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**Complete Mobile Marketing Success** How to dominate the Mo

Introducing **Complete Mobile Marketing Success** How to dominate the Mobile Market Easily to make HUGE profits DOWNLOAD
...finally a no B.S. package that kicks real butt...

"Who Else Wants To Be A Mobile Marketing Rockstar Cashing In On The Latest Cash Sucking Frenzy Using Tactics Your Grandma Can Do?

..watch the video below for the full scoop within seconds....

Originally Posted by Jerry Roberts StreetSmart Reviews:
No hype No Bull Just straight stuff to make
a decent buying decision.

Re: Mobile Takeover by Brian Anderson &
Mario Brown

Full disclosure: I received a review copy

What it is
There's a little for everybody in this package, whether you're just beginning your offline/mobile marketing, all the way to advanced folks.

To me, this package is about adding some good tools, along with gaining insight from people who have worked the business at all levels.

What you get
Ebooks on mobile basics, selling to franchises, and mobile SEO. The latter includes a bounty of statistics on mobile marketing that you'll love to quote to prospects.

In addition, a simple yet highly effective promotional video for the spa industry, featuring the great voice of Warrior Rob Actis. A corresponding e-mail is included. Even if you never work with a spa, just follow the example and make your own promo for whatever industry you're involved with.

In addition, two full Webinars on mobile client acquisition strategies. That's three hours of material from people who are well versed in making mobile work with everything from small operations to large corporations. There is a lot to take in.

Then, a 12-question opinion form to use with prospects, plus an ROI calculator.

Finally, PowerPoint presentations that drive home the message and create impact with car dealers, restaurants, and tanning salons. With a little data gathering for other industries, you can easily extract info and images to create your own high quality presentations.

Even if you have other mobile products...

This should deliver for you. Again, the varied perspectives and experiences of those involved, plus the tools included, makes this a valuable product for anyone.

They know what they're doing
Brian and Mario are both-feet-on-the-ground marketers and you'll make good use of this package.

Okay, that's it for Mobile Takeover.

StreetSmart Reviews signing off.

Best to you.

Jerry Originally Posted by aCass The direction our Offline Consultancy is going, is Mobile Marketing. That's it really. SEO is a great service to profit because it doesn't take that much time to do, but Mobile Marketing is FAR more lucrative. By much.

I reviewed Mario Brown's Mobile Takeover. It's by far the best product I've ever gone through in months as far as ways to make money with Offline Consultancy, hands down.

This is the way to future protect your business & grab more clients. Highly recommended.

Thank you guys,

Alex- Originally Posted by valerie4975 Hey Guys

I have been a member of Brian and Mario's Offline Renegades for several months now. These guys are the real deal. They are in the trenches and sharing what works.

You will NEVER go wrong getting a product from them and Mobile Takeover is no exception.

Its concise free of fluff and BS. Just actionable stuff to help us all get on Mobile and rock it.

I won't go on and on about how much B&M continue to over deliver all of the time - I did that in my video review lol (see their sales letter )

Jump in! You won't be sorry.

Valerie DuVall Originally Posted by Passionate Profits Hey everyone,

All I can say is WOW!!! This is an outstanding product, and as always Mario and Brian have over-delivered. The content is exactly what I was looking for. For all of you who have not yet been able to access the members area, just be patient.

The server issue should be a great indicator that there is a lot of people trying to access this great product. Honestly, a minor frustration.

Mario and Brian....keep smiling, you are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB, and I sincerely appreciate the great training and awesome customer support!

Thanks for all you do to share your knowledge with the rest of us!
Dana Originally Posted by TimeSage Hi Mario and Brian,

Great job guys! I am just setting myself up an offline website to sell Mobile Websites, SEO, Apps and you came along just in the nick of time. The bonuses are excellent but my big favorite is the OTO, it is a huge TIME SAVER and gets ***** 5 Stars.

This is one of the best package's I have seen in the last 4 months. You truly over-delivered. Anyone interested in making money in Mobile? BUY THIS NOW!

Thanks again. Originally Posted by Michael Rytter WOW!

Ok I'm back.....got into the membership site....went straight to the Bonus section (LOL!..), downloaded the Powerpoints, after which the server melted again, LOL!....but.... I DON"T CARE!

After seeing the quality of the Powerpoint materials.....HOLY CRAP BATMAN!! This is top quality stuff! The stats and info alone on the slides are an education, in and of themselves! And the graphic composition of the slides ROCK... extremely high caliber, professional quality.....

So have please have patience folks....these guys aren't foolin' around....this is worth waiting for....the bonus section alone is worth MANY many multiples of what you paid for this. (I haven't even looked at the main offer yet...(I can't....LOL!)

I wouldn't trade stress levels with Mario and Brian right now for NOTHING! (LOL!) So many Big Guns promoted this, no wonder things are melting! Originally Posted by Anthony Aires Warriors...

Had a chance to glance this over last night and you can count on me using a couple of the strategies revealed in here for the Mobile Phone Snatching my partner Kevin and I continue to do...this stuff works folks! Mobile phone numbers are the new email addresses!

Thanks for sharing Mario...the information you share is far more valuable than the investment!


Anthony Aires

P.S. don't sweat getting access from Mario I know they are working on it right now I just spoke with Mario...hang in there folks...THIS Proves to you that the servers do go down on big launches like this...it's not a marketing gimmick. When a server get's hit with a ton of requests at the same time it falls apart...so just hang in there...you'll get in...there all over it! Originally Posted by BarbaraP Bought package + OTO
Mario & Brian always go overboard on content and support. This package adds other like-minded experts - Maria, Tina & Rob -- so it will be worth waiting for server to catch up to access.
In meantime, I'm downloading videos from OTO and prepping my email list of prospects by segment to fit the new videos/email templates. That way, I'm ready, aimed and can "fire" faster . . . and recoup my investment+++ asap!

Thanks and sooo glad you guys have blown up your server...that means mobile marketing is mucho caliente!
I'll be mentioning the logjam to the next local business whiner who complains they "can't sell anything in this economy" while they renew & pay Yellow Pages/billboards/local magazines and the other money-sucking dinosaurs instead of paying one of us to get more sales. Originally Posted by Ninja Web Services I originally didn't get my logins due to the server meltdown so I skyped Brian and within about ten minutes he had me set up.

Thanks for handling this responsibly, Brian! I'm sure you were stressed to the MAX! Talk about grace under pressure!

I've gotten through most of the pdfs in modules 1 and 2, and there is a TON of actionable content in here. Sheesh, and I still have two modules to go!

I've already had three "Ah-HAHHHH!" moments that showed me why my current approach hasn't been having as much response as I'd like. These alone are going to boost my bottom line, I'm sure. And your Module 2 Method 2 is KICKA$$!!! There are a lot of local businesses of this type in my area, and you can betcha I'm going to be going for the gusto with this one.

I know a lot of folks like their content in video form, but I was happy to see pdfs since I have trouble digesting info from videos. I guess the best of all worlds is having both, but boy was I glad to see the written word.

There are some videos. I'll get around to watching them all. I always put that off til the last since they're not as easy for me. I did watch the intro vid. If they're all that high quality I will probably be able to get through them just fine.

Thank you so much for a quality product. So many of the packages I've gotten have been rehashed yawners. It's refreshing to see something that is so useful and helpful! Originally Posted by karamarie hey there

Just wanted to thank you so much for such an awesome product for such a steal of a price-point. Unbelievable.

Just one of the Bonus items alone - is worth no less than $97 to me.
I won't say which one - because to some it just may look like a diamond in the rough... and they're totally missing out. lol

The core product - very nice. Much appreciated.

oh - and the purchase process - smooth as a baby's cheek. Not a hiccup to report.
And I love your lightning fast response to my personal question. Nice.

Thanks again for a great "customer experience" all the way around.


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Got Excited?
Check What OG Has To Say

Disclaimer: OG was paid to make a FUN and Entertaining review. As she says her self in the video, she actually has no clue about Mobile Marketing.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

In A Hurry? Here Is The Full Scoop

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

From the desk of Brian Anderson & Mario Brown

Dear Tradebit Viewers

I don't have any time to waste and I don't want to waist your time either - so I"ll cut to the chase.

Mario here and I'll get straight to the point, this package is about Mobile Marketing and I know what you are thinking:

'Oh no not another package about Mobile!'

Fear not because this isn't just another crappy package containing just a simple PDF with no value in it! This Jam-Packed training course will blow your socks off!

Brian and I decided to compete with some of the biggest and toughest Mobile companies and mobile package sellers out there and we kicked their butt!

Yes, we declared War against all these package sellers that over-promise and under-deliver and we're here to give you the biggest bang for your money... period.

Read on and discover what we have in store for you and how this is going to make YOU a mobile Rockstar, helping you easily get clients that can pay you month after month for simple services.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

My Main Struggle
Starting Out With Mobile

I personally had no clue about Mobile when I started my Internet Marketing journey and just like you I got completely overwhelmed with all the info out there.

I mean think about it, there's a new product coming out every single day promising you the next best mobile secret, brand new strategies and fancy tactics.

I bought them all and I got so overwhelmed by all the info that I absolutely didn't know where to start or what to do - can anyone say 'Analysis Paralysis'?

Not a nice place to be in and it took me awhile to turn things around.

Once I started following people that are actually out there kicking butt
, getting their mobile websites to rank and crushing their competition, I started to see progress.

Look it's quite simple, find somebody who's already successful at what it is that you want to achieve and mimic what they are doing.

What we're going to teach you is to stick to the basics, to keep it stupid simple!

I had absolutely NO CLUE about Mobile Marketing just 2 months ago and maybe you are in the same boat.

Mobile Websites, SMS Text Marketing, QR-Codes and Mobile Advertising - I was so overwhelmed for the longest time that I stayed away from Mobile because I was intimidated.

Have you ever felt that way, like everyone is talking about a subject and you see it getting hotter and hotter in the marketplace but you just can't wrap your head around it yet?

That's exactly how I felt but I had to face the facts -> Mobile is not the future....


I had to jump on board this trend, so I've spent endless hours looking for good products and I wasted a lot of money buying one mobile product after another.

We're here to save all that time, effort and Money. We're handing you a business in a box! A complete system that works virtually every time that you'll use it AND it includes all the mobile education that you'll ever need.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Look, I'm not a copywriter and I'm not trying to be one.

This is the most straightforward package that you're going to find.

  • No sales psychology
  • No NLP shenanigans or any other B.S.
  • Just straight talk from Warrior to Warrior

We're two Tradebit Viewers that don't shy away from telling it like it is.

I don't even have to hard sell anything here - Only a fool would walk away from an offer that strong and irresistible.

We've created a true business in a box and rather than hyping it all up I just spare you all the sales B.S. and tell you straight up what you'll get now that you've decided to participate in this amazing mobile opportunity.


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