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MP3 George Lee, Jr. & the Crazed Cowboys - Damn, It Feels Good To Be a Cowboy!

George Strait Meets the Beatles gone country, and man---they''re jammin like hell.

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COUNTRY: Country Pop, COUNTRY: Country Rock

Interview with Lonesome George
by Ben Ohmart

1. Thanks for the talk. But I gotta know. Just why are all your cowboys

GLJ: I can''t explain it, and neither can the voices I hear inside my head.
I''m completely sane, but those cowboys are just Crazed, and have been since
I first landed here after naively being seduced and abducted by space rodents
on Jupiter.

2. If you could change country music today, dude, what besides Shania''s body
would you dig up and reconstruct?


3. You boys seem to be of the FUN variety of countrytime music. Real Dukes
of Hazzard, Hee Haw raisin'', Bill Hicks kinda guys.

GLJ: Bill Hicks was awesome!! I''m more of a Man From Uncle and Mighty Mouse guy as opposed to Hee Haw, though. I also miss The Equalizer. Whatever happened to that guy, and where is he when The Crazed Cowboys need him most? Puttin'' out the good word toward wayward Edward Woodward!

What are you tryin'' to prove with your music and image?

here: GLJ: Music can be fun AND good; some intelligence and humor can be achieved if you''re willing to work a little, and the Beatles, Willie Nelson and The Band were better than Garth Brooks could ever be.

Or do y''all go home and do Bach and smoke salmon?

GLJ: I go home, listen to LUCKENBach, and read Salmon Rushdie. A contrast...a dichotomy....a conundrum, if you will, as it were, and so on...no one, I think, is in my tree....that is, I think I disagree.

4. What''s it like to sit around you all on a live gig night?

GLJ: Have you ever pulled up alongside one of those big farm trucks with the
perforated sides, and... "Phew!!"? Step on the gas, and wipe that tear away!

How do you have fun on stage and at the bar?

GLJ: Onstage, we mainly like to ridicule our lead guitarist Lefty Z and
drummer Crawdad Heck, as we dodge audience-generated projectiles of varying
size and velocity. Our degree of enjoyment at the bar is in direct
proportion to the size of the tab that the management has gracefully
extended us....

5. When music isn''t eating at your collective souls, what do the Cowboys do
for fun on the off hours?

GLJ: I thought Collective Soul broke up!! Actually, I primarily watch Dionne
Warwick and that other Jamaican Rasta-lady psychic on all-night cable infomercials. She predicted my second wife would leave, FIVE YEARS AFTER the
fact. I''m hooked. I also have an exotic lint collection.

6. And what''s occupying the current time of the Cowboys right now?

GLJ: We just released our second CD, titled ''Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Cowboy!'' We had a blast making that record; we even did a Crazed cover of
the song ''If I Only Had A Brain,'' from the Wizard Of Oz. The whole album
turned out great, he said, with all due modesty. Our Crazed manager, Paula
Bright, better known to us as Crazy Miz B, has been doing a dynamite job
promoting us on the web, and we''re getting great airplay. Our local gig
schedule is full, and things are looking good. We''re hard at work on Album 3
already. I just finished a dynamite cover of Mott The Hoople''s ''All The Way
From Memphis.'' Other than that, you know: Same old same old.

Career-wise, I mean.

GLJ: Ohhhhhhhhhhh, career-wise....I plead the Fifth, uh, Commandment.....

7. Who are your influences, both before you picked up the guitar and after?

GLJ: The Beatles, pre-1986 George Strait, Sean Connery, and those guys who
rode up those ramps on motorcycles with guitars on their backs in the movie
Bye Bye Birdie.

Who would you kill or seriously injure to perform with/open for?

GLJ: Sammy Davis, Jr., of course...or Nancy Kwan.

8. Ever get the wild urge to take The Sound of Music or some show and just
rewrite it into a hicksville production?

GLJ: Funny you should ask. I''ve always wanted to do a dead-on straight perfect version of the original album Jesus Christ Superstar. I''d be Judas. I know, I know---he was a jerk and a turncoat, but HE GOT ALL THE GOOD SONGS! (Actually, that''s kind of how a BAND works, come to think of it...) No joke----the music on that original album was fabulous. I''m not sure how the whole thing would play at Set Um Ups in Wentzville, MO, though...we come close enough to getting crucified as it is, for not playing enough ''Skynyrd'' .....wouldn''t want to set anybody off with the 39 lashes....Crawdad WOULD make a great Pontius Pilate, Bo Fiddly could be a Roman, and we ALL KNOW who Lefty Z would wanna be....YEEEEEEEHAAAAA!

9. Now that country and rock are blending more and more every year, do you
see yourself varnishing closer to the mainstream?

GLJ: You''re right about that ''blending'', although it smells a bit more like...''curdling.'' To be honest, our music is already pretty much an amalgam of our favorite parts of every genre----country, rock, pop, zydeco, rockabilly, swing, hip hop, everything-including-the-kitchen-sink--we just love everything except ''new country'', whatever the heck that is.

Or are you really hoping to pan to the big hats for a while?

GLJ: Nah, our music''s for everybody. We''re egregious agrarian gregarious egalitarians, as well as fomentors of antidisestablishmentarianism.

10. Where can we all see you folks perform anytime soon?

GLJ: Musically? We''re performing non-stop in the St. Louis metro area for the next three months. We''re really looking forward to playing the Twangtown USA Music Festival in Tennessee on Aug 4. Our complete gig schedule is available at our web site: https://www.tradebit.com. Our trusty soundman Pecos Carmichael keeps the gig schedule up to date at the site, and includes directions so that even WE can find the gigs....

11. Describe the best fight that happened while you crazed people were

GLJ: With all due respect for the ladies, (and I certainly do
respect them, gentleman that I am) nothing beats a good chick-fight. At our
first gig as The Crazed Cowboys, a nasty chick-fight broke out, with wigs
falling off and everything, and we knew we were on a cosmic journey, blessed
with a copious utopian cornucopia of Kowboy Karma.

Any blood?

G L J: Thankfully, no. We''re actually the peaceful type, and wouldn''t much enjoy that, except in secret ritualistic meetings, of course. Even then, we only purchase it at authorized, sanctioned web sites or flea

12. What do you want on your tombstone?

GLJ: I''m primarily a sausage man, though I''m trying to expand my horizons as of late, and have bravely ventured off into black olive territory once or twice.

Any last words?

Proboscis! Thanks for the interview. It was a lot of fun. We appreciate what all of the intelligent, creative people on the web are making possible for indie artists like us. We love each and every person out there who has taken an interest in the Crazed Cowboys'' music.

Check out our web site at https://www.tradebit.com if you need a laugh and a pick-me-up via some good-time dance music. ''George Strait Meets The Beatles
Gone Country At A Hip Hop Rave''---that''s my description of your typical
Crazed Cowboy song.

Check out our new album ''Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Cowboy!'' if you want to see why that statement is true.

Be nice to other people whenever you can. Brush your teeth twice a day, and watch those between-meal snackies! Don''t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me.

Thanks to every single Crazed Cowboys fan in the entire world. Thanks to
the indie DJs here and abroad who are spinning the Crazed Cowboys. Get well,
Alex. Crawdad: I need my copy of ''The Great Escape'' back if you''re not going
to watch it. Hi, everybody at KFAV FM 99.9, Warrenton, Mo. Hi, Jayne Voss.
LR Meter Maid, may I inquire discreetly: When are you free to take some tea
with me? Hi, mom! xoxoxo, Peace, over and out, Time To Say Goodbye.....

George Lee, Jr., on behalf of The Crazed Cowboys at https://www.tradebit.com


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