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5 HOT Ebooks - with Master Resell Rights + 2 Mystery BONUSES

Comes with FULL Master Resell Rights, and two Mystery BONUSES!

Here is what you will get in this package:

Product# 1: The Newbies Guide To Web Design - With Master Resell Rights:

Here's the ultimate newbie "crash course" helping you to understand the principles, technology and technical terms needed to start building your own websites.

Here's a summary of everything you will learn in this information-packed resource:

1. From the basics:
-Why you really do need a website...
-Make money online
-Post your online resume, easily updated, easily available, with interactive links to really show what you've done in past jobs or education
-Keep up with friends and family - announce a new engagement, wedding, baby, achievement, job, move, etc.
-Simplifying the jargon - then using it
-Know your COM, BIZ, NET, ORG, INFO, WS, etc.
-Know what you don't need to know about HTML, JAVA, PHP, ASP, etc. - and what you do
-How do they do that? And should you?
-Spinning, bouncing, fading pop-ups
-Animated GIFs
-Streaming audio/video
-The myth of the all-knowing programmer or site designer
-Most use the same tools available to you
-A lot of those tools are free
-Many are no more difficult to use than clicking a mouse button
-Advertise your current brick-and-mortar (offline) business
-Provide a map to your store or office
-Offer "specials" you can change daily without spending a dime
-Showcase your service or product
-Start a new business online
-Or expand the one you have to as large a customer base as you desire
-A website can focus tightly on a single city, even a neighborhood
-Or it can bring in new customers from all over the planet
-Learn the history of the Net, how it came to be, where it's at, where it's going
-Not knowing this is like voting with no knowledge of democracy or the candidates and issues
-Your choice: Teach your children - or hope they will teach you

2. To the detailed:
-How to get your own domain name
-There are a lot more choices than dot-com
-Choose carefully - as you would name a new baby
-One name, multiple domains?
-Now, where do you hang your new name?
-All web hosts are not created equal, from costs to services to support
-What to look for beyond the monthly or annual fee
-When - and how - to cut and run if your host doesn't measure up
-What software and equipment you need - and what you don't
-Pre-written scripts, many free, are fairly easy to install and can work miracles
-Depending on need and application, add audio and video to a website with equipment you already have - or go pro
-Dreamweaver, FrontPage, MS Word - for starters
-WYSIWYG - Myth or merely fantasy?
-How to set up your first site in 5 minutes flat
-Using your host's online site creation system - with pros and cons
-Using prebuilt templates - thousands available free - to give even your first effort a high-class, professional look
-How to FTP
-How to create a more complex website in a few hours or days
-Move from free templates to paying a few dollars for a package or a few hundred dollars for a complete prebuilt site
-Where to find - and how to use - templates, scripts, advanced creation software and other tools
-When, where and what to look for if you need professional help
-Price does not always mirror quality
-Neither does experience - ask for multiple site examples and get feedback from previous customers
-Where to "shop" your request - and have dozens bidding to do your project
-How to put it all together with the least amount of blood, sweat and tears
-There are at least a dozen widely used browsers other than Internet Explorer - and no two will display your site exactly the same way
-Multiply that several times over to accommodate different monitors with different screen sizes and settings (resolution, color, contrast, etc.)
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Contrary to popular belief, "search engines" do NOT actually search the Internet
-If you build it, they will NOT come - unless you tell them you exist and where to find you
-And why
-How to avoid innocent mistakes that could get you banned from the search engines, your Web host - even the Internet itself
-Content is King
-How to fill those empty spaces
-How to do that with something people actually want to see
-How to keep it fresh - people and search engines both hate sites that are never updated
-The pros and cons of Flash, Java, tables, frames, PDFs, site navigation, site search and more
-Validate your design
-Keep your links alive
-Monitor your traffic
-A picture paints a thousand words
-Choosing and using the best graphics programs
-Paint Shop Pro
-Free alternatives

3. To the newest innovations - and what's coming next:
-The weblog has become this century's version of the "cheap" printing presses that allowed anyone to start a newspaper in the Old West
-Part diary, part rant, part creative expression, part controversial commentary, part anything you want it to be - including private (only those you want to read it can)
-RSS - Really Simple Syndication on a two-way street
-You can send your content to others (without the problems of e-mail)
-You can pull RSS content from anywhere on the Web to your site, automatically
-Easy to create
-Easy to maintain
-Extremely popular
-Games, Surveys, Freebies and other ways to attract traffic and keep them coming back
-No programming skills needed - get everything you need free or at very low cost
-The Web offers more things to give away than you could ever possibly give away
-Audio means music and much more
-Video isn't just for exhibitionists - so why let them make all the money?
-What software and hardware combinations are available - free, cheap or otherwise - to make your site stand out from the crowd
-Money: Making it, not spending it
-eCommerce is not just for Microsoft or Sears
-Taking the fear out of online credit card purchases - including your fear as a merchant
-Exchanging your product for their money - quickly, easily and securely
-Creating logos, ads, headlines, sales copy - all things marketing, from a web design point of view
-Affiliate programs
-Starting your own
-Making money as someone else's affiliate
-Advertising: The Good, the Bad & the Very Ugly
-What works, what doesn't
-Ads on your site
-Ads about your site
-Be not a spammer
-Promoting your site
-How this differs from advertising
-When and where to link - more importantly, when and where not to link
-Taking your show on the road
-The Money is in the List
-How to create a mailing list
-How to use a mailing list
-How not to make a complete hash of both


Product# 2: The Beginners Guide To Adsense - With Master Resell Rights:

Discover How To Generate A Regular Passive Income Just By Publishing Content On Your Website!

This report includes information on effective ways to get traffic from the search engines plus lots of tools and advice to help choose successful, money-making keywords.

Here's a summary of the contents of this useful information guide:

* Keyword selection (advice on selecting keywords)

* Keyword research tools (a selection of tools with download/access links)

* Using Meta-tags effectively

* Link building strategies and submitting to Dmoz

* Increase your page rank and incoming links without spending a fortune

* Avoiding getting your SEO optimized pages banned

* Promoting your site using articles

* Getting more out of Adsense


All together, this is excellent introduction to the important topics of search engine ranking, key words selection and of course Google Adsense.


Product# 3: The Search Engine Optimization Report - With Master Resell Rights:

Putting your website high on the search engine lists is not as difficult as you might think - if you know the secrets we are about to reveal!

Here's a quick summary of everything you will learn from this vital resource:

1. From the basics:
-What is a search engine?
-How search engines work
-How search engine spiders work
-Search engine optimization glossary
-Search engine optimization myths
-Search engines vs directories
-Introduction to search engine optimization
-What is SEO?
-What is unethical SEO?
-SEO "tools of the trade"
-How to check your site's ranking
-How to evaluate your site's SEO profile
-What is a profile?
-How to keep your profile updated

2. To the detailed:
-Targeting your website for searching
-The value of niche markets
-Understanding "stop" words - and how to avoid them
-The basic SEO rules for all websites
-SEO tips for dynamic websites
-Do-It-Yourself SEO
-Choosing the right domain name
-Creating a page title
-Meta tags: What they are, which are important, how to use them
-Incoming links
-How Alexa rankings affect your traffic
-How Google Page Rank works
-How to build a Google sitemap
-How to tap into the power of HTML elements
-How to become an SEO ninja
-Meta tag myths
-What are keywords?
-How do they affect your ranking
-Choosing the right keywords
-Are your keywords "too common"?
-How to track keyword response rates
-Google AdSense and AdWords
-They aren't the same thing
-Optimizing for AdSense performance
-Increasing traffic with AdWords
-What it is
-Why it's good for you
-Multiple listings
-SEO scams and how to avoid them
-The dangers of link farms and Free For All (FFA) sites
-You can't fool Google - You shouldn't even try
-Google is big - But it isn't alone
-Yahoo is more important every day
-Special SEO tips for MSN
-SEO tips for Overture
-Major SEO success stories
-How to choose an SEO provider
-When you do need a paid service, what it should give you
-Make sure they design a proposal specifically for your site
-What questions to ask (don't just rely on their sales pitch)
-Examine their answers and proposal for your website carefully
-Warning signs that mean "walk away"
-The good and bad news about link partners and reciprocal link exchanges
-Why content is king
-Don't use hidden text
-Making the best use of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds
-Tips for raising your search engine rankings
-SEO tasks you should do every day
-Long-term SEO maintenance
-Advanced link checks
-CSS and JavaScript - good news and bad for SEO
-Deal with dead links immediately
-Honesty is the best policy
-What to do when your rankings crash
-Check your site for search engine red flags
-Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest search engine rules
-Check the size and number of your images, especially load speeds
-Double-check all links
-Redesign your site, if needed - then resubmit, following all the rules

3. To new innovations, alternatives and resources:
-SEO vs Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
-What's the difference?
-When to pay
-When to concentrate on improving your free ranking
-The "Google Dance"
-Understanding how Google works
-How to deal with ever-changing rules
-The right way to submit your site
-A guide to SEO resources and discussion groups
-Know the competition
-How to analyze a competitor's website
-Identify the major players in your category - and learn from them
-Strengths, vulnerabilities and gaps


Product# 4: The Home Business Startup Guide - With Master Resell Rights:

Discover The 50 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Online Or Offline Home Business!

Here's a summary of everything you will learn in this essential guide:

1. Getting Started:
-Working from home: The pros and cons
-Is it legal where you live? Do you need a license? How to find out
-Researching and developing your idea
-Identifying - and understanding - your competitors
-Preparing yourself for business - mentally, financially, physically

2. What You Need - And Where To Find It:
-Creating "The Plans"
-Your business plan
-Your marketing plan
-Your disaster plan
-Finding the money you need
-Venture capitalists
-Financial "angels"
-Government and private grants
-Creating your company
-Choosing a name
-Choosing a legal form - Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation
-Know the law
-Work where you live - but don't live where you work
-Creating a work area
-Furniture, hardware, software
-Keeping personal and business lives separate
-Dealing with family, friends and neighbors
-Workplace safety is still important
-No more water cooler chats or "let's grab lunch" socializing
-Surviving the financial strain - and knowing the costs
-Paying yourself
-Setting reasonable prices
-Advertising and marketing
-Trademarks, copyrights and contracts
-Accountants, programmers, website designers and more
-The art of e-commerce
-Privacy policies, terms of service, customer rights and other legal stuff

3. Bringing It All Together:
-Cash flow - when it's good, when it's not
-When customers complain
-Keeping customers happy, loyal and coming back
-The taxman cometh
-The Top 5 first-year mistakes
-Knowing what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong and what to do next

4. Success:
-Planning for growth
-Hire staff - or outsource - or partner?
-No more paid vacations
-If it all goes wrong: Don't rush to bankruptcy
-If it all goes right: The exit strategy (aka, Retirement)


Product# 5: Resale Rights Report - With Master Resell Rights:

Discover The 10 Things You Positively Must Know If You Want To Make Serious Money Selling Resale Rights Products!!

I'm going to show you exactly where to look for the very best resale rights products to resell and make a handsome profit!

And that's not all! When you access this report you'll also discover:

* The first thing you absolutely, positively MUST be doing if you want to make real money from resale rights products! (And it ain't Building a List of 'Subscribers' either!!)

* Learn the secret that Ted Nicholas "The 4 Billion Dollar Man" once sold for Fifteen Hundred Dollars in a one page report that contained less than 140 Words!!

* Who your competition REALLY is when you sell resale rights products - Get ready for a shock! It ain't even close to who you might think!!

* The different kinds of rights and how you can legally use them. Most people have got this completely WRONG!!

* 9 ways to distinguish yourself from everybody else selling the same thing you are - and you'll be the only game in town!

* How to sell a resale rights product and make a profit when everybody else is giving it away!

* Step by step method of positioning a resale rights product and I promise you - You'll be the only one selling it!

* 6 ways to build your credibility and attain Instant "Guru" status!

* 5 ways to drive an endless stream of traffic to your site

* 6 ways to make a profit even if your product ends up on eBay for a Penny!

* 2 surefire ways to find out what your customers really want - that never fail!!

* 10 places to find your "Starving Crowd" so all you have to do is waltz in and Feed 'em!

* 9 ways to find resale rights products for your "niche".

* Follow along step by step as we pick a 'niche' out of the blue - and research it to see if it will be profitable or not; see if you might want to steal this one for yourself!!



Here is A Summary of Everything You will Get in This Package:

Product# 1: The Newbies Guide To Web Design - With Master Resell Rights

Product# 2: The Beginners Guide To Adsense - With Master Resell Rights

Product# 3: The Search Engine Optimization Report - With Master Resell Rights

Product# 4: The Home Business Startup Guide - With Master Resell Rights

Product# 5: Resale Rights Report - With Master Resell Rights


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