether you are a "somebody" or a "nobody", you still stand a chance to recruit powerful potential partners using some my proven techniques and draft letters!

* The best places to look for powerful JV Partners who are ready to accept your JV proposal.

* How to create your simple one-web page Mini Give Away event.

* How to push your partners and promote the event in unison willingly for you!

* Some awesome case studies and examples of real-life marketers who used this method to build their list and how you can model after!



Here is A Summary of Everything You will Get in This Package:

Product 1. Basic List Building Strategies Course - with Private Label Rights

Product 2. List Building Bullet - with Private Label Rights

Product 3. List Building Income Audio-Video Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 4. The Expert Guide to Opt-in List-Building - with Private Label Rights

Product 5. List Building Explosion Video Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 6. List FX - Home Study Course on List Building

Product 7. List Building Strategies That Really Work - with Private Label Rights

Product 8. The 6-Figure List - with Master Resell Rights

Product 9. List Building Renegade Video Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 10. Opt-In Motivator Script - with Private Label Rights

Product 11. Relationship Marketing With Emails - with Private Label Rights

Product 12. Squeeze Page Secrets - with Private Label Rights

Product 13. How to Automate Aweber - Video Course with Master Resell Rights

Product 14. Email Marketing - with Private Label Rights

Product 15. Kult Kingdom Tactics - with Private Label Rights

Product 16. Squeeze Page Secrets 2 - with Private Label Rights

Product 17. Email Demon Video Training Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 18. How to Create Video Squeeze Pages - Video Course

Product 19. How to Start Your Very Own Mini Giveaway Event - with Private Label Rights

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!
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