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Ultimate Niche Marketing Secrets Pack + 2 Mystery BONUSES!

Get 11 HOT products on Niche Marketing, along with two Mystery BONUSES!

If you want to make money from niche marketing, then this package is for you! Listed below are the 11 products you will get as part of the package:

Product 1. Introduction To Niche Marketing Ecourse - with Private Label Rights:

Brand-New Private Label E-course Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Using Niche Marketing To Promote Their Own Business, Products and Services!

The "Introduction To Niche Marketing" Crash Course was specifically designed with beginners in mind. So even if you have never heard of niche marketing before or used it to promote your business, you will discover how to research your niche, find hot markets, focus your marketing efforts and quickly harness the power of niche marketing for your own business, products and services.

The best part is with the private label rights to this course not only will you be able to learn the ins and outs of niche marketing for your own business, you will be able to pass that knowledge on to your subscribers. You will be providing them with quality information that will help them understand the basics of niche marketing and how they can use it to their advantage.

With this course you will be able to provide your subscribers with great information that they can actually use!

You will teach them...

* How they can use niche marketing to effectively reach their target market, promote their business and sell more products and services.

* What niche marketing is not, so that they can get a better understanding of how it works and how it can benefit their business.

* How to research and find good products and services to promote and then how to narrow down their niche market so that they will see a better result from their promotional efforts

* The different ways that they can use niche marketing to their advantage. So that they can make more money and become an extremely successful niche marketer.

* Plus some effective ways that they can hunt down a profitable niche groups, find out what they want and then give it to them.

The course is completely customizable.


Product 2. $100 Per Day Niche Marketing System:

Did you know that the gurus are only telling you part of the story? Niche marketing is very lucrative when you have all the pieces laid out for you.

$100 per day is a very easy target to hit in niche marketing. All you need to know are the secret ingredients. Read on to find the recipe -

By targeting people that are ready to buy you virtually guarantee your success.

So here is the recipe I referred to in the headline above:

Hungry Buyers + Proven Sellers + Free Traffic = $$$$$

When it is laid out like that it sounds simple, doesn't it? Well it is once you know how to find each piece of that formula. If you miss one of the first two items in this formula you are bound to fail. You absolutely MUST get that part right. As for free traffic, that is not essential as long as your income from sales is larger than your costs. However in this video series we will concentrate on getting free traffic to our sites. That makes it very easy to reach your income target.

You can get started in niche marketing for less than the cost of dinner out at McDonalds. That makes it affordable for everyone. You don't need any special skills either. I will take you through each element of the formula step by step.

I will show you exactly how to find hungry markets and proven sellers. I will also show you how to virtually dominate the search engines for your main key phrase. This would give you free traffic - and lots of it. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in my video series.

Here is just some of what you will learn in this video course:

* How to find hungry markets full of buyers
* How to find hot selling products
* How to set up your website using free scripts
* How to make a compelling offer by borrowing content.
* How to optimize your website so it is like candy for the search engines.

And much more!


Product 3. $100 a Day Affiliate Marketing and List Building Course:

What You Get Here is a 8-Module Intensive Study Video Course. Salient Features of this Video Course are:

- Comprehensive 100 Dollars A Day Affiliate Marketing Video course-Each course will come with a in depth video that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process

- Professionally designed, animated, detailed, content-rich PowerPoint presentations- Each weeks course will include its own PowerPoint presentation to help the visual learners quickly assimilate new information.

- Homework Assignments - These homework assignments are created just to help you realize that you are actually able to do each of the steps that are covered in the 8 week 100 Dollars A Day Affiliate Marketing System. They are set up to show you that you finally comprehend the steps it takes to become a successful online marketer.

Here are the details of each module of the course:

* Module 1: Overview & Finding Your Targeted Niche - How To Find Niche Markets and know that your targeted market will be eager to buy your Niche targeted products that ensure you reaping the benefits. Learn how specializing your marketing efforts will actually bring you more business and higher conversions.

Understand the market's "hot buttons" and be prepared to communicate with the target market as an understanding member--not as an outsider. Learn how to position yourself in your niche and differentiate yourself over your competition.

* Module 2: List Building 101 - Step-by-Step instructions explaining exactly what you need to do to START, BUILD and MANAGE your own opt-in mailing list. This e-mail course takes you by the hand and guides you thru the very basics of list building then unto some Advanced Business Models you can follow to build your list.

It was designed for the beginning marketer in mind.

* Module 3: List Building The Technical Side - Stop struggling with the technical side of building your list. Your stop here is going to give you the most up to date look over your shoulder technical training available on the market.

It is time to set up that list and get that squeeze page up and running so that you can start building your highly profitable list.

* Module 4: PLR Your Diamond In the Rough - The fastest way to generate mind boggling income on the Internet is through use of Private Label Rights (PLR) products. In this amazing module you are about to learn how to take a cheesy PLR ebook or report that most would throw away, and turn it into your Diamond from the rough. Learn how to create your very own high end training course through the use of some very simple and easy steps.

After someone does all of the main work you just swoop in, make a couple tweaks and wham, money starts streaming into your merchant accounts.

If that's not a recipe for success and happiness then I don't know what is.

* Module 5: PLR Creation to Marketing - Learn how to quickly and simply create your very own high quality Private Label Rights products, So You Can Keep 100 Profits and Instantly Have Your Own Product! Your about to learn exactly how you can Market these products and where the number #1 place is to market them that has hungry buyers just waiting for you to arrive.

You soon will easily be earning thousands if not tens of thousands within 48 hours after your product goes live.

* Module 6: Affiliate Marketing Monetization process - It will give you all the information you need to start making money online and give you the info you need to become a successful affiliate.

There is a process that you must take before you are ready to monetize your efforts. Follow this process and the monetization is simple!

* Module 7:- Traffic Generation - Learn where and how to get the best kind of free traffic and make it work within your Internet marketing niche, so that it can drive targeted website visitors to your site and start making money right away.

It is the plain and simple truth... you can have the most incredible looking website...the most original, problem solving, and compelling content, and the most irresistible offer on the market...But without traffic, it just doesn't matter.

Well let's complete the picture for you. Not only will the traffic generation methods we are teaching you will get you the traffic you need... they will also be responsible for building you up as the credible Expert in your Target Market.

* Module 8: Simple Affiliate Marketing Techniques - Simple does not mean they are not powerful. You are about to learn the Secret, Powerful techniques that all successful Affiliates use to generate Affiliate Commissions on autopilot.

These Easy techniques will also help you: Grow your list, Build Relationships, Build Credibility, Stand Out above the crowd, Generate traffic, Generate Affiliate Commissions on Auto Pilot and Pre-sell or warm up your list for a big promotion. Did I say generate Affiliate commissions? Seems I did, but did I say massive Affiliate Commissions?


Product 4. Niche Profit Formula - with Resell Rights:

Here is The Easiest Step-by-Step Process For Finding, Creating and Selling Your Own Auto-Pilot Niche Products So You Can Make A Fortune On The Internet!

It is Not As Hard As You May Think- Once You Know The Secrets!

Inside Niche Profit Formula, You will Discover the Secrets of:

* The absolute #1 best niche product to be selling right now on the internet and how you can find or create your own. Follow this concept and you will have NO competition.

* 4 shocking ways that will show you exactly, step-by-step how to get YOUR OWN product in a minimal amount of time. As you read earlier, selling your own product is the key to huge profits.

* 3 sizzling sections on getting your own products without having to create them. Do not think you can write or create your own? No problem, use these three sections to create a product that will sell!

* Learn 2 potent tactics to get your thought process exploding with profitable ideas. A simple concept for generating massive profitable ideas - at will, without even thinking about it!

* How to find out what people want before creating anything. This can make or break your business. Do it the easy way with this technique.

* How to know if your niche product will be hugely successful before you ever finish it. Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by following this strategy.

* Find out what type of niche products that are not good to create. Do not create something that nobody will buy or will be hard to sell! The truth about "hot" products!

* How to cure writers block in no time flat. You may think that once you sit down to write, nothing happens. Now you can kick writers block where it counts and write like a mad man!

* Do not think you have a product inside you that you can create? That is okay, Wes will show you how to create something to sell without any knowledge about anything.



Product 5: Unlocking The Niche Code - with Private Label Rights:

Discover How to Research the Moneymaking Capabilities of a Niche!

This Report Offers You A Step-by-Step Approach to Finding the Best Niches in which to Market a Product or Service.

16 pages - 2,712 Words!

Sample Extract From The Report:

There's lots of useful information here. You can see that the news volume is synced with the search volume, and several notable news articles are displayed, along with where they occurred on the timeline.

In the lower section, you can see which countries, cities, and languages made the most searches. Be aware that the indicators are normalized, meaning they are adjusted for that region's population. For example (as of this writing), South Africa has about 44 million people, compared with the U.S.'s 295 million. So the U.S. may have performed more actual searches, but after the adjustment is made, South Africa comes on top for this search term, which is "fly fishing."

In the upper-right corner of the page, you can switch regions (e.g. if you wanted to check the U.S. only), and you can change the time period.

For example, notice below how I changed the time period to a single month. See any cyclic trends there?

You may have noticed that searches for this topic tend to spike every...

Extra Materials Included in this PLR Package:

- The Main Report in .DOC and .PDF Formats

https://www.tradebit.com Source Files to the Report's Graphics


Product 6: Niche Brainstorm - with Master Resell Rights:

Discover 11 Powerful Methods To Brainstorm New Niche Ideas Quickly And Easily, Including My Ultra-Secret Weapon For Digging Up Super Profitable Niches Every Time...!


"Niche Brainstorm"

What if I told you that I could help you FILL a notebook so full of Niche Ideas that it would take you literally the rest of your life to tackle them all?

With Niche Brainstorm, you can and WILL do exactly that and more:

* Discover EIGHT (8) different methods/sources for Niche Brainstorming on eBay.

* Pinpoint the exact niches other marketers are exploiting by using F____.com, E____.com, G___.com, & R___.com -- actual sites that we Internet Marketers use virtually every day for a completely different purpose.

* Explore Social Networking sites in a whole new way.

* How to use Blogs for Brainstorming and how to have the right blogs "Hand Delivered" to your browser.

* My Ultra-Secret Weapon...It's something you will never dream up in a million years...unless you have already used one in the past.

Finally, you can have hundreds of niches handed over to you on a Silver Platter with little or no additional effort on your part!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction

2. Ebay

3. Freelance Sites

4. Squidoo

5. MySpace

6. Article Sites

7. Amazon

8. Blog Directories

9. Niche-A-Day

10. SRDS

11. Conclusion

12. Resources


Product 7: 665 Niche Keyword Lists:

You get keyword lists on 665 niches - from 401k to Yoga - complete with the initial keyword research for each niche!

If you are just getting started, this is the perfect "Idea Generation" tool, never be at a loss again for a new idea or niche to explore.

The vast majority of all 665 niches include the top 500 to 1,000 keywords in Excel format. Some do have fewer keywords, but that's only because of the limited keywords available in that particular niche.

You get keyword lists on the following niches:

1. 401k

2. 1031 Exchange

3. Abdominal Exercises

4. Accounting

5. Accounting Software

6. Acid Reflux

7. Acne

8. Acting

9. Acting Schools

10. Add

11. Addictions

12. Adjustable Bed

13. Adoption

14. Advertising

15. Aerobics

16. Affiliate Program

17. Affiliate Program Analysis

18. Affiliate Revenue

19. Africa Safari

20. Air Bed

21. Air Compressor

22. Air Conditioning

23. Airfare

24. Air Freight

25. Air Purifier

26. Alarm Clock

27. Alaska

28. Alaskan Cruises

29. Alcoholism

30. Allergies

31. All Inclusive Vacation

32. Amsterdam

33. Anger Management

34. Annuity

35. Annuity Leads

36. Antenna

37. Anti Aging

38. Antiques

39. Anti Virus

40. Answering Machine

41. Anxiety

42. Aquarium

43. Archery

44. Architect

45. Area Rug

46. Aroma Therapy

47. Aromatherapy

48. Arthritis

49. Article Marketing

50. Asbestos

51. Asset Management

52. Astrology

53. Atlantic City Hotel

54. Attorney Lawyer

55. Auctions

56. Audio Book

57. Audio Cables

58. Australia

59. Autism

60. Auto Insurance

61. Auto Loans

62. Auto Parts

63. Auto Racing

64. Aviation

65. Awning

66. Baby Boomer

67. Background Check

68. Backpacking

69. Back Pain

70. Bad Credit

71. Bahamas

72. Bail Bonds

73. Ballet

74. Bamboo

75. Bankruptcy

76. Bankruptcy Forms

77. Banner Advertising

78. Bartending

79. Baseball

80. Basketball

81. Bathroom Accessories

82. Beds

83. Beer Making

84. Betting

85. Bill Consolidation

86. Billiards

87. Binoculars

88. Biofeedback

89. Bird Feeders

90. Birds

91. Birthday

92. Birthstone

93. Black Hair Care

94. Blankets

95. Bleachers

96. Blinds

97. Blogging

98. Blood Pressure

99. Boating

100. Boat Insurance

101. Bodybuilding

102. Book Keeping

103. Book Reviews

104. Botox

105. Bowling

106. Breast Augmentation

107. Breast Cancer

108. Breast Pumps

109. Breast Reduction

110. Bridal Bouquet

111. Broadband

112. Broadband ISPs

113. Broker

114. Building A Home

115. Build Muscle

116. Business Cards

117. Business Directory

118. Business Software

119. Cabinet

120. Cables

121. Cad Software

122. Calcium

123. Calendars

124. California Vacation

125. Call Center

126. Calling Cards

127. Camcorder

128. Camera

129. Camping

130. Cancer

131. Candle

132. Candle Making

133. Canes

134. Card Tricks

135. Career

136. Caribbean Cruises

137. Car Insurance

138. Carpet

139. Cash Advance

140. Casino

141. Caskets

142. Cat Health

143. Ceiling Fan

144. Cell Phones

145. Cellular Ringtones

146. Cellulite

147. Chandelier

148. Chat Software

149. Cheap Airfare

150. Cheerleading

151. Chicago

152. Child Support

153. Chiropractor

154. Chocolate

155. Cholesterol

156. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

157. Cigar

158. Circuit Training

159. Climbing

160. Cocktail Dresses

161. Coffee

162. Coins

163. Collection Agencies

164. College

165. College Loans

166. Colocation

167. Colon Cancer

168. Colon Cleanse

169. Comforter

170. Comic Books

171. Commercial Property

172. Computer Memory

173. Computer Rental

174. Computer Training

175. Concert Tickets

176. Concrete Saws

177. Condominiums

178. Construction

179. Consulting

180. Contact Lenses

181. Continuing Education

182. Contractor

183. Cooking

184. Cookware

185. Copy Machines

186. Copywriting

187. Coral Calcium

188. Cordless Phone

189. Cosmetic Dentistry

190. Courier

191. CPA

192. Crafts

193. Credit Card Machines

194. Credit Cards

195. Credit Counseling

196. Credit Report

197. Cricket

198. Criminal Attorney

199. Criminal Background Check

200. Criminal Record

201. CRM

202. Crockpot Recipes

203. Currency

204. Currency Trading

205. Cycling

206. Dallas

207. Data Acquisition

208. Data And Hard Disk Recovery

209. Data Entry

210. Data Recovery

211. Dating

212. Debt And Credit Counseling

213. Debt Consolidation

214. Dedicated Server

215. Deep Fryer

216. Defensive Driving

217. Defibrillators

218. Dehumidifier

219. Depression Treatment

220. Designer Jewelry

221. Detoxification

222. Diabetes

223. Diabetes Supplies

224. Diamonds

225. Digital Photography

226. Digital Video

227. Discount Furniture

228. Divorced Dating

229. Document Management

230. Dog Accessories

231. Dog Collars

232. Dog Training

233. Domain Name Registration

234. Down Comforter

235. Drywall

236. Eating Disorder

237. E-business

238. Ecommerce

239. Economics

240. Elder Care

241. Electric Generators

242. Electric Scooters

243. Email Marketing

244. Energy

245. Engagement Ring

246. Equestrian

247. Ergonomics

248. Espresso

249. Espresso Machine

250. Event Planning

251. Exercise Equipment

252. Extended Warranty

253. Fatigue

254. Fence

255. Figure Skating

256. Figurines

257. Finance

258. Financial Advisor

259. Financial Aid

260. First Aid

261. Fishing

262. Fishing Knots

263. Fishing Tackle

264. Fitness Equipment

265. Flashlights

266. Flight School

267. Flood

268. Flooring

269. Florida Vacations

270. Flower Guide

271. Flowers

272. Fly fishing

273. Football

274. Foreclosure

275. Formal Dresses

276. Forums

277. Franchise Opportunity

278. Fraud

279. French Bulldogs

280. Fuel

281. Fundraising Idea

282. Funeral

283. Funeral Flowers

284. Gardening

285. Gastric Bypass

286. Gift Basket

287. Gloves

288. Glucose Meters

289. Goal Setting

290. Go Kart

291. Golf

292. Golf Clubs

293. Golf Sets

294. Golf Swing

295. Government Grant

296. GPS

297. Granite Countertops

298. Graphic Design

299. Guitar

300. Gymnastics

301. Hair Loss

302. Hair Removal

303. Hammock

304. Hawaii

305. Headphones

306. Health Insurance

307. Hearing Aid

308. Heart Disease

309. Heart Monitors

310. Heater

311. Help Desk Software

312. Herbs

313. Herpes

314. High Definition Television

315. Hip Hop

316. Hockey

317. Hoists

318. Holistic

319. Home Appliances

320. Home Based Business

321. Home Buying

322. Home Equity

323. Home Equity Loans

324. Home Furnishing

325. Home Gym

326. Home Health Care

327. Home Improvement

328. Home Inspection

329. Homeopathic

330. Homeopathy

331. Home Owner

332. Home Remedies

333. Home School

334. Home Security

335. Home Theater

336. Hong Kong Hotel

337. Hormone Replacement

338. Horoscope

339. Horse

340. Horse Racing

341. Hotels

342. Hot Tub

343. House Plans

344. Houses

345. House Value

346. Html

347. Human Growth Hormone

348. Hunting

349. Hypertension

350. Hypnosis

351. Identity Theft

352. Immigration

353. Incorporate

354. Infertility

355. Ink Cartridges

356. Inkjet

357. Insurance

358. Intellectual Property

359. Interior Decorating

360. Interior Design

361. Internet Marketing

362. Internet Services

363. Inventory Software

364. Investment Properties

365. Investments

366. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

367. Japan

368. Jewelry Making

369. Jewish Singles

370. Jobs

371. Juvenile Diabetes

372. Karaoke

373. Kitchen Cabinet

374. Kitchenware

375. Knitting

376. Lake Tahoe

377. Lamp Shades

378. Landscaping

379. Lantern

380. Lanyard

381. Lasik

382. Las Vegas

383. Lathe

384. Lawn Mowers

385. Law School

386. LCD Projectors

387. Leadership

388. Leads

389. Learn English

390. Learning Disability

391. Learn Spanish

392. Lighting

393. Line Of Credit

394. Link Exchange

395. Linux

396. Liposuction

397. Liquid Vitamin

398. Living Will

399. LLC

400. Lobster

401. Logistics

402. Long Distance

403. Lymphoma

404. Madrid Hotel

405. Magic Tricks

406. Magnetic Therapy

407. Malpractice

408. Manufacturing

409. Maps

410. Marriage Counselor

411. Martial Arts

412. Massage

413. Mattress

414. Medical Alert Systems

415. Meditation

416. Mediterranean Cruises

417. Men's Issues

418. Mental Health

419. Merchant Account

420. Metal Detectors

421. Micro Brewery

422. Microscope

423. Migraine

424. Military

425. Mold

426. Mortgage

427. Mortgage Insurance

428. Mortgage Refinancing

429. Mosaics

430. Motorcycles

431. Motor homes

432. Mountain Biking

433. Moving Company

434. MRI Equipment

435. Multilevel Marketing

436. Musical

437. Natural Remedies

438. Nebulizer

439. Negotiation

440. Networking

441. Networking Software

442. Network Management

443. Network Marketing

444. Network Monitoring

445. Nevada LLC

446. New Home

447. New York Vacation

448. Night Vision

449. NLP Hypnosis

450. Nursing

451. Nutrition

452. Obesity

453. Office Furniture

454. Olympics

455. Online Advertising

456. Online Auctions

457. Online Dating

458. Online Degree

459. Online Paralegal Degree

460. Online Trading

461. Origami

462. Outsourcing

463. Packaging

464. Painting

465. Palm Reading

466. Paranormal

467. Parental Controls

468. Parenting

469. Party Favors

470. Pasta Dishes

471. Patents

472. Paternity

473. Patio

474. Payday Loans

475. Payroll

476. Payroll Software

477. Pellet Stove

478. Perfume

479. Personal Digital Assistants

480. Personal Injury

481. Personal Massager

482. Personal Property

483. Personal Trainer

484. Pet Birds

485. Pet Fish

486. Pet Supplies

487. Philosophy

488. Phone Cards

489. Phone Systems

490. Photography

491. Physical Therapy

492. Picture Frames

493. Pilates

494. Plantar Warts

495. Plastic Surgery

496. Pocket Pc

497. Podcasting

498. Poetry

499. Poker Chips

500. Pool Tables

501. Portable Generator

502. Portable Oxygen

503. Power Supply

504. Power Washers

505. Pregnancy

506. Prepaid Legal Services

507. Pressure Washers

508. Printing

509. Probate

510. Productivity

511. Project Management

512. Projector

513. Projectors

514. Prom Dress

515. Prom Dresses

516. Prom Hairstyles

517. Promotional Pens

518. Propane

519. Property Management

520. Prostate Cancer

521. Psoriasis

522. PSP Games

523. Psychic

524. Psychology

525. Public Speaking

526. Publishing

527. Quilting

528. Quilts

529. Quit Smoking

530. Racquetball

531. Radar Detector

532. Rain Gauge

533. Reading Glasses

534. Reading Strategies

535. Recipes

536. Refinance

537. Refrigerator

538. Regulatory Compliance

539. Relationships

540. Relocation

541. Remodeling

542. Retirement

543. Reverse Mortgages

544. Robot

545. Rodeo

546. Router

547. Rowing

548. Rugby

549. Running

550. Saddle

551. Safety

552. Sales Training

553. Salon Equipment

554. Satellite TV

555. Sauna

556. Saunas

557. Schools

558. Scrapbooking

559. Scuba Diving

560. Seafood

561. Seeds

562. Seizures

563. SEO

564. Shipping

565. Silk

566. Silver

567. Skateboarding

568. Skin Cancer

569. Slipcovers

570. Slot Cars

571. Snoring

572. Soap making

573. Software

574. Spa Equipment

575. Spam Blockers

576. Sports Medicine

577. Steel Buildings

578. Sterling Silver

579. Stock Picks

580. Stress

581. Stress Management

582. Stretch Marks

583. Structured Settlement

584. Student Loans

585. Stuttering

586. Sunburn

587. Supplements

588. Surveillance

589. Sweepstakes

590. Swimming Pool Accessories

591. Swimsuit

592. Swing set

593. Tae Kwon Do

594. Tango

595. Tanning Bed

596. Tattoos

597. Tax Attorney

598. Tax Preparation

599. Tea

600. Teeth Whitening

601. Telecom

602. Teleconference

603. Telescopes

604. Thailand

605. Tie Dye

606. Time Management

607. Time Share

608. Toll free Service

609. Toner

610. Tools

611. Toy Poodles

612. Trampoline

613. Transcription

614. Translators

615. Travel

616. Travel Insurance

617. Treadmills

618. Triathlon

619. Trophy

620. Truck Accessories

621. Truck Campers

622. Trucks

623. Trumpets

624. Tuner

625. Turquoise Jewelry

626. Tutoring

627. Two Way Radio

628. Ultrasound Machines

629. Urns

630. Vacation

631. Vacation Home

632. Vacuum

633. Vending Machine

634. Venture Capital

635. Video Games

636. Video Projector

637. Video Surveillance

638. Violin

639. Virus Protection

640. Vitamins Supplements

641. Volleyball

642. Warts

643. Waste Management

644. Water Filter

645. Water Heaters

646. Water Storage Tanks

647. Web Accelerators

648. Web Conferencing

649. Website Builder

650. Web Templates

651. Wedding

652. Wedding Accessories

653. Weight Loss

654. Welding

655. Wet Suit

656. Wheelchairs

657. Wholesale

658. Wi-Fi

659. Window Treatment

660. Wine

661. Women's Lingerie

662. Wood Burning Stoves

663. Wrinkles

664. Yacht Charters

665. Yoga


Product 8: 800 Articles on 32 Niches - with Private Label Rights:

Here Is A List Of The 32 Niches Covered In The Private Label Article Pack, Plus The Number Of Articles On Each Niche Along With Their Respective Word Counts:

1. Affiliate Marketing (45 Articles - 36,202 words)

2. Better Tennis (10 Articles - 9,741 words)

3. Budgeting (5 Articles - 1,625 words)

4. Child Care (15 Articles - 16,418 words)

5. Credit Card Debt (25 Articles - 11,218 words)

6. Credit Cards (25 Articles - 11,924 words)

7. Ebay Marketing (40 Articles - 21,550 words)

8. Email Marketing (10 Articles - 7,699 words)

9. Ezine Marketing (25 Articles - 6,311 words)

10. Fitness (25 Articles - 14,716 words)

11. Gardening (35 Articles - 24,837 words)

12. Google Adsense (10 Articles - 7,201 words)

13. Health (25 Articles - 21,854 words)

14. Hobbies (35 Articles - 17,517 words)

15. Investment Basics (45 Articles - 16,077 words)

16. Landscaping (25 Articles - 10,286 words)

17. List Building, Pay-Per-Click, RSS, Blogging, and Search Engine Optimization (50 Articles - 39,811 words)

18. Online Dating (30 Articles - 8,418 words)

19. Online Dating for Men (10 Articles - 3,204 words)

20. Online Dating for Women (10 Articles - 3,276 words)

21. Pc Security (25 Articles - 13,211 words)

22. Real Estate (25 Articles - 11,322 words)

23. Self Improvement/Personal Development (105 Articles - 75,625 words)

24. Sell Your House (25 Articles - 12,324 words)

25. Skin care (25 Articles - 12,079 words)

26. Student Loans (5 Articles - 8,193 words)

27. Traffic and SEO (15 Articles - 5,787 words)

28. Viral Marketing (25 Articles - 7,985 words)

29. Vitamins (25 Articles - 10,721 words)

30. Web Design (50 Articles - 8,607 words)

31. Web Traffic (10 Articles - 7,465 words)

32. Weight Loss (25 Articles - 15,558 words)


* Matt's Year of Content: Internet Marketing Tips (3 Articles - 107,282 words)

* Other Miscellaneous Niches such as Computer Security, Finance, Mental/Psychological Disorders, Memory, Sociology, etc. (16 Articles - 18,922 words)


Product 9: 900 Articles on 37 Niches - with Private Label Rights:

Here Is A List Of The 37 Niches Covered In The Private Label Article Pack, Plus The Number Of Articles On Each Niche:

* After School Activities - 26 Articles

* Baby - 10 Articles

* Blogging - 25 Articles

* Car Rental - 10 Articles

* Car Stereo - 10 Articles

* Cell Phone - 10 Articles

* Cigars - 25 Articles

* Coin Collecting - 50 Articles

* Credit Card - 10 Articles

* Depression - 10 Articles

* Diamonds - 25 Articles

* Digital Camera - 10 Articles

* eZine Marketing - 20 Articles

* Family Budget - 50 Articles

* Fishing - 50 Articles

* Forex - 10 Articles

* G*mbling - 60 Articles

* Gardening - 25 Articles

* Golf - 10 Articles

* Google Sense - 32 Articles

* Home Schooling - 25 Articles

* Home Theater - 10 Articles

* Affiliate Marketers - 10 Articles

* Articles Marketing - 35 Articles

* Opt-in list - 10 Articles

* Job Search - 50 Articles

* Making Money With Articles - 22 Articles

* Newport Beach - 25 Articles

* New York - 10 Articles

* Paint Ball - 50 Articles

* Podcasting - 25 Articles

* San Diego - 25 Articles

* Scotch - 25 Articles

* Ski vacations - 25 Articles

* Sports Car - 50 Articles

* Web Design - 15 Articles

* Web Traffic - 10 Articles

With These Articles, You Can:

- Edit the articles and include your resource box with links pointing to your web site,

- Compile brand new eBooks and special reports from these articles or even add content to your newsletter/eZine,

- Charge up your marketing efforts easily by going viral with article marketing and freebie eBook submissions! And even,

- Resell the source Private Label Rights! Your customers can also in turn resell the Private Label Rights to the article packages if you want them to have the rights to do so. You can resell the Private Label article packages individually or all of them together!

- And anything else you want!!


Product 10: How To Do Effective Keyword Research:

You are probably no stranger to keyword research, but much has changed over the last year in online marketing practices. We have seen Web 2.0 catch on like never before, and for the first time ever, mobile device usage dwarfed computer use in 2009, diminishing the effectiveness of the old, algorithm-based search system.

How has this affected keyword research? And has it affected the way we should research our market?

In How To Do Effective Keyword Research we are going to revisit the basics and look at what has changed.

You will learn

* 4 keys to creating a truly effective market system

* 3 powerful and free keyword research tools and how to use them for top results

* How to tell if your niche members are going to actually spend money

* The one vital step to keyword research you do not want to forget

* Uncover the "new" keyword research you should be doing

* Discover the 16 common phrases people type in with their keywords

and so much more!

I have included a written report plus full audio recording that shows you how to do keyword research and use your keywords effectively in your business. In addition, you also get a mini-course on membership sites!

At only 14 straight-to-the point pages (or listen to the audio if you prefer), it is easy to read through this no-fluff guide. No sense in reading all day, when you can be building your business instead.


Product 11: How To Create Niche Membership Sites For Instant Paypal Cash - with Master Resell Rights:

It's funny, I was never considered "bright" at school; I was at best a C+ student. Unless it was sports which I excelled at, I didn't take any interest in school at all. Fast forward 10 or so years and now I'm a "guru" in more than 4 different niche markets.

By creating small simple membership sites you too can become a "guru" in just about any market almost overnight! People respect good quality information and they really respect people who run quality membership sites.

In this report I am going to show you how to start making small, very lost cost niche membership sites on the fly. These sites will earn you an ongoing income for as long as the sites are kept up.

I am also going to show you how to sell these businesses later on down the track for INSTANT LARGE SUMS OF PAYPAL CASH.

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction

2. Step 1 - Find A Hot Niche Market

3. Step 2 - Coming Up With An Idea To Base Your First Low Cost Membership Site Around

4. Step 3 - Creating Your First Low Cost Membership Site Easily

5. Step 4 - Getting As Many Members As You Can As Quickly As You Can - Reverse Engineering Your Traffic

6. Step 5 - If It's A Winner, Create Smaller Spin Off (More Expensive) Membership Sites

7. Step 6 - Sell Your Membership Sites For Large Instant Cash

8. Step 7 - Repeat The Entire Process Again

9. A Few Extra Tips - How to Squeeze Every Last Penny Out Of Your Subscribers!


Here is A Summary of Everything You will Get in This Package:

Product 1. Introduction To Niche Marketing Ecourse - with Private Label Rights

Product 2. $100 Per Day Niche Marketing System

Product 3. $100 a Day Affiliate Marketing and List Building Course

Product 4. Niche Profit Formula - with Resell Rights

Product 5. Unlocking The Niche Code - with Private Label Rights

Product 6. Niche Brainstorm - with Master Resell Rights

Product 7. 665 Niche Keyword Lists

Product 8. 800 Articles on 32 Niches - with Private Label Rights

Product 9. 900 Articles on 37 Niches - with Private Label Rights

Product 10. How To Do Effective Keyword Research

Product 11. How To Create Niche Membership Sites For Instant Paypal Cash - with Master Resell Rights

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!
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