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Ultimate Viral Marketing Secrets Pack + 2 Mystery BONUSES!

Get 11 HOT products on Viral Marketing, along with two Mystery BONUSES!

If you want to know how generate FREE traffic using the power of viral marketing, then this package is for you! Listed below are the 11 products you will get as part of the package:

Product 1. Viral Marketing Riches - with Private Label Rights:

Discover How YOU Can Make MAXIMUM Profits With minimum Effort By Getting Other People To Willingly Market For You!

Unlock The Secrets To Getting Other People To Talk About You And Your Business Willingly Whether They Are Paid To Do It Or Not!

Would you like to:

Enjoy the benefit of free advertising?

Have other people willingly do the marketing and spread the word about your product or service without having to necessarily pay them a single dime?

And take the back seat while pocketing all the cash from the undying marketing efforts of thousands of other people?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this product is for you!

In This Manual, Discover:

* The "buzz" concept and how to create it like a massive bee hive before your project launches for success!

* Inspiring Viral Marketing success stories you can model your business after and enjoy the same privileges of massive sales and massive publicity!

* How to add an edge to your Information Product(s) and make it go viral, passing hand in hand, hard drive in hard drive, spreading the good word about you and your business!

* Leverage on E-mail marketing and how you can create a mad house of buzz within your mailing list!

* The power of blogging and how you can spread the word out like a virus that will spur people to pass the word on to the next!

* How to use newsletters and practice a little-known Viral Marketing tactic that will make people not only break their own wallets for you but also other people to do the same - without you asking!

* The mechanisms of Viral Marketing that makes people cannot afford to keep it all to themselves that they have to talk about you!

* The 5 critical success factors that will make or break your Viral Marketing campaign.

* How to create a controversy over your product, service or project among your close friends and contacts!

* The great incentives for people to talk and spread the word about you (other than affiliate programs),



Product 2. Viral Marketing Autoresponder Course - with Private Label Rights:

Brand-New Private Label Ecourse Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Running Their Own Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns!

Viral marketing is a simple strategy that encourages people to pass on your marketing message to friends, family and coworkers, creating the potential for exponential growth, exposure and influence. Like viruses, this strategy takes advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to hundreds even thousands of people in a short period of time.

In the offline world, viral marketing is often referred to as "word-of-mouth," "creating a buzz," or "network marketing." While online it is called "viral marketing." The term "viral marketing" has taken the Internet by storm, literally! A viral marketing campaign needs to contain these simple elements:

* Something that you are willing to give away for free.
* It should be easy for people to share what you give them with others.
* It should contain something that people are excited to share with others.

The "Viral Marketing" Crash Course is designed with beginners in mind, so even if your readers have never heard of viral marketing they will be able to quickly grasp the concept and start their own campaign fast!

The best part is with the private label rights to this course not only will you be able to learn how to start or improve your own viral marketing campaign, you will be able to pass that knowledge on to your subscribers. You will be providing them with quality information that will help them build their businesses and build your own at the same time.

The course is completely customizable. You will be able to add in your own contact information, product and service recommendations and links to your favorite affiliate programs. I am even including a ready to go to squeeze page confirmation page and sales page, so that you can get set up quickly and easily!

In this course you will be able to provide your subscribers with great information that they can actually use!

You will teach them:

* What the different types of viral marketing are and why a true viral campaign gets forwarded.

* How you can effectively use email to achieve your viral marketing objectives.

* Why it is important to create a buzz before your new product even hits the market!

* How you can use ebooks to really go viral and how to do it without writing a single word!

* How you can use online forums as a big part of your Viral Marketing Crash Course!


What is Included in the "Viral Marketing" Crash Course?

With this course you will providing 7 quality lessons full of solid information you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business right away! The Viral Marketing Crash Course contains everything that you need to start using and selling this package including:

* A copy of this sales page
* 1 ready to go download page
* 7 customizable lessons
* 1 ready to go squeeze page
* 1 ready to go thank you page
* A complete graphic package


Product 3. How to Use Viral Marketing to Generate Low-Cost Buzz:

Viral Marketing is all about impulse - but it should not be about your impulse in creating it! Your product should be carefully planned to make the Viral product you want to spread absolutely irresistible. Your reader (or viewer) should find herself stopping everything on the spot as she happily and eagerly scrambles to hit the button and share your amazing new creation with everyone she knows - the moment she sees it!

"Quick and Easy Guide to Viral Marketing: How to Generate Low-Cost Buzz for Your Business" will show you the ins and outs of viral marketing, and help you create an offer so enticing that people cannot help but pass it on.

In this report, you will learn:

* The facts you must know about viral marketing and how it works

* The single most important secret to viral marketing success

* 7 easy techniques for creating buzz worthy material and staying on target

* 6 viral tools you can create to slash your marketing costs

* 6 places you must know about to get more impact from your viral marketing campaign

* How to avoid the 10 biggest viral marketing mistakes

We have included a written report plus full audio recording that shows you how to use viral marketing to spread the word about your product or service.

At only 12 straight-to-the point pages (or listen to the audio if you prefer), it is easy to read through this no-fluff guide and start applying these simple techniques to your viral marketing campaign. No sense in reading all day, when you can be building your business instead.


Product 4. Non-Stop Viral Traffic Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

Discover 21 Proven Ways To Obtain Viral Traffic.

Unleash The Massive Traffic Potential Of Sites Like YouTube and Facebook To Dramatically Increase Your Profits!

Learn How You Can Use The Power of "Word of Mouth" To Dominate Your Niche And Boost Your Profits!

Here is what you will get as part of the video course:

Video 1 - Introduction to Viral Traffic

* Learn all about viral traffic and why it's so important to your marketing plan
* Understand why you need to harness the power of viral traffic to massively increase both your profits and your list memberships

Video 2 - Methods #1 and #2

* Learn how to use quality content to create viral traffic
* Discover the power of creating 'freebies' to draw in new visitors

Video 3 - Methods #3, #4, and #5

* Learn the importance of trust when building viral traffic
* Harness the power of YouTube to flood your site in traffic
* Create brandable products for some amazing viral traffic success

Video 4 - Methods #6 and #7

* Discover the power of blogging and how it can drive huge numbers to your site
* Use popular social sites to generate huge amounts of quality traffic

Video 5 - Methods #8, #9, and #10

* Unlock the RSS secrets used by power bloggers to generate great viral traffic
* Learn how to get other sites to promote your site - for free!
* Discover how controversy can be your friend

Video 6 - Methods #11, #12, and #13

* Learn how to run contests to get people coming back to you site again and again
* Find out how to use the power of trust to not only build a huge amount of traffic, but a huge amount of *quality* traffic

Video 7 - Methods #14 and #15

* Use games or tools that you create to spread your message in record time
* What product is easy to create and is growing in popularity across the internet? Find out in Method #15!

Video 8 - Methods #16-#21

* Unleash the power of community sites
* Discover the power of the offline goldmine!
* Bringing it all together - approaching viral traffic generation in a way that's right for you


BONUS#1 - 54 Page eBook Supplemental:

Fantastic as a reference tool, this 48 page eBook completely covers all of the material presented in the video course in an easy-to-read format. This is a great way to review the material as a whole, or to get some more detail on each of the 21 methods introduced in the video course.

BONUS #2 - MP3 Recordings of the Entire Course:

Want to listen to the entire course while driving to your job (ugh!), or while out for a jog? The entire course has been recorded in MP3 format for your convenience!


Product 5: LikeList Facebook Viral Traffic Script - with Master Resell Rights:

I'll explain it simply. What this does is to help you easily create a quotes website that Facebook users can "like" and that is heavily focused around this. Since the stuff they like show up in their Facebook profile and consequently in the news feed of their friends, this makes the whole website EXTREMELY viral! Except of text quotes, there can also be pictures and YouTube videos! Also, websites created with LikeList are sentenced to live and grow on autopilot because users add their own things!

Top benefits of using LikeList:

-After you set up your site and with literally next to zero promotion, by the time the first users start using your site, more users will follow, that will bring even more, and then EVEN MORE, etc, while you sit and watch your earnings skyrocket!

-The other huge part of LikeList is that all the entries of your sites are actually FACEBOOK PAGES. This means that if the top 50 entries have been liked by 100.000 people, then you have also 50 PAGES WITH 100.000 FANS, that you can send updates AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! And since the whole website is built around liking things, these numbers are easily achievable! You'll have a HUGE user base in no time!

-There is an integrated CMS with a full WYSIWYG editor, with which you can easily create pages integrated in the website (that can also be liked and be virally spread over Facebook!).

What, even THAT isn't enough for you? Well, there is even an integrated feature to add an e-mail sign up form with an "export as .csv" option.

-There are also features such as daily trending quotes, an integrated ad manager, full integration with other Facebook functions, and many more (check below)!

-On top of all these, you get the options to add social features to your site, like a comment box feature, or an activity feed that shows the users that did the latest likes. With all these, your visitors will not want to leave the site and will make it a money generating machine.

-Finally -and maybe the best of all: you can make a NETWORK of INTERCONNECTED sites, that grow on top of each other, and work as a really big automated site! My 3 TEST sites together get MORE THAN 50.000 daily visitors in a small country!

-LikeList is virtually bug free, it's fast and light for the user AND the server, it's easily customizable, it's REALLY secured, and the design and architecture are tweaked so to give the best feeling when browsing the site.

Most important and unique features are:

* Easy and efficient design.
* Supports Text, Image, YouTube likes.
* Practical admin panel providing many useful tools.
* Pinning feature - You can put a specific entry on top of all others, which can be a up as suggested in each page load (this can also be a text link or a banner!)
* You can add FULL HTML CUSTOMIZATION on any entry you enter from the admin panel.
* CMS with a fully functional WYSIWYG editor (so you can easily create additional pages for whatever you want).
* Integrated ad manager.
* Show trending, latest, top and random quotes, and the ability to sort these as you like.
* Optional "Add your e-mail" form.
* SEO friendly URLs.
* Social activity feed to show latest people that have liked something.
* Facebook comments on every page - your users can comment on each page, and it will also show up on their FACEBOOK profile, making this even more viral!
* Optional Facebook comment box - this works like a shout box, letting your users talk about anything.
* Security from spambots using Google's ReCaptcha technology.
* RSS feeds, to be used for SEO as well as anything else you could use them in!
* Ability to like whole pages.
* Adding and deleting entries.
* Users can report entries that should be deleted
* EVERYTHING you read above is easily customizable.


Product 6: Tell A Friend Detonator XL - with Master Resell Rights:

Boost your subscriber list up to more than 300 percent by using this unique self destructing Tell A Friend Bonus Script!

Imagine having a system that grabs your visitor with an irresistible bonus......but makes sure that their referred friends gets there before they ever see the bonus downloads.

Tell A Friend Detonator XL Makes Sure That The Referred eMails Are Really Clicked By Referred Friends

And I mean REALLY click...zero email frauds by the visitor because Tell A Friend Detonator XL has a smart built in function that will never allow the visitor to cheat the system by keying into the tell a friend form a bogus "friends" email just to get to the bonus.....in short, there is no way that the visitor can download the bonus unless the referred clicks were made from another friend using another computer!

Adding Fun To The Boring Way Of Telling A Friend

With Tell A Friend Detonator XL, you can add more pizazz then just telling a friend...imagine this:-

Your visitor happens to visit your website where he finds this great bonus that you are offering for free...absolutely free and difinitely irresistible. And by using Tell A Friend Detonator XL, you are able to make sure that the he refers real email addresses.

Your list will grow and multiply with lightning speed because...

If the friends of your visitors do not visit...your website through the link, within YOUR defined detonation time....he will lose his bonus.


Product 7: Instant Affiliate Generator Script:

Are you interested in a brand new way to increase the traffic to any website for about 5 minutes easy "work"?

Introducing the "Instant Affiliate Generator" System!

Here is How You Can Use "Instant Affiliate Generator" to Start Getting More Traffic, More Subscribers, More Sales and More Profits Every Single Day:

-Increase Your Traffic - Using this system will multiply your traffic exponentially! The more people visit your site, the more get sent to your site by others. The technique is so viral I was shocked to find how underutilized it actually is.

-Boost Link Popularity - With more and more people linking to your site almost every day from all over the internet, your link popularity will explode helping you to effortlessly achieve great search engine rankings!

-Get More Subscribers - Simply add a subscribe form to the same page as your Instant Affiliate Generator code and watch as your opt in list grows more and more by the day, virtually hands free!

-Increase Your Sales - If there's one thing that is guaranteed to increase your sales, it's more traffic right? Well with 'Instant Affiliate Generator' you'll get plenty of it!

-Add Visitor Interaction - With all the hype around 'web 2.0' more and more people are expecting to be able to get involved in your websites in some way. This allows them to do just that and get great rewards for their efforts!

-Gain Repeat Visitors - It's well known that it can take 7 or more visits to your site before someone decides to buy. 'Instant Affiliate Generator' brings people back to check their referral stats giving you another chance to offer them your products.

-Unlimited Domains - The simple code can be added to as many domains as you want or as many pages on the same domain as you want. You can instantly increase the profits of literally every page on every domain you own!

-Collect Affiliates Details - When someone sends enough traffic to get their reward, simply send them to a subscribe form to collect their gift. Now you'll build a list of partners who can send traffic to any of your other products or future product launches.

-Works On Any Page - Designed to be compatible with any webpage regardless of what language it's coded in, html, php, asp or anything else.

-A Breeze To Setup - Can be up and running on your site in minutes by following the simple 'no brainer' style setup process.

The beauty of this system is that it works just as well even if your visitors aren't webmasters, which almost makes this like a super powerful tell-a-friend script. Just tell people to send x amount of people to your site and they can get your product for free, or any other bonus you want to give them.

This will encourage regular surfers to start advertising your website for you in forums, video sharing sites, social networking sites and anywhere else they can.

Even if you already have a regular affiliate program you can still plug this in along with it. It will not affect your regular commission based affiliate program! So you could effectively have two affiliate programs running for the same site and the same product. You've just doubled what is already the most effective form of free advertising you can get!

Here are some of the features you get with "Instant Affiliate Generator":

* Control how many unique referrals are required to get access to each of the rewards.

* Can be added to as many pages you want, and each page can have a different bonus.

* Easy install procedure has you up and running in just a few minutes.

* Install just one time, and use across all of your domains and websites!

* Easily edit the options for any campaign at anytime 'on the fly'.

* Control and manage all your campaigns from one easy and secure admin panel.

You can have a new campaign setup in literally one minute, and it will continue to send you new free traffic everyday for life!


Product 8: Exponential Profit Multiplier - with Master Resell Rights:

Exponential Profit Multiplier is an easy-to-install traffic generating system that is guaranteed to bring you loads of traffic from every visitor. Ok, let me explain it in detail.

Picture this:

You are visiting a website (which already has the Exponential Profit Multiplier installed in it) as an affiliate. Now, you are taken to "Tell 2 Friends" page. All you have to do is refer two of your friends to this site. (And I am sure like everybody else you too have at least 2 persons in your life with whom you would like to share things.) So, referring two of your friends is not a big deal. Right?

Ok now it is the reward time. By your simple act of referring two of your friends, you are going to get all the below benefits:

Benefit 1 - Get Commission You will get a commission when both of your friends visit the site.

Benefit 2 - Your Friend Will Get Commission When your friends visit the same page and both of them refer two of their friends. They will also earn a commission just like you did!

Benefit 3 - Get Commission on the Referral of your Friend! Yes, here is the twist. You will get a commission for the first referral of both of your friends.

Benefit 4 - Get Commission on Your Friend's Referral's Referral and you know what you'll get a commission for the first referral of your friend's referral's referral.

Benefit 5 - Get Infinite Commission! Excited? Then, let me add it to your excitement that: your commission will not stop here. You will continue to get commission at every level for the first referral.

"Is It Possible To Refer More Than 2 Friends?"

Certainly You CAN! After all the more the number of referrals, the more your affiliates are and the higher your commission will be! So, the more - the better! Is not it better than any two or multi-tiered affiliate programs? Perfect Tool for Your Site!


Product 9: Automated Viral Traffic Blogging System:

Are You Struggling And Fighting To Get Real, Consistent Traffic To Your Blog? Are You Looking For A Way To Automate Some Of The More Mundane Traffic Generation Methods?

If so, this special offer is just for you! On this page you will literally be one of the first to learn about a brand new traffic generation system that cannot only send you a pile of traffic to your site, but also run completely on autopilot after you set it up!

Salient features of the Viral Traffic System (as discussed in the video course):

1. Set It Up Once & Forget It! No Tech Skills Required!

When I say 'set it up and forget it', I MEAN it! You simply setup this method one time and it will generate hands free traffic for you until you stop it! All it takes is about 2 hours to set it up and after that it is all completely hands free! Literally there are no major tech skills required to make this work for you.

2. True No Cost System

This autopilot traffic system won't cost you anything to setup as I show you step-by-step how to set this all up 100 for free! All you need for this to work is your own blog and even that can be installed for free! Once the system is setup every time you make a new blog post it will go to work for you and start generating traffic and backlinks to your blog post within hours after your post went live!

3. Make $200 to $300 Over & Over Again!

This system is not only powerful enough to increase your blogging income and help build your list for you from increased traffic, but you can even get paid $200 to $300 to set this service up for other people! You are going to be one of a few people with this highly specialized knowledge so after you learn the system you can start selling the setup of this system to other online business owners!

4. Instantly Increase the Value of Your Blogs!

On top of everything else this viral traffic system can even instantly increase the value of your blogs just by setting this up! Having this already setup will be a huge plus if you ever sell your blog down the road. Imagine building fresh blogs and putting this up on them and then flipping them for killer profits on sites like Flippa! Your listings will stand out from the crowd! This system gives you the edge you are seeking.

Here is a listing of the videos you will get in this package, along with the length of each video:

Video 1: Overview of System (4:31)

Video 2: The System (18:56)

Video 3: Wrapping Up (3:23)


BONUS#1: Extra Videos:

Here are your 3 bonus videos in a little more detail. This is all on top of the course on autopilot viral traffic above!

Bonus Video #1: Yahoo Site Explorer Backlinks System

As you know backlinks are super important to where websites rank in the search engines. I created a video that teaches people how to use the free Yahoo Site Explorer service to uncover hidden backlinks that can help propel a website high into the search engine rankings.

This course goes into detail on how you can use this free tool to see where your competitors are getting their backlinks from. This is vital for picking up links that sites in the top 10 of Google are also going after. This will help give you a clear plan of attack for ranking in the search engines!

Bonus Video #2: Aweber Wordpress Plugin Integration

This important video demonstrates step-by-step how to use the brand new Aweber Wordpress plugin so you can easily start list building from your blog. This plugin makes life easier for you as you list build from your blog.

Building a list is the important thing you can do online so this video will help you build a list with all of this blogging traffic!

Bonus Video #3: List Building From Giveaway Events

One of the easiest and fastest ways to generate a subscriber list from scratch is to participate in giveaway events. This video reveals the simple strategies for setting up your product into a giveaway so you can start your list building efforts.

This method works if you have a list or not, and will be a great video to sell to your customers or include as a bonus. This strategy still gets results and helps motivate people to further success.


Product 10: MaxFanForce Facebook Like Script - with Master Resell Rights:

MaxFanForce is a 3-Step Process for Facebook Pages that will take fans through 3 distinct activities:

1. "Like" the Page

2. Post a comment to their wall and/or tweet

3. Give them a discount code or free gift for liking the page.

This script doesn't require WordPress to be installed and it can use a shared SSL certificate that comes for free with most hosting providers.

It also includes a basic Page Editor that will enable users to update the information in the 3 steps on a regular basis. This is ideal if you provide these Facebook Page services to offline businesses and you want them to maintain items such as discount codes etc


Product 11: Facebook Fan Page Script - with Private Label Rights:

Facebook Fan Page Script is a brand new, unique, cutting edge viral script for Facebook. This is not a rehash of someone else's PLR script!

What does it do?

Facebook Fan Page Script makes it simple for you to get more 'likes' for your fan page by using Facebook sharing, invites, Hidden Content, Product Downloads and Opt-in Integration - all from ONE easy to install script!

Sounds Pretty Comprehensive, is it easy to set up?

Facebook Fan Page Script is very simple to set up and customize

Why do I need it?

Facebook has 500 million members. If you can reach even the tiniest fraction of that number, imagine what it could do for your business. Facebook Fan Page Script makes every aspect if Facebook's viral nature accessible in a few clicks from 1 viral hub.

Here is How the Facebook Fan Page Script Works:

a) A user visits your fan page

b) You offer them a free gift or other incentive in order to make them click your 'Like' button!

c) They click the 'Like' button and the script kicks in, popping up a viral hub with product download, custom links, CPA link, share button, invite code and autoresponder opt-in box. The massive viral nature of Facebook is FULLY accessible fro this one single box which can be toggled on and off!

d) Your new fans love your free gift and so, they sign up to your opt-in list, share your page, invite friends, and click on your CPA offer!

Top features of the script are:

- Brand new unique Fan Page Viral Script with different color schemes

- Innovative and new Facebook Viral Features all in 1 location

- Users only get access to your content when they click the 'like'

- Once they click 'like' buttonALL the viral features are 1 click away in a central hub

- Facebook Share feature

- Facebook Invite feature

- Built-In Opt-in form with opt-in form codes available for Aweber, GetResponse and MaiIChimp!

- Show/Hide viral features

- Buttons to link to external content. It can be a link to your CPA offer or a product download

- Custom header text

- 2 different types of fan page: a video fan page and a product showcase fan page. When you add the 7 color schemes - that makes 14 template combinations in total!

- Sidebar graphics with 7 different color schemes

- All this is done from within 1 tidy script. No external pop-ups required. Even your opt-in form is covered in this complete solution!


Here is A Summary of Everything You will Get in This Package:

Product 1. Viral Marketing Riches - with Private Label Rights

Product 2. Viral Marketing Autoresponder Course - with Private Label Rights

Product 3. How to Use Viral Marketing to Generate Low-Cost Buzz

Product 4. Non-Stop Viral Traffic Video Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 5. LikeList Facebook Viral Traffic Script - with Master Resell Rights

Product 6. Tell A Friend Detonator XL - with Master Resell Rights

Product 7. Instant Affiliate Generator Script

Product 8. Exponential Profit Multiplier - with Master Resell Rights

Product 9. Automated Viral Traffic Blogging System

Product 10. MaxFanForce Facebook Like Script - with Master Resell Rights

Product 11. Facebook Fan Page Script - with Private Label Rights

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!
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