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MP3 Consciousness Connector - Theta Supercharger with 3rd Eye Booster

Brainwave Enhancement Signals

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NEW AGE: Meditation, NEW AGE: Healing

Consciousness Connector Recordings entrain brainwaves by inducing Binaural Beat Frequencies. Binaural Beats are produced in the brain when slightly differing tones are played in each individual ear. For example, if a 300Hz tone is played in the right ear, and a 305Hz tone is played in the left ear, the brain will then produce a third tone resonating at 5Hz (The difference between the two tones). The third resonating tone is created with both hemispheres of the brain working together, and is synchronizing the brain to that frequency.

These recordings contain layered varieties of specially prepared signals, tones, and sound patterns that will induce complex and evolving Binaural Beats (i.e. brain-states).

How do you know what Frequencies to use?

First of all you should understand that there are "bands" of frequencies that are categorized for generic states of consciousness. The meaning "generic" is saying that there are Ranges of frequencies that have "similar" effects on different people. The basic bands of generic frequencies is as follows (+ or - 5%)

(Hz = cycles per second)

Delta............(0.01Hz to 3Hz)(Sleep, Cellular regeneration, Suspended Animation, Comatose)

Theta...........(3Hz to 7.8 Hz)(Hypnogogia, Dreaming, Daydreaming, Deep Relaxation, Pre-Sleep, Artistic Inspiration)

Schumann....(6Hz to 8Hz)(precise = 7.83Hz)(The natural Resonant Frequency of the Earth''s "cavity" from the ionosphere to the ground)

Alpha...........(8Hz to 13Hz)(Awake and Relaxed, like when you get home from work and socialize, also Visualization)

Beta.............(13Hz to 35Hz)(Awake and in Activity, work, walking, task managing)

Gamma........(35Hz to 500Hz+)(experimental)(Intense physical activity--running, also believed to be associated with Telekinetic when relaxed)

As you can see, the words Sleep, Dreaming, Relaxed, and Awake are very generic terms. For instance the word Dreaming can include perhaps even an infinite number of different states of consciousness. Knowing what range of frequencies to use really depends on what you "want" to achieve! If you want Lucidity in dreams go with the Theta range, if you want to get sleep go with the Delta range, or if you want to increase concentration go with the Beta/Alpha range...of course this is still very generic in terminology too...

So the next thing to understand about these brainwave ranges is this: That different frequencies effect different people differently, and even then it depends on what specifically you are doing as an activity at the time of use(i.e. sleeping VS relaxing VS awake and active). Also realize that brainwave frequencies can be thought of like fingerprints that are totally unique to the person. In this sense they are "Vitamins" and depending on your brain chemistry and genetic makeup you may have an overabundance of one frequency and be lacking in another. Of course there is no "Right" or "Wrong" brainwave patterns in the moral sense, yet these patterns can reveal things about the person.

These patterns change all the time and are in constant motion in all people.

Experiment with the frequencies and Expand your brainwave "vocabulary"

By exposing yourself to new brainwave patterns, you expand your vocabulary of "consciousness."

Helpful Tips:

Generally Speaking, these recordings are designed to be listened to actively or passively, while awake or asleep, or in the bridge between wakefulness and sleep. It is a tool to be used by you in a way that is fitting and comfortable in your lifestyle. A tool good for work, exercise, inspiration, mood enhancement/alteration, creativity, dreaming, and also for the deeper levels of personal consciousness exploration.

Observe any Shifts of your awareness...Observe the differences in quality and texture of consciousness that the recordings cause. This is the main point...by "consciously" being aware that a shift has taken place, you are adding to your "vocabulary of perception"

Experiment with the recordings... Listen to Delta waves while you are wide awake or listen to Beta waves when you are asleep, etc. Ultimately there are no "rules" or "brainwave standards." There is a large amount of clinical data from EEG and Neuroscience research around the World, but compared to what we "don''t know" it is rather miniscule...especially if we actually ARE only using 10% or less of our brains(i.e. Consciousness)...

These CDs are "tools" for you to Explore your Mind.

Be patient. These signals might not produce immediate breakthroughs into other realms, but they will definitely alter your brainwaves, and begin to shorten the gap between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Sometimes the effects are very subtle, and will evolve over a long period of time...Other times you might get catapulted somewhere.

Focus on the "quality" of your awareness and observe any shifts, perceptual or otherwise...the point is to recognize that a shift is taking place. Shifts in consciousness can range from extraordinary to subtle, fantastic to boring...besides we are all so different...who knows what strange powers people have?

If you prefer to focus on visualization...let your eyes sift and sink into the blackness, let them relax into it, then you may be pleasantly surprised to see total landscapes passing before your eyes, or maybe scenes from other people or lifetimes, planets? This is called a Hypnogogic state. This is the bridge between sleep and wakefulness, pay attention to this area of awareness! It is like a radio dial, you may only shift the dial an inch, but there could potentially be 50 radio stations in that inch, all with different programs...this is where controlling the awareness will eventually lead to stabilization, and may be used as a bridge into lucid dreams or OBE(Out of Body Experiences). The OBE state is more of a conscious physical "lift out" procedure, where the visualization is more like a remote viewing tool or a Meta-programming agent for your Supra-consciousness / Higher Self.

Are Consciousness Connector recordings different from those made by other companies and artists?

Yes, there are several differences..

First of all Consciousness Connector(CC) recordings do not "mask" or hide the binaural signals. Other companies'' binaural recordings generally "mask" their binaural signal volume -15db to -50 db lower. (-3bd = 50% less signal) The main reason for this is to make it "palatable" for the "general" audience. CC signals are "clearly" audible as well as the binaural and neuro-acoustical effects and the signals are directly in "front" on the recording in order to cause maximum brain stimulation. If you can''t "hear" it, you are probably not "getting" it...

Another major difference is that Consciousness Connector recordings have "complex" and "evolving" binaural and neuro-acoustical signals. I strive to be on the cutting edge of neuro-acoustical audio engineering by innovating new techniques, and by giving the recordings a very generous amount of forethought, planning, artistic endeavor, and hard work.

I strive to create the "Best" tools for you!

CC Recordings contain no verbal guidance or subliminal messages. These recordings are not music, nor are they designed to "entertain." They are specially designed tones, signals and sound patterns. These recordings are "Tools" for you to explore your mind and your neural "Circuitry". Some of these tools come in the form of 10 minute audio loops that are to be used for stable "sustained" states of consciousness. Other tools are 80 minute recordings that slowly "evolve" over time to cause continuous varying "shifts" in consciousness. Generally speaking, Consciousness Connector recordings are for the more advanced users who understand "what" this technology is and "how" to use it.

Binaural Theory and Applications:

One thing to understand about Conscious Exploration is that the territory being explored is very very large!

Metaphorically speaking, think of Reality and Perception like colors....there are 3 primary colors: Red, Green, and Blue.....then there are combinations of those colors that make yet more secondary colors.

The Red, Green, and Blue primary colors correspond to "consensus reality"...in other words; the things we all can "agree" on as being real.

The major secondary colors (produced by combining the primary colors) can be considered "world views" or "cultures"...where as the minor secondary colors produce even more intricate variety and so on...

Continuing with this Metaphor, imagine the Red, Green, and Blue colors found in the form of Pixels on a computer monitor...The images on the monitor "represent reality" through a digitized (quantized) medium that is expressed by the Pixels. By increasing the density of the Pixels; the monitor will be able to display images at a higher resolution that are a "more detailed" representation of Reality.

A main function of brainwave altering frequencies is to improve the "resolution" of the computer screen by making you aware of more "colors"....the higher the resolution of the monitor, the more colors it can display, and the more accurate a picture it gives. Color is basically an electromagnetic waveform, so tuning into new colors is like tuning into a new radio station...

For example: how many different shades of green are there? More than one would care to count. From the Quantum Electrodynamic perspective (which is at the Top end of our "resolution" of reality in the Western World) there are an infinite number of combinations of photonic radiation standing wave patterns...in other words it is probable that the resolution of atomic matter to radiate visible light (i.e. photon) energy goes all the way down to the Plank length and is limited only by the 3-D temporal positioning of atomic structures in space time.

This, I believe, is the reason that the Binaural Signals "appear to be" very subtle or ineffective at certain times. It is because the shifting of awareness is taking place in an area of consciousness where the "shades" of color are all nearly the same! This is important to understand, especially if you want to get a better picture of a Gradient: and highly detailed information can be received from that!!!

For Example:

Read the paragraph below for a "Subtle" example of a consciousness shift:

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd
waht I was rdanieg The phaonmneal pweor of the
hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at
Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn''t mttaer inwaht
oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt
tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit
pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can
sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the
huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,
but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I
awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt

Have you ever heard the sayings: "Not all things in Life are Black and White." or "That''s a Gray area." or "There''s alot of different shades of Gray in that situation."

Perhaps it is Time to Colorize the "Bigger Picture" of Reality?

There likely are "frequencies" that can basically change the "definition" of a "color"...so that the consensus color "Blue", all of the sudden becomes an Avocado, or even more perplexing an Orange! This is where not only the resolution of the monitor changes, but the camera feeding into the monitor points to a different object or area.

Another metaphoric analogy is the computer language that is running the computer that is doing the calculations for the monitor, telling it where to put the colors....this computer program has basic "Bits"....metaphorically speaking a Bit for this computer language is this:

You have a glass of water that is "half full"....then you look at it again and it is "half empty"....this is the on/off function of "perception" this is the basic Bit in the computer running the monitor.
These signals can also cause a shift in the programming....for instance....if the" Half-full / Half-empty" perspective was to be applied to "Everything" in your awareness, you would have a major shift in World view...maybe even to another "world". All of the sudden everything has a "different meaning" that was not there before...actually it was there the whole time, it was simply outside of awareness.

By increasing our resolution, we get a better picture, and notice details more, thus leading to more change and / or awareness...ideally though the point is to gain control over all these functions.

Another way to describe the effects of new Binaural Beats on perception and the personality is to liken it to a "learning experience".

For instance there have been moments in all of our live when an "event" resulted in a permanent change or modification of behavior. But what is really going on there? It is an external source of experience that results in a modification of brainwaves. This effects applies even to small or minor experiences. One could hardly argue that we as beings don''t change all the time...as we intake new experience it changes us in ways we may not even be aware of...at least from an external perspective. The personality and behavior modifying effects of Binaural Beats are likened to "compressed" experiences that result in change, but the catch is that the change results without having any particular experience attached to the brainwave modification...In other words new areas of awareness are opened up without the "vehicle" of experience. Imagine changing your view of the world or of reality without taking in any experience or information....It is easy to think about how a person can put you in a good or a bad mood...and these moods being modified brainwave patterns...but remember that the "experience" you had with that person to instigate that mood was the "vehicle" for the brainwave changes....Binaural Beats can do the same thing, and the "texture" and "quality" of awareness will be imperceptibly similar...but the difference is that Binaural Beats do this without the "experience Vehicle".

DJs change a crowd''s mood by the speed of the music they play, although from the crowd''s perspective there is no change in personal behavior.
133 BPMs is one of the Majic numbers for "working" a crowd, especially with "Trance" music...

133bpm / 60sec = 2.216beats per second = High Delta or Low Theta

Adding an "Up" and a "Down" beat doubles that to 4.43 beats per second which is a Theta brain state.

(Doomp-Sssst, Doomp-Sssst, Doomp-Ssst, Doomp-Sssst)

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