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How to do the OFFLINE MARKETING Business CORRECTLY and achieve success GUARANTEED

Introducing How to do the OFFLINE MARKETING Business CORRECTLY and achieve success GUARANTEED DOWNLOAD
****Massively Updated And Enhanced 2.0 Edition!****WSO of the Day!!"...


Originally Posted by JustinP $5??? Dude are you crazy?

Seriously though. I love Brandon's work so you simply can't go wrong with this product. And Brandon actually DOES everything in his own business so you are getting the straight goods from a straight up pro.

Kudos B Dawg Originally Posted by Cass Tyson Five bucks!? You're as crazy as that picture makes you look. . .

Look folks, I saw the sneak peak preview doc Brandon released, which contained a small fraction of what was coming in this WSO, and frankly, that ALONE was worth more than five bucks! I can't wait to see the whole thing!

This guy is good! Buy his stuff! Originally Posted by Paul Clifford WOW.. I've been through this and I just couldn't put it down. Its motivating and captivating.

Its not just about getting the clients but also how to close them. This is the critical piece in the jigsaw for me.

Oh and I loved the interview. Kyle is super cool - and there was some immediate actionable nuggets in that for me. Worth the price of WSO alone.

Nice one mate - excellent product!

Paul Originally Posted by Digital Info Diva Guys - if you are uncomfortable contacting local businesses for ANY reason, you NEED this WSO!

I'm more comfortable creating than selling. It's really a catch-22 for me cuz I need to sell my stuff!

I just had to take a quick peek (I'm in the middle of contacting businesses with a new service I'm offering) and I can't put it down. Every time I have to start "selling" again, I go through this awful period of being uncomfortable. It's takes a while to get my pitch down. Once it's down - I'm golden.

This will take away a LOT of your pain. JUST GET IT - you won't believe you got such valuable info at this ridiculous price! Originally Posted by TheDebtEliminator I have had a chance to go through Brandon's report ........................

It was delivered in .PDF format with 2-modules of 38-pages in length for the main report.

Also the resource directory is in .PDF format and 4-pages in length Well done and very helpful.

He explains his different strategies Giving his explanations using a step-by-step manner and screen-shots.

From his very successful off-line consultant business He shares many unique methods to locate, motivate, said a fair price and close the deal.

I fell in love with page-19, which is worth all by itself more than the cost of this report.

There is an extensive module that covers your phone conversation or face-to-face meeting with closing the sale as the objective.

This is done very professionally The best that I have ever seen on the Warrior Forum and will help anyone that is working in off-line consulting to increase their bottom line.

The bonuses and are excellent, very useful and easily worth more than the cost of this WSO.

In my opinion, this is a must-have WSO for anyone that is doing off-line marketing or considering entering that arena.

All the best Ron
To my fellow Tradebit Viewers this one's for you...

Can A Simple Tweak to What You
Are Already Doing Add an
Extra 2-4k a Week in Cold
Hard Cash
to Your
Bottom Line?

Yes, the uber-ninja four-second change that I teach is

But let me tell you.

It's only ONE of the Instant Success Methods
that I will reveal to you with my:


I mean I have literally kicked-in the doors to the offline local
market for you!

Your being handed here the golden keys to the success

So let me ask you this:

Does learning a method so jaw-dropping powerful
that it turns 17 year old pimply McDonalds Rejects
into multi-millionaires interest you?

If so then please speed read through this so you can get
your hands on this red hot material right away!

The course speaks for itself, so I will briefly tell you who I am,
what I got, and what it can do for you and your life, fair enough?


I'm Puttin' It All On The Table With This One!

(Me Cleverly disguised : ) as I don't feel comfortable revealing
my true identity with what I am about to teach you...)

Taken from my phone:

Reviews from some of my previous customers:
Originally Posted by John Durham Lol. Brandon what I love about your copy here is that I know you will

"Take someone by the hand and force them to make money"!

lol I see you doing it everyday.

Truly guys, If Brandon says it he means it. If he tells you you can profit... You can. Simple as that.

He is a straight up guy who does it himself and loves helping others do it!

Cant wait to get a chance dig into the materials!

Good Luck on your WSO Brandon. Im sure we will be seeing some success stories here in no time!

Note for the skeptical: The proof is in the pudding, and this man is gonna create some success stories.

I can tell you right now, and save you the wait to see!!

Thanks Brandon!

-John Originally Posted by JustinP Great job on this WSO launch Brandon. I have been fortunate enough to get to know Brandon and he is the real deal. He is committed to his business and to his customers.

... I believe in what he is doing here.

If you are even remotely on the fence allow me to give you a gentle nudge in the direction of purchasing. You are in great hands and you will not be disappointed. Originally Posted by Woody Crenshaw I picked this up yesterday, and I can confidently say that this might be the thing that turns me around and actually starts making me money in 2011.

I was amazed at the wealth of Brandon's knowledge, experience, and passion for what he is doing.

...his products are easy to understand and are very helpful.

... I have spoken with Brandon. In short, he knows his stuff.

If you are interested in making 2011 the year your succeed, or even the year that you take your business to the next level, then I highly suggest you get into the group while the price is still ridiculously cheap. I can't not believe that Brandon didn't start out the pricing at $77 like some of the other mastermind groups currently being offered.

Thank you Brandon for create a great product and bringing together a great group of people to succeed in 2011. Originally Posted by Amir Luis Holy Canoli Batman!
I don't even know where to begin! There is SOOOO Much information in this WSO it is UNREAL... This is actually about 4 WSO's all wrapped up in one... WOOW!

The Offline Ninja Hacks is my personal favorite... Particularly #19

Even if you are an old school Offline Marketer I am sure you haven't even begun to think outside the box like this... There are OVER 20 ways to monetize in Intenet Marketing.

I laughed through most of this! Brandon is a funny guy...

It comes through in his voice and his writing....

REALLY TOP NOTCH WSO! Good Job Brandon...... I am going to implement some of these tactics RIGHT NOW....

Maybe you are like me...

You see, I REALLY did not enjoy much what I
was doing. And that's a major understatement.

Painting Houses. Restoring Houses Damaged
by Fire, Wind, and Water.

Doing the daily grind.


I bought into a lot of dreams over the years and
had almost given up multiple times.

Chalk it up to a lot of reasons why I wasn't successful:

  • Overwhelm
  • Buying in to crap systems that were hyped up
  • Simply not getting myself to take action
  • Lack of time (in my mind) and focus

and on and on...

But I constantly had the success life dangled in
front of me. And I simply could not stop until it
all clicked for me!

I was once and for all READY to:

Cement My Status In Life!

"The expensive cars didn't interest me as much as
the freedom a business like this can provide.

I have two young boys and want to spend all the
time I can with them.

I want to be able to hit the trails on my mountain
bike when I want.

To take vacations with my family. To take my wife
on incredible weekly dates.

Heck, just the freedom to get up and go work from
the coffee shop or wherever I want for the day!

I don't know, call me a simple guy, but it's the little
things like that which means the most to me personally."
So In A Nutshell Who Is This For?

  • If you were like me. Overwhelmed and looking
    for a simple sure-fire system that
    WILL work like gang-busters.
  • If you are having decent or good results now but
    want to sky-rocket your results with a few simple
    tweaks that have never been revealed to you before
    on this forum.
  • If you are looking for ways to get the HIGHEST
    quality hotter than hot leads out there
    for free.
  • If you are not closing over 90 of the deals of people
    that you know NEED your product.
  • If you have purchased multiple products catering to the
    offline market, but you feel like there is a missing link
    to real success for you.
  • If you are wanting to have a system that can create
    money on demand. Boom. Bam. Pow! Do this and Get Paid.

If that sounds like you, then this system will knock your
business socks off!

Who This Is Not For?
  • If you are not willing to put in some extra effort to create
    the life of your dreams, then this and any other course is
    NOT for you.
  • If you are looking for push button profits (doesn't exist), go
    to Clickbank and search around, because this will not be for you.
  • If you plan on purchasing this and letting it
    gather dust on your digital bookshelves then please
    don't bother investing in this course.
    I don't want your business.

I Am Gathering That If You Are Still Here,
Then You Are Ready To Get


(was told this should be a WSO by itself)...

...Ever had a prospect that needed your services,
the offer went great, and then they didn't purchase?

I teach you how to make sure that NEVER
happens again with a few subliminal
you will use...Shhh.....

...What I learned from a guy that used to make a cool
million bucks a week (profit!) and has a famous movie
star (Can you say Leo?) playing him soon in a
blockbuster film.

I went into my dungeon and locked the doors, determined
to tailor what I learned to the offline market.

"When I emerged, I came out with something so
WHITE HOT that it was giving me cold chills of excitement!"
...Why lazer focusing on your GOALS is absolutely the
wrong thing to do.

...How to find more SUPER-TARGETED LEADS then you
can handle!

...3 Unheard of Fast Cash Strategies for times when
you need cash now, or want a cash surge to
take a luxury vacation.

...A copy and paste method that has hundreds of
hidden cues that will:

Your Prospects Emotional
And Logical Needs...

and have them dying to pay you.

...How to be an INSTANT AUTHORITY, whether you
have zero clients or don't even have your
own website!

...The 3 reasons why your prospects aren't buying
from you EVERY TIME when you know they should.
I give you the instant cure-all method that will squash
their predisposed beliefs into the dry dirt!

...The one ART that you need to know, that will take
you from an average sucker to a real player in the
offline niche.

...Over six hidden triggers you must use on the close
to get their cash on the spot.

(Tip: If you don't get paid RIGHT when they agree to do
business with you, you WILL lose a lot of deals)

And much much more I will reveal to you...

2.0 Updates!!

This is a Completely Updated Version of
the Original Cult Classic Offline Enforcer.

Learn how to get your first five clients fast by focusing
on 3 Simple Things each day and ignoring everything

Learn the secrets of Framing and Prizing.

Do you want to be the prize?
Should they be the Prize?

It's extremely important to know. I'll teach you who,
and then show you exactly how to do it.

I've added on 3 Fresh Videos dubbed the "Fast Start"

I'll show you something called the MVP Method and how
to use it instantly to crush and melt away the
overwhelm in your offline business.

All this and much more...

Stunningly Simple!

"This is one of those programs that when you
go through it, it will just make plain sense and
you will know exactly what you need to do."


As a bonus, I would like to gift to you for being a
quick decision maker today, an interview I did with
a VERY Successful offline and online marketer Kyle Tully.

His students have brought in well over
1 million dollars in offline deals as well,
so he is an incredible teacher and
knows his stuff!!

The only thing I don't like about this interview is
he is sporting a cool Australian accent, and I am
stuck with my Arkansaw' accent. ; )

Who knows, maybe I sound sexy over there. lol...

I really enjoyed the interview with my buddy Kyle, and
he reveals the methods that have created
the dream lifestyle that he now lives.

I have been checking out his pictures on Facebook
and he has just got back from vacationing all over
Europe and who knows where else.

And he's got three more vacations planned!

BONUS #2 Bonus PDF: Enforcer Resourcer

Filled with action checklists, outsourcing secrets,
and a ton of resources online that will help you succeed.

I also give you a link to a free tool that instantly
boosted my profits in my online and offline businesses.

I really try to take care of you with this course
and have all kinds of goodies and resources
scattered throughout.

Get Instant Access Right Now for a
Stupidly-Silly Cash Outlay of Only 7.00!
(Dimesale-Price will increase)

I Wanted To Make The Price So Low
That It MakesYou Smile So Hard
Your Cheeks Hurt!

This is what you call one of those crazy-dimesale-
whatch-ma-call-its so Hurry Up and Get it at the Low-Ball Price!

Listen, if you are still reading this, there is no doubt at
all that you NEED this course.

Believe me, the only regret you'll have in purchasing this
course is that I didn't release this 6 months ago!

P.S. I back all my products with a no-hassle,
30 day money back refund, so I truly
put all the risk on myself and make it a totally
No-Brainer Win/Win for you.

I look foward to seeing you on the inside!



Is there effort required to do this? Please. Leave now.
Do you have to cold-call? No.

Is there an OTO? There is a limited offer, but it has no
bearing on this course or implementing it whatsoever.

It is some additional ninja training, and a huge discount
on some other Offline Products of mine. I explain why
the Huge Discount in a brief video you can watch.

Take it or leave it. It's all good to me. I'm simply here to
add value, not take it.

The truth is, you can make an insanely huge amount of
cash with this course.

But I don't know you, your work ethic, your desire to
succeed, or whether you're of the 97 or the 3 of
this world.

If you plan to just let this lay idle in your hard drive,
if you plan to do nothing with this, if you're suffering
from excuse-itus or blame-itus, if you are a serial
refunder, if you buy this and then randomly decide
that Offline is not for you then steer the heck
away from me and this course. I don't want
your business and won't honor your refund.

I am aligning myself with the true people that have
drive and actually want to succeed.

For "those" people this will be the most glorious start
to your offline career ever, and I'll bend over
backwards to help make you a success.

I've said my piece.
NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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