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Dirty Marketing Playbook-Make More Money From Your Website

This has to be one of the BEST ways to generate sales.
Controversy creates two types of
interest. Negative and positive. And both forms of intere
st work together to make you profits. How
Well, lets do a quick example. Person N and Person
P. Person P loves what you have written and can
directly relate to what you have said. Person N on the o
ther hand thinks youre an obnoxious creep
full of insane beliefs.
Both Person P and Person N comment on your writing. Th
ey read each others comments and they are
inflamed by those comments. So, they begin a back and
forth battle of words based entirely on what
you had to say! Now comes Person S, Person V, and Pe
rson C. They add their two cents and take sides
of whos right and whos wrong. Then come more comme
nts. And more, and more.
And if youre selling something that expands on your i
nitial post, youll get both those that hate what
you had to say, and love it, buying your product. The
negative folks will want further proof that youre
a total moron while the positive folks will want to learn
more about what you are teaching, or saying.
Every single day, millions of folks hop onto the inte
rnet and have something to say. Most likely theyll
do this through writing. Whether its through an article,
an email, or a blog. The trick is to make
what you discuss controversial through your writings.
Dont be
. That wont do a thing for you. The essence of creati
controversy is by using passion. If youve had a bad
experience with another
person, tell people about it. If you really love a pa
rticular product, or
person, tell people about it.
But be sure that your writings can convey the passion tha
t you feel whether
its negative or positive.
If you are effectively creating controversy through you
r writings, most people that read it will either
love what you have to say or hate it. Either way, theyl
And if you give them a chance to communicate how they
feel about it, this will lead to more profits in
your pockets! But, in order to use controversy you have
to be willing to take a stand on a certain
topic. No wishy-washy comments will do.
If you make people angry,
But dont back down on your opinions though. That defe
ats the
purpose of using this tactic completely. If some peopl
e dont like what youre saying, who cares?? At
least you had the guts to stand up for what you believe
and say it.
And thats the point that will come across to those that love
your writings.
this works.
Jason Cain
is a living example of this dirty trick. He uses con
in his writings and makes immense profits from the du
st he stirs up. Some folks hate him. Some folks
love him. The love-hate factor doesnt really matter tho
matter is that people are reading what he has to say. An
d they are
. And, they
Another terrific example is a fellow by the name of
Stuart Halpryn
. He creates controversy through
the amount of money he charges for products he sells.
He lets his readers know that he is directly responsibl
e for pissing other marketers off by charging
extremely low prices for their products to his customer
And it works! Hes earning good money from using con
The whole idea of this tactic is to speak your mind, s
end off a spark, and watch it build into a roaring
Im sure youve heard the term shock value before.
Well thats what
this tactic is all about. Shocking your readers or custo
mers. Some folks will use
foul language to shock their readers. Some will use
incredible stories. And still
others will tell them how they have made huge mistakes.
How many times have you heard or seen these:
Or something similar. Those get your attention dont they?
Sure they do! And thats why they get
used. They suck you in and make you want to keep read
ing. Lets be honest here. If you cant do a
simple thing like generate more interest in what youre
selling, then you wont make any money.
Simple as that.
People, despite what they might say, want to be successfu
l at one thing or another in life. And they
want to be the best at it. If they feel they can better their
own lives through your tragedy all the
better. Thats one less person they have to compete with!
Plus, they wont feel stupid by making that
same mistake. Even better.
Use this tactic sparingly though. Too much can turn of
f your prospects and have them hunting for
their answers some where else.
Yes, its possible to scare your potential customers into
taking action. This is particularly useful
if your topic relates to health, money, or love. I mea
n really, who wants to be sick, poor, and alone?
Hmm. . .I dont see any hands raised.
Fear can be your greatest salesman. Truly. Think abou
t it. When the 9/11
tragedy rocked the nation, how many jerks do you think
made money
from it?
. Its sad, but true. They scared the crap out of peopl
e and
sold them gas masks in case of a toxic gas epidemic.
I think its disgusting
myself, but like people say, someone has to shovel the
And shovel it they did.
Not only them, how about all the other bastards out there
that made money by selling t-shirts,
bumper stickers, and all that other useless crap? Yeah,
maybe they gave a portion of their profits to
the families affected, but I can almost bet it was a ver
y tiny fraction of their overall take.
Am I saying take such a devastating event and work it to
your advantage?
completely unethical. What Im saying is that you
use the fear factor to make people take action.
Say, for instance, youre trying to make some money by
selling an ebook about how to protect your
computer from malicious viruses. Wouldnt you want it m
ore, if you were selling it to yourself, if you
knew what kind of catastrophe could occur to your compu
ter if you ignored such useful information?
What if you ran your business from your computer and
it went kaput on you? Wouldnt you want to
save yourself thousands of dollars just by spending tw
Thats the idea behind this dirty trick. Use your custome
rs fears, ethically of course, and you can
generate more profits.
Mmm. . .Bet youre wondering what this one is, huh? We
ll, CCL in this particular instance
stands for Could Care Less. And this tactic is one heck
of a doozie!
Take The Rich Jerk for example. This is a classic c
ase of CCL. On his sales page he tells you that hes
better than you are. Hes rich and you arent. Basicall
y, hes a winner and you are a loser. But, for a
small fee, hes willing to share his techniques with y
ou so you can become a winner too.
Aww, how nice of him! Dont you just feel better alread
He doesnt stop there though, because after you buy his
better than thou strategy guide, and if you
have any questions,
. Or worse, hell be a jerk. Hey. He gave you fair
warning in advance though didnt he? He told you he w
as a jerk! Ahh. Role playing at its finest. The
world truly is but a stage.
The point here is that hes made millions by not carin
g. He doesnt
care whether you buy his product or not because he kn
ows that
someone else will step in to take your place. It worked
. He still
made the money, and he also created a
buzz about his CCL
tactic too. Heck, hes even got his own infomercial n
You can do the same thing. You dont have to be that extr
eme if you dont want to. Why not try
easing into this little trick by letting your customers kno
w that if they decide not to buy your product,
then it will be their loss and not yours. Hey, youve a
lready got unlimited access to it, so its no skin off
your nose.
This jerky tactic works so well in fact that there are
dozens of spin-off products springing up every
single day. You dont have to be a total jerk, but actin
g like you dont give a damn whether someone
buys your product or not can pay off for you.
Ever been to a place that sells products without an actu
al price tag on them? I dont mean a
mistake, but something that purposely doesnt have a pr
ice listed somewhere. It always reminds me
If You Have To Ask How Much It Costs, Then You Cant Af
ford It Anyway
. Not so of all products.
The reality is that if your product generates enough pos
itive interest, then your customers will click
the order link just to see how much it costs. And if its
something that offers just the solution theyre
looking for, theyll pay for it.
This tactic can have either a positive or negative effec
t, depending on how
much your product is going for. If its something tha
t is less than your
customer thinks its worth, theyll fork over the dough.
If not, well, theyll have
to think it over first. Maybe theyll buy. Maybe they won
t. But at least theyre
giving it thought.
Not to worry though. Sometimes it takes more than seven ti
mes for a person
to actually purchase a product they really want. Leaving
the price of your
product a mystery can generate enough curiosity to lead
to an otherwise fruitless sale.
I recommend use of this dirty trick only if your partic
ular product has a high selling success rate.
Word of mouth is a
powerful thing. Thus we come to this dirty little trick.
Using a positive
reinforcer like a testimonial can make the difference
between getting a sale or just getting a tire-
kicker. After reading what a few other happy customers
have to say, others will be more inclined to
think more positively about your product.
But, how do you get such testimonials? You ASK for them!
A good way to get testimonials is to do a
pre release of your product and offer a free copy
of it for those that will give you a good testimonial
in return. Thats how many salesman do it. However, thi
s can also have a negative draw back,
especially in certain internet marketing circles.
On the same token though, how many of your customers do
you think are actual internet marketers
who know about this sly tactic? Well, it depends on what
youre selling, but if youre selling a recipe
ebook, then the fact that you got your testimonials by off
ering a free copy of your ebook wont matter
to your potential customers.
All they care about is getting a product that has good re
cipes in it. They dont care if Mr. Johnny Big-
Shot Marketer knows how you got those words of praise. B
esides that, you can always ask your
customers how they liked the product to get genuine testi
I say genuine because some people believe that testi
monials received
from a freebie are skewed somehow to shed positive
light on your
product. If you have a good product, then whether you a
re getting the
testimonials from a free copy receiver, or a paying c
ustomer wont make
any difference. Theyll be the same. . .
This is an interesting trick. Some internet marketers m
ay not consider this a trick per say.
First, let me tell you what WIIFM stands for. This stands
for “
Whats In It For Me
”. And it is simply one
thing your current sales page
afford to be without.
Anybody who buys anything always wants to know how this
purchased product will benefit
They dont care about what it will do necessarily. Rathe
r what it will do for
is the key point.
People are selfish by nature. Especially online. The
y dont care about you, or what youre trying to
accomplish. They only care about themselves. Its hars
h, but its also true.
I can
you this. . .No matter what internet marketing training co
urse you take, article you
read, ebook you buy, they will all tell you the same th
ing when it comes to making a great sales letter,
telling your customers
Whats In It For Them
Dont make your sales page about
Most of your visitors will skip that part
anyway. They dont want to hear about
. Even if its the most interesting story in the world. Th
didnt come to your sales page to read about how interes
ting your life has been.
They came there to
. Dont distract them by writing your life story. Save th
at for
your personal page. Get to why they should buy your pr
oduct because it will do x-y-z for them.
Another thing you will commonly hear from internet mar
keters that have been on the scene for a
while is this: List Benefits, Not Features. Pretty much th
eyre saying the same thing in a different way.
Look at it like this, who freakin cares if your widg
et comes in 3 sizes and 5 fabulous colors? What
need to be telling them is how they can order a customi
zed version of your product to fit
their lifestyle. See the difference there?
Youve told them the
thing, but in a way that will directly benefit
. Selling isnt about
its about
. You arent trying to sell something to yourself you k
This dirty trick can, and should be, used on anything
and everything you sell!
The countdown tactic creates a sense of urgency for you
r customers. It makes them believe
that they will be missing out on a great deal if they don
t take immediate action. This trick is used
mostly for special sales. But can also be used on a
normal sales page or article. Although, if not used
properly can reduce your credibility with your custom
ers, or visitors.
That means. . . . .
If youre running a special 5 day only sale, by all
means make it clear to your customers so they dont
miss out. Use the time constraint to your profiting advan
Different methods are used to get this across to your cu
stomers. You can use the highlighter trick.
Its exactly like using a highlighter marker to highlig
ht an important bit of text in your favorite book.
Youre just using it virtually instead. Its simple to
do. Heres what you need to put in your HTML
code to highlight your text:
Offer Ends I
n The Next 72
And this will create a yellow highlighter style back
ground color on the text
that is in between the two tags. The two most popula
r colors for the
text itself is either Red(#cc0000) or Black(#000000). A
nd the text should be
bold and a bit larger than the rest, just to be sure it re
ally stands out :-)
Another way is to use an actual countdown javascript.
This will show your
customer exactly how much time they have left to get in on
your special offer.
Any way you slice it, using the countdown tactic
to provoke a quick call to action by your
When people believe they will truly miss the boat on
a great offer, theyll pony up the dough. And
FAST too! Thats what makes this dirty trick a serious pr
ofit puller.
This dirty trick is recommended for use only when you
are really running a time sensitive offer.
Who doesnt like reading product reviews BEFORE they s
pend their hard earned cash? The
secret to the success of this dirty trick is to get your vi
sitors, or customers, interested in the product
that youre reviewing so they will, at the very least, go
to that products sales page to read more. Or
hopefully, buy it. Thats your goal. To get them interes
ted enough to get to the sales page and BUY.
One thing you can
do when writing a product review is
. If you dont like a particular
product, say so. If you love it, say so. But never try
and be dishonest just to make a quick buck. Its not
worth it. Once you ruin your reputation, you can never
get it back.
And, you should always inform your readers, visitors
, or customers of where you think they should be
plunking down their money. Using reviews is a super
way to do this without sounding like a total ass-
monkey. Theyll appreciate you for your honesty, and
maybe potentially saving them unneeded hassle
or wasted cash.
Only use this dirty trick if you have something
to say about a particular product. Stand
behind what you say and dont go back on it. Unless the
product owner/author totally flakes out.
Thats the only acceptable time to do a review retraction.
And last, but certainly not least, we have the get person
al tactic. Some marketers frown upon
this, but personally ;-) I dont. You should try to add
a little of yourself in all your writings. It helps you
readers, visitors, customers, understand that you are a
REAL human being and not just some
automated email system spitting out a bunch of pre-formatte
Talk to your readers, visitors, customers. Let them know
you are there for
them. And above all, dont be afraid to BE YOURSELF. T
heres no reason to be
anything else. You wont be able to befriend every si
ngle person, so dont try
Some people will love you. Some people will hate you
. Its just the way life works.
Now, dont get the wrong idea about this little tactic and
start revealing your entire life story. Nobody
wants to hear that. But, if you have an interesting short ta
le that may have happened to you that
actually ties in to what you are talking about, then fit it
in there. Dont make the whole writing a story
about YOU. Its unnecessary and non-beneficial to you
or your customers.
Save that for your autobiography. As awesome as you ma
y think you are, not everybody wants to
hear about it. Dont take it personally, its just human
Use this dirty trick to add personality to your writings.
But use it wisely.
Wait. . .Theres More!
If you have EVER, and I do mean EVER been surfing th
rough the television channels after
midnight any day of the week, youve seen this sneaky
little bugger hard at work inside all those
crappy infomercials.
These guys, or gals, really want you to buy a copy of
their product. So theyll sweeten the offer up for
you to drive that fact home and straight to your credit car
d or bank account. After all, they are in the
business to MAKE MONEY, right?
And, if theyve already piqued your curiosity, see Di
rty Tricks Volume I, then they know that youre
interested in what theyre attempting to sell you. So they
try and make the deal better on your end.
Thats when they really kick their selling into high ge
ar by offering you some out-of-this-world
bonuses worth -insert any dollar amount here- absolutel
y FREE! Cue flashing text. . . .
Now I know youre probably thinking, Shucks, Id ne
ver fall for that kind of garbage!. Hmm, how
many products HAVE you bought from television adds? If
you say none, well then congratulations!
You are immune to this dirty trick. Way to go! And if yo
u arent immune, dont worry about it. I would
bet that almost 98% of people arent either.
The really cool thing about this dirty little monster is
that it MAKES you want to buy their original
product, even if you dont want or need it, just to get yo
ur hands on all those choice freebie gifts
theyll give you. And all for the cost of the original
product price.
What a deal!
Yep. Thats what they want you to be thinking. Sure, you
may not like or need the product theyre
trying to sell you, but all those things youre getting fo
r free pretty much makes it worth spending 30
Plus, even if you only wanted the bonus items, they stil
l sucked you in to buying the original product
to get your hands on them.
Internet Marketers use this one religiously too. Dont let
em sneak it past
you. Remember last time you signed up for that free rep
ort or ebook?
And then after you filled out the form you were magical
ly whisked away
to a page that let you know you would be receiving an e
mail to confirm
you wanted to be included on their list? Cause thats the
only way you
could get the freebie?
What else was on there? Did you notice that there was pr
obably either an ad for another product, we
in the Internet Marketing world call this an upsell, or
a special offer that you would only see that
one time, again, called a, what else, one time offer
Or how about when another internet marketer releases a
new product and one of their affiliates will
offer you a special “bonus” if you buy only from the
m? They will pack those bonuses to the gills with
products that you may want, and probably will, even mor
e than the main product that is being sold.
Aha! The light just went on didnt it?!
If you dont have something like this set up on your fr
eebie giveaway offers, you had better start.
Otherwise, youre missing out on profits my friend. An
d a super script that will help you set up these
one time offers is, of course, One Time Offer.
I highly recommend using this dirty trick for anyone tr
ying to sell anything. EVER.
Trash Talking
Have you ever watched a television talk show or profe
ssional wrestling? Then you have seen
this dirty trick already!
But, heres how to apply it to your product or business
to gain more buzz. Find a product that is
similar to yours and do some comparison on theirs to y
ours. Find out what makes yours the better
decision for your visitors and exploit the hell out of
Another boss way to use this dirty little stinker is to rai
se your own stink about an experience in
where one of your competitors has burned you with one
of their products that you personally bought.
Work in the angle that this painful event is the reason th
at made you decide to create your own
version of this specific product, but you made it better
than this other authors version.
Dont be afraid to talk some trash about a person or pro
duct to highlight the benefits of your own to
get the sale. Do be careful of slander issues though
. You can hide the details of the specific author
or product by calling them Mr. X, or Product Z. You don
t necessarily have to bash your competition to
smithereens to get your point across.
Even though sometimes that is fun! Oh, are my devil hor
ns showing? ;-)
This dirty trick should also be used sparingly and in
context to show your potential customers the
benefits of purchasing your product over that of your c
Show Em What You Got!
Are you ready to let it all hang out to get your produ
ct selling? If you
are, then Dirty Trick #15 is just what youve been waiti
ng for!
The basis of this little sneak is to show your customers
what they will be
getting with the use of professional looking graphics.
Things like ebook
covers, software boxes, and an attractive page layout m
ay be just the thing to
spice up your digital product.
Its a fact that people like to see what theyre buying be
fore they shell out the cash for it. Yes, even
digital products need to show the goods before someon
e will gain enough interest to plop down the
Ever heard the saying, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand
Words? Well this dirty trick is truly based on
this saying. But in this particular case, a picture coul
d be worth a thousand dollars!
However, using a less than professional looking imag
e could result in just the opposite and shut down
your sale quicker than you can say see ya! So, do
use a professional image anytime you use them.
Not only can you use ebook or software cover images,
theres also another type of image that can
really put your sales into over drive.
And that is using the profit proof images. Dont know
what Im talking about? Let me explain it to
you. I promise by the time Im finished youll be say
ing Oh yeah! Ive seen those before!.
Okay, a profit proof image is one that shows exact ea
rnings of the person selling the product in
question. These will either be scanned checks or paym
ent statements from processors such as
ClickBank or PayPal.
These are very useful to get your prospects excited whe
n they see your figures and start believing that
they too can do just what you did and really rack up the
Use this dirty trick whenever you are selling an intang
ible, or digital, product that could use a
professional image to kick up your profit margins. Th
ere are some products that dont require an
image though, such as a conference call, etc. so be
choosy when you use this dirty trick.
Any product that has earning money as the main subject
could benefit from using the profit proof
graphic images though. But be sure you blur out your
customers information or youll be floating in
that hot vat again!
Go Pro
Now, I know you have more than likely heard differen
t opinions about this nasty little trick,
but Im strictly a pro kinda gal/guy. Of course, you
can have a crappy little web page with crappy
colors, and crappy images and still sell the stink out
of whatever it is youre selling.
But the
behind that is all your sales rely solely on your sa
les copy. And if that too is crappy, well,
you might as well just hang your hat up right now becau
se you wont sell a damn thing.
However, if you have an attractive web site that looks pr
ofessionally done, and your sales copy is a bit
on the simplistic or novice side, then you still have a
pretty good chance of your potential customers
viewing you as a reliable source to get the product they
are looking for from.
Heres another saying for you,
You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression
. And thats
true. So, ditch all those flashy banners, disgusting co
lor schemes that make you want to run to the
nearest garbage can to throw up, and build a grown up
sales page.
Youre not 13 any more. Oh, and just so you know, the
re are some seriously
talented 13 year olds out there that can really whip up a
beautiful web page.
Are you going to let them one-up you like that??
Seriously though, the quality of your product shows thro
ugh the professionalism
of your web sites appearance. My advice, if you are u
sing FrontPage, drop it. Its
so limited in what it can do for you. Get yourself a go
od copy of Dreamweaver
and STICK WITH THAT for all your web page compiling
And if you are concerned with the price increase that i
s so apparent for Dreamweaver as compared to
that of FrontPage, all I can say is you get what you pay
for. Remember that.
I highly recommend this dirty trick to everyone selling
anything online, or offline. Develop your skill at
building pro web sites and use your skills!
Lets Be Partners
Before I tell you about this dirty trick, let me ask you
a question. How much easier do you
think it would be for one person to sell a box of cook
ies door to door, as compared to 50 people
selling them door to door?
Exactly! There is strength in numbers. And that is what
this dirty little monster is all about. Building
your numbers with an affiliate program and using it as
a Joint Venture opportunity for your site
visitors, or customers.
Whats the best way to build yourself an army of partner
s? Let them earn money from any sales they
make of your product through their special little affili
ate link for FREE.
Yep. Let them sign up for your affiliate program with N
O PAY IN. And when I say the words no pay in
what I mean is, dont try and use the You must first or
der a copy of my product before you can
become an affiliate.
It wont work as well for you. Think of it this way, if
you make your potential JV partners pay for the
chance to try and earn some profits from selling your
product, then theyre taking a bigger risk by
actually spending some of their own cash first. Not goo
d for the affiliate.
But, in contrast, if you offer them a
opportunity to test out selling your product via your JV
program, youll likely see a bigger partner sign up
rate and flowing right along, a bigger profit rate too.
Again, this little monster is highly recommended to any
person that wants to make more money with
less work. Realistically, this is the only way you ca
n do that.
Shh! This Is Secret
Who doesnt want to know a secret? Its human nature to w
ant to be included into some
secret club, or inner circle society of special peopl
e. And this dirty trick exploits that desire to the
Ever been to a web site that has a little window pop up
either when you first enter the page or leave
it? Yes, you probably know these are pop up windows.
Who doesnt? But the might of the trick isnt in
what these are, but what they have inside them that counts.
Try sticking a You Have 2 Minutes Left To Claim Your 3
0% Discount Off The Regular Price Of Our
Product, or a little Why Didnt You Buy? survey link
in there, then offer a special For Your Eyes
Only discount to make your potential customer feel like
they truly are the only ones getting this kind
of preferential treatment.
Pop ups arent the only way to use this trick though. You
can also create your own
little secret society or members only newsletter or
web site and have your
visitors sign up to gain instant, free, access to this ar
ea. But make sure you have
something inside of it!! Or information there for your
members to play around
This is an outstanding trick to use to build up your sub
scriber list while youre at it too. Yes, some
people find pop ups annoying, but when it comes to bei
ng part of an inner circle of money-savers,
theyll make an exception.
To go along with this same trick, you can also use wor
ds on your sales page like Secret, Revealed,
Discover, Uncovered, etc. as a means of gaining mo
re sales too.
Think about this for a second. If someone selling thei
r top secret methods that make them truck
loads of cash were going to spill the beans and let
you in on it, wouldnt you want to be included?
Marketers know it. Thats why they use it to their advantag
And heres a free secret, most of the top secret secrets
arent really secrets at all!
Just common marketing sense.
Everyone enjoys getting the inside scoop on something,
no matter what it is. Dont you?
Recommended usage of this dirty trick is for anyone tha
t wants to try and get a higher conversion rate
on their sales.
Do You Qualify?
This is one beauty of a dirty little trick. The whole ba
sis behind this one is that a person
interested in your offer doesnt see an order now b
utton, or a download your product here sneaky
pete payment link. Nope.
What they see instead is a Click Here To See If You Q
ualify For This Special Offer form in where they
will need to give their name and email address before
they even get to see the details of the offer.
Now, is that smart, or is that smart??
Not only are you making sure that your prospective custo
mer takes action, which gets them in the
buying mode, but at the same time you are snatching up th
eir email address to build your mailing list.
Wow! Thats a really cool idea, right?
And the best part is, you really get a chance to see how
many people are interested in really learning
more and maybe buying your special offer or product.
Not only that, but even IF your potential customers decide
NOT to buy your product, you STILL have
their email address so you can send them other offers
later on! Its a win-win for you.
If you know how to create an online email sign up for
m, and use a redirect page, then this could be a
super handy little trick for you to try out next time you r
un a new product of yours.
This dirty trick is recommended for those that want to see
how much interest customers have in their
product, to build up intense curiosity through the qual
ifying process, and to build their mailing list
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