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The Magical Formula For Creating Life Changing Income - Quality PLR Download

The Magical Formula For Creating Life Changing Income - Quality PLR Download

Welcome To Lesson 6 In Your
12 Lesson Online Training Program

"The Magical Formula For Creating
Life Changing Income!"

Copyright© 2006 Your Name. All Rights Reserved.

One Ultra-Resourceful, Underutilized, Low-Cost "Stealth" Marketing Tactic That's Guaranteed To Increase Your Traffic & Sales... In Ten Days Or Less!

"But let's keep it our own little secret... shall we?"

Welcome back My Fine Estudiante'...

No beatin' around the bush today, my friend...  No way... I'm pumped up for today's lesson...  And I'm in rare form this week.  I guess that means you're one lucky camper....

No, actually I feel pretty lucky to have you here with me while we share in this information together.  It's a true blessing that I'm fortunate enough to have you aboard and I mean that sincerely!  Thanks for being here ;-)

How's this for an ironic twist...

My wife was reading over some of our lessons (silly me -- I left my computer screen up after writing the last lesson) and once she discovered our "secret" little website -- Candle-Lite Cooking -- she insisted I cook her a nice "Candle-Lite Meal" over the weekend.

Needless to say... things went extremely well and I'm now back on the top of her "Mr. Romance" list once again (I'm afraid I was starting to drop in the rankings!)

So ya see... Our little homepage really does attract (or should I say - command) some attention and it can also spark a few fires unexpectedly.  Hell,  she didn't even reap the benefits of actually being able to download a special report or sign up for our fictitious e-course and she was still enthralled....

Well actually -- what she said was...

"You sure can talk a good talk but can you actually walk the walk?"

That, my friend, was a challenge I just couldn't refuse!

Wouldn't you agree?  And guess what -- I passed with flyin' colors!

Just call me "Sergio" from now on! Oh... and before we get started I just have to tell you a quick little story...

I promise it'll only take 30 seconds...

My youngest son, Tyler, who's now six, just started his first year of "Sunday School" this year.  My wife, being the "world's greatest" mom that she is, was taking a few minutes each night to practice some prayers with him before he went to bed.

Well, last night, she came out of his bedroom practically in tears, laughing under her breathe.  I couldn't imagine what she found so funny, especially since she was just saying prayers with the little guy - and she takes that pretty serious.

She proceeds to tell me that she was listening proudly as Tyler (for the first time) took control of the reigns and told her that he wanted to say the "The Lords Prayer" all by himself - with no help from her.

For the past few nights, he would repeat after his mom - the lines from the prayer. Finally, this time... he decided to go solo.  She eagerly agreed!

My wife listened (beaming with pride) as Tyler carefully enunciated each word, right up to the end of the prayer:

"And Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us Some E-mail. Amen."

A chip off the ole' block!


Okay then, enough funny business... let's move on to more serious matters at hand...

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Best of all --100 FREE!

 Impressive...how many resourceful goodies I just keep givin' and givin'...

So... Are ya' ready for yet another "Fan-tastico" lesson?

Well, today I want to start off by briefly discussing those little "orphans" we've been ignoring thus far on our homepage.  By orphans, I'm referring to those plain ole' text links on our homepage.  I want to break them down a bit in more detail (some links we'll discuss more than others for obvious reasons).

"There's a lot of gold to be found in them there links...."

More importantly, In this weeks lesson, I want to focus the 'Meat and Potatoes' on some clever "stealth" marketing techniques that are surely going to "Bring Home The Bacon" once implemented into our game plan.

What "stealth" marketing techniques?

Glad you asked!

When I say "stealth" techniques, I mean...

 FREE Or Very Low Cost - Yet Almost Invisible - Traffic Generating Methods And Techniques!

But before we plunge right into those techniques, let's take a closer look at our clever links that we have setup on our homepage -- Candle-Lite Cooking.

It's important to note that although it's not obvious to the 'untrained eye', each link on our homepage has been carefully thought out and strategically placed for a specific reason... and I'll explain:

Links at the Header and Footer of our Homepage

First - let's talk about the placement of our links...

I specifically placed our menu of links at the top (and also at the bottom) of our homepage page for two specific reasons.


As you now know, the primary focus of our homepage is simply to get folks to signup for our e-course or grab our free report.  By placing our

links at the top and bottom of the page, they're not the dominant focus - and we want it that way for good reasons.

Since the main focus of our homepage is lead generation (i.e. our popup form, free report, newsletter subscription, etc), we don't want folks to visit our website and immediately see all kinds of "attention grabbing" interesting links to check out.

NO WAY!  We're too sly for that!

Instead, we want to methodically LEAD our customer - from start to finish - along our predetermined path and ultimately have them end up doing exactly what we intended them to do...


Think about it: If we added all sorts of flashy links and banners scattered about our homepage, it would only create confusion -- or worse yet -- curiosity.  And now isn't the time for our customer to be curious about the rest of our site.  FOOEY!

We never want our traffic wandering around aimlessly - confused and curious - wondering which link they should "click" first (or next).  When that happens, we lose control.  And when we lose control of the web tour, we ultimately risk losing control of a sale as well.


Look at it this way...

Think of yourself - the astute business (website) owner that you are now becoming - as the "Master" tour guide.  Your goal as the tour guide is to lead your visitors along your desired path - not theirs.  You don't want your customers "running amuck" on their own.  They might get lost in the "hustle and bustle".

We can't have "strays" running rampant all over our "domain".  Someone might get confused.  And confusion leads to pain.  And pain leads to...

... "Click - Goodbye!"

By taking as much control of our customers tour as possible, we can then guide and educate them ON OUR TERMS - systematically.  It's a beautiful thing... isn't it?  You might think I'm a control freak...

I say... thank you!

Second We don't want our customer to feel "boxed up" either.  We'll allow them some leeway during their visit, but again -- on our terms...

And best of all -- they won't even realize we're in control.

I'll elaborate:  Our NUMBER ONE goal is to have a visitor sign up for our FREE offer and enter their email address.  BUILD OUR LIST!  If we only accomplish this task, we've hit a home run!

But if, for some UNEARTHLY reason, our customer isn't interested in giving us their email address  -- shame on them! -- we have to allow for a "PLAN B".

What's Plan B?

Simply allowing our customer the option to click on a link or two and check out our site in a little more detail.... to get to know a little bit more about us.

But... Here's The Kicker!

We still want as much control over the tour as possible.  Therefore, we plant "strategic" links -- those types of links that we'd almost be just as happy to have them wonder off to (if need be).  But only if we can't entice them to take our desired action and "opt in" to our list first.

Now understand this... There are GREAT "plan B" links, and then there are total "Crapola" links.

  • First, let's quickly look at the "Crapola" side of the equation -- those types of links that simply NEVER get the job done - meaning they won't lead our customer on our desired path which will ultimately end up leading them to our E-Register.

I'll try not to ramble on too-too much about these types of links, but understand that this is extremely important.  It drives me crazy when I see links like the one's I've listed below pasted all over a website:

  • Contact Us

  • Visit Our Other Sites Here

  • Sign Our Guestbook

  • About Us

  • Join Our Affiliate Program

  • My Favorite Links

  • Link To Us

  • Etc., Etc., Etc...

And Then We See Those "Self-Absorbed" Banners And Irritatingly Useless Graphics Flashing All Over Many Websites With One Sole Purpose -- To Send Their Valuable Website Traffic Off To Another Website...

Hello?  Anybody Home?

Have These Webmasters Lost Their Minds?

Yes, they may get a few cents for every click-thru from "Banner A's" affiliate program by sending their traffic through to an affiliate's site, but unfortunately these "comatose" webmasters have no clue how to make "real" money via affiliate programs.

I'm guessing they'll never realize how much cash flow their throwing out the window when they send their traffic away via a banner ad or affiliate link... but that's good news for us!

Thank our lucky stars we're so damn intelligent!...

There's literally dozens of ways -- ALL 1000 TIMES BETTER -- and much more effective than simply adding flashing links and banners all over our website (and in future lessons we're going to discuss many of those tactics in great detail) to make huge affiliate commissions.

For now though, understand that our homepage at "Candle-Lite" Cooking is setup with a "SIMPLE" yet "Methodical" design and purpose -- so we can be the "Tour Guide" and ultimately end the tour with a sale.  It may not be immediately obvious, apparent or may not even lead to a sale right off the bat -- but rest assured... a sale we will get!

Sales are our ultimate goal and we're going to work brilliantly to see to it that we achieve our goal.

So for right now, let's discuss some of those links I just mentioned above (and then we'll discuss our Ingenious homepage links in more detail in a moment):

1. The Useless "Contact Us" Link
Everybody thinks they need a "contact us" link on their homepage.


But Dave, you're thinking... you big dumb "Putz" -- you're nuts!

**See - I even know what you're thinking and it's not very nice! Shame on you...**

You're saying to yourself...  Everyone - even a complete "Doofus" like you - knows that every visitor needs a way to contact us in case they have a problem or question... right?

ABSOLUTELY!  But they don't need a link to find out how to contact us.  Your best strategy for contact information is to simply place a small portion of text at the bottom of your website (BOTTOM -CENTER) that has the following:

  1. Company Name

  2. Physical Mailing Address

  3. Contact Email Address

  4. Phone Number

  5. Copyright Notice

That's it!  You don't need a link to a contact us page - especially on your homepage!  Our homepage is our "Capture Page" - plain and simple.  Get the email addy!  Don't distract from our desired response.  Got it?

As we move forward, digging deeper into our website, we'll start adding additional pages.  That's when we'll consider adding various types of other links.  But right now we're still focusing on our homepage - Our Capture Page...

So let's add our contact information to our homepage before we proceed any further.

NOTE: For reasons I'll explain in a moment, I reluctantly included a "Contact Us" link on the original design of our homepage just to cut down on the amount of email I was receiving from folks telling me about how I forgot - what many knew to be - the most important link a website needs...  Tough crowd I must say!

NOW... I've removed it...  We don't need it!

STOP! and Click Here to view our homepage with the contact information now at the footer of our homepage.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  The "perfect" setup. Everything a visitor would ever need to get in touch with us - and no link to take them off our chosen path.

2. The Pompous "View Our Other Sites" Link
Now here's a real "Bobble Head" no-brainer...

This link makes me wanna pull my eye-balls out!

Focus!... Focus!... Focus!

You want to focus on the benefits you are offering this particular customer who's already arrived to THIS PARTICULAR SITE!  Forget he or she MIGHT be interested in our other sites. To hell with our "other sites" for now...

If we want to get traffic to some OTHER SITES, then we'll market those separately.  Never send away a customer to any OTHER SITES when they're on THIS (your) particular site right NOW!  That's a cocktail for disaster...

Enough said about that...

Now... Here's my "Dave's Fish Head Award" for the dumbest link in town!

3. The Cutesy "Sign My Guestbook" Link

Have these folks lost their minds?  Unless you have a charity site or a website that you never want to make one red cent from - plus the only thing you provide is useless and uninformative content, PLEASE don't EVER place a link on your site like this.

Important: We will be discussing "viral content techniques" that your site traffic can easily contribute to in future lessons, but a link to a guestbook, especially on your homepage,  is not one of them.

Out the window with GUESTBOOKS!  Seee Yaaa!

4. The Self-Centered "About Us" Link

I'll keep these comments short and sweet...


You're in business for 50 years - SO WHAT!

How you came to discover this product while
traveling across the deserts of Egypt - SO WHAT!

How you started from nothing and built an empire profiting
over 100 million A YEAR IN LESS THAN 3 YEARS - SO WHAT!

How you patented your product and spent thousands
of dollars in research - SO WHAT!

How you got approval from the FDA and now
sell worldwide - SO WHAT!

Pictures of your staff and how you've been working
together for over 10 years - SO WHAT!

Skip the About Us Link! - Trust me... you'll thank me in the long run!  I've monitored stats on web servers for years and the "about us" page is very rarely visited anyway so again - find a better way to use that valuable space on your website to PRE-SELL!

5. The "Greedy" Join Our Affiliate Program" Link

Affiliate Programs are a must - no doubt.  But placing a link on your homepage that simply reads "Join Our Affiliate Program" ain't gonna' cut it!  We're going to discuss affiliate programs in much more detail in future lessons so for now my only recommendation to you is this:

Skip the "Affiliate Program" link on your homepage.

There's much, much, much better ways to recruit "Quality" affiliates and promote your program than via a web link on your homepage.

Having said that... If you just can't imagine NOT advertising your affiliate program on your homepage - if it's gonna' keep you up at night in cold sweats -  then go ahead and add it.  I can live with it!  I don't want to think I'm causing you any pain or discomfort ;-)

Out of all the links we've discussed so far, I guess this one is really a personal preference, but I'm 70/30 on leaving it off the page rather than adding it - but again your choice.

... See how easy I am to get along with... And my wife has the nerve to say I'm cocky, pigheaded, and I always have to be right!  Shame on her!...

But we're going to skip the "Join Our Affiliate Program" link on our homepage for "Candle-Lite" cooking.  We're going to do a better job with our promos than just a simple link once we really get rollin' along.

6. The Self Destructing "My Favorite Links" Link

Do I really have to even address this one?

Here's a link to a page that basically tells your customer this:

"I know you're probably not going to be interested in anything I have to offer, but here's some really cool sites that do have value and substance so you should go visit one of these sites instead!"

"If I ever check my database and find any one of my students from this e-course with a link even similar to one of these I will jump on a flight to your hometown, hunt you down, come to your home or business, hack into your computer, hijack your server, passwords, and FTP information and remove the link from your page!  Then, I'll change all your passwords so you'll never be able to pull a stunt like that again!"

I think that's fair - Agreed?  Good, so as long as we agree on that we'll have no problems then ;-)

... I'm pretty brave hiding behind my computer screen... huh?

Okay... I lied (first time ever)!  I won't hunt you down and come to your house - but please don't offer your "Favorite Links" to anyone except your mother -- or maybe your spouse or children (but they should be interrogated thoroughly first).

There's a time and a place for "favorite links" and alike.

Perhaps in a Blog or newsletter...

Hmmm!  Now there's an interesting idea!  But guess what... We're going to save that thought for a future lesson as well.

We don't want any such links on our capture page.

Moving on...

7. The Cunning "Link To Us" Link

In the past, many "Gurus" came up with this ingenious idea that they'd trick the search engines into thinking that they were a "HUGE" Internet resource just because they had thousands of links pointing back to their site from thousands of unrelated websites - hence, boosting their search engine rankings.

It reminds me of a cheap "pick up line"...

"Hi, nice to meet you... Wanna' trade links?"

OH PLEASE!  Reality check time.... You get nothing for nothing.

Common sense!

It might have worked in the "stone ages" of the Internet, but rest assured, it doesn't work now.  Technology and "the Internet community" as a whole have gotten much smarter than they used to be... Especially the search engines themselves!

In most instances, all you're going to end up with is endless spam.  Truth is... There's better ways to spend your time and efforts...

So forget about linking partners, FFA (free for all)  links, linking software, links pages, etc.  The only way you're going to get quality, "TARGETED" traffic to your website is by doing the legwork yourself (which we'll begin to discuss in this lesson).

Note:  There are strategies that we'll discuss in this course that can be very lucrative -- such as JV partners (Joint Venture Partners) and link trading, but what I am referring to above are those webmasters that search out anyone and everyone willing to trade links.  I'm sure you've seen websites that provide a "Links" page that basically consists of a long list of URL's that they post on their website in order to have these webmasters do the same thing on their own site and include their URL on their webpage.

Forget about it!

And while we're on the subject, let me also point out a few more no-no's.

  • Blast your message to 1,000,000 email addresses

  • Submit your site to 5,000 search engines with one click

  • Guaranteed - 10,000 hits to your website for $39.95

  • Pop Up and Pop Under Traffic Exchange Programs

Forget all of the above (and anything that is even remotely similar).  They are all GARBAGE - JUNK - Money-Wasters! 

But have no fear...

We're going to implement some extremely effective "ultra-targeted" techniques to get high quality traffic to our website very effectively (and FREE) in this lesson, so just shut up and listen -- (kidding again!... c'mon lighten up :-)

Forget the LINK TO US, links pages, or traffic exchanges - they don't work - waste of time!  And forget the "Massive Traffic" promises slammed all over the net.  "If it sounds to good to be true - guess what... it is.

I can go on and on about these ridiculously ineffective, useless links on a homepage, or the "money-wasters" that promise hordes of traffic... but I promised to keep it short...

So let's wrap up this topic with this simple philosophy:

"Just listen to everything I tell you - don't question my genius - and you simply can't go wrong!" ...

--- A Super-Simple "Brilliant" Formula for success...
... if I do say so myself!  Wouldn't you agree?

Good!  Okay then...


Now, I'd like you to move along and begin to scan over our "Unbelievably Brilliant" list of links that we've setup on our Candle-Lite Cooking homepage:

  1. Recent Articles

  2. Candle-Lite Recipes

  3. My Blog

  4. Our Newsletter

  5. Visit Our Store

  6. Romance Forum

  7. Flowers or Chocolates Anyone?

Each of these links on our homepage were carefully thought out and designed to produce a specific response (by me of course ;-).

If you think back to lesson 2 for a minute, you'll recall that we talked about three key ingredients we should try to look for when targeting a specific niche'.  Those three ingredients were:

"Repeat after me...."

  1. A laser tight market

  2. Quality, informative and entertaining content to write about in our niche'

  3. Products readily available to generate back-end sales

Well, we've already defined our laser targeted niche'.  So now we're going to talk a bit more about Key Ingredient #2 - CONTENT!

If you look at our links, each one of them have a common denominator - CONTENT.

Now, aside from our obvious "non-content" link:

  • Visit Our Store

... all of our links are focused on one thing -- offering content.

We'll discuss the "non-content" e-store link in another lesson and we're going to conduct a "link autopsy" on this little gem  - exciting stuff to come... for sure!

For now... realize this: Your website needs CONTENT.

Content... Content... Content...

Here are just a few reasons why...

  • Content Is King...

  • Search Engines Love Content...

  • Customers Love Content...

  • Quality Content Adds Credibility...

  • Our Content Can - And Will - Be Used As A Stealth Viral Marketing Tool...

  • Our Content Will Eventually Produce A Highly Profitable, Unique, Quality Product For Us That NO ONE ELSE Is Selling! -- YEEE HAWWW!

So Einstein... Listen up:
Loosen your belt, grab a beverage (preferably non-alcoholic while reading this), sit up straight and settle in because we've only just begun!  Now we're going to take a look at each of our 'Content' links, break them down and expose their vivacious appeal and sheer brilliance...

lesson 6 already.  Can't I call ya' "Einstein" or "Corn Flake" or "Fish Stick" every now and then?"  It's just one of my many subtle, affectionate charms...



Whether you realize it or not -- YET -- by providing content on your website, you're now actually beginning to "Market" your website.

Remember this...

"Advertising A Website To Get Traffic Can Become Quite Expensive... But Soon You -- My Clever Little Business Owner --  At Any Time -- Can Pull Out Your Little "Bag Of Tricks" and Instead of Advertising Your Business -- Market It! At Will! On Demand!"...

As I've already mentioned in my introduction to these 12 lessons, there is one very important concept that you truly need to understand to be successful online.

This one concept is so crucial to your success that Ive literally seen entire businesses go from ZERO to THOUSANDS a month in profits once they REALLY understand this one crucial concept and implemented it into their everyday business strategy.

What concept?

 "Ya know... RRRR!  You sure do ask a lot of questions...."

Let me explain.

When selling products and services online, you're not in the sales business.

For example, if you sell "digital cameras" - you are not in camera sales.

If you sell "novelty telephones" - you are not in telephone sales.

If you sell "stereo equipment" - you are not in stereo sales.

Let me make this very clear...

When youre selling merchandise online, youre in the MARKETING business plain and simple...

You dont own an online gift shop that sells collectibles, but instead you MARKET collectibles online!

You dont own an online clothing store, you Market clothing online!

That includes whatever products you have drop shipped from your suppliers as well. Youre in the business of MARKETING those products via your website - PERIOD!

And Best Of All...

Marketing yourself, your products and your business won't cost you a dime... where advertising can become quite expensive.

So, if you're like most aspiring entrepreneurs and your budget is limited, what would you rather do to promote your business?

  1. Advertise your business and spend hundreds (even thousands per month) in hopes of making a profit?


  2. "Market" your business which you can do virtually FREE of charge with little risk?

Free marketing you say?  Good, because that's what we're going to do with our virtual website -- "Candle-Lite Cooking".

--------------END OF SIDEBAR---------------


Dissecting Our Links On Candle-Lite Cooking:


Let's get started by taking a look at the first link we've setup on our homepage.  This may be the most important link of all as it pertains to marketing our website:

Recent Articles Link

FYI: From this point on, you're going to start noticing a pattern.  Just as I drilled home the importance of a good capture page to build our foundation (capturing email addresses), from this lesson forward, chances are you'll find me reiterating again and again the importance of Quality, Entertaining CONTENT!

One extremely effective way (MY FAVORITE) to provide content is simply by creating informative articles you can easily post on your website.

Plus, we're also going to discuss how you can use these articles you've written as a "viral marketing tool" to attract a lot of traffic, establish credibility in your niche', and ultimately make more sales.

Unfortunately, I can hear many of you now...

  • "I can't write!"

  • "I hate to write!"

  • "I failed English class and I can't even spell!"

Boloney!  Everybody can write... And I'm here to help as well...

  • If you've ever written an email to a friend or family member -- you can write!

  • If you've ever written a little apology to your spouse -- you can write!

  • If you've ever written an essay for school -- you can write!

  • If you've ever written a complaint for poor service, then you can write!

  • If you've ever jotted down a "favorite recipe" you created and gave it to a family member or friend -- you can write!

The list goes on and on...

And just for the sake of argument, let's say you've never written one "semi-intelligent" letter or article in your entire life, then it's time you started learning how to write.

It's that important!

Really!  It's time you give it a little practice!  It gets easier with practice.

I'll say it again, the Internet is the "Information Highway".  Folks are logging onto the Internet to look for information -- plain and simple.

Now... I'll also tell you that there is a brilliant way that you can add quality, informative articles to your website without ever writing a word yourself.

Cool huh?... But we're going to save that little tidbit of information for a little later on in our lessons.

But again, I simply cannot stress enough the importance and the overall benefits you'll receive from being able to create some quality, entertaining content on your own so...  Just do it!  Get practicing...

Right now, I'd like to offer you a condensed, brief crash course on article writing and quickly demonstrate to you how these little "viral goldmines" can instantly increase your traffic and sales.

As you can imagine, entire books have been written on the subject so I won't be able to cover every topic in extreme detail, but I'll do my best to go over the more important aspects to writing a quality, informative and entertaining article.  Ready?  Here goes...

First -- How To Write A Great Article:

  • Forget everything you were taught in English class.  Writing articles is "meatball writing".  You want to write in your own style and at an 8th grade reader level.

    -- Don't try to impress your readers with your sheer intelligence.

    -- Don't use big words when you can use much simpler, shorter words that have the same meaning.

    -- Don't bore your readers!  Add some sizzle and spice.

    -- Be unique and show your personality!  Don't be afraid to be yourself.

  • Each article you write should be approximately 700-1000 words.

    -- Always keep your articles short, sweet, and to the point.

    -- When adding articles (as content) to your website, you can make your article as long as you'd like, however when submitting these articles to article directories to market your site (we'll discuss in a moment) you want to follow their strict guidelines which usually involves a specific maximum word count and format.

    -- Use bulleted points and break up lines of text with transitional effects like this... and this -- or use (parenthesis like this) to make it easier on your reader's eyes.

    -- A well written article should consist of short sentences and short paragraphs, bulleted points and sub-headings, each addressing a specific point of topic in your article.


  • Stay focused on your topic and provide useful information.

    -- Quality is most important!  Do your research and write your articles to educate your readers.

    -- Folks like it when you're specific... so give them specifics.  Offer links to additional resources if needed.

    -- Use popular search engines like Google and Yahoo to read over similar articles and find websites focused on your subject to research your topic.

    IMPORTANT: There's nothing illegal or unethical about using information you've discovered from another article or website to create an article of your very own.  Just remember -- NEVER copy someone else's work word for word.  This is copyright infringement.  You can take notes from an informative article you've read and use that information to write your own article just as long as you put things into your own words.

    For example:

    Let's say you wanted to write an article titled...

    "How To Effortlessly Sweep Your Spouse Off Her Feet -- Wine Her And Dine Her -- And Make Her Wonder Who The Great Imposter Is -- All For Less Than $16."

    What you should do is:

  • List everything you already know about this subject in an easy to reference list. 

  • Next, go to Google and do a few searches on the topic.  I'm sure you'll find several listings related to the subject.  Yes, you might have to be clever in your search, but rest assured -- you'll find the info if you dig deep enough.

  • Then, read over the best of those articles and websites you find and make yourself an ultra-resourceful list on your topic.

  • Finally, take your notes and construct your own article in a simple, easy to read format.

    That's all there is to it.

    IMPORTANT TIP: You want to provide superior, quality information in each and every article you write.  Having said that, you also want to try to be somewhat clever in your approach.

    The best articles I've written provide great content but also leave out some additional information that your reader would love to have in order to truly benefit completely from your knowledge and expertise.

    Let's use our example from above once again:

    "How To Effortlessly Sweep Your Spouse Off Her Feet -- Wine Her And Dine Her -- And Make Her Wonder Who The Great Imposter Is -- All For Less Than $16."

    -- You might write about properly preparing for the occasion in advance -- how to be sure you have a baby sitter lined up for the kids, no guests stopping by unexpectedly, your entire menu planned out, etc...

    -- You may write about how important it is to have her favorite fresh flowers and her favorite music playing when she arrives home... Setting The MOOD!

    -- You might discuss the benefits to including a "special" little present that you know she's mentioned wanting recently...

    -- You can include tips on how to dress for the occasion -- why putting on a shirt and tie would really impress her and show her how serious you are about the special occasion...

    -- You can mention how to properly set the table with candles and fresh fruit, what types of wines go best with what dishes, some delicious romantic "finger foods" you can prepare, and how to layout the table settings perfectly...

    -- And FINALLY, you can mention how important it is to prepare the perfect meal for the occasion...

    And Here's The Sales Pitch:
    Every article you write can include a "resource box" at the end of the article.  A resource box is basically a few lines of text that provides a little "snapshot" about the author of the article.  This resource box also allows you to include a subtle "PLUG" about you, your website, your newsletter, etc.

    It's extremely important not to abuse your resource box with blatant plugs and sales pitches.  It's also extremely important that you NOT try to sell anything directly from your article content.  Just write a quality, informative article and that's it!

    When preparing your resource box, you'll want to do so in the third person context.  For example, if I were to write the article above, I would include a resource box at the end of the article something like this:

    NOTE: links below are not functioning and are used for demonstration purposes only.

    About The Author:  Your Name is a cooking enthusiast and self proclaimed romantic.  His website at https://www.tradebit.com offers simple yet delicious recipes for creating the perfect candle light meal for that "special person" in your life.  David's Free E-course "Candle-Lite Chronicles" is jam packed with tips and techniques guaranteed to "Spark" a hotter flame in any relationship.  Subscribe for FREE by sending a blank email to: mailto:plrmrrnewstore@https://www.tradebit.com  or at https://www.tradebit.com

    Do you see why that resource box is so powerful?

    I just wrote an article about how to "WOW" your mate with a nice romantic evening, included dozens of helpful tips to accomplish the task, gave specific instructions (just like the title promised), and closed with a paragraph about the importance of cooking up a great meal to top off the evening.

    Now... when someone reads my resource box, it explains how they can visit my website and find all sorts of delicious "candle-lite" recipes.  Because they were interested enough to read my article, they now understand how equally important the "perfectly prepared meal" is to the occasion.

    Do you think they'll click through from one of the links in the resource box to our website?  Absolutely!!!

    Plus... If they're already a "Master Chef" they also have the option to easily (with just a blank email sent by clicking on the link) sign up for a FREE e-course guaranteed to spark more romance in their life.

    Brilliant... No?

  • Spend 50 of your efforts on the "TITLE" of your article.  This is extremely important.  If your title isn't full of benefits for it's readers, chances are the article won't even get read... so spend a lot of time on it!

    The above point is EXTREMELY important!  The title of your article will decide it's success or failure -- plain and simple!

    Here are two of my favorite ways to insure you create a killer title for your article:

    • Ask a question in the title.  For example:

      -- Do You Make These 4 Stupid Mistakes When Asking Someone Out On A First Date?  This May Be The Reason You're Sitting Home Every Weekend!

      -- Are You Embarrassed To Smile?  Try These "Secret" Home Whitening Remedies And Never Be Ashamed To Show Those "Pearly Whites" Again!

      -- Are You Tired Of Searching For Your Perfect Soul Mate?  Take This Romance Quiz And Find Out Where You're Failing...And How To Correct It!

      -- Is Your Spouse Having An Affair?  Discover These Three "Dead Giveaways" And You'll Immediately Know For Sure...

    • Offer "How To" advice.  For example:

      -- How To Win Back Your Old Flame's Affection In Three Easy Steps - Do This And You'll Quickly Mend Your Broken Heart!

      -- How To Effortlessly Sweep Your Spouse Off Her Feet -- Wine Her And Dine Her -- And Make Her Wonder Who The Great Imposter Is -- All For Less Than $16.

      -- How To Win The Heart Of That "Special Someone" Using These Five Simple Questions -- Best Of All... They'll Never Realize You've Cast Your Magic Spell!

    Here are a few additional pointers when it comes to writing titles for your articles:

    Be very specific:

    -- Three Keys To A Successful....
    -- Four "Ultra-Resourceful" Ways You Can....
    -- Seven Crucial Steps To Take To...


    ... In Only 3 Days Or Less!
    ... In Just One Weekend!
    ... For Under $10
    ... Just Listening To Your CD Player While Driving Home From Work!

    For example... Don't just say:

    "Your Family Will Love My Famous Homemade Spaghetti And Meatballs Recipe -- Guaranteed!"

    But instead say:

    "Discover "Grandma Lucia's" Traditional Pasta Recipe... Spaghetti And Meatballs -- Still Being Served Daily In Her Sicilian Pasta House -- Prepared In Under 20 Minutes For Less Than $4 Bucks A Serving-- Deliciouso!"

    If you sell electronics on your website and plan to write an article on installing a home theatre system... Don't Say:

    "Discover My Clever Little Secrets To Installing A Home Theatre System In Your Home"

    But instead say:

    "Learn How To Install Your Very Own Home Theatre System In Under Two Hours -- NO TOOLS REQUIRED -- For Less Than $50... Using Only The Equipment You Already Have In Your Home!"

    You get the idea?  Be very specific in your title and clearly state the benefits of reading the article in the title.  Benefits... Benefits... Benefits...!

    Be specific!  Don't say several ways you can learn how to do something:
    = say 5 ways
    = or 10 ways
    = or 3 ways.

    Don't just say quickly and easily:
    = say in less than two hours
    = in only a weekend
    = no tools required!

    Use the word "YOU" as often as possible in your title.  People want to know "what's in it for me if I read this?  By using the word "YOU", it's a psychological trigger that tells them that there is something in it for them.

    Okay?  Let's do one more...

    Let's say you have a website selling pet products.  You're capture page (homepage) is all setup to capture a customer's email address by offering a free report and free e-course about a topic related to pets.

    Now, let's take things one step further and let's assume you want to write an article that you can submit to several article directories (FREE) to get a rush of traffic to your site.  Here's the type of article you might write:

    "Discover 3 Safe And Natural Remedies Guaranteed To Rid Your Home Of Fleas In 5 Days Or Less Using Only Five Basic Ingredients Found Right In Your Pantry -- Plus Save Over $200 A Year On Harmful Pesticides.

    Or here's another...

    Discover An Amazingly Simple Yet Effective Shortcut To Housebreak Your New Puppy In 7 Days or Less...Spending Only 10 Minutes A Day!


  • Be unique, entertaining -- and show off your personality!

    In my opinion, this one element of writing to a targeted audience is critical.  Think back for a moment to when you were in school.  I'll bet you remember a favorite teacher or professor who you just absolutely loved learning from.


    Usually, it's because of their personality -- one that seemed to shine through in their teaching.  In it's simplest terms, learning is boring!  Most folks hate the thought of learning something new.  It's a painful experience.  So it's your job to ease the pain and make the learning process fun and entertaining while still providing quality content.

    Once you master this skill, you'll have a dedicated following of readers who will look forward to each and every article or email you write.

    Take this "real world" example:

    • What if I simply offered this e-course in the same mellow-dramatic fashion everyone else was offering a course and didn't call you a pinhead or "Einstein" once in a while?

    • What if I didn't continuously brag about my superior intelligence (even though we both know I'm just as much of a knuckle-head as the next guy) hoping to make you just want to reach through your computer and choke the daylights out of me?

    • What if I didn't throw in a funny little story once in a while that had nothing to do with the topic of the lesson - just to try and lift your spirits a bit?

    • What if I didn't try to get you excited with clever "hot buttons" and exciting phrases and words --  hoping to encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities the Internet now provides you?

    • What if I also pretended to be someone or something I'm not -- like a big time marketing multi-millionaire who makes $10,000 a day?

    • What if?  What if?  What if?...

    I hope you get my point here.  Don't be afraid to be yourself and offer a little bit of humor once in a while.  Show folks that you're a real person and not some robot hiding behind a computer screen.

    Tell your audience about some deep down personal struggles or accomplishments that you thought you'd never share with anyone.  These tidbits of wisdom and humor will go a long way in establishing trust and building relationships with your readers.

    Don't try to be someone or something you're not!  Your readers will see right through you.  Just be yourself and you'll be appreciated for it... guaranteed!

    Okay then...  Understand?

    That about sums it up for my "crash course" on writing a good article.  I'd also suggest you do a quick search on Google and you'll be amazed at the amount of free information you'll find on the subject of writing articles.

    In a nutshell -- Start writing!  Practice makes perfect!


And once you've created some informative and entertaining articles.... it's time to "set them free" onto the Internet...

Next -- How To Submit Your Articles To Article Banks, Ezine Directories And Publishers To Grab Immediate Traffic To Your Website:

Before you pitch your articles to anyone, you must read their guidelines carefully! Failing to follow the set guidelines for posting/submitting your article will usually end with straight out rejection.

== Articles Banks And Directories:

My first recommendation is to start by submitting your articles to article directories.  Article directories are - by far - the very best FREE resource to gain quality links and traffic back to your website.

Now, instead of simply providing you with a list of hundreds of article directories, I'm going to offer you one ULTRA RESOURCEFUL "invaluable" resource in just a moment.  This one resource will submit your article to many of the most popular directories on the web for you -- FREE.

But first... I want you to truly understand how this will benefit you...

Here's how -- You create one article and then have it submitted to thousands of publishers and/or directories with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Sound profitable and easy?  Well it is!

Once you've done this, you'll have thousands of links all across the Internet, each pointing back to your website -- AGAIN FREE!  Submit two, three, five, ten articles and you'll start building back links to your website in no time.

I can only hope you're beginning to grasp the sheer power and viral effects of this type of marketing...

Best of all, you can also allow other webmasters to use your articles on their website for content -- including your "resource box" (you remember the resource box... don't you?) which will always remain in tact and unedited -- providing multiple links back to your website, newsletter subscription form or alternate opt-in offer.

In my humble opinion, this is by far the best way to grab hundreds of page visits to your website, plus build your opt-in list quickly and easily -- all on a zero budget!

NOTE: Remember a few minutes ago when I mentioned to you that you don't even have to be able to write your own articles to be able to add "topic specific" content to your website.  Well, this is what I was referring to.

Not only can you write an article and have hundreds of webmasters from all across the Internet use your article for content on their website, but you can also use other author's articles on your own website as well.

Remember, search engines love content!  So when you're just starting out building your website, you'll need to have quick content.  One of the best sources for quick, fresh, quality content for your website is by using other authors articles on your site.

For example:

Let's assume we need some content for our website at "Candle-Lite Cooking".  We could start writing some articles that would pertain to our "niche" and add them to our website as we progress along.

But the problem is time!  How many "QUALITY" articles can we write in a week?  It takes some time and effort to product a quality, informative and entertaining article.  And time is something we're a bit short on when just starting out online.  We want to get our website riddled with high quality content ASAP!

So what do we do?

We browse a few article banks and grab some free articles written by other authors and add those articles we find interesting to our website under the link "Recent Articles".

The important thing to remember is that we only want "Top Shelf" quality, laser-targeted articles that will fit perfectly into our niche' website.

We could search some of the article banks under categories such as:

  • cooking

  • romance

  • relationships

  • self-help

Just to name a few.  I'm sure we'll find some great articles that we could add to our website that would tie in nicely with our theme.

The only requirement from most authors is that we include their resource box in the article.

No problemo!  We'll gladly credit the author of the article for their work.  They'll, in turn, receive some quality links from our website and we've just grabbed INSTANT Content for our site as well.  Sounds like a lucrative trade... wouldn't you agree?

Extremely POWERFUL Stuff Here Kids!

And what's even more powerful is the fact that once we begin writing our own articles and submitting them out into the article banks and directories, we'll reap the same rewards from other webmasters looking to add content to their websites.

Perhaps they'll use a few of our articles...

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

From the webmasters point of view:

  • They receive quality, informative content for their website

  • Their website will increase in the search engine rankings (search engines love sites with a lot of fresh, updated content on a regular basis).

  • Their site will be of greater benefit to it's customers and visitors because of the quality of information it will provide.

  • They'll receive more "repeat traffic" from the continuously updated, fresh, entertaining content they can add regularly.

  • More and more webmasters will refer traffic to their website because it becomes a valuable resource on the web -- and more traffic ultimately leads to more sales.

  • This will increase their "Link Popularity" and ultimately increase their search engine rankings and traffic as well.

From the authors point of view:

  • They receive hundreds (even thousands) of links from related websites through the articles being published on other websites with similar topics.

  • They'll gain credibility and recognition in their niche' as a respected author and expert in their field.

  • They'll likely open up new doors of opportunity -- such as ezine publishers and alike who may want to reprint their articles in one of their monthly ezines or similar websites who may want to trade links (referring to what we talked about earlier) for increased traffic.

  • More affiliate promotions and joint venture opportunities.

  • More overall exposure for their website, products and services.

  • Increased opportunity to build their mailing list, newsletter subscription or opt-in offers.

  • etc., etc., etc...

And that's just a few of the countless opportunities that can arise from writing your own articles and content (and we'll discuss some more marketing revelations in future lessons).

Right now, let me explain this "stealth" marketing tactic by giving you just one quick example...

Let's say I've written an article to promote traffic back to our website at Candle-Lite Cooking -- and I'm planning to submit the article to dozens (maybe hundreds) of article directories.  The title of my article might read something like this:

"Discover "Grandma Lucia's" Traditional Pasta Recipe... Spaghetti And Meatballs -- Still Being Served Daily In Her Sicilian Pasta House -- Prepared In Under 20 Minutes For Less Than $4 Bucks A Serving-- Deliciouso!"

Now, I've written a brilliant article full of benefits to the reader.  At the closing of my article (as we discussed), I've left the reader wanting more information about the subject (REMEMBER - Informative but incomplete... leaving the reader wanting more).

And also... At the end of my "brilliant and entertaining" article, I've also added my resource box plugging my website and free e-course like the resource box below:

About The Author:  Your Name is a cooking enthusiast and romantic.  His website at https://www.tradebit.com offers simple yet delicious recipes for creating the perfect candle light meal for that "special person" in your life.  David's Free E-course "Candle-Lite Chronicles" is jam packed with tips and techniques guaranteed to "Spark" a hotter flame in any relationship.  Subscribe by sending a blank email to: mailto:plrmrrnewstore@https://www.tradebit.com  or at https://www.tradebit.com

I would now do two things.  First, I would use Article Marketers Service to submit my article all across the Internet for FREE:


In my opinion, they are one of the best article submission services available on the web.  Check them out and see for yourself...

== Ezine Publishers:

In addition to using Article Marketer, I would then locate several targeted ezines focused on our "Niche" (cooking) and send an email to the publisher of the ezine informing him or her that I have a great article that I feel would be of great benefit to their readers.

Ezine publishers are constantly looking for quality and entertaining content to add to their ezines and our article just might "wet their whistle" this time.  Don't get me wrong, it can be a difficult task (especially those ezines that are well established and have very large circulations) but it's not impossible -- and all it takes is an email to the publisher.  The worst thing that can happen is they say no or simply don't respond back to us with any interest...

The best scenario...

Our article is accepted by an ezine publisher because of it's quality, informative, entertaining content and we now have the potential for tens of thousands of visitors to our website -- FREE!

Better yet, since you now know what our goal is once that traffic starts arriving at our homepage (CAPTURE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS) you should also realize that we would then have the potential to sign up hundreds -- maybe even thousands of customers into our own mailing which would allow us the opportunity to follow up with them any time we'd like - on auto-pilot in most instances - basically writing our own paycheck at will (as you'll soon realize once we progress into future lessons).


Tell me something...

Are some of those strategies that we discussed in earlier lessons starting to make a bit more sense to you now?  I sure hope so because right now we've only just begun to implement our clever little marketing strategies and very soon - hang on! - we're going to shift into high gear and really discover how to explode our sales and profits...

Just you wait and see!

So what do you think?  Should we call it a lesson for today or keep movin' on?

Alright, Alright... Let's talk a little bit more about the sheer power of quality content and article publishing.

Regarding ezine publishers once again, it's very important that you act in a professional manner when submitting your articles to them for their review.  Trust me when I tell ya... No ezine publisher with half a brain will want to use your article in their publication if you don't follow a few simple yet extremely important guidelines.

Remember -- They've worked long and hard (years perhaps) on building credibility with their loyal list of subscribers and they won't take any chances on messing things up!  You should (at the least) respect them for that!

Hopefully, after studying this course, you TOO, will be recognized as one of those elite publishers in due time ;-)

So again, remember these few guidelines when contacting them:

  1. Be Professional.

  2. Make the process of including your article in their ezine as simple as possible.

  3. Make sure your article stands "head and shoulders" above any competition by providing "top notch" information.

  4. Format your article and the email itself in a professional manner.

  5. Before sending your email to the publisher with your request for inclusion of your article, be sure you've read several back issues of their publication so you can become familiar with the ezine (look through the archives on their website and subscribe to the publication as well).

  6. Don't hesitate to tell the publisher how much you've enjoyed their ezine and offer one or two specific examples if possible (a little sucking up can go a long way as long as you don't overdo it ;-)

  7. Include all the information the publisher will need about you and your article in an easy to understand format.

  8. Be sure to fully explain any "Affiliate Promotions" that they can earn commissions from and offer to sign them up for your affiliate program at their request.

  9. Be sure to explain the affiliate structure and don't be afraid to offer a publisher more commissions than you would normally offer other "standard affiliates" for the same sale (we'll talk more about your affiliate program and how to do this in future lessons as well).

  10. Most importantly, be sure to include the article in the body of the email -- NEVER send the article as an attachment!  With the risk of viruses and alike being sent out by the millions daily, everyone is now becoming more and more hesitant about opening up attachments in their email.

Here is an example of what your email to the publisher might look like...

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I've been an avid reader of your ezine for several months now and really enjoy the quality of information you continue to provide in each issue.  I especially enjoyed the article from your November, 2005 issue titled:

"Seven Simple Ways To Save $300 A Month On Your Food Budget - Without Sacrificing Taste!"

I myself own and operate a website related to cooking and I'd welcome the opportunity to have my most recent article published in your ezine.

Knowing first hand that quality, informative content is the key ingredient in each and every issue you publish, I'm certain you'll not only appreciate the article, but also welcome the opportunity to share it with your subscribers.

Furthermore, because your ezine is one of the few that actually provides a unique section specifically designed to offer easy yet tasteful recipes that anyone can prepare, I think my article would make a perfect fit.

Lastly, we do offer a 30 commission on all cookbook sales via our affiliate program and I'd be more than happy to extend a more lucrative offer your way and extend a 50 commission to you on all sales.

I'd also be more than happy to have the article below coded with your affiliate links to save you the time and effort.  Just let me know how you'd like to approach this, and again.. I'll be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

You can also sign up for our affiliate program manually if you prefer at:


NOTE: All commissions are paid weekly via Paypal so you will receive your commissions quickly and easily online.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Keep up the great work!

I've copied and formatted the article below for your review.

Your Name



------------- Begin Article------------------

"Discover "Grandma Lucia's" Traditional Pasta Recipe... Spaghetti And Meatballs -- Still Being Served Daily In Her Sicilian Pasta House -- Prepared In Under 20 Minutes For Less Than $4 Bucks A Serving-- Deliciouso!"

AUTHOR: Your Name
WRAP: 65
http://https://www.tradebit.com style="color: #0000FF; text-decoration:underline">
Copyright Date: 200

Formatted at 65 characters per line.
This article will pass safely through most email filters.


Publishing Guidelines: You may publish this article free of charge in
your ezine, web site, ebook or printed publication as long as the
copyright notice and the resource paragraph (at the end of the
article) are included.

You have authorization to re-format this article to your publishing
requirements as long as no changes are made to the original text.

A courtesy copy of your publication or web address where this article is published would be appreciated -



------------------- FEATURE ARTICLE -------------------

"Discover "Grandma Lucia's" Traditional Pasta Recipe... Spaghetti And Meatballs -- Still Being Served Daily In Her Sicilian Pasta House -- Prepared In Under 20 Minutes For Less Than $4 Bucks A Serving-- Deliciouso!"

Copyright 2006 David Nayavich

You would place your article text here....


About The Author:

About The Author:  Your Name is a cooking enthusiast and romantic.  His website at https://www.tradebit.com offers simple yet delicious recipes for creating the perfect candle light meal for that "special person" in your life.  David's Free E-course "Candle-Lite Chronicles" is jam packed with tips and techniques guaranteed to "Spark" a hotter flame in any relationship.  Subscribe by sending a blank email to: mailto:plrmrrnewstore@https://www.tradebit.com  or at https://www.tradebit.com


IMPORTANT: Feel free to substitute your affiliate links in place of any links in the resource box as well. Earn two-tier commissions from every sale you refer.

Affiliate details are available at:

Again, the above email is just an example and the links contained are not functional links and are only being used for examples and demonstration purposes.  As we progress further along we'll begin to uncover those links and -- if you're really good -- we just might add them to our own virtual store at Candle-Lite Cooking ;-)

Now, let me ask you another question...

What do you think will happen to our "hit counter" if the publisher of a popular cooking ezine decides to take us up on our offer and publish this article (complete with our resource box) in their ezine?

Yup... You guessed it!  Our hit counter will spin out of control.  Then, as I mentioned previously, our only job at that point will be to make sure each and every single visitor who clicks through to our website from the resource box opts into our list!  A simple recipe for huge profits!

This is one of the main reasons I keep (and will continue) hammering home the importance of a GREAT capture (home) page!  The potential to get thousands of visitors to our website is realistically within our reach.  We just have to go out and get em.

But if we had setup our website as a simple e-store -- flashing "SALE SALE SALE" all over the homepage like most stores do, we'd significantly decrease our marketing opportunities and our chances of promotions and sales.

We simply want customers to arrive at our website and not look at an e-store full of products, but more importantly... instantly opt-in to our list!  Never forget it!  Once they're in our list -- we have unlimited opportunities to follow up with them, promote affiliate offers, promote sales from our store, etc., FREE of charge!  Email currently doesn't cost a dime to send -- and we'll learn to take full advantage of it in future lessons.

THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST! and I sure hope you're now starting to understand why...

Okay... enough of my rambling and side-tracking once again...

Continuing along...

Below you will find hundreds (possibly thousands) of ezines that are looking to publish articles on all topics:



https://www.tradebit.com style="color: blue">









Now understand, not everyone on these lists above will accept articles at this time, and not every ezine directory will tell you which ezines are -- or are not -- accepting articles, so it will be a bit of a process in finding out which ones do and don't. But the end result from your efforts will pay off in a big way!

=== Hell... I can't do everything for ya! I'm just one guy here ;-) ===

Make sure you write down all the details of who you submit your articles to -- and make a simple list or directory for yourself.   This way, you'll know where to send your articles the next time, who accepted your articles in the past, which publishers were open to the idea, etc..

also, is a condensed list of some popular article announcement sites:












https://www.tradebit.com - Be sure to check out their free "Article Software" offer that will allow you to open your very own article directory.

NOTE: As you read over each of the websites listed above, be sure to also read over the various articles on the site as well.

  • LEARN from the other authors.

  • Notice their various writing styles - which do you like best and why?

  • Take notes of those articles that grab your attention with a great headline, then use those headlines as a swipe file for your own headlines.

  • Check out the resources boxes at the end of the articles.  Do they make you want to click through to their websites or sign up for their newsletter?  Why?

  • Use the articles as an example of how you can construct your own articles.



So can I wrap things up for this lesson now?

Yes?  OH Thank you!

And don't go emailing me with questions now either! (C'mom... JUST KIDDING!)

Boy... You sure are a self-centered one ;-)

Okay... So there you have it my friend... I'm sure you'll have plenty of homework to do until our next lesson.

Remember, start writing and get those creative juices flowing.  Even if you haven't got a clue yet about who, what, or where your website target audience will be... JUST START WRITING!

Practice makes perfect.

Being able to write informatively online is imperative to your success.  Just like learning how to drive a car, in my opinion, is necessary in the real world.

"Can you get around in the real world without knowing how to drive a car?  YES -- you can!..."

But you'll have to rely on a lot of others to get you where you want to go!

Me myself... I don't like to rely on anyone but me!

My final piece of advice to you is this...

For now... Simply write about what you're passionate about.  Then, once you develop your own laser tight niche and unique writing style, the sky's your limit!

All I ask is that you send me a few hundred thousand once you make it to the big time so I can retire early...

Fair enough?  I'll let you know where to send the check in a future lesson ;-)

I most certainly hope you enjoyed lesson 6... and I look forward to chatting with ya in our next lesson!

Bonus PC Video's For This Lesson:

This series of videos will cover the topic:

"5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic For Free"

Click Here To Download Your Videos

Good luck... and until next time..

See you at the top,

Your Name
Your Name

P.S. I'd Love to hear your comments or any feedback about this course.  Please send me your comments to plrmrrnewstore@https://www.tradebit.com



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