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MP3 Racquel - BabyTuesday

Infectious pop music. A pop folk dream set in the swing era with time traveling trance beats.

12 MP3 Songs
POP: Ambient Pop, NEW AGE: Techno-Tribal

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-CD includes an 8 page full color Lyric Booklet.-

"A super-spectacular pop folk dream. Infectious energy. Beautiful music. In the 12 track Album, "BabyTuesday", Racquel presents a musical collage of genres, re-thought and sewn together in new context. I must juxtapose these environments to describe it ... a Broadway stage, a recital hall, a coffee house, a club in western Europe in the 1970''s, and a speakeasy in Brooklyn circa 1938 (a direct quote from the music!). Stylistically, I brainstormed these descriptions as I listened ... "Modern-Rock-as-in -Right-Now", "Storytelling", "Ambient Trance Music." Yet, interestingly enough, there is an unmistakable style uniting these pieces, that identifies each one as "Racquel".

Artists from around the world describe Racquel''s style as "innovative", "gorgeous", and "rich in layers". Her myspace page is a testament to the chord she has struck with creative people the world over. Before release, her page has received over 20,000 hits, without a single ad or show, all on the weight of the listening previews from this album! Her maps are clustered with pinpoints all over the globe. The comments from established musicians are featured in a slideshow, each one thoughtful and inspired in it''s own right. There is a definite buzz around the substance of her music.

Racquel often infuses her songs with the baroque tradition of layering independent melodies together, as in fugue. Her classical studies are ever present, perhaps no more obvious than in the track, "The Piano Lesson" where we hear the actual voice of Racquel''s maestro from New York instructing her to practice so it''s "Quality". The album comes together seamlessly in the sturdy and competent hands of this studio artist. As a musician with a professed obsession with all things percussion (piano to drums), Racquel infuses each piece with odd timings and world beats -keeping even her more tender ballads moving at a rocket''s pace. There are turns that tickle the fancy. Listen, you''ll see. One enters a pop song that sounds fun and energetic, yet exits the song as witness to jazz and classical detours. I for one struggle to define it except to say ... Fantastic, as in spectacular fun.

Racquel uses unique chord progressions in Baby Tuesday, and irons them so smooth you don''t even know it is happening. When she doesn''t resolve a passage, or modulates, it is lovely and original. the music in this album often goes... where it is not "supposed" to go. And yet, she goes, with grace and energy. Natural. And I find the more I play the music, the more I discover nuances layered inside each neat little song.

Much more importantly, I hasten to add that each song has that feeling of a journey, story, and profound emotion. The next track starts, and you are somewhere altogether new. So, after the above attempt at analysis and review, I guess it comes down to the images I started with ..."a broadway stage, a recital hall, a coffee house, a discoteque in western Europe in the 70''s, and a speakeasy circa 1938 ... Modern-Rock-as-in-Right-Now, Storytelling, Ambient Trance Music" ... (and this time I''ll add futuristic lectures from interplanetary professors !) I just love it. It''s simply amazing to me. This is a must listen. " - Scott, 540 AM Radio Personality, New York.

BIO: Racquel is a vocalist, classically trained pianist, and composer. She produces and engineers for her own record label, Swingsett records.


"YOUR MUSIC is sooooo innovative!! Your voice is like dreams I''ve had and are you playing the piano? Yes? Beautiful! I adore the energy of your music, thank you for your need to give and the music you share. " and "I love your new song "Girl in Love" it''s fun and fifties, bobby sox, dowops and bandstand. I love the feeling of it. What a mix of flavors you have in your music........You are a true light also and your music is a thought provoking blessing"

Pippi Ardenia
Celebrated Musician, Vocalist, Composer

"Good luck with the recording of your free-spirited, honest and refreshingly wild music! Not to mention how beautiful you look, too!"-

Esmeralda Moberg
Admired Folk Musician, Vocalist
Stockholms län, SWEDEN

"Racquel, Your song ''Aspiring'' just gave me the chills! Stunning! Yes! The message is the same as mine, and your lyrics are very compelling. I left YOU a comment,,, you brilliant, beautiful girl. Your song belongs on the Broadway stage. The lyrical layers really moved me. I''m humbled that you connected it with my simple poem. Your composition has layers of sheer magnificence. Can you put the lyrics up next to the track? I''d love to read them from start to finish. Wow. Thank you so much for your gracious sentiments above. However, your song just blew ME away!"-

Angelica Waters

"Your masterful with those keyboards!"-

Jimmy Peters
Published CD recording Rock Artist

"I just listened to all your songs - from the first to the second it felt like i was moving from a lazy sunday afternoon to Fantasy Island :-) - very nice.
I like how you use your voice on the other two songs - Very Interesting, BABY TUESDAY is my fav."-

"3 Sevens"
Award winning Rock Musicians
Bangalore, Karnataka

"listening to the vibes of Baby Tuesday..... nice!"-

Dave Cosma
Songwriter, Musician

"Racquel, if God sings through a person''s voice, then its https://www.tradebit.comase share your most beautiful musical gift with others. I look forward to listening to your songs for a very long time.

Kevin Wilson
KausePoint Motion Pictures

"You guys are great together! You collaborate so well with your music. You have created this sound that is instantly recognizable to us all. I really like your new piece and the video you put together is really cool.
I enjoy your page very much Racquel."- and " Anyways loving your Soundscapes as always you guys have such a distinctive sound."

Alexander George Lovat,
Professional Composer,

Madonna''s got nothing on you as far as dance music goes. Great production and I love your voice, but since I only listen to dance music when I''m dancing...usually...my fav was ''The Piano Lesson''....lovely piano and melody...though I am waiting for you to get out into the street with Frank (& Scott) and sing ''Fame'' LOL

Mark Virgilio,
Musician and composer
Long Island, NY

"And,as usually when I visit your page, I got knocked out by this wonderful, playful, loving, amazingly creative outburst of Racquelesque energy that always amaze me and inspire me! You spread so much love and hope and inspiration to people, I really wish that you''d reach out to all the people that need some kind of inspiration!!! You''re just MAGIC!!!"-

Helena Soluna
Composer and Vocalist

"Hey Racquel! You are an amazing person! you are infectious!!!! Your voice is beautiful and I can hear/feel the emotional energy that you give."-

James E. Green
Composer, Saxophone, Publishing

"I watched you singing on "Baby Tuesday". You have an excellent voice with great articulation."-

Randy Vilds Orchestrations
Professional Composer
Los Angelos, California

"I''m just listening to your tracks now too. I really like how you catch that laid back Brazilian feel even on the upbeat songs. Very nice.:-

Michael G. Rose
Composer, Professional Celtic musician

"So cool to hear your voice, Racquel - keep up the nice work! Sounds great! :-)"-

Jeff of ''SIMON APPLE"
Rock Musicians, PBS featured CD Artists

"GREAT sound...reminded me of Basia (one of my favorites!!)...great voice...great music "-

Jamie Southworth
Country Musician, CD Recording Artist

"So, do you wanna know what I think of ''The Piano Lesson''? That''s FABULOUS indeed, I loved it and kept the music playing on and on and loved each instant of it, simply! Racquel, my friend, keep your music flowing for it''s really really good! "- and "Hi Racquel!
Do you know you''re amazing? I mean, this music is brilliant! Wow! ;-) "

Music Studies

"hi! it was for the emmys! :)"

Tom Anderson
President of Myspace
LOS ANGELOS, California

"I listened to all your songs ......I like this mood and I can listen to it during all the day...."-

Tenth Virgo
CD Recording Artist,
Vinnytsia, UKRAINE

"Thanks for the great music"-

Musician, Artist,

"you have such a beautiful voice and the most beautiful photos in this entire myspace world."

Robin Eve
Siren on the 12 string guitar, Event Coordinator

"Loving ''Baby Tuesday'' - totally brightened up my morning!"-

Mike Wilson
professional reviewer, writer
for online and print publications

"Hello Racquel, you are a triple threat doing it all for yourself, go girl!"

Composer, CD Recording Artist

"Gee, Ms B, is that really you up there? You know, this Ruby, umm, Baby Tuesday song makes me wanna jump and shout. A happy tune, and it must have been a fun recording, am I right?! Allow me to play it on my site for a couple of days, okay?" and "So I finally made it backstage, Ms, B, after taking in your latest techno/classical (bound-to-be-a) hit single a couple of times. So, it has definitely put an end to my notion that you play easy-listening exclusively ;-) I can honestly say you amaze me! Is this a turning-point in your career (...)? Keep the inspiration flowing, Ma''am... "and "this(GIRL IN LOVE) is a really funny 60s tune, reminds me of those pre-Supremes girly groups from when I was little tommy. Percussion going tactac---tac. And the backing vox as loud and spontaneous as the lead. Very typical of that era; you captured that sound perfectly! Reminds me just a little of Please Mr Postman (yeah, those groups inspired the Beatles too :). And who put the bomb in the bam-a-lam-a-dingdong?! Ears for detail are required on this one :)" and " Two new songs sounding great again; nobody can or will ever top your musical pazazz, if I may say so."

Tom Frohwein
CD recording artist, Musician, Vocalist

"wow, you''ve been busy! very cool music! i can feel your loving bright spirit in it...! and beautiful singing....
good on ya Racquel...!."-

Kit Walker
Windham Hill Jazz, HUM recording artist
SAN FRANSICO Bay Area, California

"Gorgeous stuff Racquel, sooooooo happy to hear these tunes." and "WTG Racquel - you''re really getting into your groove there, great stuff!!! Yes, that techno/trance vibe is exactly what I meant - but I know what you mean about the sound getting ''squished'' when you convert to MP3 - you can listen to ANY song here on MySpace and it sounds all compressed compared to CD where the sound is so much bigger, better, more detailed. Well, Recital Hall is sounding fabby too - lots of nice orchestral detail there, and it''s really happy music!! .....Well done Racq - keep up the gorgeous work! "

Debs K.
Editor and professional Writer for
Numerous Music Print Publications

"You''re gonna love this!....this morning I was humming Dangerous Life! It was stuck in my head! I knew you would be thrilled about that:) Yea! ''Aspiring to My Jazzy Dad'' I love that song. " and ''I just listened to all of your songs! This time I listened with my headphones on! I can''t say for sure but I think the piano lesson is actually my favorite to listen to but I really do like them all. DANGEROUS LIFE is cool. BOY IN LOVE and BABY TUESDAY are so much fun... BABY TUESDAY has sort of a Donna Summer feel to it I think. I don''t know the song title that I think it brings to mind... ( I feel loved (???) not sure.
Okay...Keep ''em comin'' ! "- and " You just brought tears to my eyes!! ASPIRING TO MY JAZZY DAD (vocal version) is just gorgeous! You suprised me with the vocals. I wasn''t expecting them...and I''d still like to hear an https://www.tradebit.com...WOW...I love it. That must be an emotional piece for you. It''s just incredible!! Really, I mean it. I was so moved. I am SO glad I listened with headphones the first time. Wow...I love it! I really do!! :)


"AMAZING talent.....wow.....would love to see you play sometime....wishful thinking"-

Donna Marie
CD Recording Artist, Guitar Wizard

"Racquel & Scott never sounded better than they did today!!!!! Rac, your range is phenomenal & everyone loved your performance & originals!!!! She even made me remember an old song of mine & learn a new song of hers on the spot!!! LOL!!! The last 3 days raised $3200 & there''s one more benefit coming up next Sunday....please pray another $1000 minimum!!!!"-

Frank Walker
Musician, VP of not for profit

You are sooo talented and I love your voice. Hope to see you soon here in Colombia. "-

Alejandro B.
Medical Doctor
Valle del Cauca, COLOMBIA

"Glad to discover your beautiful songs and your beautiful voice. "-

Clelia Felix
Ambient Cd Recording Artist

"I find your own music fresh and fascinating. "-

Kerry Anne Ford
Broadway Style CD Recording Artist
OJAI, California

"You have some really beautiful songs. Very impressive." -

The Whatevers
Authentic Rock Band
QUEBEC, Canada

"Really love your music Racquel, you sound amazing! You''ll have to come and bring your gorgeous music over to Dublin soon."-

Creative Writer
DUBLIN, Ireland

"Wow. Racquel. The song ''ASPIRING'' sounds like it should be sung on the BROADWAY stage!!! AND, my first reaction? It brought tears to my eyes (then, I saw THAT comment in one of your pics; too funny). It''s a stunning piece, an amazing composition. Loved the lyrics like ''fly little girl; go where the wind blows for you.'' and ''find the melody''. Yes, it touched me so as it has the same message as my poem! But, your composition has music...many heavenly layers above just mere words. Bravo beautiful girl!!!"-

Angelica Waters,

"also really got into your Bach-you certainly have a good technique girl im most impressed." and "Where do you start with GIRL IN LOVE there''s a kinda latin groove in there then there''s some 50s- dowop- backing- vocals then there''s some kate (bush) in there-Racquel you really have your own sound straight from the heart love the new track ! when can we all buy the cd ive been waiting so long cheers my new york computer whiz kid funny friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -

Jules Cowie
Professional Classical Musician
LONDON, England
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