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5 Secret Tibetan Exercises 2 Tone Your Muscles & Gain Energy

Five Secret Tibetan Exercises To Tone Your Muscles And Gain Energy

December 16, 2012

From: Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Online

Since 1993, I've helped thousands of men and women of all ages and fitness levels to look and feel their very best ó people just like YOU!

You see, my 40-page downloadable eBook Supercharge Your Energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites reveals easy-to-do exercises that will give you more energy and help you feel better than you've felt in years.

Read on and see how one woman transformed her life with the Five Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites...
We Can Get Back the
Metabolism We Had at 25

I've been meaning to write to you about The Five Rites for some time.

{You're welcome to use this unsolicited testimonial full or in part, or not use it, as the case may be!}

The Five Tibetan Rites truly are amazing and the more people who know about them the better!

Personally I've been doing them for two years and they're dynamic. It's so true that we can get back the metabolism we had at twenty-five. After just a few weeks of doing them [and nothing else different] my weight returned to what it had been when I was that age [over twenty years ago!].

I have recommended these miraculous exercises to many people. One of my friends phoned me after just two weeks, absolutely thrilled:

She had effortlessly lost an extra seven pounds that she hadn't been able to shift for some time!

Another friend regularly says "I just can't thank you enough for recommending those wonderful exercises." She says she's never missed a day and the extra energy she has is incredible.

I only meant this to be a short note. But one cannot help getting carried away, because they're that good.

Very Best Wishes,

Originally written over seventy years ago by a man named Peter Kelder and entitled The Eye of Revelation, my 21st century version contains

the complete text of the first edition, including original line drawings, as well as modern annotations;

a fantastic self-help technique that allows you to get in touch with your subconscious mind so you can remove limiting thoughts about exercise (or anything else, for that matter);

and my Living to the Max program, a state-of-the-art diet and lifestyle plan that works in tandem with the Five Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites to help you experience the best health and the most vibrant energy since your teen years.

Are the Five Rites the Fountain of Youth Sought by Ponce deLeon?

This downloadable eVersion of Kelder's manuscript contains not only the original drawings but also the unedited and unexpurgated story of British Colonel Bradford, the man who searched for and found the long-hidden Tibetan monastery that housed the ageless monks who taught him the secret rejuvenation rites in the 1920's.

As the original publishers say in their foreword:

The Five Rites produce remarkable mental and physical rejuvenation within a month. So much so, in fact, that one gains new hope and enthusiasm with which to carry on. However, the greatest results come after the tenth week. When you stop to consider that the average man has endured his afflictions from 30 to 50 years, to obtain such amazing results in such a short time as ten weeks sounds almost miraculous.

Most Important: The information given in The Eye of Revelation was, for twenty-five centuries, confined strictly to men. Now, to the surprise and delight of all concerned, it has been found that women, too, get equally beneficial and amazing results. Now, after this long period of waiting every adult, man or woman, can go on to grand and glorious things, regardless of age, environment or circumstances.

Get started at once on the marvelous work of Rejuvenation, Transmutation, and Youthification. May success, health, energy, power, vigor, virility, and Life follow your footsteps forever.

Believe me , you'll have a wonderful time just reading the fantastical story that composes this natural health classic, even if you never do the five exercises.

But that would be several kinds of dumb because adding these simple movements to your health routine will give you a suppleness and energy boost that you'll find most remarkable.
Multiple Positive Health Benefits
Come from Doing the Five Secret Rites...
Supercharge your energy centers and come alive again...

In the chapter about the The Seven Psychic Vortexes, you'll learn how you can energize certain areas of your body that, according to the Tibetan monks, cause fatigue, disease, and age when they're allowed to go stale. And those who don't practice the rejuvenation rites have very stale vortexes!

Just about everyone who seriously practices the five rites reports improved energy, so if you've been dragging around for years now, it's time to do something about it.

Satisfied readers report...

Dear Chet,

I started the Tibetan exercises 9 days ago. The first burst of energy came on the 4th day and has increased each day. This is the most amazing thing I've seen or heard of. Not only has my energy increased so has my physical strength and endurance. On top of all this I believe I can conquer my world. I'm really excited -- what will my vitality be like at the end of the 10 weeks? I'm expecting AWESOME.

Norma Wilson

Dear Chet:

Just want to share my feelings with you. I've been performing the 5 rites every morning before breakfast for approximately seven months now.

Each morning I wake up feeling energetic and light. My body has become more lean and flexible and I have lost weight.

I am a mother of two and am my perfect weight now. I'm 39 years old and am 53 kilos (down from 59). I do advise every one for their own health to perform these exercises. Gets easier each day and takes only about 13 to 15 minutes. My double chin has disappeared and my posture is upright. I have lost fat in the necessary places throughout my whole body.

These exercises are a MIRACLE!

Zehra Ziya

Chet, I've been doing the 5 rites for two months now, and this is the first exercise routine I can stick to. I'm 53, and off and on, I've tried to do exercises, to get a flatter belly.

When I saw the pictures of the 5 Rites, I was quite disencouraged, because I thought that it would be quite impossible for me, with my deformed hands, and painful joints to do them.

To my surprise Iím able to do them. I donít move on too quickly. There are weeks, when I just donít add up 2 more. Bit by bit, Iím moving towards the 21 turns per exercise.

My son (almost 16), his jaws really dropped, when he saw me doing them, and said: ďMom, Iím impressed.Ē Yeah dear, so am I!

People who haven't seen me for a couple of months, DO see the changes in me. I feel much more energized and the 5 Rites will stay certainly stay a part of my daily routine. My body just loves it!

Sherill Lisse
Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Dear Chet:

I have experienced and experimented with dozens of movement therapies, exercise routines and the like for many, many years. The five rites is by far the most effective; with the most results in the least amount of time.

I particularly like your addition, and the added meditation has really helped me to connect with my inner teacher.

For the year, while in school I didn't have time to go to yoga classes, or do physical activities, but 15 minutes doing the five rites rejuvenates me, and people often ask me what I do "to be in such good shape". The only thing I can attribute to the muscle tone and definition, increased stamina and flexibility is the five rites; I haven't done anything else. I've also noticed that it completely revitalizes me when I've gone a night without sleep.

I cannot recommend a practice more highly than the five rites. I recommend it to all my clients.

As long as you practice them, building slowly day by day, it's a purchase you won't regret. There is no false advertising here. Thank you Chet! I really appreciate you sharing this knowledge with us.

Santa Monica, CA

Greetings Chet:

I'm still doing the Tibetan Rites regularly. Since I last wrote to you, here's what happened:

My energy continues to increase;
My muscles have definition they never had before;
I lost 20 lbs. effortlessly;
My right arm -- which I broke five years ago and couldn't straighten -- is almost normal, having straightened by 10-15 degrees!
I now have greater ability to work and have been getting a few jobs.

Heidi G.
Linden, NJ

Chet, I have been doing the Five Rites now for about 3 weeks and I am definitely feeling more energetic. I have also lost a few pounds! These exercises are amazing.

Raaj S.

I love Chet Day's ebook on the Five Tibetan Rites! As soon as I got it, I started to practice the Rites, and started to see dramatic results almost immediately. My energy levels started to rise, my body started to become more flexible and supple after only a little over two weeks of practice, and each time I practice the Five Tibetan Rites I feel as if I had given myself a wonderful chiropractic adjustment. The back pain which I have been suffering from off and on for years has left. It left the first day that I started practicing the Rites and has not been back since. I have also lost about three inches in my waist.

Pat Lusher

Turn back the clock and rejuvenate your body...

The Five Rites represent the heart of this volume. Each of the five rites, very simple exercises involving slow and gentle body movements, stimulate and activate the seven psychic vortexes that will then rejuvenate your body and energy.

Some people who have been doing these exercises for years look decades younger than they really are.

Think what it'll be like to look and feel younger... just from doing five simple and gentle exercises!

Learn about energy foods eaten by Tibetan monks...

In the chapter entitled Importance of a Clean, Simple Diet you'll learn some simple truths about foods and diet that will dramatically improve your health and your digestion:

You'll learn about the foods eaten by the Tibetan monks, foods that are available to us today, and foods you can eat to improve your energy and over all sense of well-being.

You'll learn why the predominantly vegetarian monks also included certain animal foods in their diet.

You'll learn how the monks combine their foods during meals, a simple action that can improve many digestive problems.

Learn a simple technique that you can put to use at every meal that will reduce by half the amount of food you eat!

Let's hear from Colonel Bradford, the Englishman who was taught the Five Rites by the Tibetan monks:

"For the first two weeks after I arrived at the Tibetan monastery," said the Colonel, "I was like a fish out of water. I marveled at everything I saw, and at times could hardly believe what my eyes beheld. I soon felt much better, was sleeping like a top every night, and only used my cane when hiking in the mountains.

"A month after I arrived I received the biggest surprise of my life. In fact, I was quite startled. It was the day I entered for the first time, a large, well-ordered room which was used as a kind of library for ancient manuscripts. At one end of the room was a full-length mirror. It had been over two years since I had last seen my reflection so with great curiosity I stepped in front of the glass.

"I stared in amazement, so changed was my appearance. It seemed that I had dropped 15 years from my age. It was my first intimation that I was growing younger; but from then on I changed so rapidly that it was apparent to all who knew me. Soon the honorary title of The Ancient One was heard no more."
With the Five Rites, you can tone your body while actually having fun with exercise!

Practicing the Five Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites isn't the same thing as jogging five miles every morning -- no question about that.

You see, unlike jogging, when you do the rites,

You don't have to set aside 30-60 minutes every day;

You don't have to suffer with sore muscles;

You don't have to purchase expensive equipment;

You don't even have to work up a drippy sweat!

Instead, you work at a gentle pace that fits your current shape and gradually build up to doing 21 repetitions of each of the five simple exercises every day.

Some people do the rites immediately upon rising;

Others practice the five rites during their lunch break as a fabulous pick-me-up that carries them through the afternoon hours when everyone else in the office is slumping like crazy;

Some people breeze through their daily reps of the exercises when they get home from work;

And a few people do them just before going to bed, though this isn't recommended because of the energy boost that comes from practicing these awesome body movements!


To thank you for purchasing Supercharge Your Energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites, I'll toss in as a free bonus report an amazing file called KOI CARP LAKE: HOW TO RELAX AND TALK WITH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

This bonus file explains a relaxation technique you won't believe until you try it. Yes, you can use the simple method to relax or to drift into a restful sleep, but you can also use it to get in touch with your subconscious mind. And by doing this, you will make better decisions with everything you do. It's perfect for people who have trouble motivating themselves to exercise.

I've purchased similar techniques that aren't as effective for as much as $100, but, if you order Supercharge Your Energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites today, you'll also get a free copy of KOI CARP LAKE: HOW TO RELAX AND TALK WITH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Health & Beyond Living to the Max Program -- This diet and lifestyle program isn't perfect, and it's not for everyone, but it will serve as an excellent beginning place for people who want to make a serious commitment to healthy living and eating after they've completed a detox routine.
Oh yes, you also get a
100% money back guarantee
A 100% guarantee?

Exactly right. I stand behind the value of my work, and you can read and study The Five Rites risk-free for sixty days with my 100% money back guarantee.

Start having fun while building energy and regaining youthful powers by using the natural techniques in The Five Rites for a free two-month trial. After practicing these simple exercises, I know you'll feel better than you've felt in ages. At the end of that time, if you want your money back, just let me know, and I'll promptly return your purchase price, no questions asked.

I stand behind my work 100%, and I want satisfied, happy readers who have used my books to improve their lives and their health.
So Order Now And Start
Toning Your Muscles Today

In closing, let me remind you that today's $4.99 price isn't much at all to pay in terms of the benefits you'll receive:

Increased energy

Increased flexibility

Good exercise without sweating up a storm

Improved sense of overall well-being

In closing, you'll download Supercharge Your Energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites as soon as you complete your order.

Yours for a healthy and peaceful world,

Chet Day

Note: If you're still not sure if my special report is right for you, please click here to send me your questions or concerns so I can respond to them.

P.S. Just think! With the knowledge available in Supercharge Your Energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites, you'll have five simple exercises at your disposal, exercises that'll make you feel good without having to spend half the day working up an endorphin rush.

Today's Special Price:

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