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Affiliate Fire Extinguisher Software with MRR

Affiliate Fire Extinguisher Software with MRR.

If Youre Using ANY Other Software That Claims To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions, Youre Almost Certainly Burning A Large Proportion Of Your Own Commissions, Without Even Realizing It!

Dear Friend,

This page may SHOCK you - but its about time the truth was told...

Most people online have now heard about the benefits of securing affiliate links by hiding them inside special redirect pages, cloaking pages or something similar.

Many people use some sort of software to create these solutions, which can be anything from a simple page generator to a sophisticated $100+ script.

However there is one important piece of information that you will never find mentioned on any web page selling these types of tools...

If youre currently using any tool/script to hide your affiliate links, it is very likely that for some affiliate links, you are actually reducing your commissions by up to 50% - instead of boosting them!

The Problem...

Most affiliates dont realize this - even the majority of successful ones - but affiliate links are NOT all the same.

There are lots of different technologies and scripts behind affiliate programs, all with their own unique properties.

These properties have a HUGE impact on what methods can safely be used to secure and promote the affiliate links.

If you use a strategy that is not fully compatible with the affiliate program script, you will lose some of your commissions.

This issue affects every single software tool available on the Internet which claims to help protect, secure or hide affiliate links.

Link cloaking, link framing, link branding, embedded cookies, covert linking and many other solutions all suffer from this problem.

Even the expensive scripts costing $100+ suffer from this problem.

From research conducted on the Internet, I can tell you that there are tens of thousands of affiliates who are currently losing some of their commissions - and in many cases well over half their commissions - to this serious problem

... and worst of all - NONE of these affiliates even have a clue that it is happening!

The Solution...

This problem means that is absolutely vital to make sure that you are using the correct solution to secure an affiliate link.

Unfortunately theres no way to check this by just looking at the link itself.

Its no use asking the affiliate program owners either, as they almost certainly wont have a clue what youre talking about. The details are just too technical and complex.

The only way to find this information is to perform a complex technical evaluation.

For the technically minded, this involves: Spidering the link, following the pathway it takes to deliver visitors to the sales page and analyzing the HTTP cookie header data passed between the script and the visitors web browser.

As you would expect from something that sounds as techie as this, you need a skilled and expensive technician to do this for you.

Until now there was no automated solution available.

But now our exclusive Affiliate Fire Extinguisher will automatically analyze your affiliate links and warn you if you are at risk of losing commissions - and will help you eliminate the risk automatically.

Hide Your Affiliate Links SAFELY...

Affiliate Fire Extinguisher is a simple tool that creates special link hiding pages, which can significantly boost profits.

If youre not familiar with the concept of hiding affiliate links, heres a quick overview...

- A quick overview of why hiding affiliate links can boost profits

Affiliate links typically look something like this:


Or this


These links look techie and quite obviously affiliate links.

With Affiliate Fire Extinguisher, your links look like this:


Or this:


These links are neat, clean and look just like links to pages on your own website.

In an independently conducted test where the exact same email was sent to two groups of 4000 people - with the only difference in the emails being the link - over eight times as many people clicked on the cloaked link as clicked on the original affiliate link.

Thats over eight times as much money, without any extra effort!

While I cannot promise that youll see the same increase, you will almost certainly see an increased response when hiding your links.

Cloak And Brand Your Affiliate Links SAFELY...

As well as simple link hiding pages, Affiliate Fire Extinguisher also offers the more advanced solutions of link cloaking and link branding.

If youre not familiar with the concept of link cloaking and branding, heres a quick overview

- A quick overview of link cloaking and branding

The simplest solution for hiding/securing an affiliate link is called a Simple Redirect. It makes the link look like a web address on your own site, but as soon as the visitor clicks on the link, they are redirected to the sales page, which is shown as normal.

Example: Someone clicking on our hidden link:


would see the sales page in their browser as normal. In the web address bar on their browser, they may see something like this:


The drawback is that its obvious to the visitor that we used an affiliate link to access the page. It is not obvious to people before they clicked on the link, but it is obvious afterwards. This may in some cases put visitors off buying the product.

Link Cloaking is a more advanced link hiding method. It also makes the link look like a web address on your own site, but when the visitor clicks on the link, the address of your website is still shown in the web address of the browser, even when the sales page is being shown.

Example: Someone clicking on our hidden link:


would see the sales page in their browser as normal, but in the web address of their browser, they would still see:


As you can see, this offers significant benefits over the simple link hiding solution.

Link Branding is a variant on Link Cloaking. It works in exactly the same way, except that in addition to showing the sale page being promoted, a small message is shown at the top or bottom of the visitors web browser. This is usually in the form of a single line strip containing some form of an advertising message from the affiliate with a clickable link.

The method has all the advantages of Link Cloaking, but with the extra feature that this special message from the affiliate is shown at the same time as the sales page.

This allows you to advertise another offer, advertise a bonus for ordering through your affiliate link, or just provide a link back to your own website in case the visitor is not interested in buying the offer.

Link cloaking and branding are advanced affiliate link hiding methods that allow you to further boost your commissions.

But they do have a drawback. These methods (like ALL advanced affiliate link hiding methods) have the potential to lose you money, if used on incompatible affiliate links.

To protect you against this risk, Affiliate Fire Extinguisher automatically checks each affiliate link and warns you if you try to use any solution that is incompatible with that affiliate link.

This means you can use all link hiding solutions SAFELY, without risking the loss of your commissions.

- Quick And Easy To Use...

Just paste in your affiliate link, select the type of page required and click the Create button to instantly create a new link hiding page.

The tool will analyze the affiliate link automatically - and if there is a risk that you may burn commissions using that link, it will warn you and tell you how to avoid the problem.

The software also includes a special uploader (FTP) tool to make it quick and easy to upload the generated link hiding pages to your website.

- Boost Your Commissions SAFELY...

More and more affiliates are now using link hiding pages to boost their affiliate commissions.

Most of them are using software that does not incorporate our special safety features - and as a result, they end up burning some of their own commissions - in some cases burning more money than they make by using the software.

Affiliate Fire Extinguishers solves this problem with its unique safety features, allowing you to boost your commissions SAFELY

This Package Contains:

1. Software - Affiliate Fire Extinguisher

2. Mini Site

3. MRR License

Your Rights:

You can use the tools however you want
- give them away,
- sell them with Master Resale Rights,
- add them as bonuses to other things you sell
- and anything else you can think of.


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products and services. Results vary. Hard work, diligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation
all play a vital role in your quest to make an income from your internet business,We do not
provide any support for the following, Wordpress, PHP programming, html, webpage creation/editing,
graphics or information product creation/editing.

ebooklover/tradebit.com is not liable in any manner resulting from the use or misuse of this product.


Affiliate Fire Extinguisher Software with MRR.
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